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Oil and Gas

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The oil and gas industry encapsulates the incredible effect Alberta's plentiful natural resources have had on her economy, history, politics, social structure, and future. These are the stories of adventurous "cowboy" characters, reckless risk-takers, speculators, scientists, politicians, oil well "shooters," and "roughnecks." The narratives of these Mavericks will facilitate student understanding of the significant natural resources in the province and how they affect the lifestyles of Albertans.

Project Plans

  1. Presenting the Story of the Oil Boom
    Researching Various Aspects of the Oil and Gas Industries to Understand Its Effect on Our Western Lifestyle
  2. Drilling into Reserves: How Do We Find Oil?
    Researching Hydrocarbon Natural Resources by Examining the Life and Work of Dr. Helen Belyea
  3. Saving the Environment One Maverick at a Time...
    Examining Oil's Impact on the Environment and Taking Action for Conservation and Preservation


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Essential Questions

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