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Post Haste

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After the war years, Alberta underwent massive economic and social alterations in such rapid succession that they could hardly be measured or predicted. Returning veterans starting families created a huge economic boom. These are the stories of Olympic organizers, philanthropists, collectors, Order of Canada recipients, wrestling promoters and painters, dancers, porters, and jazz musicians. The Post Haste theme demonstrates how Albertans live for, breathe, and relish change and progress. The narratives of these Mavericks will facilitate student understanding of how diverse groups of people played a role in establishing Alberta's identity and promoting positive social change.

Project Plans

  1. Art of the Western Identity
    Using the Paintings of Marion Nicoll and A.C. Leighton to Compare their Depiction of the West
  2. Artifacts From Our Future Mavericks
    Examining Personal Objects as to How Future Historians May Examine Our Life & Times


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