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Welcome to Mavericks: A History of Alberta, where the stories of individuals important to the development of Alberta's character and spirit have been brought to life. In the main Mavericks site, you will find narratives and information about legendary Albertans, as well as digitized primary sources such as artifacts, documents, photographs, and maps that belonged to the Mavericks themselves. Below you will find resources that will aid and guide you as you journey through the amazing history of Alberta.

  • Student Web Links – contains links to excellent websites that you can use to find other primary sources or to conduct further Internet research.
  • Knowledge Hunts – each Knowledge Hunt is a fun quiz that includes 10 questions that will assist you to explore and discover one of the theme areas.
  • Glossaries – provides the definition for any words that are specific to each theme area. You may want to review the glossary before examining a theme area from the Mavericks site.

Mavericks Themes

Uninvited Guests Mounties Railways Ranching Politics
Newcomers War and the Homefront Post Haste  


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