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Knowledge HuntPDF document

(Knowledge Hunt PDF without answers:PDF document)

A "Knowledge Hunt" is a short quiz that includes 10 knowledge-based questions. These activities are meant to assist students in exploring and quickly becoming familiar with one of the theme areas. They may be used as a short, five-minute introduction to the content and navigation of the site or even as an online, small-group scavenger hunt. The Knowledge Hunts are available for teachers with or without answers. The version without answers is also contained within Student Resources or it may be printed off for student use.

As an introductory activity to the Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta web site, students may take five to ten minutes to become familiar with the site and answer the specific questions they have been provided.

  1. What year did people start to believe Alberta could support cattle ranching?
    A. 1873
  2. Which state in the U.S. did many of the first cowboys come from?
    A. Texas
  3. Name one skill a cowboy required.
    A. Horse-riding, physical fitness, leadership skills
  4. What year was the first Calgary Stampede?
    A. 1912
  5. How did another rancher describe George Lane?
    A. Electrical dynamo at full speed
  6. What was one of the new ranching methods George Lane tried at the Bar U Ranch?
    A. Feeding stock in the winter, adding hay lands, mixed farming, irrigation
  7. What three things are in the picture of Tom Three Persons' belt buckle?
    A. Cowboy, bucking horse, and a sunburst
  8. Why was Tom Three Persons almost not allowed to participate in the 1912 Stampede?
    A. Because he was First Nations
  9. When was John Ware freed from being a slave?
    A. The 1860s
  10. What did John Ware's cattle brand look like?
    A. 9999 or 999


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