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Immigrants and settlers from across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia came to Alberta seeking free land, religious and political freedom, and, most of all, a fresh start. These are the stories of aristocrats, hat-makers, photographers, bootleggers, philanthropists, wilderness explorers, squatters, and café owners who came from all around the world to become true Albertans. The narratives of these Mavericks will facilitate student understanding of how the diversity of immigrants has enriched Alberta's communities and heritage.

Project Plans

  1. Are We All Equal Yet?
    Using Personal Stories to Study the Moral and Ethical Issues of Prejudice in Canada
  2. "Free Farms for the Million!"
    Investigating the West's History by Exploring and Creating Canadian Advertising for Immigrants
  3. The Real Story of Arriving in Canada
    Conducting Oral History Interviews to Tell the Story of Your Family's Immigration to Canada


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Essential Questions

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