This project was made possible with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online.

The development of this online exhibition was a partnership between the Glenbow museum, the Calgary Board of Education Innovative Learning Services, and the University of Calgary Learning Commons.

Mavericks Website Steering Committee

Glenbow museum

Thanks to all the Glenbow staff who contributed to the development of this project, in particular: Joyce Achtymichuk, Jackie Eliasson, Kirstin Evenden, Melanie Kjorlien, Lindsay Moir, Owen Melenka, Glenn Myhr, and Cherry Sham. Many researchers, writers, and translators also contributed to this project and we thank them for their contributions.

This website is based upon the book Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta by Calgary based writer and historian Aritha van Herk. In 2007 Glenbow museum will open a new permanent gallery on Alberta's history called Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta.

Calgary Board of Education Innovative Learning Services

The Calgary Board of Education Innovative Learning Services (ILS) Department thanks the many CBE students and staff who contributed to the Mavericks project. Special thanks to CBE Mavericks Working Committee members: David Clark, Cathy Faber, Betty Guo, Yolanda Navarro, Edit Petrovic, Derek Rakowski and Kevin Wttewaall. Through collaborative projects like Mavericks we are educating tomorrow's citizens today with our City's University and museum.

University of Calgary Learning Commons

The Learning Commons at the University of Calgary is proud to work with the Glenbow museum on the Mavericks project and to be part of Alberta's centennial celebration. The Mavericks online exhibition was programmed by the Learning Commons using the Pachyderm 2.0 software tool, a program that allows users to design educational and interactive multimedia presentations. The software links screens together, resizes images to appropriate dimensions, packages up audio and video files, and incorporates Flash technology to create vibrant and informative presentations. The Learning Commons is a member of the Pachyderm 2.0 Project consortium, a collaboration of software developers, university library specialists and museum experts who are developing and testing the program. D'Arcy Norman and Shawn Tse led the Mavericks initiative on behalf of the Learning Commons. King Chung Huang also contributed to the project. Flash programming provided by Arts ISIT at the University of British Columbia. Founded in 1997, the Learning Commons is a leader in the development and promotion of quality, innovative approaches to teaching and learning in higher education. The organization provides support for the academic community through professional development programs, curriculum and project support services, and multimedia and technology development.


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