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These teacher resources provide educational resources that allow for excellent learning opportunities for students. Ready-to-use project plans and classroom ideas have been developed by Alberta teachers and may be easily adapted to the needs of any group of students.

Mavericks Themes

Uninvited Guests Mounties Railways Ranching Politics
Newcomers War and the Homefront Post Haste Maps

Primary Source Inquiry Process

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta contains hundreds of historical primary source materials that are first-hand, original, authentic accounts of the past. They are the actual records or evidence of history and allow students to become actively engaged by positioning people, places, ideas, and events within their historical context. For the individual artifact records, search our museum collection database.

How do I use Primary Resources with students?

Historical Artifact-Based Inquiry Historical Photograph-Based Inquiry Historical Document-Based Inquiry Historical Map-Based Inquiry

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The lesson plans are available in HTML and PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files. Click the following icon to download the free Adobe Reader.

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