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Knowledge HuntPDF document

(Knowledge Hunt PDF without answers:PDF document)

A "Knowledge Hunt" is a short quiz that includes 10 knowledge-based questions. These activities are meant to assist students in exploring and quickly becoming familiar with one of the theme areas. They may be used as a short, five-minute introduction to the content and navigation of the site or even as an online, small-group scavenger hunt. The Knowledge Hunts are available for teachers with or without answers. The version without answers is also contained within Student Resources or it may be printed off for student use.

As an introductory activity to the Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta web site, students may take five to ten minutes to become familiar with the site and answer the specific questions they have been provided.

  1. When was Sir William Van Horne born?
    A. 1843
  2. Where did Van Horne work when he was only 14 years old?
    A. Telegraph office
  3. What was Van Horne's first act of business when he took over the CPR?
    A. Clear out corrupt railway personnel
  4. What did V.H. Secretan, CPR engineer and surveyor, call Van Horne?
    A. The Czar of the CPR
  5. In what year did Van Horne accept an honorary knighthood?
    A. 1894
  6. What did William Pearce study before becoming a surveyor?
    A. Engineering
  7. What were two of Pearce's main concerns when he worked for the CPR?
    A. Conservation and irrigation
  8. What new national system did Pearce help to create?
    A. The national park system
  9. What forced the government to reconsider Pearce's theories of irrigation in the late 1880s?
    A. A severe drought in southern Alberta
  10. Pearce's ideas on irrigation were not accepted until after his death. When did he die?
    A. 1930


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