Made In Calgary: The 2000s


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Organized by Glenbow
Curated by Katherine Ylitalo

The fifth and final installment in Glenbow's groundbreaking survey of regional art, Made in Calgary: The 2000s reflects the energy and diversity of the arts community in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

The exhibition explores the diverse approaches of artists creating in Calgary - both emerging and established -- such as Dianne Bos, Chris Millar, Ron Moppett, George Webber, Dave&Jenn, Jackie Anderson, Alex Caldwell, Mark Mullin, and many others.

The extensive spectrum of their work demonstrates a fascination with both the physics and subjectivity of perception; the relationship between photography and computers; an immersion in pop culture; the presence of narrative (be it fantasy, fiction, memory, history or a blend), an abiding collage aesthetic; a scrappy do it yourself approach; and the redefinition of art and fine craft.

Expect an exhibition that reflects the not-yet-defined, freewheeling nature of contemporary art in Calgary. The artists whose work is in this decade's exhibition are selected for their outstanding art, but also as representatives of the larger art community in Calgary that is remarkably exciting and vibrant.

The Made in Calgary exhibition continues at Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary, with a particular focus on community. The work on view at Nickle Galleries highlights the often playful relationships and collaborations between Calgary artists.

Made in Calgary Artists At Glenbow   At Nickle Galleries
Jackie Anderson M.N. Hutchinson Arbour Lake Sghool
Dick Averns Marty Kaufman Robin Arseneault
Dianne Bos Jane Kidd Elisabeth Belliveau
Alex Caldwell Valerie LeBlanc Anthea Black
Bruno Canadien Charles Lewton-Brain Lisa Brawn
Joane Cardinal-Schubert Hazel Litzgus Scot Bullick
Sarabeth Carnat Attila Richard Lukacs Kathryn Burns
Linda Carreiro William MacDonnell Chris Cran
John Chalke Anne McKenzie DaveandJenn
Katrina Chaytor Rita McKeough Mark Dicey
Chris Cran Chris Millar Kenneth Doren
DaveandJenn Robyn Moody Marjan Eggermont
Jason de Haan Ron Moppett Gordon Ferguson
John Dean Mark Mullin David Foxcroft
Mark Dicey Katie Ohe Suzanne Franks
Kennth Doren and Tomas Jonsson Shona Rae Richard Gorenko and Ken Webb
John Eisler Bill Rodgers Paul Jackson
Chris Flodberg Blake Senini Bill Laing
Vera Gartley Reinhard Skoracki Allan Harding MacKay
Richard Halliday Ryan Sluggett Walter May
Bradlye Harms RICHard SMOLinski Barbara Milne
James Holroyd Adrian Stimson Ron Moppett
Terrance Houle Barbara Tipton Steve Nunoda
Terrance Houle and Jarusha Brown Jennifer Wanner Shelley Ouellet
Dan Hudson George Webber Colleen Philippi
Geoffrey Hunter Donna White Jeffrey Spalding
  Garry Williams Leila Sujir and Maria Lantin
    John Will
    John Will and Chris Cran
    John Will and Jeffrey Spalding



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