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Broadcasting election results, ca. 1970s
Broadcasting election results, [ca. 1970s]

CFCN fonds -- Television news footage

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Series 1 News footage. - March-June 1976
Series 2 News footage. - September-December 1976
Series 3 News footage. - January-June 1977
Series 4 News footage. -July-December 1977
Series 5 News footage. - January-April 1978
Series 6 News footage. - May-August 1978
Series 7 News footage. - September-December 1978
Series 8 News footage. - January-April 1979
Series 9 News footage. - May-August 1979
Series 10 News footage. - September-December 1979
Series 11 News footage. - January-April 1980
Series 12 News footage. - July-December 1980
Series 13 News footage. - January-June 1981
Series 14 News footage. - July-December 1981
Series 15 News footage. - January-June 1982
Series 16 News footage. - July-December 1982
Series 17 News footage. - January-June 1983
Series 18 News footage. - July-December 1983
Series 19 News footage. - January-December 1984
Series 20 News footage. - Date uncertain, [ca. 1976-1984]


Series 1 News footage. - March-June 1976
F-158-1a Anti-abortion demonstration at Holy Cross Hospital. -- March 1, 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-1b Basketball game. University of Calgary Dinosaurs vs. University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. University of Calgary gymnasium. -- March 1, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; no audio
F-158-1c Worker health and safety conference in Calgary. Canadian Labour Congress leader shown making speech. Clip of Premier Peter Lougheed. -- March 2, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-1d Provincial attorney-general to investigate juvenile delinquency in Calgary. Clip of Keith Woods,juvenile detention centre director. -- March 3, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-1e View of Inglewood fire hall, Gulf oil refinery in background. Clip of Inglewood resident, commenting on ruling by fire marshall, defining safety hazard posed by refinery. -- March 3, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-1f Woman discusses plans for Alberta Winter Games curling competition, including social activities. -- March 3, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-1g Farms, fields, hills surrounding Calgary city limits. -- March 4, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-2a John Helton, Calgary Stampeders football club, discusses upcoming football camp for junior, senior high school players. Part 1. -- March 4, 1976. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-2b Problems young people have with legal system dealt with in new film for teenagers. Clip of Calgary police officer. -- March 6, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-2c Oil industry analyst Carl Nickle comments on proposed Petro-Canada purchase of Atlantic Richfield Canada. -- March 8, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-2d John Helton, Calgary Stampeders football club, discusses upcoming football camp for junior, senior high school players. Part 2. -- March 8, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-2e Model parliament at Western Canada High School, Calgary. -- March 18, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-2f Man says his organization opposes abolition of capital punishment. -- March 18, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-3a School board official reacts to mayor's comment about school boards' rising demands for property tax revenue. -- March 23, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-3b Police official exhibits gun carried by officer slain in bank robbery shoot-out, saying shotgun may have been more effective weapon. -- March 23, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-3c Energy Rights and Responsibilities conference at Palliser Hotel, Calgary. Reporter describes controversy over eviction of American Indian Movement (AIM) members from hotel. -- March 23, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; audio incomplete
F-158-3d Policeman says 16-year-olds too young to take responsibility for operating a motor vehicle. -- March 23, 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-3e Calgary Exhibition and Stampede official says expansion of Corral not yet justified, wants Calgary Cowboys (World Hockey Association) as Corral tenant for another two years. -- March 23, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-3f Police official says shotguns "less forgiving" than handguns. Police cars on street, meeting in board room also shown. -- March 24, 1976. -- 1 min.; audio incomplete
F-158-3g Over-crowding in Okotoks school discussed. M.D. of Foothills ratepayers may have to pay for more classrooms. -- March 24, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-4a Views of Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary. Shortage of chronic-care hospital beds in Calgary discussed. -- March 25, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-4b Outdoor, indoor views of Calgary schools, mostly older schools. Views of street in new residential neighbourhood. -- March 25, 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-4c Unveiling of model of Fort Calgary, at Glenbow Museum. Person in RNWMP uniform shown. -- March 27, 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-4d Interview with 1976 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Queen Cindy Morres. -- March 27, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-4e Alberta Teachers Association convention resolution calls for more classroom experience for student teachers. Clip of Pat English, ATA president. Views of delegates voting, speeches. -- March 29, 1976. -- 2 min.; audio incomplete
F-158-4f Federation of Alberta Students (FAS) spokesman urges provincial government to spend more on student housing, financial aid. -- March 30, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-4g Gladys McKelvie-Egbert elementary school filled to capacity. Junior high students who were to have used the school may have to be bused elsewhere. Clip of school board trustee Sam Blakeley. -- March 30, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-5a Views of Nose Creek, alongside Deerfoot Trail. Water pollution evident. -- March 9, 1976. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-5b Couple interviewed about new services to be offered to bus passengers. -- March 9, 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-5c Man questions housing prices, developers' claims about cost of servicing land for housing. -- March 9, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-5d Woman says new military equipment paid for by closing bases, questions Department of Defence spending priorities. -- March 9, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-5e Group of people hold mock city council meeting, to protest the way City of Calgary does business. -- March 10, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; audio incomplete
F-158-5f Mayor Rod Sykes says person thrown out of council meeting probably deserved to be thrown out. -- March 10, 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-5g Woman says city council denies citizens fair chance to be heard, get questions answered. -- March 10, 1976. -- 50 sec.
F-158-5h Man says new measure will discourage "fly-by-nighters", won't bother companies of "substantial reputation". -- March 10, 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-5i Crosswalk closed at corner of Macleod Trail and Glenmore Trail. -- March 10, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-5j Canadian athletes compete in international track and field events. -- March 10, 1976. -- 1 min.; optical audio track
F-158-5k Views of Canadian Forces Base Currie Barracks, CFB Sarcee. -- March 11, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-6a Views of downtown Calgary, Broadcast House. Police cars parked on 8th Avenue Mall, in front of The Bay. -- March 11, 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-6b Museum of old telephone equipment. -- March 11, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-6c Man sitting in bleachers. -- March 11, 1976. -- 5 sec.; no audio
F-158-6d Interview with George Kingston, coach of University of Calgary Dinosaurs hockey team. Interview with team captain Ron Gerlitz. -- March 11, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-6e Man says closing operating rooms one way for hospitals to save money, in response to reduced levels of provincial government funding for health care. -- March 12, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-6f Man describes campaign, aimed at preventing closure of military base. Views of man making speech, audience reaction. -- March 12, 1976. - - 1 min.; audio incomplete
F-158-6g Canadian national volleyball team prepares for Olympics. -- March 12, 1976. -- 1 min.; optical audio track
F-158-6h Man says his association will be issuing a statement in response to mayor's comments, regarding police handling of hostage-taking incident. -- March 15, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-7a Coach of Calgary Canucks junior hockey team talks to players in dressing room. Interview with Taber Golden Suns coach Vic Stasiuk. -- March 15, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-7b Interview with coach of Calgary Canucks junior hockey team, regarding upcoming Alberta Junior Hockey League playoff series with Taber Golden Suns. -- March 15, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-7c Views of ambulance, stretcher, patient, hospital, Old YMCA Action Centre, St. Regis and York Hotels. -- March 16, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-7d Coach of Calgary Canucks junior hockey team interviewed, regarding upcoming Alberta Junior Hockey League playoff series. -- March 16, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-7e Women curling. -- March 16, 1976. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-7f Officials of Calgary Stampeders football club discuss recruiting, roster expansion. -- March 16, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-7g Teachers union spokesman says grievance will be filed. School board trustee defends cutting number of professional development days. -- March 17, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-8a Interview with Skipper Voss, Texas rodeo clown and bullfighter. -- March 17, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-8b Canadian national volleyball team. -- March 17, 1976. -- 1 min.; optical audio track
F-158-8c Willie Burden of the Calgary Stampeders football club, named Calgary's Athlete of the Year, 1975-76. Award presented May 3, 1976. Clip of Willie Burden. -- May 3, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-8d Views of river and city clean-up: police divers, patrol boat, army amphibious vehicle. -- May 8, 1976. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-8e Moira Hagerty appointed first woman senior high school principal. Clip of school board trustee Scott Saville. -- May 11, 1976. -- 1.25 min.; audio incomplete
F-158-8f Man says exceptions to city hitch-hiking by-law may have to be made. -- May 11, 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-8g Woman explains how banks, retail outlets discriminate against women trying to obtain credit. -- May 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-8h Excerpts from Wayne Harris Roast. Harris played linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders football club. Clips of Normie Kwong, Jerry Keeling and George Reed. -- May 11, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-9a Native man reads suicide note of Nelson Small Legs Jr., who committed suicide to protest the treatment of native peoples by the Canadian government over the last 100 years. Reporter comments that native people now have a martyr and a date to remember. -- May 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-9b Father of Nelson Small Legs Jr. says he does not want his son's death to be used as vehicle for violence. -- May 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-9c Student says proposed increase in tuition fees for foreign students unfair. -- May 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-9d Views of trees on downtown streets. -- May 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-9e Alex Akiwenzie, American Indian Movement, promises the death of Nelson Small Legs Jr. will not go unavenged. Views of funeral in Brocket, Alberta. -- May 21, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-9f Two marathon runners describe upcoming Alberta Marathon Championships. Comments made on the ability of women to compete. -- May 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-9g Calgary city policeman describes his work in a local high school. -- May 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-10a Two energy industry analysts say new federal government rules for Canadian participation in the oil industry may prevent some companies from taking part in long-range, high risk ventures in the North. -- May 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-10b Calgary Humane Society official assesses implications of judgement on case involving Animal Protection Act. -- May 29, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-10c Public opinion on hitch-hiking, hitch-hiking by-law sampled. -- May 31, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-10d Nancy Southern, at Spruce Meadows, describes Rocky Mountain hunter course and competition, demonstrates horse jumping. -- May 31, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-10e Alderman Barb Scott describes hitch-hiking by-law as "violation of individual rights". -- May 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-10f Federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark visits Calgary. Clark says impact of higher energy prices on rest of Canada must be considered. -- May 1976. -- 2.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-11a Views of construction sites; Calgary Board of Education headquarters; apartment buildings; Calgary Housing Authority office entrance. -- May 1976. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-11b Man discusses resistance to province-wide testing in schools, which may be linked to perceptions of teacher performance. -- May 1976. - - 45 sec
F-158-11c Man says homebuilders moving out of Calgary. Reporter says that even with annexation, current price trends are not expected to turn around soon. -- June 1, 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-11d Nancy Southern, at Spruce Meadows, explains dressage event. Views of indoor horse riding arena, sand ring for practice. -- June 1, 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-11e University of Calgary students object to fee increases. Views of registrar's office, bookstore, residence entrance. -- June 2, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-11f Landlord complains about lack of respect for property shown by social assistance recipients. -- June 3, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-11g Intersection of 7th Avenue and Centre Street SW. Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) construction crews lay underground cable. -- June 3, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-12a Nancy Southern, at Spruce Meadows, explains challenge posed by jump called "Devil's Dike". -- June 3, 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-12b Construction site at 4th Avenue SE; parking lots, old building across street. -- June 7, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-12c Reporter says that United News won't censor magazines, but that police will. -- June 8, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-12d Man wearing medals says government should strengthen armed forces. -- June 8, 1976. -- 50 sec.
F-158-12e Alberta government to lease land from City of Calgary for public housing, most of which will be built in East Calgary, especially Forest Lawn. -- June 9, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-12f Views of Calgary Jimmies (Alberta Major Baseball League) game at Foothills Stadium. Views of stadium, ballpark fence, McMahon Stadium in background. -- June 9, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; no audio
F-158-12g City of Calgary to allow Canadian Pacific subsidiary Marathon Realty to develop land along CPR railroad tracks from city centre to 14th Street SW. Views of tracks, looking east from 5th Street SW. -- June 11, 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-12h Woman says landlord-tenant law without teeth, calls for protection for tenants and more public housing. -- June 12, 1976. -- 50 sec.
F-158-12i Views of downtown Calgary: St. Louis Hotel, Alexandra Hotel, interiors of taverns, restaurants, kitchens. -- June 12, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-13a Views of conference of native peoples. Native man says civil servants don't understand Indian people. Button reads "Remember Nelson Small Legs Jr., May 16, 1976". -- June 15, 1976. -- 3 min.
F-158-13b Release of balloons at construction site. Clergyman says part of downtown changed for the better, calls for more housing for seniors. -- June 16, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-13c Sandstone brick building christened with champagne bottle. -- June 19, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-13d New rules for drinking establishments now in effect. Clip of Ed Thorne, former president of hotel association and manager of Westgate Hotel. -- June 21, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-13e Motorcycle stuntwoman Kerry Kezar interviewed. Reporter's questions indicate attitude toward women in sport. -- June 28, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-13f Public opinion on pay raises for mayor, city aldermen, sampled. -- June 29, 1976. -- 1.25 min.
Series 2 News footage. - September-December 1976 [Glenbow has no footage for July or August]
F-158-14a Quarterback John Hufnagel signs with the Calgary Stampeders football club. -- September 17, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-14b Horse show-jumping at Spruce Meadows during Spruce Meadows Masters. -- September 17, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-14c Calgary school children urged to boycott classes to join Canadian Labour Congress national day of protest against federal wage and price controls. Clip of Phil Hall, local organizer. -- September 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-14d Strathcona Heights area now being prepared for future housing. Design brief delayed one year for transportation study. -- September 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-14e Front view of Western Canada High School. Two students discuss prohibition of initiation rituals, cliques in school. Inside views of hallway, stairway and study areas. -- September 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-14f Calgary Stampeders football club team official announces head coach Bob Baker has been fired. Joe Tiller, assistant general manager, appointed interim coach. Stampeders' record at the time: 0 wins, 9 losses, one tie. SUB sports and leisure. -- September 24, 1976. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-15a Views of Palliser Hotel exterior, lobby; Calgary Golf and Country Club front gate, golf course. Reporter describes arrangement between Palliser Hotel and golf club. -- September 1976. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-15b Tony Anselmo, McMahon Stadium Society, outlines proposal for expanding stadium. -- September 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-15c Views of Lincoln Park area, including Mount Royal College, ATCO industrial park, Currie Barracks. -- September 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-15d Indoor, outdoor views of various Calgary schools, including Melville Scott and Vincent Massey Junior High. -- September 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-15e Views of Inglewood, including Gulf oil refinery. -- September 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-15f Views of Victoria Park. Woman says Neighbourhood Improvement Program money needed. -- September 1976. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-16a Ron Southern outlines who will participate in upcoming Spruce Meadows Masters competition, Sept. 16-19. Views of horse and rider practicing. -- September 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-16b Views of Glenmore dam, traffic on one-lane road across dam. Design of interchange at 14th Street SW and Glenmore Trail discussed. -- September 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-16c Calgary Stampeders football club general manager Gary Hobson dies. Reaction, tributes from Roy Jennings, Joe Tiller, Bob Baker, Basil Bark, Alec Recsky. -- September 1976. -- 4.5 min.
F-158-16d Views of McDougall School, and other Calgary downtown schools. Redevelopment of downtown school sites discussed. -- October 1976. -- 3 min.
F-158-17a Views of intersection at 9th Avenue and 11th Street SW. City of Calgary crew repairs damaged power lines. -- October 3, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-17b Joe, Tom and John Forzani discuss football careers, athletic footwear business. -- October 17, 1976. -- 4.5 min.
F-158-17c Views of Bow River valley, Blackfoot reserve, east of Calgary. Native man says project will make money for Indian band, town of Cluny will benefit. -- October 19, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-17d Structure of Calgary electoral districts, impact on election spending discussed. Man endorses ward system over "city at large" structure. -- October 23, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-17e Reporter, cameraman in police car. Views from inside car of Bow Trail at 14th Street SW, Memorial Drive, near Firestone tower, and of 9th Avenue SW, at 11th Street SW. -- October 23, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-18a Views of apartment buildings, displaying "No Vacancy" signs. Man says rent controls harmful. -- October 25, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-18b Aerial views of highway interchanges in southeast Calgary. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-18c Views of rural area, northwest Calgary. Sign reads "Private Property, Scenic Acres". Cattle graze in field next to residential subdivision. -- October 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-18d St. Louis Cardinals baseball club moves farm team to Calgary, into Pioneer League. John Elik (Calgary Jimmies) to be a partner in running the team. -- October 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-18e Calgary Curling Club burns down. Club executives discuss implications, what must now be done. -- October 1976. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-18f Citizen demonstration in Victoria Park. Sign reads: "City Hall's priority list for Victoria Park", arrow on sign points to toilet. Community spokesperson demands Neighbourhood Improvement Program funding. -- October 1976. -- 2 min.; no audio
F-158-18g Reporter, outside downtown CUPE office, says office workers' strike now settled. Strike at Domtar gypsum plant into third month. Striker says workers seeking 15 per cent wage increase. -- October 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-19a Joe Clark, Progressive Conservative leader, enters meeting room, to applause. Clark shakes hands, mingles. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-19b Man explains why Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has cancelled horse racing during Stampede. -- October 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-19c Availability of French-language education in Calgary public schools discussed. Clip of Dan Davies, head of French department, Calgary Board of Education. Views of classrooms. -- October 1976. -- 2.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-19d National Day of Protest (Oct. 14) against federal wage and prices controls. Protest march to provincial legislature in Edmonton. NDP leader Grant Notley addresses marchers. -- October 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-19e Reporter, outside Calgary Transit bus garage, says transit service unaffected by National Day of Protest (see #4 above). Clip of Calgary Transit general manager Bob Rae. -- October 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-19f Reporter, outside Calgary city hall, says few city workers have joined National Day of Protest (see #4 above). Clip of city official. -- October 1976. -- 50 sec.
F-158-19g Calgary mayor Rod Sykes crosses picket line to go to work. Sykes comments on utility of National Day of Protest. Views of City of Calgary Account Inquiries office. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-19h Reporter, outside Calgary CUPE office, describes turnout for National Day of Protest. Views of rally at Mewata Stadium. Clip of local protest organizer. -- October 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-20a Buses leaving Calgary Transit garage. Picketers stand outside of garage. Part of coverage of National Day of Protest (Oct. 14) against federal wage and price controls. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-20b Views of public inquiry counter at Calgary city hall, office workers, on National Day of Protest. -- October 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-20c Views of Calgary CUPE office. Aerial view of protest march through downtown Calgary, on National Day of Protest. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-20d Calgary mayor Rod Sykes comments on Canadian Labour Congress encouraging students to boycott school on National Day of Protest. -- October 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-20e Views of new housing subdivision. Sign reads "Keith Construction". Reporter says builder keeping show homes open, even though no homes available for sale to the public; federal department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs investigating. -- October 1976. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-20f Street scenes in Okotoks, views of weekly newspaper The Western Wheel in production. Man says town council not allowing "free flow of information". -- October 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-20g Views of military men talking to civilians, people climbing into plane with Canadian Armed Forces markings. Aerial views of mountains, out window of plane. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-20h Man explains how military helps provincial authorities in search and rescue operations, how civilians are trained as spotters. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-20i Views of downtown Banff, as seen from Banff National Park administration building. -- October 1976. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-20j Views of farm fields, harvesting, flowers, camping, children's birthday party, Thanksgiving decorations. -- October 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-21a Native people dancing in traditional costume. Native man says "Indian Days" held in honour of Nelson Small Legs Jr. -- October 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-21b Views of funeral procession, grave site ceremony, native dancing, drumming. -- October 1976. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-21c Man (with back to camera) says more people joining Alcoholics Anonymous at a younger age. -- October 1976. -- 2.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-21d Excerpt of man at podium, delivering speech, talking about federal wage and price controls. Views of audience. -- November 1, 1976. -- 2.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-21e ATAC (Air Transport Association of Canada) logo. Views of banquet hall full of people. Man says healthy air travel industry benefits public. -- November 1, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-21f School board trustee Scott Saville says neighbourhood schools should be kept open, despite declining enrolment. -- November 1, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-21 g Views of cement truck tipped over, at Charleswood Drive at 32nd Avenue NW. -- November 1, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-22a Man describes how Main Street improvement, paid for by Devonian Foundation, vandalized overnight. Views of Beiseker grain elevator, main street where trees in planters have been cut down. -- November 1, 1976. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-22b Children go "Trick or Treating", dressed in costumes, at night, on Halloween. -- November 1, 1976. -- 45 sec.
F-158-22c Athletes, coaches in locker room, interviewed after football game, won by Calgary Stampeders, 36-28 over Edmonton Eskimos. -- November 1, 1976. -- 5 min.
F-158-22d Reporter describes declining enrolment at Chief Crowfoot School in Calgary, impending school closure. Reaction from school children. -- November 4, 1976. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-22e Sideline interview with Ron Lancaster, Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback, at McMahon Stadium. Views of Roughriders' work out, including Lancaster throwing football. -- November 6, 1976. -- 3 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-23a Man says transit workers upset over wage increase being rolled back to eight per cent. -- November 10, 1976. -- 1.25 sec.
F-158-23b Views of Remembrance Day ceremonies in Calgary, including laying of wreaths at Calgary Cenotaph. Clips of war veterans, discussing meaning of Remembrance Day. -- November 11, 1976. -- 3 min.
F-158-23c Views of exhibit of photographs by Yosuf Karsh, displayed in Glenbow Museum art gallery. -- November 12, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; no audio
F-158-23d Man discusses stock market reaction to election victory of Parti Quebecois in Quebec. -- November 17, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-23e Views of 9th Avenue SE, through Inglewood; Zoo turn- off at 12th Street SE. Woman says city must solve traffic problems. -- November 17, 1976. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-24a Views of apartment buildings on hillside, view of downtown Calgary from hill. -- November 19, 1976. -- 1.75 min.; no audio
F-158-24b Views of Queensland Downs in southeast Calgary. Reporter discusses traffic problems in new subdivision. -- November 20, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-24c Indoor, outdoor views of Calgary Convention Centre. Clip of new marketing director, who describes change in Centre policy. -- November 25, 1976. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-24d Reporter discusses construction of new schools in Calgary. Views of Roland Michener Elementary School in Marlborough Park. -- November 1976. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-24e Views of Calgary Red Cross office, other buildings. -- November 29, 1976. -- 1.75 min.; no audio
F-158-24f Man discusses forecasts for health care spending in the 1980s. -- November 30, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24g Alberta Livestock Cooperative goes out of business. Views of industrial park complex, including truck wash, farmers' market. -- December 1, 1976. -- 2 min., incomplete
F-158-24h Interior, exterior views of halfway house in Calgary. Man says facility designed to fit into community. -- December 5, 1976. -- 3 min., incomplete audio
F-158-24i City of Calgary reinstates five-day work week for its employees. Ron Brown, CUPE Local 37 (outside workers) announces work-to-rule campaign. -- December 6, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24j Inside CFCN Radio. Views of studios, record library. - - December 6, 1976. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-24k Calgary Stampede president Stew Barker reviews financial results of 1976 Stampede. -- December 7, 1976. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-24l Ross Alger criticizes Mayor Rod Sykes' attendance record at city council and committee meetings. -- December 9, 1976. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-24m Man says Quebec unable to produce enough food to feed itself, making independence risky. -- December 9, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24n Man calls upon four western provinces to make joint submission to Ottawa, regarding GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) talks. -- December 14, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24o Alberta Social Credit leader Bob Clark says quotas for Alberta students in post-secondary schools established as a result of provincial government policy, not because of an increase in foreign student enrolment. -- December 14, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24p Plans for $50 million project (offices, shopping, parking) along CPR railroad tracks downtown announced. Views of site from Calgary Tower. -- December 15, 1976. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-24q Protest against Glenbow Museum art exhibit, sponsored by Reed Paper. Demonstrator says Reed Paper logs in northern Ontario, without regard for native people living there. -- December 16, 1976. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-24r City builds new ice arena in Renfrew, to be named after CFCN sportscaster Henry Viney. Clip of Alderman Pat Ryan. -- December 16, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-24s Reporter describes status of plan to develop block west of city hall, between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue SW, as government office complex. -- December 21, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-24t Christmas rush for post office, Greyhound parcel delivery. Views of interior of postal plant, bus cargo terminal. -- December 22, 1976. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-24u Reporter says superstition may keep some people from running for public office in Ward 13. -- December 23, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24v Calgary Mayor Rod Sykes' Christmas message covers municipal services, racial tolerance and understanding. -- December 24, 1976. -- 2 min.
F-158-24w Rent controls for subsidized public housing to be lifted Jan. 1. Reporter describes reasons why. -- December 28, 1976. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-24x Alderman Ed Oman says 17% increase in city's operating budget excessive. Oman says 12% (based on 8% inflation, 4% growth of city) increase more realistic. -- December 29, 1976. -- 1 min.
F-158-24y Woman says several animals given as Christmas gifts handed over to SPCA because recipients unprepared to care for them. -- December 31, 1976. -- 30 sec.
F-158-24z Man says city won't run extra garbage trucks to pick up used Christmas trees. -- December 31, 1976. -- 1 min.
Series 3 News footage. - January-June 1977
F-158-25a Views of bridge over irrigation canal; street in Brooks. -- January 6, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-25b Views of grader ploughing snow on highway, cars buried in snow, men pushing car out of snowbank. -- January 7, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-25c Man in ethnic costume describes Ukrainian Christmas. Family sits down to Christmas dinner. Views of food. -- January 7, 1977. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-25d Views of rural area, west of Calgary. Sign reads "Artists View Park" (housing development). CFAC television transmission tower. Sign reads "Artists Viewpoint". -- January 11, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; no audio
F-158-25e View of highway, looking west to mountains. Ski hill operator says snowfall less than normal. Views of ski runs. -- January 11, 1977. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-25f Man describes plan to collect unpaid bills for ambulance service. View of city hall account payments counter. -- January 12, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-25g View of street, house with Block Parent sign in window. Man outlines goals for 1977 for Block Parent program. -- January 21, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-26a Mascot Ralph the Dog comes to city hall to pay a bill. -- January 12, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-26b Views of snowmobilers using trails in Kananaskis area, encounters with obstacles in trail. Reporter says provincial Lands and Forests Department may be responsible for obstacles. -- January 13, 1977. -- 2.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-26c Man comments on divorce rate, single mothers, juvenile delinquency, need for day care for working women. -- January 17, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-26d Views of Hillhurst-Sunnyside. Need for green space, improved planning processes discussed. -- January 18, 1977. -- 2.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-26e Views of homes in Parkland, built by Keith Construction. Company spokesman explains why show homes kept open, even though company has no homes to sell. -- January 19, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-26f City council gives final reading to by-law, setting boundaries for electoral wards. Clip of Alderman Don Hartman. -- January 24, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-27a View of meeting in progress, attendees leaf through booklet "Canadian Resources and the National Interest". Aerial view of oil rig in middle of woods. Exploration and development of new oil fields discussed. -- January 26, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-27b Views of river valley land, south of 8th Avenue SE. City of Calgary considering acquiring more land for park use. -- January 26, 1977. -- 2.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-27c Calgary Cardinals baseball club unveils management team, uniforms. Man says tryout camps for local ball players will be held. -- January 27, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-27d School board trustee Scott Saville says school boards must solve problems posed by declining enrolment together. Indoor, outdoor views of William Reid Elementary, St. Patrick schools. -- January 31, 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-27e Reporter, outside Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff, discusses concerns over quality of patient care. Clips of hospital administrator, doctor. Views inside hospital. -- January 31, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-28a Interview with Ron Northcott, Calgary curler, about participating in the upcoming provincial curling championships. -- January 31, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-28b Views of clerical staff working at Calgary city hall. Man says suggestions regarding employment equity will be examined. -- January 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-28c Curlers interviewed about competition for berth in provincial curling championships. Views of curling. -- January 1977. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-28d Three people debate merits of fire alarm system. -- February 2, 1977. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-29a Examples of medical research in progress. Views of National Research Council laboratories in Ottawa. -- February 2, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; optical audio, no commentary
F-158-29b Views of hot rods, dragsters, funny cars, stock cars, etc., on display in auto show. -- February 2, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; no audio
F-158-29c Curler interviewed about upcoming provincial curling championships. Views of curling. -- February 2, 1977. -- 2.75 min,
F-158-29d Women practise figure-skating routines. -- February 2, 1977. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-29e View of countryside, looking west toward mountains. View of street in downtown Calgary. Reporter discusses sharing natural gas with Americans. -- February 3, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-29f Views of closed gasoline station, cars parked outside. Sign on another gas station reads "Thorncliffe Shell Service: Peter Chappel". Chappel says profit margins have narrowed, despite increasing prices. -- February 4, 1977. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-29g Stampede official outlines plans for new layout of Stampede grounds using map. -- February 6, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-30a Three people react to court decision regarding school board affiliation, based on religion. -- February 8, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-30b Views of Alberta Dairymen's Association convention. Working conditions on farms discussed. -- February 8, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-30c Disabled man (Ron Homenuke, former Calgary Centennials hocky player) shown meeting friends, getting on bus. Reporter's questions, actions indicate attitude toward disabled. -- February 11, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-30d Man says criticism of alcohol, cigarettes socially acceptable, but criticizing marijuana is not. -- February 17, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-30e Interview with Laurier Lapierre, McGill University professor, who says education system demands conformity, breeds racism, violence. -- February 18, 1977. -- 1,5 min.
F-158-30f Reporter says city council asked to sign statements disassociating themselves from statements made by the mayor about the character of the Levesque government in Quebec. Clips of aldermen. -- February 21, 1977. -- 1.25 min
F-158-30g Views of police car stopping traffic, checking cars at west end of downtown Calgary. Also views of Centre Street bridge. -- February 21, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-30h Views of city council meeting in progress, mayor Rod Sykes presiding. -- February 21, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-31a Views of conference on native affairs. Native man calls for Indian unity. Second native man says federal government helping to divide native people. -- February 24, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-31b Views of people talking, shaking hands. Grand entrance by head table guests at banquet. Large blue posters on wall behind head table, promoting Jack Horner, federal Progressive Conservative MP. -- February 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-31c February 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-31d Man in front of sign "Alberta Forest Service/Bow-Crow Forest", says more snow needed to prevent forest fires. -- February 1977. -- 50 sec.
F-158-31e Views of office workers exercising at work. Man says more fit employees are more productive employees. -- February 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-31f Aerial view of downtown Calgary. Views of meeting in progress. -- February 1977. -- 1.25 min.; no audio
F-158-31g Views of industrial site. Reporter says industrial accident investigations transferred from Workers Compensation Board to provincial Department of Labour. Clips of Herb Buchwald, Department of Labour; Scotty Falconer, City of Calgary. -- February 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-32a 1. Views of cattle herded into auction mart. Large crowd of people in big room. Joe Clark, Progressive Conservative leader, addresses audience. Reporter says war between producers and consumers of meat will continue. -- February 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-32b Views of barber shop. Barber says hairstylist can't cut men's hair, nor can he cut women's hair. -- April 7, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-32c Views of award presentation at Calgary Corral. World Hockey Association Calgary Cowboys. Players receive awards. -- April 8, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-32d Views of large red barn being moved to Heritage Park. City of Calgary crews move power lines. -- April 14, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; no audio
F-158-32e Policeman says mounted patrol in Fish Creek Provincial Park not a priority. Views of stables at Fish Creek Provincial Park. -- April 16, 1977. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-32f Views of homes on tree-lined street, apartment buildings. Woman says 24% of survey respondents use over half of income to pay rent. -- April 18, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-32g Views of Calgary Booster Club awards dinner. -- April 18, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-33a Views of Calgary Booster Club awards dinner. Trophies handed out. Excerpts of speech. -- April 19, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-33b Man argues restrictions on firearms unfair. -- April 20, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-33c Views of railroad tracks beside Macleod Trail (south of Anderson Road), railroad crossing at Anderson Road. Man says city council must ensure LRT line goes in correct place. Views of downtown Calgary. -- April 20, 1977. -- 2,25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-33d Sign reads "Chestermere Lake/restaurant/groceries/gas". View down road, along lake shore, of docks, cottages. -- April 22, 1977. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-33e Views of film editing facilities. Man says private industry should take over for government. -- April 25, 1977. -- 1.5 min; incomplete audio.
F-158-33f Calgary Cowboys, World Hockey Association. Team executives discuss lack of adequate seating in Corral, season-ticket goal, acquiring top players to attract fans. -- April 25, 1977. -- 3 min.
F-158-34a Vews of various apartment blocks. Man says he can't make money on building, blames rent controls. -- April 26, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-34b Man says water metres should be mandatory in Calgary. - - April 28, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-34c Views of new wing under construction at Calgary General Hospital. -- April 28, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-34d Aerial view of Glenmore dam, Elbow River downstream from dam. -- April 30, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-34e Views of Premier Peter Lougheed delivering speech to audience of women. Excerpt of speech on education spending. -- April 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-34f Views of heavy oilfield equipment, sitting idle in yard. Logo reads "Henuset Pipeline Construction". Clip of company president Henry Henuset, commenting on loss of Alberta Energy Company contract. -- April 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-34g Views of Palliser Hotel from southwest corner, 1st Street SW subway under railroad tracks. Views of proposed mural, mural on wall of building on 8th Avenue Mall. -- April 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-34h Picture of booklet "Being Your Own Boss - A Guide to Running Your Own Summer Business". Woman says keeping employers satisfied major concern of Hire-A-Student office. -- April 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-35a Views of Memorial Park library building under renovation. April 1977. -- April 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-35b Views of downtown Calgary streets. Palliser Hotel, Convention Centre, Glenbow Museum, Skyline Hotel, Regis Hotel, York Hotel shown. - - June 3, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-35c Exterior views of house damaged by fire. June 6, 1977. -- June 6, 1977. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-35d Man discusses how fires are treated in another country. June 6, 1977. -- June 6, 1977. -- 40 sec.
F-158-35e Man says some children are a problem to society because authorities try to shape the child to fit the system, instead of vice- versa. -- June 6, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-35f Hockey game in progress. -- June 6, 1977. -- 10 sec.
F-158-35g Views of tennis, squash, lacrosse match. Man describes what happens to the eye when struck by a hard, fast moving object. Views of helmets with visors, other eye protection. -- June 6, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-35h Views of accident scene. Truck with load of wood turned over on its side on road. -- June 6, 1977. -- 30 sec.; no audio.
F-158-35i Views of playground equipment, made of old tires. Playground under construction. -- June 6, 1977. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-35j Views of golf game in progress. -- June 6, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-35k Baseball game at Foothills Stadium. -- June 6, 1977. -- 1 min; no audio
F-158-35l Calgary Stampeders football club practice at McMahon Stadium. Focus on defensive backs. -- June 6, 1977. -- 1.5 min
F-158-36a Man reflects on role of Canadians in Canadian Football League, college career, adjusting to professional football. -- June 6, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-36b Views of track meet at Foothills Athletic Park. Pole- vaulting, sprinting, high jump shown. -- June 6, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-36c Calgary Stampeders football club training camp. Interview with lineman Andy Johanssen, re: his role with the team. -- June 6, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-36d Views of downtown Calgary. Calgary Youth Hostel, apartment building, old woman crossing street, Rundle Men's Hostel. Woman discusses how to best use resources of social agency. Reporter refers to report by provincial social services department. -- June 14, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-36e Delay in building new hospital in High River discussed. Building chairman Dick Newman says new, larger hospital needed to serve growing population. -- June 17, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-36f Views of consumer advocate Ralph Nader speaking to meeting at Calgary Inn. Clip of interview with Nader, talking about fat content in weiners. -- June 17, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; audio incomplete.
F-158-36g Views of motorcyclists riding along city streets, riding into parking lot at Mewata Stadium. Views of rally at Mewata Stadium, policemen in riot gear. T-shirt reads "Helmet Laws Suck". Clip of rally organizer. -- June 18, 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-37a Views of new Calgary International Airport terminal, exteriors, interiors. -- June 22, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-37b Native man says natives across Canada share common values. Views of site on Blackfoot reserve, east of Calgary, where signing of Treaty 7 to be commemorated. Native man discusses how ceremony will be paid for. -- June 23, 1977. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-37c Views of Edworthy Park, bridge across Bow River, people dressed for formal ceremony. -- June 25, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-37d Views of Bow Trail/Crowchild trail interchange. Man syas once people learn about consequences of driving drunk, they are less likely to do it again. -- June 29, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
Series 4 News footage. - July-December 1977
F-158-37e Canada Day. Prince's Island features marching band, flag raising, other activities. Airdrie features parade, fly-past by vintage airplanes. Item includes aerial views of Airdrie, from cockpit of vintage airplanes. -- July 1, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-37f Views of preparations at Blackfoot Reserve for commemoration of Treaty 7 signing, including parade rehearsal. -- July 1, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-37g Views of nurses on strike, picket line on 2nd Street SW, outside Holy Cross Hospital. Views of Calgary General Hospital, Foothills Hospital, picket line along Memorial Drive also featured. -- July 5, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-38a Views of site on Blackfoot Reserve where Treaty 7 signing to be commemorated. People lined up in hockey rink, at table draped in Canadian flag. Children ride hores through teepee compound. -- July 5, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio.
F-158-38b Views of nurses picket line at Holy Cross Hospital, boardroom where negotiations taking place. Union spokesman reacts to news nurses have been ordered back to work. -- July 8, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-38c Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race. LePage-Melton Real Estate wagon, driven by Gary Dorchester, goes around track without a driver. Dorchester falls out of wagon at outset of race. -- July 9, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-38d Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race. Smokey Wilson, Doug Nelson, Dallas Dorchester participating. -- July 11, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-38e Views of native people in downtown Calgary, 8th Avenue Mall, Queen's Hotel, Alberta Liquor Store (11th Avenue and 1st Street SW), ceremony at Blackfoot Reserve. Man says he would like to see more natives on police force. -- July 13, 1977. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-39a Views of native children at play. Native man plays guitar, sings, talks about what life is like for native people in city. Views of 8th Avenue Mall, police van. -- July 14, 1977. -- 3 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-39b Views of Calgary Native Friendship Centre (interior, exterior), Native Outreach display, school for native children, native children at play outside suburban home. -- July 15, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-39c Views of Calgary skyline. Reporter describes agencies working on behalf of native people in city, focusing on housing and alcoholism treatment services. Clips of Robbie Robertson, Can-Native Housing Corp.; Tom Whitney, Crowfoot Lodge. -- July 15, 1977. -- 4.25 min.
F-158-40a Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race. Participants: Maclin Ford/Kelly Sutherland, Irving Wire Products/Tom Glass, Vern Mouth/Johnny Crawford, Nomac Oil Wells/Dallas Dorchester. -- July 16, 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-40b Views of intersection at 10th Street NW and Memorial Drive NW. Woman, man criticize city transportation department decision. Aerial view of Memorial Drive NW in Hillhurst-Sunnyside. -- July 20, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-40c Reporter describes federal government native hiring program. Clip of Mr. Bear Chief, commenting on program. -- July 22, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-40d Sampling of public opinion on usefulness of proposed LRT line for Calgary. Views of Blue Arrow Heritage Station. -- July 27, 1977. -- 1.75 min; incomplete audio
F-158-40e Views of ceremony at Blackfoot Crossing, where signing of Treaty 7 commemorated. Prince Charles smokes peace pipe with Indian chiefs. -- July 29, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-41a Views of Heritage Park: horse-drawn wagons, main streets, S.S. Moyie on Glenmore Lake. -- August 1, 1977. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio
F-158-41b Views of Bow River Folk Arts Faire (sic). Reporter describes growth of festival. -- August 1, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-41c Mayor Rod Sykes decides not to run for re-election. Collection of other comments by Sykes on various subjects. -- August 4, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-41d Views of suburban shopping centre and surrounding area. -- August 4, 1977. -- 45 sec; no audio
F-158-41e Views of Vulcan, Alberta. Alberta Hail and Crop Insurance Corp. official discusses lack of moisture. Sub agriculture ; geography rural landscape -- August 4, 1977. -- 2 min; incomplete audio
F-158-41f Views of Sylvan Lake, dance in progress, fight on street, police, ambulance attendants at work. -- August 4, 1977. -- 2 min; incomplete audio
F-158-42a Views of traffic on city streets, houses under construction, renovation, older homes. -- August 3, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-42b Views of military parade, signing ceremony on parade grounds at Canadian Forces Base Currie Barracks, speech made by new commanding officer. -- August 5, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-42c Reporter discusses Al-Can natural gas pipeline project proposed for MacKenzie River corridor. Clip of oil industry analyst Carl Nickle, regarding two-year delay in construction ordered by federal cabinet. -- August 3, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-42d Oil industry analyst Carl Nickle describes economic benefits of natural gas pipeline. -- August 8, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-42e Views of signs outside Calgary hotels: Four Seasons, Trade Winds Motor Hotel, Calgary Inn. Hotel occupancy rates falling, Greyhound bus traffic increased, because of strike by air traffic controllers. Views of interior of airport terminal, CP train station. -- August 8, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-42f Views of oil rig, sign: "Saddle Ridge Community Association", sign: "44th Street and 80th Avenue NE" Views of home, garden, nearby oil rig. Woman says resource development must not infringe upon residential community. -- August 11, 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-42g Views of 28th Session of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, held at the University of Calgary. Discussion of euthanasia, church responsibility for promoting social change. -- August 11, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-43a Views of press conference, mayoralty candidate Brian Scott explains why he has dropped out of race. Outgoing mayor Rod Sykes, candidate Ross Alger comment. -- August 15, 1977. -- 3.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-43b Reporter tests motorists' knowledge of metric measurement of distance, speed. Metric system to be implemented September 1. -- August 20, 1977. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-43c Views of Sarcee Trail, from inside moving vehicle. -- August 22, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-43d View of city council in session. Man calls for more public access to information about salaries of public officials. -- August 22, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-43e Views of flood damage in basements of homes, city of Calgary crews cleaning streets. -- August 22, 1977. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-44a Interview in airport, with coach of baseball team, just returned from tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Calibre of American, Canadian baseball compared. -- August 22, 1977. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-44b Views of football game at McMahon Stadium. Calgary Colts vs. Calgary Mohawks, Alberta Junior Football League game. -- August 22, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-44c Interview with football coach Bud Riley, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who discusses previous week's performance of team. -- August 22, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-44d Premier Peter Lougheed delivers speech. Clip re: responsibility of government to ensure jobs created in Alberta for Albertans. -- August 23, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-44e Interview at McMahon Stadium, with Tony Anselmo, McMahon Stadium Society, re: planned stadium expansion. City council grants $1 million for expansion. -- August 23, 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-44f Views of gasoline stations, gas pumps, price signs (76.9 cents per gallon). -- August 29, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-44g Views of meeting hall where Anglican Church General Synod takes place. Examples of magazine advertising for liquor, cigarettes. Man says people should complain about advertisements. Second man says sex stereotyping not a problem in advertising. -- August 29 1977. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-45a Views of Heritage Park, Sam Steele ceremonial mounted troop, participating in ceremony. -- August 27, 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-45b Views of city of Calgary crews putting up metric road signs, Alberta Solicitor-General Roy Farran discussing metric conversion, metric speed limit signs around Calgary. -- August 31, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-45c Views of election campaign headquarters of Ross Alger, Ed Oman (mayoralty candidates). Views of campaign workers planning strategy. -- September 1, 1977. -- 4 min.
F-158-45d Views of antique car driving along streets of Heritage Park. -- September 5, 1977. -- 30 sec.; no audio
F-158-45e Man discusses tourism potential of youth hostels in Calgary, Canada. Views of presentation. German man compares German, Canadian facilities. -- September 5, 1977. -- 3 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-46a Woman interviewed about upcoming Spruce Meadows Masters horse show-jumping competition (contestants, sponsors, etc.). Views of horse and rider negotiating show-jumping course. -- September 6, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-46b Aerial view of lake, woods. Alberta Liberal leader Nick Taylor discusses Al-Can pipeline project. Views of downtown Calgary office buildings, including Alberta Gas Trunk Line, Mobil Oil, Gulf Canada Resources, Dome Tower. -- September 8, 1977. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-46c Man discusses reconstruction of Calgary Curling Club. Exterior views of new building under construction. -- September 8, 1977. -- 2.75 min; incomplete audio.
F-158-46d Views of minister of education visiting Calgary school. Calgary school board trustee Sam Blakeley says minister does not know what's going on in his own department. Views of St. Rose of Lima school. -- September 14, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-47a Excerpts of address by Quebec premier Rene Levesque to National Conference of Editorial Writers in Calgary, re: economic future of sovereign Quebec; attitudes in the rest of Canada toward Quebec separation; future of Canada without Quebec. -- September 14, 1977. -- 6 min.
F-158-47b Views of Devonian Gardens, in Toronto-Dominion Tower in downtown Calgary. -- September 14, 1977. -- 1 min.; no audio.
F-158-47c Excerpts of address by Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed at Calgary Convention Centre, re: agriculture, economic association with a sovereign Quebec, selling refined natural gas products. -- September 15, 1977. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-47d Aerial view of York Hotel, downtown Calgary, looking north along Centre Street; ground level views of downtown Calgary, along 7th Avenue SW. -- September 15, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-48a Mark Phillips (husband of Princess Anne) rides at Spruce Meadows Masters competition. -- September 15, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-48b Excerpt of speech by Alberta Progressive Conservative MP Jack Horner, re: federal government control of oil and gas industry. -- September 20, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-48c Views of hospital nursing station, hospital hallway. Man says nurses are pawns in political game. Reporter says nurses will take government to court over Anti-Inflation Board decision to roll back nine per cent wage increase, awarded by conciliator. Sub labour health care -- September 23, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-48d Views of comic book collectors' show. -- September 24, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio.
F-158-48e Reporter says architect who made allegations of corruption among city officials, is forced to apologize for remarks. Alderman Barb Scott comments. -- September 26, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-48f Views of convention, school classroom. Man says school superintentent spending too much time doing paperwork, not enough time in classrooms. -- September 26, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-48g Views of television station control room, apartment living room with television set. Man says cable television can be useful tool for handicapped. -- September 26, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-49a Reporter describes "Think West" conference in Edmonton, organized by Financial Post, University of Alberta. Man calls for changes to tax regime for resource industries. Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed says focus of education system changing. Reporter describes reaction to premier's speech. -- September 28, 1977. -- 4.75 min.
F-158-49b Reporter summarizes "Think West" conference in Edmonton, asks participants what they thought of it: focus on economic prospects. Clip of Dome Petroleum chairman Jack Gallagher, discussing advantages of MacKenzie Valley route for northern gas pipeline. -- September 29 1977. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-49c Views of Coleman Collieries coal mining operation, United Mine Workers of America picket line. -- September 29, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio.
F-158-49d Clip of Jack Gallagher, Dome Petroleum chairman, proposes development of natural gas fields in Beaufort Sea, as means of convincing Quebec to stay in Canada. -- October 1, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-50a Views of Calgary: downtown, from Calgary Tower, looking west, over Scotia Centre, TD Square; Memorial Drive NW; 10th Street NW, looking north towards SAIT; Centre Street, downtown; Ward 7 election signs; corner of 14th Street SW and 17th Avenue SW; Connaught district. -- October 4, 1977. -- 3 min.; no audio.
F-158-50b View of Queensland Downs School, school children tending garden around school. Woman says involving children in garden may prevent vandalism. -- October 6, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-50c Views of large field, nearby townhouses. Man says his area gets all public housing, because no one else will accept it. Second man says city must develop areas for affordable housing. -- October 10, 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-50d Man says problems experienced by native people in Calgary must be addressed, proposes meeting between chiefs, city council. Poster in background reads: "Re-elect Harry Huish, Alderman, Ward 9". -- October 10, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-50e Mayor Rod Sykes challenges mayoralty candidate Ross Alger to appear before city council and defend his criticisms of city administrators. -- October 11, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-50f Group of people stands on hillside, next to unfinished John Laurier Blvd. Mayoralty candidate Peter Petrasuk shown. Woman says construction of John Laurier Blvd temporarily suspended. -- October 11, 1977. -- 1 min.
F-158-51a Views of election signs along Calgary streets. Man says signs removed (and candidate billed for removal) if signs prompt complaints, obstruct view. -- October 11, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-51b Interior, exterior views of new airport terminal, dignitaries touring new facility. Man says computer-controlled air conditioning system requires further testing. -- October 11, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-51c Mayor Rod Sykes maintains defence of city staff, in face of criticism from mayoralty candidate Ross Alger. -- October 15, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-51d Views of north Calgary: unfinished John Laurier Boulevard; intersection of McKnight Blvd., 48th Avenue NW; John Laurier Blvd. at 14th Street NW; townhouses, apartment buildings; election signs; Centre Street N; intersection of Centre Street, 16th Avenue N. -- October 15, 1977. -- 2 min.; no audio.
F-158-51e Views of southeast, northeast Calgary: downtown Calgary, as viewed from northeast; industrial areas in Bow River valley; traffic on 17th Avenue SE; The Properties; Saddle Ridge, gas pipeline crossings. -- October 15, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; no audio.
F-158-51f Views of Chinatown, in downtown Calgary. Chinese- Canadian Association spokesman says national unity debate should not be left to French- and English-speaking people only. -- October 15, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-51g Views of Chinatown, in downtown Calgary. Chinese- Canadian Association spokesman says national unity debate should not be left to French- and English-speaking people only. -- October 15, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-52a Views of partially-finished Max Bell Arena. Ice in hockey arena. -- October 17, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-52b Views of provincial court house, downtown Calgary. New site plans displayed. Clip of Premier Peter Lougheed. -- October 21, 1977. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio
F-158-52c Reporter describes efforts to develop parcel of land at 9th Avenue and 4th Street SW. -- October 25, 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-52d Reporter describes first meeting of new city council and new mayor Ross Alger, behind closed doors at Westward Inn. Reporter outlines schedule for new mayor and council. -- October 26, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio. no picture audio track only for part of item.
F-158-52e Man says government unfairly restricting snowmobile access to Kananaskis Country. -- October 26, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-52f Man describes moisture conditions in Alberta, assesses prospects for coming year. -- October 27, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-52g Views of Miss Teen Calgary Pageant, including crowning of new Miss Teen Calgary. -- October 27, 1977. -- 45 sec.
F-158-52h Group of people standing on hillside, next to unfinished John Laurier Blvd. Politicians get explanations from city staff. -- October 28, 1977. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-53a View of interior of new Calgary Curling Club. Man interviewed about how club was rebuilt after fire destroyed original building one year before. Sub sports and leisure -- November 2, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-53b Exterior, interior views of North Hill News printing plant, newspaper production facilities. Man comments on dispute over freedom of speech. Sub communications -- November 2, 1977. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-53c Views of school buses, high school gym class. Reporter says school boards seeking more funding from province to improve busing, lower student-teacher ratio. -- November 3, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-53d Man says his union wants to be trade union like others, opposes Bill 41. Views of AUPE (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees) convention. -- November 17, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-53e Views of displays in large room, portraying different cultures. Man says display intended to counter lack of understanding among Calgarians of different ethnic groups. -- November 19, 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio, film scratched.
F-158-53f Views of Mayor Ross Alger presiding over first city council meeting, new council being sworn in at city hall. Clip of Ross Alger. -- November 22, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-53g Views of people crowding into book store, John Diefenbaker signing books, talking with visitors. Clip of Diefenbaker. Sub arts politics -- November 22, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-54a 1. Views of men at work in steel fabrication plant. Man blames management for workplace accidents, saying company responsible for debris on plant floor. -- November 23, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-54b Man says suggestion for making Alberta a destination for snowmobile tourists rejected by provincial government. Second man says dealers report sales down. Views of meeting. Sub sports and leisure -- November 24, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-54c Exterior, interior views of new Calgary airport terminal under construction. Man warns public to expect problems on first day new terminal open for business. -- November 25, 1977. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-54d Views of taxi stand outside old Calgary airport terminal. Man says proposals for taxi service at new terminal under consideration. -- November 25, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-54e Views of old school which now houses Bankview Fine Arts Centre. -- November 30, 1977. -- 1.25 min.; no audio.
F-158-54f Views of downtown Calgary streets. Man says his agency deals with "blended" families, children of divorced people. Calgary divorce rate said to be high. -- November 30, 1977. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-55a Views of Social Credit party convention, banners with slogan "Take Our Government Back to the People". Clip of party leader Bob Clark, who says the party is already preparing for the next election in 1979. -- November 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-55b Provincial government funding of local school boards discussed. Clips of provincial government, school board officials. -- November 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-55c Views of Deerfoot Trail Information Centre in local shopping mall, CIL explosives plant in southeast Calgary. -- November 1977. -- 1 min.; no audio.
F-158-55d Man says beds may be closed at Holy Cross Hospital, because of financial constraints. Views of hospital equipment. Man says some programs may be cut, to enable purchase of new equipment. -- December 1, 1977. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-55e Banner reads "Welcome delegates to AHA convention". (Alberta Hospitals Association) Man says health care system needs to be better organized. Views of convention, empty hospital waiting rooms, empty beds. -- December 2, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-55f Reporter says Alberta retailers more optimistic than elsewhere in Canada. Over 600,000 square feet of retail space built in Calgary this past year (1977). -- December 5, 1977. -- 30 sec.
F-158-56a Views of school bus, driving down road, stopping to let off children. Views of cars stopped on cold, snowy city streets, snowplows at work, etc. Sub environment -- December 7, 1977. -- 2.25 min.; no audio.
F-158-56b Views of disabled children at work in classrooms, getting around in institutional setting. Woman says children must be bused to VRRI to use pool there. -- December 7, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-56c Views of cars stopped in cold, snow, with hoods up. Service station operator says car owners not maintaining their vehicles properly, since the advent of self-serve gas stations. -- December 9, 1977. -- 1.5 min; incomplete audio.
F-158-56d Native man says maintenance contacts should go to people on reserve, to create employment, keep money on reserve. Same man says federal government mismanaging funds. -- December 12, 1977. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-56e Views of Calgary city council at work. Alderman Don Hartman says city does not need water meters. Views of interior of water treatment plant. -- December 13, 1977. -- 1.25 min. incomplete audio.
F-158-56f Views of exterior of school, balloting in election on Blackfoot reserve, east of Calgary. -- December 14, 1977. --
F-158-57a Alderman Nomi Whalen polls residents of her ward (Ward 12, south Calgary). 26% response rate. Focus of news item on opinions on LRT, development around Glenmore Lake, public consultation. Clip of Alderman Whalen. - - December 19,1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-57b Alderman Brian Lee plans to ask city council to set up citizens committee to look into ways of improving access to information at city hall. -- December 20, 1977. -- 2 min.
F-158-57c Views of Christmas lights in Confederation Park, on city streets. Views of malls, stores crowded with Christmas shoppers. Man says many people feel pressured at Christmas to live up to unrealistic expectations, which causes stress. -- December 23, 1977. -- 3.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-57d Views of Lilydale Alberta Poultry Marketers Cooperative packing plant, focus on assembly line where turkeys packaged for sale. -- December 24, 1977. -- 45 sec.; no audio.
F-158-58a Reporter tours grain elevator with operator. Man says operator responsible for ensuring elevator clean, to prevent explosions. -- December 30, 1977. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio.
F-158-58b Calgary Mayor Ross Alger delivers New Year's message. - - December 31, 1977. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-58c Woman relates example of job discrimination against epileptics, discusses public attitudes toward epilepsy. -- December 31, 1977. -- 1 min.
Series 5 News footage. - January-April 1978
F-158-58d Views of school classrooms. Reporter outlines options for school board for dealing with lack of collective agreement with teachers. -- January 5, 1978. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-58e Demonstration of video arcade game "Death Race 2000". - - January 5, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-58f Man says school board offficial "out of line" by suggesting board withold teacher salaries for month of January, or until collective agreeement signed. -- January 6, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-58g Views of public meeting. Man says farmers plan to stop buying machinery, fertilizer until prices come down. View of Alberta Wheat Pool elevator at Midnapore. -- January 10, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-58h Reporter describes dispute between Schmidt family, Calgary Public School Board, over residency, payment of fees. Two school board trustees comment. -- January 11, 1978. --
F-158-59a Native man describes his removal from band council, blames those who "had something to fear" from "clean-up" of band operations. -- January 11, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-59b John F. Mayell describes expansion of athletics program in Calgary high schools under his stewardship, assesses achievements of high school athletics. Views of Mayell's workplace. Subject: sports and leisure -- January 12, 1978. -- 5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-59c Front page of The Albertan: "Sun Life move good for PQ, Levesque says". Views of Sun Life of Canada's Calgary office. Man says business community supports Sun Life's decision to move out of Quebec. -- January 13, 1978. -- 1.75 min. incomplete audio.
F-158-59d Various views of Calgary airport, including: Concorde in front of new terminal; interior of weather office; planes on tarmac. Man outlines concern over delivery of weather information. -- January 13, 1978. -- 1.5 min.;incomplete audio.
F-158-60a Reporter describes situation facing City of Calgary, in final year of 10-year program to acquire Victoria Park land for Stampede expansion. Expropriation of remaining homes may be difficult, reporter says. -- January 13, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-60b Reporter describes controversy over police raid on gambling house in Chinatown. Views of Chinatown, mainly around Centre Street and 2nd Avenue SW. -- January 16, 1978. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-60c Clergyman says church launching effort to get ordinary people involved in keeping Canada together, to counter influence of media, politicians. -- January 20, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-60d Views of Bank of Montreal building on 8th Avenue Mall in Calgary. -- January 23, 1978. -- 30 sec.; no audio.
F-158-60e Public school board trustee Scott Saville says new board policy will ensure public school system open to all Calgary residents. Mr. Schmidt expresses relief. -- January 24, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-60f Bob Mackie, Vance Peters of Calgary Minor Hockey Association, describe activities for Minor Hockey Week, state of minor hockey in Calgary. -- January 24, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-61a Views of ambulance personnel in action. Man says Municipal District of Rocky View strives to ensure all rural communities served equally. -- January 26, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-61b Various views of City of Calgary offices. Mayor Ross Alger, city chief commissioner outline contigency plans in case of strike by inside workers; describe differences between city, union. -- January 26, 1978. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-61c Reporter describes situation, as city inside workers prepare for first-ever strike. Clips of CUPE local 38 president Jim Corcoran. -- January 27, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-61d Reporter describes public reaction to prospect of strike by city inside workers. -- January 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-61e Reporter says tentative agreement reached between city of Calgary and its inside workers. Major issue: Job re-classification, impact on salaries. Clips of union president John Corcoran, Mayor Ross Alger. -- February 6, 1978. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-62a Induction of James (Cappy) Smart into Southern Alberta Curling Association (S.A.C.A.) Hall of Fame. Clips of curlers Fred Storey, Ron Northcott. -- February 6, 1978. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-62b Welcome scene at Calgary airport. Interview with woman about Canadian figure skating champions Brian Pockar, Peggy McLean. -- February 6, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-62c Views of public meeting, farmers harvesting (stock footage). Man says farmers across Canada in trouble, demands prices that will cover production costs, with "reasonable" profit. -- February 8, 1978. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-62d Views of blizzard in southern Alberta. Truck driver says feed delivered to farmers, despite 15-foot drifts. -- February 9, 1978. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-62e Views of city workers, leaving meeting where ratification vote taking place. Clip of union president John Corcoran, who says 80% of membership has voted for a tentative agreement reached with the city of Calgary. -- February 9, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-63a Scenes from Scotty Munro memorial night at Corral hockey arena, before start of Calgary Wranglers-Medicine Hat Tigers hockey game. Son, daughter of the late Scotty Munro take part in ceremonial face-off. -- February 11, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-63b Pacific Western Airlines (PWA) Boeing 737 crashes in B.C. RCMP officer, survivor comment. Views of crash site. Pastor offers prayers in Sunday service. -- February 13, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-63c Members of provincial men's curling championship rink interviewed. Ed Lukowich, skip. -- February 13, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-63d Sign reads "Rocky View Park". Views of mobile home park, cats on front steps of mobile homes. Woman says cats becoming nuisance. -- February 15, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-63e Laurier Lapierre addresses teachers at convention, defines teachers' task, challenges people to challenge authority. Trustee Scott Saville takes exception. Views of audience. -- February 16, 1978. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-63f Views of entrance to Calgary Zoo. Views of apartment building, sign in front reads "The Rhubarb Patch". -- February 17, 1978. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio.
F-158-64a Man says courts running out of room (in Calgary), government to study options. Views of busy office, Rocky Mountain Plaza, doors to provincial court, traffic court, stickers being affixed to license plates. -- February 21, 1978. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-64b Views of University of Calgary campus: Education building, residence tower, Varsity Court student housing. -- February 21, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-64c Man says Calgary now second in Canada in number of office buildings; Calgary financial, construction industries growing. Reporter says hotel, motel occupancy rates high, indicating boom in Alberta economy. View of Motel Village. -- February 22, 1978. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-64d University of Calgary students protest tuition fee increase, stage sit-in at board of governors' meeting. Clips of students saying education a right, not a privilege or commodity. Sub education social attitudes -- February 22, 1978. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-64e Reporter says city outside workers enjoy wide support in dispute with city. Clips of Mayor Ross Alger, union president John Corcoran. -- February 24, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-64f Members of city council, native leaders, sit down to dinner. Mayor Ross Alger announces creation of committee of civic officials, native representatives. Native leaders say creation of committee historic, long overdue. -- February 24, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-65a Calgary Mayor Ross Alger comments on strike vote taken by city outside workers, promises essential services will be maintained, in the event of a strike. -- February 25, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-65b Views of man setting up hang-glider with motor, taking off, landing. Man outlines usefulness, cost advantages of motorized hang-glider. -- February 25, 1978. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-65c Views of CFCN sports reporters throwing miniature curling stones on curling rink. -- February 25, 1978. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio.
F-158-65d Calgary Mayor Ross Alger questions whether strike by municipal employees should be allowed. Union president John Corcoran shown signing written strike notice. Corcoran says mayor does n't haveo authority to take away workers' right to strike. -- February 27, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-65e Calgary Stampeders football club president Roy Jennings says ticket price increase necessary to keep revenue ahead of expenses, as community-owned teams 90% dependent on gate receipts. -- February 28, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-65f Views of picket lines in front of city hall, empty city offices, idle work sites, city dump. Clips of CUPE Local 37 president Ron Brown, city residents. Sub labour municipal government -- March 3, 1978. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-65g Views of Queen's Park cemetery. Woman says she is upset over delay in burial caused by strike by city outside workers. Reporter says outside workers have agreed to operate city hockey arenas for minor hockey playoffs. -- March 6, 1978. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-66a Court of Queen's Bench rules City of Calgary acted improperly against striking city outside workers. Lawyer promises city will issue statement of claim, file for injunction. -- March 7, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-66b Views of Pierre Elliot Trudeau visiting Calgary. In address at University of Calgary, Trudeau promises government will respect native treaty rights. -- March 11, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-66c Views of Ramsay Community Centre. March 17, 1978. No audio. 15 sec. -- March 17, 1978. -- 15 sec.; no audio.
F-158-66d Views of picket lines in front of city hall, other city facilities. Clips of strike leaders, who discuss wage dispute. -- March 17, 1987. -- 3.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-66e Striking city outside workers agree to operate hockey arenas for Calgary minor hockey playoffs. Clips of CUPE Local 37 president Ron Brown, Murray Kolpott, past president, Calgary Minor Hockey Association. -- March 21, 1978. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-67a 1. Views of Calgary International Airport operations, including Pacific Western Airlines plane parking at terminal, check-in counters, baggage handlers. Canadian Airline Employees Association (CALEA) button shown. -- March 22, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-67b Man comments on impact of anticipated job action. Man wears placard, which reads "CALEA, locked out", Pacific Western Airlines sign in background. Reporter says union has applied for federal mediator. -- March 28, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-67c Man says University of Calgary won't be able to attract top graduate students, without more funding for research, scholarships. Views of students at work in labs, drawing tables. Sub education -- March 28, 1978. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-67d Reporter relates Ontario MP's position on federal- provincial conferences. Clip of Conservative MP Flora MacDonald. Canada West Foundation Conference on Canadian Unity, in Banff. -- March 28, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-67e Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed addresses Conference on Canadian Unity in Banff, sponsored by Canada West Foundation. Lougheed comments on special status for Quebec. -- March 29, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-67f Views of new Calgary suburbs Deer Run (Genstar), Midnapore (Keith and Standard). -- March 31, 1978. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-68a Federal minister of national defence Barney Danson comments on discovery of satellite wreckage in North. Danson shown inspecting troops at Canadian Forces Base Calgary. -- March 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-68b Demonstration of Calgary Public Library book check- out/security system. Woman says system sometimes fooled by objects other than books not checked out. -- April 1, 1978. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-68c Poster reads: "So you think drunk driving is funny". Man says object of campaign is to educate people about the dangers of driving after only a few drinks. -- April 1, 1978. -- 45 sec, incomplete audio.
F-158-68d Reporter says downtown apartment vacancy rate seven per cent, prompting landlords to convert unfurnished suites to furnished suites, in order to attract more tenants. -- April 3, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-68e City, union negotiators reach tentative settlement of strike by outside workers. Clips of mediator, CUPE Local 37 head Ron Brown. -- April 4, 1978. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-68f Views of Shell oil refinery/tank farm, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Gulf oil refinery. -- April 4, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-68g Views of downtown apartment buildings, signs read: "suites for rent". -- April, 4 1978. -- 30 sec.
F-158-69a 1. Views of people entering Jubilee Auditorium. Reporter asks people to comment on union rejection of the city's latest offer. Mayor Alger, city council, refuse to accept the memorandum of agreement negotiated by a provincial mediator. -- April 5, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-69b Views of 8th Avenue Mall, between 1st Street and 2nd Street SW, Palace Theatre, Grain Exchange Building, at 9th Avenue and 1st Street SW. Alderman Pat Donnelly outlines benefit of new plan for the block. Sub geography urban landscape -- April 11, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-69c Views of Court House, 4th Street SW. Stampede official says he returned gift from Royal American Shows. Reporter says free midway tickets sent to mayor's office distributed to underprivileged children. Sub Calgary Exhibition and Stampede -- April 18, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-69d View of Bridgeland, from top of hill, looking south to General Hospital. Community residents want to be consulted by city, developers. Design brief process underway, man says. Sub housing municipal government geography urban landscape -- April 20, 1978. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-69e Woman upset over mayor's latest offer to striking city outside workers (CUPE Locals 37, 709). Edmonton municipal workers (CUPE Local 52) come to Calgary to demonstrate union solidarity. -- April 21, 1978. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-70a Views of Crescent Heights, Bridgeland (around Edmonton Trail) communities. -- April 21, 1978. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-70b Banner reads: "Calgary Chinese Masonic Athletic Club". Views of Chinese dragon on parade in Chinatown. -- April 24, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-70c Striking outside workers approve settlement with city, by 80% majority. Workers clipped say eight week strike not worth it. Union head Ron Brown says workers better off. Mayor Ross Alger says union coerced city council into agreeing to settlement. -- April 25, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-70d Calgary Stampeders football club general manager Joe Tiller comments on lagging season ticket sales, increase in parking fees at McMahon Stadium. -- April 25, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-70e Views of CUPE picket line, union meeting. Clip of union leader comments on end of strike. Views of burial at cemetery, workers tending flowers in greenhouse. Man says strike will have negative impact on spring planting. Views of garbage, garbage trucks, coffins in hockey arena. -- April 26, 1978. -- 3 min.
F-158-71a Views of garbage bags piled on curbs. Man says city garbage collection back on schedule. Reporter says now that strike is over, summer job applicants lining up. -- April 27, 1978. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-71b Mayor Ross Alger holds press conference, comments on problems caused by city outside workers' strike, city budget process, LRT, traffic congestion, annexation. -- April 28, 1978. -- 8.25 min.
F-158-72a 1. Mayor Ross Alger holds press conference, comments on working relationship among city councillors, behaviour by union members and Calgary residents during outside workers' strike, costs of strike. Former mayor Rod Sykes says city paid too much to settle strike. Peter Petrasuk says city council performance has fallen short of promises. -- April 28, 1978. -- 7.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-72b Views of Old Sun Campus, Mount Royal College, Blackfoot (Siksika) Nation. Views of students at work in classrooms, on tractor, in metal shop. April 29, 1978. -- April 29, 1978. -- 2 min.
Series 6 News footage. - May-August 1978
F-158-73a Man making speech at Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Crime trend said to be moving to Western Canada, expertise of criminals noted. May 1, 1978. Sub legal police -- May 1, 1978. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-73b Native women shown laying blankets on ground for family picnic. Man says he would like to see holiday continue, will present suggestion to All Chiefs Conference. -- May 1, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-73c School board trustee Scott Saville proposes putting health foods in vending machines in Calgary schools. Students say they will buy junk food elsewhere. View of school cafeteria. -- May 2, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-73d View of City of Calgary Manchester maintenance yard. Reporter says two vacancies for mechanics may not be filled, because of shortage of mechanics in Alberta. -- May 2, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-73e Building across 9th Avenue SW from Palliser Hotel demolished. View of stores, restaurant in demolished building. Sub geography urban landscape -- May 3, 1978. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-73f Views of windmill, display of solar energy concepts, solar-heated home. Solar heating system paid for by National Research Council. -- May 3, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-74a Reporter describes sequence of events in crash of Pacific Western Airlines flight 314, at Cranbrook B.C. in February, 1978. Only six of 49 people aboard survive. Coroner's inquest opens in Cranbrook. Clip of Crown counsel Dick Reinevold. -- May 8, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-74b Views of sea cadets on parade, wreath-laying, at Calgary cenotaph. -- May 8, 1978. -- 30 sec.
F-158-74c Peigan Indians blockade Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District wier, on Oldman River. (No Picture-Audio Only) Reporter describes competing claims to land surrounding wier. Clips of Cal Lee, executive director, Native Affairs Secretariat, Alberta government; Chief Nelson Small Legs, Peigan band. -- May 11, 1978. -- 3.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-74d Views of Fernie, British Columbia. Five people explain why many Fernie residents do shopping in Alberta. Proposed secession of southeastern B.C. to Alberta discussed. -- May 11, 1978. -- 4 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-75a Reporter compares level of care provided by city- operated Shagnappi day care centre, with new provincial standards. Woman says new standards will lower quality of care drastically. -- May 16, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-75b Exterior, interior views of new Fort Calgary Interpretive Centre. -- May 16, 1978. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-75c Tow truck tows police car, which has collided with another vehicle. Committee meeting. Police officer describes departmental policy on high-speed chases. -- May 17, 1978. -- 1 min
F-158-75d Sign reads "Blackfoot Indian Reserve". Views of homes in river valley. -- May 24, 1978. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-75e Calgary Cardinals (baseball team) official describes new stadium lease agreement with city. Alderman outlines his objections to new deal. -- May 24, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-75f Sign reads "South corridor LRT project". Views of traffic, railroad crossings on Macleod Trail, Southland commercial office park under construction. Man says millions of square feet of office space will be built near LRT stations. -- May 26, 1978. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-76a Views of Alberta Wheat Pool elevator at Iron Springs, Alberta, public meeting, Peigan blockade of Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID) wier on Oldman River. Man says most farmers not worried yet about water supply, because seeding still underway. -- May 29, 1978. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-76b Views of shoreline, on Kinbrook Island, Lake Newell, near Brooks, Alberta. Man says island in danger of being flooded, which would ruin recreation facilities. -- May 30, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-76c Peigan band council office. Man says people not from Peigan reserve responsible for provoking crisis over irrigation wier, predicts trouble. May 31, 1978. -- May 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-76d Views of Okotoks, pop.: 2,600. Property taxes increasing sharply. Mayor Bill Wylie says increased requisition by Foothills School Division responsible for tax hike. -- June 2, 1978. -- 1.5 min,; incomplete audio.
F-158-76e Peigan blockade of L.N.I.D. wier on Oldman River lifted. Views of Chief Nelson Small Legs, answering reporters' questions. -- June 5, 1978. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-76f School trustee Scott Saville says teachers irresponsible to reject memorandum. Cost of lowering student-teacher ratio by one, would be $3 million, Saville says. -- 30 sec.
F-158-76g School trustee Scott Saville says teachers irresponsible to reject memorandum. Cost of lowering student-teacher ratio by one, would be $3 million, Saville says. -- June 5, 1978. -- 30 sec.
F-158-77a Justice J.V.H. Mulvane rules on Peigan claim for compensation for access to Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID) headworks wier. Peigans awarded $500,000. Clips of Justice Mulvane, Chief Nelson Small Legs. -- June 6, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-77b Views of downtown Calgary skyscrapers. Man says businessmen must be convinced tourists expect to see Stampede fever all over town. June 8, 1978. -- June 8, 1978. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-77c Views of Hillhurst-Louise Bridge. Reporter says bridge to be closed five months for repairs, beginning June 18. Man describes detours, other work to be done while bridge closed. Sub transportation -- June 8, 1978. -- 2.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-77d Reporter examines controversy over hiring of aldermanic assistants. Clips of aldermen Don Hartman, Brian Lee. -- June 14, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-77e Views of Canada Employment Centre, demolition workers. Man says students don't want to work, wages of $5 per hour are "plenty" for a student. Second man says students not looking for full-time work yet. -- June 15, 1978. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-77f Alberta Solicitor-General Roy Farran says day care subsidies must follow child, large government-operated day care centres impractical. -- June 15, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-78a City council debates LRT. Model of LRT car on display. Views of workers assembling LRT car. Alderman says analysis of potential ridership inadequate. -- June 16, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-78b Views of people on 8th Avenue Mall. Man says experiment will allow businesses to extend onto the mall. -- June 16, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-78c Views of Toronto Dominion Square, outside only, on 8th Avenue side. -- June 20, 1978. -- 20 sec.
F-158-78d Views of balloting. Voters decide 2 to 1 in favour of amalgamating municipalities in Crowsnest Pass. Population of new city: 7,300. -- June 22, 1978. -- 2 min; incomplete audio
F-158-78e Views of river bank, while voice-over says 20 acres of land lost annually. Man with sign: "St. Mary's Indian Reserve, No Trespassing", stands in middle of railroad tracks. Native man says barricade will be lifted periodically. -- June 24, 1978. -- 2.25 min
F-158-78f View of Calgary Tennis Club. Club official describes improvements made over winter, comments on setting, membership. -- June 27, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-78g Views of Calgary Cardinals (AAA) baseball team season opener, vs. Medicine Hat Blue Jays. Includes ceremonial first pitch. -- June 27, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-79a Views of Coaldale, Alberta residential areas. -- June 30, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-79b Views of construction site. Union spokesman discusses proposed changes to length of work week. Sign reads: "Plumbers and Steamfitters, Local 496". -- July 3, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-79c Views of start, finish of chuckwagon race. Focus on CFCN rig. -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-79d Little League baseball game. -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-79e Demolition derby. -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-79f Boys lacrosse game, indoors. -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-79g Rowing competition on lake. -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-79h Baseball game at Foothills Stadium, Calgary. Calgary Cardinals vs. Lethbridge Dodgers. Pioneer League (Class A). Sub sports and leisure -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-79i Baseball game at Foothills Stadium, Calgary. -- July 3, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-79j Reporter describes disturbance at Prince's Island Canada Day rock concert, legal consequences. Calgary Police Chief Brian Sawyer relates thoughts on crowd control. -- July 4, 1978. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-80a Calgary Chamber of Commerce meeting at Calgary Convention Centre. Man says constitutional debate must not overshadow economic concerns, children must be taught Canadian identity at school. Shown: "People to People Petition for Canadian Unity". -- July 5, 1978. -- 1.75 min; incomplete audio.
F-158-80b Rally to support legalization of cannibis (marijuana), on Prince's Island. -- July 6, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-80c Views of Calgary Stampede preparations, including parade route, set-up at Stampede grounds, line-up at hiring office, signage in downtown area. Stampede official says improvements to signage planned. Sub Calgary Exhibition and Stampede -- July 6, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-80d Pierre Elliot Trudeau visits Calgary, officially opens Stampede. Views of Trudeau touring Stampede grounds, meeting people. July 7, 1978. -- July 7, 1978. -- 3.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-81a Views of Calgary Stampede midway at night, booth attendant sweeping away rain water. Stampede official says profit expected, despite lower attendance. -- July 8, 1978. -- 2.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-81b Seniors Day at Calgary Stampede. Senior citizens asked what they would like to see at the Stampede. -- July 11, 1978. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-81c Views of Calgary Stampede midway. Conklin Shows officials complain of police harassment, after carnie arrested. Clip of Colin Forbes, western manager, Conklin Shows. -- July 12, 1978. -- 3.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-81d Views of tourist information booth at 9th Avenue and 14th Street SW, Calgary hotels, including Calgary Inn, Sheraton Calgary, International Hotel. Chamber of Commerce president Norman Green says more coordination needed to boost tourism. -- July 13, 1978. -- 1.75 min.;incomplete audio.
F-158-82a Reporter describes feud between Calgary Chamber of Commerce president Norman Green, Calgary Tourist and Convention Association manager Doug Johnson, over comments made by Green. (see F-158-81, item 4) -- July 14, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-82b Canadian Football League (CFL) game between Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos, at Clark Stadium in Edmonton. Regular season opening game. -- July 14, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-82c Views of Calgary brewery, brewery workers on strike. Reporter says union wants more control of local plant, in case Ontario-based head office decides to close plant. -- July 22, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-82d Construction cranes perch on several downtown Calgary buildings. -- July 22, 1978. -- 30 sec.
F-158-82e Reporter describes dispute between Calgary public school board, teachers. Conciliator's report recommends 7.4% wage increase over one year. Clip of school board chairman Sam Blakeley. -- July 27, 1978. -- 2.25 min,
F-158-82f Interior, exterior views of Energy Resources Conservation Board Core Conservation Centre in Calgary. Scientists study core samples in laboratories. Man describes importance of data generated by studies. - - July 27, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-83a Views of idle construction workers, striking brewery workers. Economist says conversion to non-union workplace recipe for trouble, larger wage settlements may lead to higher inflation. -- July 28, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-83b Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visit Grande Prairie, Alberta. Views of preparations in city, people lined up on street for parade, sod-turning ceremony for new Katherine Prittie Memorial Hospital (includes Premier Peter Lougheed), airport arrival, departure. -- August 2, 1978. -- 4 min.
F-158-83c Views of demolition, neighbourhood streets in Connaught-Beltline area. Man complains developers, city withhold information from citizens. -- August 3, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-84a Views of Sikome Lake, Fish Creek Provincial Park. Ranger says developing swimming hole along creek, Bow River not feasible, so artificial pond built instead. -- August 4, 1978. -- 3 min.
F-158-84b View of new Municipal District of Rocky View office building, in Calgary. Reporter says court challenge could force new facility to close. -- August 9, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-84c Views of Commonwealth Games shooting range, in Strathcona County, near Edmonton. Prince Phillip attends, hands out medals to winners. -- August 10, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-84d Views of downtown Banff. Man says local business paying more attention to customer service. Visitors surveyed about level of service afforded tourists in Banff. -- August 14, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-84e Alderman Barb Scott outlines effort to point out to city staff the advantages of hiring disabled people, minorities. -- August 15, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-84f Views of north edge of downtown Calgary, athletic fields in residential area. Reporter says province to fund capital projects for Alberta's 75th anniversary in 1980. City must pick a project to receive this funding. Case made for funding construction of athletic fieldhouse. Clip of Bill Nield, president of Calgary Booster Club. -- August 15, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-85a Views of construction activity, striking brewery and meat-packing plant workers, pharmacists at work, empty shelves in beer stores, architect at work, heavy equipment. -- August 15, 1978. -- 4 min.
F-158-85b Views of old downtown fire hall, antique fire trucks, holes in ceiling, scum on floor, new downtown fire hall. -- August 16, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-85c Reporter describes report on master plan for downtown Calgary. View of downtown from Crescent Heights. -- August 18, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-85d Views of Inglewood, industrial southeast Calgary, Calgary Brewery. -- August 22, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-86a Views of Calgary streets, through eyes of trucker (Glenmore Trail, Blackfoot Trail shown). Accident scene. -- August 22, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-86b Views of downtown Calgary streets. Man says downtown master plan no cure-all for social problems, some improvements may be possible. Reporter says public hearings on plan scheduled. -- August 23, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-86c Reporter says that per capita donations to United Way in Calgary lag behind that of other cities. Man discusses reasons for this. Views of YMCA tennis courts, pool. -- August 24, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-86d Reporter describes non-impact of provincial legislation regarding realtors' commissions. Views of residential streets, realtors' lawn signs, realtors' offices (including MacCauley, Nicolls, Maitland & Co. Ltd., P.J. Toole & Cote, Cowley & Keith, Royal Trust). Sub commerce labour -- August 24, 1978. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-87a Air Canada cancels all flights, because of strike. Travellers stranded at Calgary International Airport. Views of concourse, coffee shops, air traffic controllers, etc. -- August 24, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-87b Reporter describes plans for new civic centre for Calgary. Man says those displaced by this project must be looked after. Views of block west of city hall (second-hand stores, housekeeping rooms), federal building (1st Street at 8th Avenue SE), block containing Queen's, Imperial hotels. -- August 28, 1978. -- 3 min.
F-158-87c Views of Fort Calgary, bands playing outdoors on grounds. -- August 28, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-87d Views of Glenmore Trail, looking east and west, from intersection at 14th Street SW. Views of accident scenes, traffic on downtown streets. Policeman says preventative approach taken to solving traffic problems. Reporter says 280,000 cars registered to Calgary drivers in 1977. -- August 30, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-87e Views of Oldman River valley. Man says Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District only 26% efficient, needs money for rehabilitation. Reporter says farmers living along Oldman River expect a dam to be built. -- August 30, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-88a Russ Parker, owner of Calgary Cardinals baseball club, discusses team's attendance figures. Views of Cardinals in action at Foothills Stadium. -- August 30, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-88b Views of deserted Air Canada ticket counters, equipment at Calgary International Airport. Man says money, job classification biggest issues in strike. -- August 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-88c Sign on wall: "Glenbow Alberta Institute". Lawyer Chris Evans, reporter discuss implication of law regarding the use of endangered wildlife. Views of Indian headdresses, stuffed bird on display in Owl's Nest, Calgary Inn. -- August 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-88d Front of Crowfoot Sunrise Residence. Woman says changes in board of directors needed. -- August 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-88e Man explains new computer system at Stampede Park race track, designed to improve off-track betting process. Views of system in action, betting windows. -- August 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-89a Lacrosse players parade in opening ceremonies of tournament. -- August 31, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
Series 7 News footage. - September-December 1978
F-158-89b Man complains building he has renovated to be expropriated by city. Views of Queen's Hotel, 8th Avenue SE. -- September 1, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-89c Views of harvesting (combine at work, loading grain trucks, etc.). Farmer says good yields, prices wather expected. (See also roll F 158 90e) -- September 2, 1978. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-89d Rancher points out damage from pipeline construction, discusses compensation. -- September 5, 1978. -- 2.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-89e Views of Calgary city council in session, considering plans for LRT stations. Alderman criticizes council decision not to make LRT stations wheelchair accessible. -- September 6, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-89f Views of Calgary city council in session, considering plans for LRT stations. Alderman criticizes council decision not to make LRT stations wheelchair accessible. -- September 6, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-90a Man discusses importance of National Energy Board hearings on natural gas exploration, says 1,000 wells need to be drilled to measure size of gas deposits in Deep Basin area. -- September 6, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-90b Plans for new interchange at Glenmore Trail and 14th Street SW displayed, explained. -- September 7, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-90c Town of Stirling, Alberta evacuated, after butane spills from railroad tank car. Views of roadblocks, stricken train, people in evacuation centre. CP Rail official says chemical spill will vaporize in time. -- September 11, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-90d CP Rail spokesman says shipping of propane, butane common, that the public need not be concerned. -- September 12, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-90e Views of crop land near Warner, Alberta. Man says all crops damaged by rain, cold weather. Farmer says sun, wind needed to dry crops. (See also F-158-89c) -- September 13, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-90f Reporter says Calgary in continental climate area (long, cold winters, mild summers). Views of city streets, crop land, construction sites. Rain in all locations. -- September 13, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-91a Alberta Solicitor General Roy Farran says he is retiring to spend more time with his family, and to cut the amount of time he spends commuting. -- September 14, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-91b Views of Brooks Wildlife Centre, operated by Alberta Recreation, Parks and Wildlife. Official opening. Clip of provincial government minister. Sub sports and leisure -- September 14, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-91c Man describes recent trends in wine consumption. Views of lab, wine cellar. Front entrances of two Calgary wineries shown. -- September 20, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-91d Views of construction activity in downtown Calgary. -- September 20, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-91e Courier dispatcher at work. Views of reception areas of Northern Messenger, CP Air offices. Reporter says courier companies welcome extra business created by postal dispute. -- September 21, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-91f Views of students at work in vocational school auto shop. Man says students need more diversity of experience. Sub education -- September 22, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-92a Views of abandoned, boarded-up railroad hotel, station, rail line. View from Calgary Tower, looking east along 8th Avenue SE, past city hall. -- September 25, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-92b Calgary baseball promoter Russ Parker explains why St. Louis Cardinals withdrew sponsorship of "A" league professional baseball team in Calgary. -- September 25, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-92c Calgary baseball promoter Russ Parker explains why St. Louis Cardinals withdrew sponsorship of "A" league professional baseball team in Calgary. Sub sports and leisure -- September 25, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-92d Views of condominiums, other housing in Westhills Village, Coach Hill Meadows. Woman says developer hasn't adhered to design brief, hasn't provided affordable housing, as promised. -- September 26, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-92e Man explains why he thinks City of Calgary should donate downtown land for new athletic fieldhouse. Views of city traffic operations garages, Calgary Transit garages in Eau Claire. -- September 26, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-92f Camera follows Blackfoot tribal policeman on his rounds. Officer describes role of native police force, compares salaries to that of other police forces. -- September 28, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-93a Interview with bantam football coach re: state of sport in Calgary. Views of game in progress at Mewata Stadium. -- October 2, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-93b Synchronized swimmer Helen Vanderberg named Calgary's Athlete of the Year. Sub sports and leisure -- October 3, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-93c Girls 16, 17 years old, facing criminal charges, to be tried in adult court, instead of youth court. Views of Calgary Correctional Institution, interior, exterior. Clip of school board chairman Sam Blakeley. -- October 5, 1978. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-93d Alberta Liberal Party leader Nick Taylor says provincial civil service too large, growing faster than population of province. -- October 9, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-93e Views of fall foliage in rural areas west of Calgary, harvest, sailing at Glenmore Lake, three-legged races in park. -- October 9, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-93f Views of back of Rocky View Hospital, facing Glenmore Lake. -- October 10, 1978. -- 30 sec.
F-158-94a Ross Alger's first year as Calgary mayor, compared to election promises re: leadership, working relations among council. Clips of Mayor Alger. -- October 10, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-94b Report on Calgary's long-term transportation needs approved by city council committee. Views of Calgary streets, traffic. -- October 11, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-94c Ross Alger's first year as Calgary mayor. Clips of Ron Brown, CUPE, and Norm Green, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Alger. Discussion of downtown civic centre project, land acquisition. Views of construction sites, Calgary roads. -- October 11, 1978. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-94d Publisher Mel Hurtig says energy industry lacks credibility, tailors supply forecasts to suit its interests. -- October 13, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-95a Sign reads: "Sarcee Indian Reserve No. 146". Views of Sarcee band offices, at Anderson Road and 37th Street SW entrance to reserve. -- October 13, 1978. -- 30 sec.
F-158-95b Group promoting legalization of marijuana sponsors horse race at Stampede Park. Man says all groups welcome to sponsor races. Views of track, winners' circle. -- October 13, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-95c Postal workers on strike. Views of CUPW picket line, Canada Post mail processing plant. Man says management unpredictable, antagonism likely to increase. -- October 18, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-95d Crime in Chinatown concerns community leaders. Lack of social cohesion blamed. Views of Chinatown buildings, streets. -- October 18, 1978. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-95e Views of striking postal workers' picket line, parked Canada Post vehicles outside mail processing plant. Man says law unjust, workers should not go back to work. Calgarians asked if they think postal workers should go back to work. Most say yes. -- October 19, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-95f Views of people arriving at Canada Post mail processing plant, views of sorting machines inside plant. Man says no one being fired yet. Second man says another walkout likely, unless management improves. -- October 26, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-96a Views of homes under construction in Strathcona, Coach Hill; views of residential areas in Calgary, Airdrie; school buses picking up, dropping off children. Man expresses safety concerns. -- October 26, 1978. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-96b Views of LRT construction activity along CP Rail right- of-way through south Calgary. Reporter explains agreement between CP Rail, City of Calgary, under which construction proceeds. -- October 27, 1978. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-96c Accident scene. Installation of sign at 9th Avenue SW at Mewata Stadium, indicating annual number of traffic fatalities in city. -- October 27, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-96d Reporter says traffic on northbound 14th Street SW severely congested, lane-widening on causeway slowing eastbound traffic on Glenmore Trail. Aerial view of causeway, looking west. -- October 30, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-96e Bearspaw water treatment plant shut down two months for installation of two new pumping units. Views of lab where water samples tested. -- October 30, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-97a Alberta Liberal Party leader Nick Taylor says Alberta has one-man government; also that Liberal party growing in membership, raising more money. -- October 30, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-97b Calgary Stampeders football players John Helton, Tom Forzani, others, asked to explain success of team in 1978. -- October 30, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-97c Views of University of Calgary Dinosaurs football team playing University of Saskatchewan Huskies at McMahon Stadium. Coach Mike Lashuk explains Dinosaur defeat. -- October 30, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-97d Reporter outlines arguments against city land- acquisition program for civic centre project. Views of buildings around city hall, now owned or leased by city. -- October 31, 1978. -- 5 min.
F-158-98a Scenes of destruction caused by fire in Olds. Skating rink, curling rink, agricultural building, several homes, two grain elevators destroyed. Fire blamed on Halloween pranksters. -- November 1, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-98b Reporter says grain from elevators destroyed by fire still smoldering under surface, bursting into flame when disturbed. -- November 6, 1978. -- 30 sec
F-158-98c Views of Salvation Army building at 7th Avenue and 1st Street SE. Plaque reads "Salvation Army, erected in the glory of God, in memory of Henry and Eleanor Tomkins". Clip of Alderman Barb Scott, criticizing city council decision regarding building. -- November 6, 1978. -- 45 sec.
F-158-98d Report says city saved $1.2 million not paying striking outside workers earlier in 1978. Alderman Don Hartman says overtime by managers cost city more than was saved. -- November 7, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-98e Views of Coutts border crossing, signs referring to exchange rate between Canadian, U.S. dollar. Reporter buys American money in bank. -- November 8, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-98f Baseball executive explains why Montreal Expos decided to place rookie league ("A" level) team in Calgary. -- November 8, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-99a Views of housing conditions on Indian reserve. Views of interior, exterior of house. Native man says council members have lost confidence in senior representatives. -- November 9, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-99b Views of people lined up in cold weather to buy tickets for Calgary Stampeders' first CFL playoff game since 1971, at McMahon Stadium. -- November 9, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-99c Views of rally at city hall for Calgary Stampeders, before playoff game against Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Views of Calgary Stampede band, Outrider cheerleaders, Ralph the Dog. -- November 10, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-99d Views of Remembrance Day ceremonies at Jubilee Auditorium, cenotaph in downtown Calgary. Views of soldiers, veterans, spectators. -- November 11, 1978. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-99e Views of Salvation Army building, Single Men's Hostel, other housing in downtown Calgary. -- November 11, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-100a Fire boxes installed on telephone poles around Calgary now obsolete, taken out of service. Views of fire department emergency dispatch centre, fire department memorabilia. -- November 13, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-100b Calgary Stampeders win Western Football Conference (WFC) semi-final, defeating Winnipeg. Post-game interview in locker room with Tom Forzani. -- November 13, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-100c John Porter, Independent Petroleum Association of Canada (IPAC), Ted Bah, Canadian Petroleum Association (CPA), criticize Petro- Canada purchase of Phillips Petroleum Company shares in Pacific Petroleum (Pacific 66 gasoline stations). -- November 14, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-100d Hospital support workers in Calgary go on strike. Clips of union, hospital officials. Views of press conferences, picket lines. -- November 20, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-100e Calgary Stampeders lose to Edmonton Eskimos in WFC final, in Edmonton. Views of welcome at airport. Post-game interviews in locker room include John Helton, Jack Gotta, Stampeders; Tom Wilkinson, Eskimos. -- November 20, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-101a Sign reads "Welcome to the land of the Bloods". Views of homes, horses, farm machinery, entrance to Kiani Industries. Native man says land ownership big issue with young. -- November 20, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-101b Views of press conference, picket line in front of hospital. Two picketers express opinions on value of strike by hospital support workers. -- November 28, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-101c Reporter relates testimony by first witness at inquiry into Halloween night fire in Olds, which destroyed winter recreation facilities and grain elevators. -- November 28, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-101d Father David Bauer announces Calgary to be home base for Canada's Olympic hockey team, for 1980, 1984 Winter Games. -- November 29, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-101e Owners of Calgary hockey teams (Wranglers, Stampeders, Spurs) react to news of Olympic hockey team being based in Calgary. View of Calgary Stampede Corral hockey arena. -- November 30, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-102a Premier Peter Lougheed dedicates monument at Foothills Hospital. New building under construction. Striking hospital support staff heckle premier. -- December 1, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-102b Hardyville (pop. 520) residents vote in favour of annexation by city of Lethbridge. Views of public meeting. Clips of municipal officials. -- December 1, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-102c Hospital support workers vote in favour of tentative agreement, in meeting at Jubilee Auditorium. Clips of union spokesman, unhappy workers. -- December 4, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-102d George Kingston, University of Calgary hockey coach, describes potential benefits of association with Canadian Olympic hockey team. -- December 4, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-102e Social agencies could face eviction if old YMCA building closed. Views of offices inside building. -- December 5, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-103a City of Calgary unveils Calgary River Valleys Plan. Woman describes advantages of citizen involvement. Views of Bow River at Edworthy Park. -- December 6, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-103b Vietnamese refugees housed in York Hotel. Calgary Immigrant Aid Society coordinates donations for refugees. -- December 8, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-103c Police detectives question complainant, man accused of sexual assault. Reporter says police encouraging rape victims to come forward and report crime. -- December 16, 1978. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-103d Views of Crowchild Trail, at 17th Avenue SW and 26th Avenue SW. -- December 18, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-103e Views of mobile home subdivision in Airdrie, Alberta. Clip of provincial Social Credit leader Bob Clark, describing plight of some mobile home owners. -- December 19, 1978. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-104a Christmas shoppers fill downtown stores. Views of 8th Avenue Mall, The Bay, Scotia Centre. -- December 20, 1978. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-104b Boxing Day shoppers at Woolco store. -- December 26, 1978. -- 1 min.
F-158-104c Man says discovery of Deep Basin natural gas field and West Pembina oil field and go-ahead for Syncrude oil sands plant, bode well for energy industry in coming year. -- December 27, 1978. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-104d Man describes inconvenience caused by plumbing problems, flooding in basement, in Airdrie mobile home. Views of mobile home subdivision. -- December 28, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-104e View of judge at bench in court room. -- December 28, 1978. -- 10 sec.
F-158-104f Man interviewed about major midget hockey tournament in Calgary, comments on style of play, organization, prestige of tournament. Views of hockey game in progress. -- December 28, 1978. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-105a Hockey game in progress. Midget level tournament. (See F-158-104, Item 6). -- December 28, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-105b Cold weather grips Calgary. Views of Crowchild Trail, other snow-covered streets. Motorist adjusts car. Environment Canada staff explain source of cold weather. -- December 29, 1978. -- 1.75 min.
Series 8 News footage. - January-April 1979
F-158-265c Provincial election. Provincial New Democratic Party leader Grant Notley criticizes the Social Credit party's tax policy and says the Social Credit party will no longer exist after the election. -- January 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-105c Views of 8th Avenue SE, between 1st Street and Macleod Trail SE. Quick cash services, pawn shops shown. -- January 2, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-105d Former U.S. president Gerald Ford visits Calgary. Views of airport arrival, news conference, dinner and speech at Calgary Convention Centre. -- January 3, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-105e Calgary Stampede may replace CRCA (Canadian Rodeo Cowboy Association) cowboys, stock this year, because of CRCA demands. Clip of Stampede president Les Blackburn. -- January 4, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-105f Views of Spiller Road, cemetery, vacant land on south side of Glenmore Lake, 14th Street SW at 90th Avenue SW. City council decision, fundraising goals discussed. -- January 9, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-106a Farmers stage noisy protest on steps of legislature in Edmonton. Reporter says transportation problems cost grain farmers $2,000 to $3,000 each last year. Premier Peter Lougheed says political will needed to improve grain transportation system. Views of grain trains, elevators, port facilities. New $100 million grain terminal for Prince Rupert discussed. -- January 9, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-106b Views of native people on Calgary streets. Chief Nelson Small Legs says many natives come to city with high expectations. -- January 10, 1978. -- 2 min.
F-158-106c Premier Peter Lougheed says grain transportation a federal responsibility. Federal transport minister Otto Lang announces federal funding for Prince Rupert grain terminal. -- January 10, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-106d Views of -30 degree weather in Calgary. Construction worker, letter carrier discuss how they cope. -- January 11, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-106e Canadian Rodeo Cowboy Association (CRCA) spokesman describes his group's negotiating position, in a dispute with the Calgary Stampede over prize money and entry formulas. Chuckwagon driver Kelly Sutherland comments. -- January 11, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-107a Credit Suisse opens branch in Calgary. Reporter says 12 foreign banks from six countries now have Calgary branches, up from none five years ago. Views of Gulf Canada Square, under construction. -- January 12, 1979. - - 1.5 min.
F-158-107b St. Francis Browns annual basketball tournament set to begin. Browns' coach interviewed, views of game in progress. -- January 12, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-107c Opponents of extension of Shaganappi Trail through Edworthy Park demonstrate in park. -- January 13, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-107d Calgary public schools to open in August. Clips of school board officials, giving reasons for opening schools earlier. -- January 15, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-107e New trade and convention centre project announced at press conference. Coliseum, hotel, trade show and conference complex ("Ehret Centre") to be located on site of old Firestone plant. -- January 18, 1978. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-108a Collection of Asian, Latin American artifacts given to Glenbow Museum. Clip of museum director Duncan Cameron, who says expansion may be necessary. -- January 19, 1979. -- January 19, 1979
F-158-108b Time Air turbo-prop plane takes on passengers, taxis out onto airport runway. Man says pilots' allegations will be investigated. -- January 19, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-108c Indian Friendship Society launches referral program for native people in Calgary. Views of Greyhound bus terminal. -- January 23, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-108d Editorial by Mike Adams, CFCN Sports, about conduct of Jim Morley, owner of Calgary Wranglers junior hockey club. -- January 19, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-108e Calgary Wranglers owner Jim Morley elaborates on his remarks published in the Calgary Herald newspaper. Morley says he can't afford to lose money running the Wranglers franchise for another season. -- January 23, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-108f Man talks about problems experienced by fire fighters. Views of conference. -- January 25, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-108g Views of bridge over Bow River, oil slick in river, people attempting to remove oil from duck. -- January 25, 1979. -- 30 sec.
F-158-108h Views of Calgary Catholic high school. Vandalism problem, school's bad reputation discussed. Views of phys-ed and shop classes, school hallways. -- January 25, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-109a Reporter says 12% of "aged Albertans" are in some kind of institution, the highest rate of institutionalization in the world. Expert says most of these people are single and over 85 years of age. -- January 25, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-109b Woman figure skater discusses her preparations for upcoming Canadian championships. -- January 25, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-109c Robin Laycock discusses transition from junior (Calgary Canucks) to intercollegiate (University of Calgary Dinosaurs) hockey. Dinosaurs' coach George Kingston comments on Laycock's progress. Sub sports and leisure -- January 25, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-109d Views of last year's elevator fire in Olds. -- January 25, 1979. -- 15 sec.
F-158-109e Views of University of Calgary Dinosaurs hockey practice. -- January 25, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-109f Brian Pockar assesses his progress since last year's Canadian figure skating championships, and his prospects for this year's competition. -- January 25, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-109g Calgary Stampeders' Jack Gotta wins CFL Coach-of-the- Year honours and Annis Stukus Trophy. Edmonton Eskimos alumni Don Getty makes presentation. -- January 26, 1979. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-110a Views of Calgary Catholic high school. Man compares Bishop Grandin and St. Mary's to Bishop Carroll, in terms of academic ability of students, and approaches to education. -- January 27, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-110b Funeral for former Calgary mayor Don Mackay, at church in Crescent Heights. Premier Peter Lougheed in attendance. -- January 31, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-110c Interview with Dave King, coach of Billings Mustangs of Western Canada Junior Hockey League, in town for game with Calgary Wranglers. King discusses trade that sent Pat Conacher to Saskatoon. -- January 31, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-110d Interview with Lanny MacDonald, Toronto Maple Leafs, in Calgary. MacDonald discusses Leafs' problems winning in NHL this season. -- January 1979. -- 1.75 min
F-158-110e Provincial government announces financial assistance to municipalities. Funds to be drawn from $1.9 billion operating surplus. Clip of Calgary mayor Ross Alger. -- February 1, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-110f CUPE petition against city council pay raises opposed by some aldermen. Clips of Alderman Pat Donnelly, unidentified alderman, CUPE Local 37 president Ron Brown. -- February 1, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-111a Canadian Rodeo Cowboys Association (CRCA) sanctions Calgary Stampede Rodeo Royal, after settling dispute with Stampede over prize money. -- February 5, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-111b Calgary police to concentrate efforts on drug dealers, instead of users. Clip of Chief Brian Sawyer, who says resources must be allocated more effectively. Drug paraphernalia shown. -- February 8, 1979. -- 2.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-111c Calgary Stampeders football club report profit of $177,000 for 1978. Attendance 98.8% of capacity. -- February 8, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-111d Paul Devlin defeats Ed Lukowich 7-4 at the Stampede Corral, to win the Alberta men's curling championship, and a berth in the Brier (national championship) in Ottawa. Interviews with Devlin, Lukowich. Trophy presentation shown. -- February 8, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-111e Federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark meets party faithful in Calgary, comments on delay in federal election call. -- February 14, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-112a City council throws out CUPE petition against pay raises on technicality. Reaction from union leader Ron Brown, people on Calgary street. -- February 14, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-112b Premier Peter Lougheed campaigns in Sport Chek, Safeway stores. Provincial election scheduled for March 14. -- February 17, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-112c Views of Mormon Temple, Main Street in Cardston, Alberta. Premier Peter Lougheed promises compensation for Peigan Indians will be settled by next spring. Local PC (Progressive Conservative) candidate: Johnny Thompson. Sub geography rural landscapes politics -- February 21, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-112d Premier Lougheed speaks to election rally in Drumheller, in support of local PC candidate Nicki Clark. Views of downtown Drumheller. Clip of federal PC MP Gordon Taylor. -- February 22, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-112e Parkdale Community Association holds election forum, PC candidate Neil Webber does not attend. Clips of Webber, community residents. - - February 23, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-113a Candidates running against Premier Peter Lougheed in Calgary West featured. Frank Cottingham, Social Credit; Barb Scott, Liberal, unidentified, NDP. -- February 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-113b Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley speaks at rally for NDP candidates in Lethbridge. -- February 27, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-113c Views of Calgary Public Building. City alderman says city council can protect historic buildings, no new bureaucracy needed. -- February 27, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-113d Social Credit leader Bob Clark campaigns at North Hill Mall, Calgary. Clark shakes hands with shoppers. -- February 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-113e Social Credit leader Bob Clark campaigns in Fort Macleod. "No host" luncheon for candidate Roelof Heinen in restaurant. -- February 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-114a Social Credit leader Bob Clark campaigns in Blairmore. Views of Blairmore main street. Clip of local candidate Elmer Borstad. Provincial election March 14. -- February 1979. -- 1.75 min
F-158-114b Views inside, outside motorhome used by Social Credit leader Bob Clark to travel around Alberta during election campaign. Provincial election March 14. -- February 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-114c Meeting in Vulcan, Alberta to nominate Social Credit candidate for Little Bow constituency. Ray Speaker acclaimed. Social Credit party leader Bob Clark makes appearance. Provincial election March 14. -- February 1979. -- 6.25 min.
F-158-115a Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley campaigns in kitchen of community hall. Speech concerns highways, Heritage Fund. -- February 1979. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-115b Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley boards small plane, answers question about meeting with provincial minister of transportation, regarding paving highway 49. -- February 1979. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-115c Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley prepares for television interview. -- February 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-115d Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley speech to meeting for candidate Anne Hemmingway. Topics include public ownership of utilities, prices for farm commodities. -- February 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-116a Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley speech to "coffee party" in farmhouse. Topics include role of MLA. - - February 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-116b Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley reacts to election call, comments on issues, focus, likely result of campaign. -- February 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-116c Provincial election March 14. Premier Peter Lougheed press conference in Lethbridge. Lougheed comments on role of Lethbridge MLAs John Gogo, Dick Johnston; Progressive Conservative party strategy. Views of Lougheed campaigning door to door. -- March 1979. -- 4 min.
F-158-117a Provincial election March 14. Premier Peter Lougheed press conference. Lougheed reacts to statements made by federal energy minister Alistair Gillespie, regarding Alberta oil and gas royalties. -- March 1979. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-117b Provincial election March 14. Premier Peter Lougheed speech to rally in Red Deer. Topics include oil and gas royalties and prices, Heritage Trust Fund, cost of education and health care. -- March 3, 1979. -- 7 min.
F-158-117c Provincial election March 14. Excerpts show pomp and pagentry of election rally for Progressive Conservative candidate Elmer Borstad. March 1979. 1 min. -- March 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-118a Provincial election March 14. Premier Peter Lougheed, Treasurer Lou Hyndman press conference. Briefing on result of constitutional conference. Constitutional process since 1971 reviewed. Lougheed lists most important issues: amending formula, provincial powers, natural resource taxation, proposed Charter of Rights (French language education), negotiating stance of provincial government. -- March 1979. -- 8.75 min.
F-158-118b Provincial election March 14. Premier Peter Lougheed visits returning office. Several people shown signing Lougheed's nomination papers. -- March 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-119a Views of Red Deer. Local candidate Jim Foster shown greeting people. Premier Peter Lougheed addresses meeting. (See also F-158-117b) -- March 3, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-119b Drumheller Sun newspaper headline. Views of campaign headquarters of Ken Taylor (Social Credit) and Mickey Clark (Progressive Conservative), streets of Drumheller. -- March 3, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-119c Views of Scott Saville "election luncheon". Clip of Saville addressing luncheon. -- March 8, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-119d Air Canada seat sale prompts big response, travel agents swamped. Views of Calgary International Airport. -- March 9, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-119e Election forum, organized by local women's group. Progressive Conservative candidate does not attend, woman says Tories don't care about women's issues. -- March 12, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-119f Calgary Stampeders' coach and general manager Jack Gotta discusses progress of construction at McMahon Stadium. Seating expanded, new press box being added. -- March 13, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-119g Views of CFCN News election night studio. -- March 14, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-120a Provincial election March 14. Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley on Election Day, in Spirit River, Alberta, Fairview constituency. -- March 15, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-120b Provincial election March 14. Election night headquarters of Premier Peter Lougheed. Views of Lougheed's victory speech, press conference. Tories win 74 of 79 seats in legislature. -- March 15, 1979. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-120c Provincial election March 14. Man compares leadership, public perception of Premier Peter Lougheed, federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark. -- March 15, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-120d Views of McDougall School in downtown Calgary. Alderman Barb Scott says school board should reconsider closures. -- March 19, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-120e Native peoples hold conference. Banner reads: "Our Future Together, Indian Government and Self-Determination". Man says funding for services inadequate. -- March 19, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-121a Alberta-bred horse runs in large-stakes horse race in Santa Anita, California. Trainer, jockey review performance. -- March 19, 1979. - - 2 min.
F-158-121b Views of construction of interchange at Glenmore Trail and 14th Street SW. -- March 20, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-121c New Calgary Parking Authority parkade to open March 23. Cost: $15 million, downtown developers pay one-third of cost. 1,500 stalls. Located behind Gulf Canada Square, over CPR tracks, between 9th and 10th Avenue SW. Serviced by $500,000 computerized ticketing system. -- March 21, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-121d Discussion of Team Rodeo format, employed at Rodeo Royal, in Stampede Corral. Views of bareback, calf-roping, bull riding, barrel racing. -- March 21, 1979. -- 3 min.
F-158-121e Model of proposed, new dinosaur park at Calgary Zoo. - - March 22, 1979. -- 1 min.; no audio
F-158-122a Rodeo clown plays with bull, using barrel. Rodeo Royal, in Stampede Corral. -- March 24, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-122b Rodeo Royal, Stampede Corral. Views of bareback, saddle bronc, calf-roping, bull riding. -- March 26, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-122c Views of propane loading facility at Midnapore. Reporter outlines dangers posed by facility's location. -- March 28, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-122d Report of the committee on beverage alcohol legislation to the Attorney-General published. Selling wine in grocery stores proposed. -- March 19, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-122e City of Calgary, Campeau Corp. in dispute over price of land on east shore of Glenmore Lake. City wants to expropriate land for park, Campeau wants to develop land for multi-family housing. -- April 2, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-122f Political rally. Jack Horner, Pierre Trudeau featured speakers. Excerpts of speeches by Horner, Trudeau. -- April 2, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-123a Driver of snowplough, alleged to have been on the runway when PWA 737 jet crashed at Cranbrook airport in 1978. Driver describes his personal experiences since the crash. -- April 2, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-123b Views of blocks near city hall, due to be sold and demolished for new Civic Centre project. Reporter explains merchants' expectations re: prices. -- April 3, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-123c Physician who was on the scene, snowplough driver discuss effectiveness of rescue efforts, following crash of PWA 737 jet at Cranbrook in 1978. -- April 4, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-123d Federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark visits High River. Speech at Senator Riley High School. Reception at house in High River. -- April 4, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-124a Easter Parade in downtown Calgary. -- April 7, 1979. - - 50 sec.
F-158-124b Alderman Pat Donnelly complains about tactics used by community activists. Activist responds. Reporter describes activists' influence at city hall. -- April 9, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-124c Pierre Trudeau speech re: national energy policy, at Petroleum Club. Two businessmen express disappointment with what Trudeau said. -- April 10, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-124d Passenger train given ceremonial send-off from Calgary station. One-car train (dayliner?). -- April 12, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-124e Ontario premier William Davis speech to Canadian Petroleum Association in Calgary. Davis lists disagreements with Alberta government, including differences over corporate taxation, inter-provincial trade, price of oil. -- April 12, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-124f Ceremonies mark opening of Sikh temple in Calgary. Church spokesman describes relations with community. -- April 14, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-124g Interior, exterior views of Queen's Hotel, hotel tavern. Patrons describe atmosphere. Hotel to be demolished to make way for new civic centre. -- April 16, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-125a Home in Inglewood threatened by build-up of gasoline in ground underneath. Gulf Oil tank farm across street. Views of immediate area, intersection of Blackfoot Trail, 9th Avenue SE. -- April 17, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-125b Mayor Ross Alger assesses first half of city council's term of office. Clips of Alger, commenting on labour relations, southward Sarcee Trail extension. -- April 19, 1979. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-125c Views of Lake Bonavista shoreline. Homeowners association to vote on policy on swimming in lake. -- April 25, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-125d Sunshine Village ski area conforms to Parks Canada guidelines re: waste disposal. Views of lower runs of ski area, spring ski wear. -- April 28, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
Series 9 News footage. - May-August 1979
F-158-259c Interview with Calgary East New Democratic Party candidate Barry Paschuk. -- May 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-261b Clip of Calgary North MP Daryl Rainmaker on incumbent Progressive Conservative MP Eldon Woolliams. -- May, 1979.. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-259b Rhinosaurus Party candidate for Calgary South, Dave E. Fred Lamb, holds a press conference. He discusses Rhino Party policy. -- May 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-261c Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau addresses a Calgary audience. He talks about himself and the Liberal Party's natural resources policy. -- April 1979.. -- 8.5 min.
F-158-126a Federal election May 22. Speech by Jim Thomson, Progressive Conservative candidate. Thomson promises Petro-Canada will be sold to Canadians. -- May 1, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-126b Calgary public school board chairman Sam Blakeley says there will be no school closures this year. -- May 3, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-126c Federal election May 22. Liberal, Progressive Conservative candidates go door-to-door in Calgary North. -- May 3, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-126d Views of intersection at 16th Avenue and 52nd Street NE. Clip of Mayor Ross Alger, re: interchange construction. -- May 3, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-126e Federal election May 22. Rally for New Democratic Party. Speech by federal NDP leader Ed Broadbent. Broadbent proposes natural gas bank, calls for end to corporate concentration in wholesale/retail sector. -- May 4, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-126f Canadian Armed Forces exercise, in field. Women appear in combat role. -- May 5, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-127a Views of Calgary CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) building. Man explains voting card for blind people. -- May 8, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-127b Parade in downtown Calgary. Lord Strathcona's Horse, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Inspection by Mayor Ross Alger at city hall. -- May 8, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-127c Man describes institutional efforts regarding sports programs for women and men. Woman says male and female programs should be kept separate. -- May 9, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-127d Views of building construction in Calgary. Two men say processing and developing land a complex process, needing simplification. -- May 10, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-127e Federal election May 22. Candidates John Kushner (Progessive Conservative) and Albert Ludwig (Liberal) campaign in Calgary East. -- May 11, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-128a Peigan Indians sign two-year access agreement with Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. Clip of Peigan Chief Nelson Small Legs. -- May 14, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-128b Calgary public school board chairman Sam Blakeley says school system costs $182 million to operate. A nine per cent tax increase may be necessary. -- May 15, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-128c Police, fire department personnel, at scene of accident. Truck with camper drives off bridge. -- May 16, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-128d Technicians measure cracks in pavement on downtown street. -- May 16, 1979. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-128e CFCN News sends reporter to Toronto, to ask Torontonians their opinions on national unity. -- May 16, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-128f Boys playing baseball. -- May 16, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-128g Tourism conference in Calgary. Clip of speech by Premier Peter Lougheed, on economic importance of tourism. Man describes importance of making tourists feel welcome. -- May 17, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-128h Mobile unit hired by Pacific Petroleum (Petro-Canada subsidiary) drills core sample near Lethbridge, to determine size, shape of coal seam, quality of coal. -- May 19, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-129a Mobile unit hired by Pacific Petroleum (Petro-Canada subsidiary) drills core sample near Lethbridge, to determine size, shape of coal seam, quality of coal. -- May 19, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-129b Federal election May 22. Speech by federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark at rally in High River. Clark promises to bring country together through consultation, to create a "government of partnership". -- May 21, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-129c Delegation from Montana arrives at Heritage Park in Calgary by motorcycle. References made to maintaining good relations between Canada and Montana. Views of Heritage Park. -- May 21, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-129d Little Britches Rodeo in High River. Wild horse race, steer riding, barrel racing shown. -- May 21, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-129e Residents of Calgary Centre vote in federal election. 75% turnout expected. Views of Calgary skyline, campaign headquarters of Harvie Andre, Progressive Conservative candidate. -- May 22, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-129f Views of acreages, farms facing mountains, west of Calgary. Man says new regional plan to control country residential development. View of new land use map. -- May 22, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-130a Federal election May 22. Catherine Clark, daughter of Prime Minister-elect Joe Clark, talks to reporter. Clips of Charles and Grace Clark, Joe's parents; and Joe Clark with Maureen McTeer. -- May 23, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-130b Federal election May 22. Man says new government must make economy first priority to regain confidence of international investors, blames Pierre Trudeau for national unity problems. -- May 23, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-130c Federal election May 22. Progressive Conservative Jim Hawkes, winner in Calgary Northwest, comments on campaign. -- May 23, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-130d Federal election May 22. John Kushner celebrates election victory. Kushner promises to make re-instatement of capital punishment his first priority. -- May 23, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-130e Calgary public school board searches for site for new vocational secondary school. Views of Van Horne, Shaughnessy vocational secondary schools. People living near school comment on students' behaviour. -- May 25, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-261a Federal election 1979. Two Calgary Members of Parliament, Eldon Woolliams (Calgary North) and John Kushner (Calgary East) react to the possibilities of a minority Progressive Conservative government. -- May 22, 1979.. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-130f Views of Western Canada High School. Principal Grant MacEwan notes distinguished reputation of drama, art departments. -- May 26, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-130g Calgary firemen practice using breathing apparatus in smoke-filled building. Man comments on importance of wearing breathing apparatus at all times. -- May 29, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-131a Reporter describes reaction of High River residents to Joe Clark's election as prime minister of Canada. Views of downtown High River, including memorial to pioneers Don Riley, A.E. Cross, John Ware. -- June 4, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-131b Couple weds in Lloyd's roller-skating arena in Calgary. Entire wedding party wears roller-skates. -- June 4, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-131c Environment Day. Children (pre-schoolers to teenagers) talk about importance of preserving environment. -- June 4, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-131d Police divers demonstrate techniques in Bow River. Diver says garbage in river makes their job dangerous. -- June 5, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-131e Reporter goes canoeing, fishing on Bow River. Sign reads "Fish Creek Sewage Treatment Plant". -- June 7, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-131f Golden Acre Garden Sentres (sic). Man says after slow start, sales up 40% over last year. Reporter says waste energy should be used to operate greenhouses year-round in Alberta. -- June 7, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-132a New seats, press box installed at McMahon Stadium. Calgary Stampeders coach/general manager Jack Gotta comments. -- June 12, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-132b Banff National Park gate, divided highway ends. Environmental assessment hearings on twinning Trans-Canada Highway through Banff National Park. -- June 13, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-132c Private company (Flight 9 Transportation Fire Services) bids to take over City of Calgary ambulance service. Clip of Bob Lee, superintendent of ambulance services for city. Views of fire halls where ambulances parked. -- June 13, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-132d Views of Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park. Man calls for installation of fences, under-passes for wildlife, if highway twinned. -- June 14, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-132e Macleod Trail over Cemetery Hill closed for LRT construction. Views of detour. Views of 7th Avenue SW., where LRT to be built. - - June 14, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-132f Views of Calgary Zoo. Man praises staff, volunteers. Second man recalls flooding of 50 years ago. -- June 14, 1979. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-132 g Views of detour around LRT construction on Macleod Trail at Cemetery Hill. -- June 18, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-133a Airdrie residents oppose hotel project near George McDougall High School. Parents fear alcohol consumption by students in hotel bar. Clips of two concerned residents. -- June 18, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-133b Sunshine Village to install new 2 3/4 mile, $10 million gondola; new day lodge, five new lifts on Goat's Eye Mountain. Pat Judge, Sunshine marketing director, explains choice of gondola manufacturer. Views of gondola station under construction. -- June 18, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-133c Reporter says labour strife a problem once again this summer in Calgary. Views of construction sites, line-up at Alberta Brewers Agents store. -- June 20, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-133d Reporter says reform of civic government needed to cope with rapid growth. Clip of City of Calgary chief commissioner Dennis Cole. -- June 21, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-133e Views of crowds at Calgary Zoo. Zoo official explains how zoo helps protect endangered species. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-133f Russ Parker, owner of Calgary Expos baseball club (Pioneer League, Class "A") discusses prospects for 1979 season. -- June 23, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-134a Members of Calgary Stampeders football club discuss prospects for 1979 season. Clips of Jack Gotta (coach/general manager), Tom Forzani (wide receiver), Al Burleson (defensive back). -- June 25, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-134b Fundraising event for multiple sclerosis at Spruce Meadows. Views of sky-diving, parachuting. Last image: parachute not open, sky- diver plunging to ground. -- June 25, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-134c Plans unveiled for First Canadian Place (Bank of Montreal, Cadillac-Fairview) office tower in downtown Calgary (7th Avenue at 3rd Street SW). -- June 27, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-134d Views of Ernest Manning, Lord Beaverbrook high schools, Carriage House Motor Inn. Opponents of Airdrie hotel development say Lord Beaverbrook students have drinking problem. See F-158-133a. -- June 27, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-134e Franciscan retreat near Cochrane celebrates anniversary. Views of chapel, grounds, kitchen, pottery shop. -- June 28, 1979. - - 3.25 min.
F-158-135a Conference on sex role stereotyping in the media. Women comment on level of concern about this issue in Calgary, characteristics of portrayal of women in television advertising. -- June 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-135b Views of Teamsters' picket line at Conmac, Revelstoke yards; downtown construction sites. Man says slow development permit approval process may scare off investors. -- July 3, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-135c Local hotels report cancellations because of gasoline shortage. Reporter says more Canadians travelling in Canada. -- July 4, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-135d Model of planned expansion of Rocky View Hospital, to be completed in 1984. Man comments on potential funding. -- July 5, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-135e Views of Calgary Stampede midway rides, rodeo. Stampede official describes effort to restore country-fair atmosphere. -- July 6, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-135f Views of High River rodeo grounds, preparations for professional chuckwagon races, July 6-16. -- July 6, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-136a Views of Calgary (Carling O'Keefe) Brewery, beer store closed by labour dispute. Reporter comments on reason for dispute. -- July 10, 1979. -- 2 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-136b Views of Calgary Stampede nightlife. Queen's Hotel, Silver Slipper Saloon, St. Louis Hotel. -- July 11, 1979. -- 1.75 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-136c Calgary Stampede, "egg-drop" midway attraction, sponsored by CFCN. -- July 11, 1979. -- 1 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-136d Professional chuckwagon drivers compete in High River, instead of at Calgary Stampede. Driver Kelly Sutherland compares performances. -- July 11, 1979. -- 2.5 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-136e Mayor's office flooded with calls, opposing initiative to bring 8,000 Vietnamese boat people to Calgary. CUPE head Ron Brown says refugees could make unemployment problem worse. Organization coordinating initiative: Someone Cares. -- July 12, 1979. -- 1.5 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-136f Businesses challenge expropriation orders in court. City attempting to expropriate businesses for new civic centre. Business owners say city acting illegally, because parts of civic centre include hotel and retail elements, not strictly for municipal purposes. -- July 13, 1979. -- 1.5 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-137a Veteran Calgary Stampede chuckwagon driver Orville Standquist interviewed. Clip of beginning of race in High River. -- July 14, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-137b Boxes packed for move from McDougall to Connaught school. Provincial education minister says concept of "community school" needs definition. Calgary public school board chairman Sam Blakeley says schools can't be kept open without more funding. -- July 16, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-137c Mayor Ross Alger describes negotiation process between city and outside workers. -- July 16, 1979. -- 20 sec.
F-158-137d Viability of $1 billion American solar energy research program discussed. Cost of developing conventional energy sources compared. -- July 16, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-137e 7th Avenue SW closed between 7th and 9th Street SW, for LRT construction. Transit officials hand out information to bus riders. -- July 16, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-137f Chuckwagon race in High River marred by accident. Tom Glass, driver involved. -- July 16, 1979. -- 30 sec.
F-158-138a Calgary Stampeder football club players Mike McTague (punter), J.T. Hay (place-kicker) model new Stampeder uniforms. Commentary by Stampeder general manager/coach Jack Gotta. -- July 16, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-138b Interview with professional chuckwagon driver Tom Glass, his mother Iris, and his father Ron. Clip of start of race in High River. -- July 17, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-138c Official dedication of McMahon Stadium expansion. Increased stadium seating capacity, new amateur sports facilities. -- July 18, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-138d Views of farmers' fields in southern Alberta. Crops stunted by hot, dry weather all summer long. Local residents comment. -- July 20, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-138e Promoter expects 50,000 people for outdoor rock concert Alberta Jam I. Promoter comments on process of putting show together. -- July 27, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-139a Farm machinery sales poor, dealer blames poor crop outlook caused by hot, dry weather. -- July 31, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-139b Reporter describes outdoor rock concert Alberta Jam I as a success, despite rain, ticket rip-off. Attendance: 30,000. Aerial view of concert site. -- July 31, 1979. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-139c City council approves $234 million civic centre project. Reaction to vote from Aldermen Brian Lee, Gordon Shrake, former mayor Rod Sykes. -- July 31, 1979. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-139d Views of outdoor rock concert at McMahon Stadium. Ticket-takers check for counterfeit tickets. -- August 6, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-139e Views of Heritage Day activities in Calgary. Bow Cliff Seniors Kitchen Band. Fort Calgary. Prince's Island arts and crafts displays, music and dance. -- August 6, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-139f Views of flood damage in Ranchlands, following torrential rains. -- August 2, 1979. -- 30 sec.
F-158-140a Man says design of subdivision, landscaping to blame for flooding in Ranchlands. City official says streets cleaned, storm sewers working again. Woman says residents may sue city, developer. -- August 9, 1979. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-140b Salvation Army building in downtown Calgary torn down, cornerstone removed, time capsule opened. Views of Burns Building, Colonial Hotel, Imperial Hotel. -- August 15, 1979. --
F-158-140c Police boat patrols Bow River. Mayor Ross Alger notes increased weed growth in river. -- August 16, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-140d Indian Youth Week opening ceremonies at city hall. Man says native people from reserves need to learn how to cope with urban life. -- August 17, 1979. --
F-158-140e World professional chuckwagon races at High River. Two races. Winners: Dallas Dorchester (Going Real Estate), Alan Brown (Len's Welding). -- August 18, 1979. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-141a Views of farms, fields, foothills, acreages. Conservation of agricultural land discussed. Clips of farmer, municipal official. -- August 18, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-141b Minto Cup, national junior A lacrosse championship, to be held in Calgary, at Max Bell Arena, Sept. 2-8, 1979. Clip of local organizer Joe Pendergast. -- August 21, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-141c Banff International Festival of Films for Television. Clip of festival chairman Fil Fraser. Views of party for participants. -- August 24, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-141d Lord Strathcona's Horse mounted troop performs at Fort Calgary. -- August 25, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-141e School begins in August, for first time in Calgary. Man says all students showed up to register for courses. Activists collect signatures for petition against August school opening on 8th Avenue Mall. -- August 29, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-141f East-end businessmen news media of bias, in favour of civic centre in downtown Calgary. Businessmen demand equal time, after article by Mayor Ross Alger published in Calgary Herald newspaper. -- August 31, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
Series 10 News footage. - September-December 1979
F-158-142a Soccer number one participation sport in Calgary. City lacks facilities because of lack of awareness. -- September 1, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-142b 26,500-name petition, demanding plebiscite on civic centre project, presented to Mayor Ross Alger, by members of HALT (Human Action to Limit Taxes). -- September 4, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-142c Developer Abacus Cities collapses. Reporter outlines involvement of Calgary Centre MP Harvie Andre. Creditors hold meeting to examine options. -- September 11, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-142d Fording Coal plans $60 million coal mine for Shaugnessy area, west of Lethbridge. Public meeting held in Picture Butte to present plans to area residents. Views of Picture Butte. -- September 14, 1979. - - 2 min.
F-158-142e Official of world governing body for equestrian competition comments on Nations Cup event at Spruce Meadows. -- September 14, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-143a Calgarians asked how they will vote in civic centre plebiscite. 8th Avenue Mall. -- September 17, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-143b Well drilled on boulevard in residential area, to determine extent of gasoline contamination of soil. -- September 19, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-143c Calgary public school board adjusts length of school year, to avoid August opening. Clip of trustee Scott Saville. Views of students running store, selling "natural 100% meat products". -- September 19, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-143d Mayor Ross Alger pitches civic centre concept to businessmen. Speech delivered at Palliser Hotel. -- September 19, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-143e UN peacekeeping troops demonstrate tactics, equipment at Canadian Forces Base Calgary (Currie Barracks, Sarcee). UN officer explains role of peacekeepers. -- September 19, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-143f Telephone tapping, bug-detection equipment demonstrated. Man says industrial espionage a fact of life in a vibrant economy. Lie detector (voice analysis) demonstrated. -- September 19, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-144a Combine at work on Diamond V Ranch near High River. Farmer says crop yields down 40% this year. Views of harvest, herding cattle, baling straw. -- September 20, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-144b Joe Clark delivers speech in front of High River Times building. Clark calls High River symbol of what Canada can be. -- September 22, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-144c Swimsuit contest in television studio. Judges only, no audience. -- September 22, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-144d Alberta Medical Association (AMA) convention. Keynote speaker says health care system working well, balanced billing by doctors not a problem. -- September 26, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-144e Provincial health minister Dave Russell addresses Alberta Medical Association (AMA) convention. Russell says if negotiations fail, doctors will either have to use the government fee schedule, or opt out of the system. -- September 28, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-144f City council in session. Alderman Harry Huish says anti-smoking by-law unenforceable. -- October 1, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-144g Man says supply of rental apartments in Calgary 30% less in 1979, than in last two years, forecasts vacancy rate of one per cent. Views of apartment buildings. -- October 1, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-145a Calgary Wranglers (Junior A, Tier I) hockey team introduced by coach Doug Barkley. -- October 3, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-145b Plans for new hospital in High River unveiled. Price: $12 million. Clip of building committee chairman Dick Newman. Views of old High River Municipal Hospital. -- October 4, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-145c Views of Glenmore dam, water treatment plant. Alderman says council getting incomplete information from administration. Reporter says water meters would solve summer water shortages. -- October 4, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-145d Beauty pageant held at Jubilee Auditorium. Protest against pageant held outside. -- October 4, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-145e United Way board of directors decides not to extend funding to Calgary Birth Control Association, despite favourable recommendation from ad-hoc advisory committee. -- October 11, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-145f Reporter says shares in Pacific Petroleum (recently taken over by Petro-Canada) being given away. Stock analyst says brokers don't have time to deal with issue. -- October 15, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-145 g Sidewalks in Inglewood being rebuilt, as part of Main Street improvement program. -- October 15, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-146a Use of actor to portray downtown "rubbie-dub" under fire. Restaurant owner Bob Whitworth says pro-civic centre film project gives unfair portrayal of area. -- October 16, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-146b Downhill skier Ken Read describes fall training schedule of Canadian alpine ski team. -- October 16, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-146c Go Calgary official says using actor to portray "rubbie" in pro-civic centre film project a mistake. -- October 17, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-146d Man describes amendments to fieldhouse proposal. Model of proposed facility shown, described. Promoters of project (Calgary Booster Club) seeking funding from private sector, governments. -- October 17, 1979. --
F-158-146e Views of Heritage Park, Glenmore boat dock. Man says collection of railroad rolling stock will be one of world's finest. -- October 18, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-147a Fashion show, featuring uniforms of Canadian team for 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. -- October 18, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-147b Views of Lethbridge airport. Federal transport minister Don Mazankowski, Premier Peter Lougheed attend ceremony. PSAC flight service specialists on strike. -- October 20, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-147c Calgary city council in session. Reporter says east- end businesses being expropriated for civic centre may not be getting a fair price for their property. -- October 23, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-147d Premier Peter Lougheed speech at official opening of Joffre natural gas processing plant. Excerpt of speech refers to employment opportunities for young Albertans. -- October 23, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-147e Business education standards at University of Calgary under review. Report says improvement needed. -- October 24, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-147f Federal transport minister Don Mazankowski meets with local officials to discuss dispute over taxi service at Calgary International Airport. Local cab operators protest exclusive contract let to Yellow Cab. -- October 25, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-147g Prince Phillip announces conference to involve Canada. -- October 25, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-148a Rock band "Battered Wives" performs at University of Calgary. Woman says name trivializes violence against women. Band member says he can't understand what all the fuss is about. -- October 30, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-148b Alberta Liberal party holds convention in Lethbridge. Speech by party leader Nick Taylor. Scenes from convention floor. -- October 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-148c One year after fire destroys recreational facilities in Olds, town still feeling loss, man says. -- November 5, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-148d Alberta School Trustees Association convention. Speech by Calgary school board trustee Scott Saville focuses on local autonomy. -- NOvember 5, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-148e Funeral held on Indian reserve. Views of procession, graveside ceremony. Native elder says prayer. -- November 5, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-148f Petro-Canada offices in Canada Place in downtown Calgary. Consultant discusses report on future of Petro-Canada. -- November 6, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-149a Alberta School Trustees Association convention. Interview with Calgary school board trustee Scott Saville. Issues: centralization vs. local autonomy. -- November 6, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-149b Stockman's Centre opens. Plans include Hall of Fame, library, tourist attractions. -- November 6, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-149c Provincial education minister Dave King addresses Alberta School Trustees Association convention. Issue: local autonomy. Reaction from delegates. -- November 7, 1979. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-149d Views of "Cash Corner". Employers pick up, drop off casual labourers at Centre Street at 12th Avenue SW. -- November 7, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-149e Man discusses development of Calgary. Head offices, financial centre in downtown core, recreation in suburbs. -- November 8, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-149f Fans line up outside Stampeder ticket office at McMahon Stadium for playoff tickets. Calgary Stampeders football club. -- November 8, 1979. -- 45 sec.
F-158-149g CFCN Quarterback Club luncheon becomes pep rally for Calgary Stampeders football team. Players introduced, Outrider cheerleaders perform. -- November 8, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-150a In community hall on Indian reserve, Remembrance Day ceremonies held. World War I, II veterans honoured. -- November 12, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-150b Issue: demolition of downtown Calgary landmarks with names associated with royalty. Hotels named: Royal, Wales, Victoria, Empire, Queen's, Imperial, Alexandra. -- November 13, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-150c Man relates growth of horse-race betting at Stampede Park, says "handle" up 20% over last year. -- November 14, 1979. -- 20 sec.
F-158-150d Calgary Stampeders football club prepares for CFL western final, against Edmonton Eskimos. -- November 14, 1979. -- 6 min.
F-158-151a Calgary Police await provincial court ruling on prostitution case, which may determine how law is enforced. Clip of former provincial court judge Duane Rau. -- November 15, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-151b Alberta Social Credit Party convention in Calgary. Belly-dancer entertains delegates. Delegate Rod Sykes (former Calgary mayor) objects. -- November 16, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-151c Provincial court judge rules on prostitution case, acquits woman, saying "persistence" not proven. Reaction from legal expert, lawyer. -- November 16, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-151d Alberta Social Credit party convention in Calgary. Speech by party leader Bob Clark. -- November 17, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-151e Man says homicide rate increases in boom times. Second man says people moving to Calgary often without family support when crisis strikes. -- November 19, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-151f Calgary Stampeders football club. Team officials, players analyze loss to Edmonton Eskimos in CFL western final. -- November 19, 1979. -- 3 min.
F-158-152a Local reaction to Pierre Trudeau's announcement that he is quitting politics. -- November 21, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-152b United (Way) Appeal has raised $2.6 million of $3.6 million goal. Calgary Birth Control Association getting its own donations. -- November 22, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-152c Mortgage rates rising, up 4.5% in one year. One-year mortgage at 10 1/4%. Man says European interest rates hitting 17-20%. -- November 22, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-152d Wives of armed forces personnel at CFB Calgary speak out about low pay, inadequate housing, loss of vote in civic centre plebiscite. -- November 23, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-152e Motorists line up at gas stations, which are running out of gasoline. Gas station operator comments. -- November 27, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-152f Calgarians are asked how they will vote in the civic centre plebiscite. -- November 28, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-153a Voters reject civic centre in plebiscite. Mayor Ross Alger expresses his disappointment with result, turnout. Leader of HALT (Human Action to Limit Taxes) says city council will have to be more careful in future. - - November 28, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-153b Mayor Ross Alger speculates on implications of result of civic centre plebiscite. 60% of eligible voters did not cast ballots. -- November 29, 1979. --
F-158-153c Leader of HALT (Human Action to Limit Taxes) says outcome of civic centre plebiscite proves city council out of touch with people they represent. -- November 30, 1979. -- 1 min.
F-158-153d Reporter outlines cost of campaign to sell civic centre to voters, identifies major supporters of project. -- November 30, 1979. -- 3 min.; reporter voice-over on static picture for 2 min.
F-158-153e Performing arts centre may go ahead, despite defeat of civic centre project. Some people worry performing arts centre may not be viable without being part of civic centre complex. -- December 3, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-154a A look at city of Calgary's sign-making shop. Bureaucrat says new roads can't be opened without signs. -- December 4, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-154b Opening day at Fortress Mountain ski area. Manager Bob Stickle comments on late start to ski season, conditions on opening day. Skiers asked to comment on conditions. -- December 6, 1979. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-154c Retail sales up sharply this Christmas. Store managers say people have lots of money to spend. Views of Sport Chek ski shop. -- December 10, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-154d Views of LRT construction on Cemetery Hill, new interchange at 16th Avenue and 14th Street NW. -- December 12, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-155a Views of Ranchmen's Club building: front entrance, parking lot. -- December 12, 1979. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-155b Ardell Weigandt named new head coach of Calgary Stampeders football club. Jack Gotta remains as general manager. Clip of defensive coach Marvin Bass. -- December 14, 1979. -- 3 min.
F-158-155c Local reaction to Pierre Trudeau's announcement that he is returning to politics to lead the Liberals in the February 1980 federal election. -- December 18, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-155d Gasoline prices 18.5 cents per litre. Rebate program benefits only credit card customers. -- December 18, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-155e Ed Chenowyth, Calgary Wranglers, discusses cost of running a junior hockey franchise. -- December 18, 1979. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-156a Labour trouble looms at City of Calgary. Commissioners awarded 13% pay raises, unions expected to use this as yardstick in negotiations. Strike by outside workers expected. -- December 19, 1979. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-156b Hiring practices of Calgary city police questioned. Issue: benefits/drawbacks of hiring younger or older recruits. -- December 19, 1979. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-156c Referendum on Blood Reserve re: payment of oil royalties to individuals or band as a whole. Clip of Glen Eagle Speaker, spokesman for people favouring payments to individuals. -- December 19, 1979. -- 2 min.
F-158-156d Salvation Army dinner for street people. People gather in bar to celebrate Christmas season. -- December 24, 1979. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-156e Views of Boxing Day sales at Woolco department store. Line-up at refunds and exchange counter. -- December 26, 1979. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-157a Mayor Ross Alger reviews the past year at city hall. Clips of Alger re: civic centre plebiscite, labour relations. -- December 27, 1979. -- 2.5 min.
Series 11 News footage. - January-April 1980
F-158-157b Large banquet marks beginning of Alberta 75th birthday celebrations. Note Star Wars paraphernalia. -- January 2, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-157c Inside Queen's Hotel tavern. -- January 2, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-157d Downtown and inner city plan examined at public meeting. Planner says goal is to put life back in downtown. -- January 2, 1980. - - 1.75 min.
F-158-157e Provincial government announces 1980 school grants. Clip of Calgary school board trustee Scott Saville. -- January 3, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-157f Cracks appear inside LRT tunnel. City promises quick repairs, safety inspection. -- January 6, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-158a Federal Progressive Conservative nomination meeting. Candidate piped into hall by pipes and drum corps. -- January 10, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-158b Police investigate assault on child in residential area. Views of homes, school. Children tell reporter they are afraid. -- January 10, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-158c Former Calgary mayor Rod Sykes addresses federal task force on role of Canadian Armed Forces. Clip of Sykes, commenting on morale of armed forces personnel. -- January 10, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-158d Fall harness race meet at Stampede Park suspended because of cold weather (-30 degrees). -- January 10, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-158e Tennis player Lori Layton, 18, featured. Ambition: to play on Avon Tour. Clips of Coach Keith Hancock, Layton, unidentified woman. -- January 10, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-159a Federal election Feb. 18. NDP candidate in Calgary East accuses John Kushner (Progressive Conservative) of lying. Kushner responds. -- January 11, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-159b Federal housing minister Elmer MacKay announces removal of maximum loan limits for CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation). -- January 14, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-159c Provincial government to review proposals for projects that help celebrate Alberta's 75th anniversary. Calgary Alderman Nomi Whalen comments. -- January 15, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-159d Calgary public school caretakers reject conciliator's report, condemn proposed nine per cent wage increase as "inadequate". Clips of union, school board spokespersons. -- January 16, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-159e Meterologist says less snow than usual has fallen this winter, weather patterns may not change until turn of century. Farmer says subsoil moisture declining. -- January 17, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-159f New LRT cars delivered to Calgary by rail. Dignitaries observe delivery. -- January 17, 1980. -- 45 sec.
F-158-160a People to People Petition for Canadian Unity comes to Calgary. Organizer says Albertans do care about national unity. -- January 21, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-160b World Cup ski race at Lake Louise. Safety precautions, accommodation (at Chateau Lake Louise) discussed. Views of Lake Louise ski area. -- January 31, 1980. -- 3 min.
F-158-160c Calgary International Airport no longer served exclusively by Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab, Shamrock Taxi officials comment. Views of taxis leaving airport. -- February 1, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-160d Views of exercises at Canadian Forces Base Sarcee. Two soldiers discuss poor morale, lack of public support. -- January 28, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-160e Views of start of Great Alberta Cross-Country Ski Race. -- January 28, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-161a Calgary Wranglers junior hockey club. Hockey fans asked about low attendance at Wrangler games. -- January 30, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-161b National Ski Week events at Paskapoo ski area. Theme: participation. Ski hill manager interviewed about high school program, coming events. -- January 22, 1980. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-161c Views of King Edward Youth (KEY) Centre, South Calgary community. Local residents take action following murder of Kimberly Thompson. -- January 28, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-161d Federal election February 18. Candidates forum at Canadian Forces Base Calgary. Candidates promise pay raises for military personnel. -- February 2, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-161e Views of Lake Louise ski area, front face. -- February 4, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-162a Canadian Olympic hockey team. Last game in Calgary before Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York. Opponent: Czechoslovakia. Players, coach interviewed. -- February 4, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-162b Emergency room at Holy Cross Hospital, at night. -- February 6, 1980. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-162c Inside Calgary Remand Centre. Man says criminal element more prominent as Calgary's population increases. -- February 8, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-162d Royal Canadian Legion presents cheque to Alberta Track and Field Association, for development of 13 to 16-year-old athletes. Legion, ATFA officials comment. -- February 8, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-162e Canadian ambassador to Iran Ken Taylor comes home to Calgary. "The Canadian Caper": six American hostages freed from Iranian captivity with assistance from Taylor and his staff at the Canadian embassy. -- February 11, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-162f City of Calgary outside workers have tentative settlement with city. No details announced, but union had been seeking 20% pay raise, 32-hour workweek. -- February 11, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-163a Federal election February 18. Rally for George Ho Lem (Liberal) Calgary Centre. Ho Lem accuses Progressive Conservative candidate Harvie Andre of impropriety re: bankrupt developer Abacus Cities. Andre shown visiting senior citizens. -- February 11, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-163b Canadian ambassador to Iran Ken Taylor honoured by Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Calgary city council. Mrs. Taylor interviewed re: American reaction to "Canadian Caper" (see F-158-162e). -- February 12, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-163c City of Calgary outside workers reject tentative settlement reached with city. CUPE 37 union head Ron Brown comments. -- February 13, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-163d Federal election February 18. Calgary East Progressive Conservative candidate John Kushner accused to trying to bribe a police officer, on behalf of a nephew. Argument with reporter Terry Milewski (CBC News) shown. Kushner tells his side of story to CFCN. -- February 14, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-163e Federal election February 18. Calgary Centre Progressive Conservative candidate Harvie Andre predicts "constitutional donnybrook" over Alberta-Ottawa energy pricing disagreements. -- February 14, 1980. -- 45 sec.
F-158-164a Teachers call for lower student-teacher ratio, propose smaller wage increase to free funds for hiring more teachers. -- February 14, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-164b Federal election February 18. Calgary North candidate Darryl Raymaker (Lib) campaigns on street corner. -- February 15, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-164c Federal election February 18. Calgary voters trudge to polling stations through light snow. Views inside polling station. -- February 18, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-164d Federal election February 18. Rally for Progressive Conservatives, Prime Minister Joe Clark. Excerpts of speeches by Clark, Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed. -- February 18, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-164e Canada West Foundation official explains political goals of organization. -- February, 19, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-164f Federal election February 18. Liberals under Pierre Trudeau win majority. Progressive Conservative candidate Jim Thomson wins his seat, defeating Liberal Madeline Hombert. Views of candidates' headquarters. -- February 19, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-165a Federal election Feb. 18. Calgary North. Progressive Conservative Bill Wright defeats Darryl Raymaker. Both candidates comment on result. Views of campaign headquarters. -- February 19, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-165b Federal election Feb. 18. Calgary Centre. Progressive Conservative Harvie Andre defeats Liberal George Ho Lem. Andre comments on Alberta-Ottawa energy pricing disagreement. Ho Lem pays respects. -- February 19, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-165c Federal election Feb. 18. Calgary East. Progressive Conservative John Kushner defeats Liberal Albert Ludwig. Kushner comments on accusations made during campaign. Ludwig expresses opinion on result. -- February 19, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-165d February 19, 1980. -- Federal election Feb. 18. Calgary West. Progressive Conservative Jim Hawkes wins. Hawkes comments on result, expressing concern about fiscal policies of Liberal government.
F-158-165e Federal election Feb. 18. Rhinoceros Party Calgary headquarters. -- February 20. 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-165f Calgary Wranglers junior hockey club. Team official discusses poor attendance, team's performance. -- February 20, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-166a Red Adair of Houston, Texas, fights gas well fire. -- February 22, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-166b Views of construction during winter in downtown Calgary. Official outlines concerns over inspection procedures, liability and public safety. -- February 25, 1980. -- 3 min.
F-158-166c Jake Braat hog farm, near Lethbridge. Mr. Braat discusses government subsidies, state of hog farming industry. -- February 25, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-166d Report published on quality of education at University of Calgary business school. Students, faculty comment. Views of classroom, meeting in progress. -- February 29, 1980. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-166e Labatt's Brier, Canadian men's curling championship, held in Calgary at Stampede Corral. Interview with Alberta skip Paul Gowsell. -- February 29, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-167a Police puzzled by "missing persons" case. Brother of restaurant owner mysteriously disappears. Views of kitchen in King's Pizza and Steak House. -- March 5, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-167b Calgary public school board chairman Sam Blakeley comments on prospect of caretakers' strike. -- March 5, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-167c New computer system, microphones installed in city council chambers. City Clerk explains operation of new system, designed to make debate more orderly. -- March 5, 1980. --
F-158-167d Local writers group proposes old fire hall by Bow River be used for drop-in centre. -- March 5, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-167e World Cup ski race at Lake Louise. Interview with Canadian downhill skier Steve Podborski. -- March 5, 1980. -- 45 sec.
F-158-167f University of Calgary Dinosaurs men's basketball practice. -- March 5, 1980. -- 45 sec.
F-158-167g Calgary business community forms joint committee with native people to encourage employment of native people by Calgary business. Chamber of Commerce, native spokespersons clipped. -- March 6, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-167h Labatt's Brier, Calgary (see F-158-166, Item 5). Alberta skip Paul Gowsell, CFCN reporter Russ Peake have lively discussion about relationship between curling, media, colourful characters. -- March 8, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-168a Rick Volk, Saskatchewan, wins Labatt's Brier (Canadian Men's Curling Championship) at Stampede Corral. Interview with Volk re: final game, upcoming Silver Broom (world men's championship). Highlights of final game, closing ceremonies. -- March 10, 1980. -- 4.5 min.
F-158-168b Views of 9A Street NW, in Hillhurst-Sunnyside, before LRT construction. -- March 15, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-168c Development in Bridgeland-Riverside. Expansion of Calgary General Hospital proposed. Bridgeland-Riverside community centre, several businesses, may be affected. -- March 17, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-168d Reporter says teachers want working conditions to be negotiated in new contract with Calgary public school board. Board chairman Sam Blakeley comments. Views of school science lab. -- March 19, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-168e Rodeo Royale at Stampede Corral. Bull-riding. 3 cowboys ride. -- March 22, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-169a Phil Elder announces candidacy for mayor. Elder discusses his platform: controlling growth, city hall spending, building housing. -- March 24, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-169b Horse barns at Stampede Park in poor condition. Three horsemen comment on conditions, compare Stampede Park facilities to those in California. Views of barns, horses training on track. -- March 25, 1980. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-169c Nurses march to protest pace of contract talks, hold press conference. Spokesperson says many nurses leaving profession because of pay, working conditions. -- March 26, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-169d CUPE task force on quality of care in privately-run nursing homes. Union spokesperson comments on report on working conditions for staff, living conditions for residents. -- March 27, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-169e Tour of Burns Building. Aldermen Harry Huish, Sue Higgins, others. Reporter describes political wrangling between mayor, aldermen, over fate of Burns Building. -- March 31, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-170a Colonel Belcher Hospital, exteriors, interiors. Provincial Hospitals Minister Dave Russell announces more funding for hospitals, comments on dispute between Alberta Hospitals Association (AHA), United Nurses of Alberta (UNA). UNA spokesperson Debbie Service comments on AHA offer. -- April 1, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-170b Two Calgarians plan expedition to North Pole. Views of equipment being packed. -- April 4, 1980. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-170c Eastern Irrigation District concerned re: impact of Calgary's growth on water quality in Bow River. Views of elevators at Brooks, Calgary sewage treatment plant. -- April 10, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-170d Provincial government orders striking nurses back to work. Two people comment. -- April 12, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-170e Views of food stores in Calgary, incl. Safeway, Allwest, Food City. Stores open seven days a week. Sunday shopping becoming prevalent, man says. -- April 12, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-170f Calgarians asked if they support an American-led boycott of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. -- April 12, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-171a Bernie "Boom Boom" Geofferion comments on possibility of NHL Atlanta Flames moving to Calgary. -- April 14, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-171b Calgary landlords gouging renters, reporter says. Mayor Ross Alger says city can't do much about it. Views of apartment buildings. -- April 16, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-171c Nurses walk picket line outside Calgary General Hospital, alongside Memorial Drive. Union spokesperson discusses financial, legal consequences of strike. -- April 18, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-171d Mayoralty candidate Phil Elder. Campaign kick-off. Alberta Liberal Party leader Nick Taylor offers support. Clips of speeches by Taylor, Elder, re: controlling city growth. -- April 18, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-172a Ken Newans discusses the proposed sight for the Olympic Saddledome. Views of Stampede Park. Views of Lindsay Park. -- April 19, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-172b United Nurses of Alberta strike rally at McDougall Centre. Nurses discuss the possibility of being ordered back to work. Several nurses say they won'tgo back towork even if ordered. -- April 23, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-172c Story on Aldermanic renumeration. Comments from labour on the morality of Aldermen taking pay increases. Views of City Council meeting presided over by Ross Alger. Man gives opinion on Aldermanic renumeration. -- April 23, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-172d Transit driver funeral. -- April 23, 1980. -- 30 sec.; no audio.
F-158-172e Tri-Media Studios is discussed. City is fighting a local municipal district for the rights to studio. Man says that could damage the movie industry in Alberta. -- April 23, 1980. -- 1.5 min
F-158-173a Murder investigation at Prince's Island. Police and Medical Examiner survey the scene and search the river for clues. -- April 25, 1980. -- 30 sec.; no sound.
F-158-173b Calgary Stampeder's Head Coach Jack Gotta discusses the teams training camp roster. -- April 25, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-173c Man discusses possibility of a Canadian boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games. -- April 25, 1980. -- 30 sec.
Series 12 News footage. - July-December 1980 [Glenbow has no footage for May and June]
F-158-173d Canada Day 1980. Scenes of people enjoying the festivities at Prince's Island Park. Reporter talks about the celebration also including Alberta's 75th birthday celebration. -- July 1, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-173e A.L.C.B workers go out on an illegal strike. They are striking to protest slow negotiations and a law outlawing strike action for provincial employees. Reporter gets comment on the effect of the strike for beer drinkers from people on the street. -- July 2, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-174a Reporter discusses complaints from Victoria park residents about parking during "Midnight Madness" during Stampede Week. -- July 4, 1980. -- 1 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-174b Alberta Union of Provincial Employees continue strike in protest of legislation that forbids the provinces employees to strike. -- July 7, 1980. -- 1 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-174c Mock gunfight by the Cochrane Rifle and Pistol Club at Stampede grounds. Scenes of Stampede grounds. -- July 7, 1980. -- 30 sec. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-174d Mass walkout by provincial jail guards and Alberta Liquor Control Board (ALCB) workers in protest of the anti-strike legislation for provincial employees. -- July 8, 1980. -- 1.5 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-174e Canada West Foundation launches it's platform at the University of Calgary. They talk of freeing the west, and warn Prime Minister Trudeau that constitutional reform will force the west to leave confederation. -- July 8, 1980. -- 2 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-174f Stampede revellers two step outside the Royal Alexandra Hotel. -- July 10, 1980. -- 45 sec. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-174g Reporter takes a look at a typical day of Stampede partying and festivities. Views of the Palliser Hotel. -- July 10, 1980. -- 3 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-175a Provincial employees walk out in a mass wild-cat strike aimed at both getting negotiations starterd again and protesting the anti- strike law for provinvicial employees. -- July 16, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-175b Miss. Nude Calgary contestant discussing public morality in regards to exotic dancers. Views of man purchasing poster of another contestant. -- July 17, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-175c Woman fears being thrown out of her home because her land lord won't accept her her government rent voucher. Sub women social issues -- July 23, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-175d Man discusses the new logo for Calgary's new NHL team the Calgary Flames. -- July 18, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-175e Native groups in Southern Alberta protest discrimination by white shop owners and in particular Mormons. Views of the Mormon Temple, Main Street in Cardston. -- July 23, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-176a Protest by residents of 9A Street NW to the proposed destruction of their street for the building of the LRT. Views of a City Council vote on the matter and a march down Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue). -- July 24, 1980. -- 4.5 min.
F-158-176b Canadian National Men's Field Hockey Coach discusses the success of the men's national team. Views of a field hockey game. -- July 31, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-176c Views of the farewell party for the Alexandra Hotel. The hotel stood on the current site of the Centre for Performing Arts. -- August 1, 1980. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-177a The Calgary Albertan stops publication as the Calgary Sun begins. Views of the farewell Albertan and the first Sun. 1980 -- August 1, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-177b Calgary Wranglers executive talks about the signing of Mike Vernon to the Western Hockey League team. Views of Mike vernon talking about why he signed with the Wranglers. -- August 11, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-177c Ralph Klein announces his bid for Mayor of Calgary. Views of Klein and another candidate. -- August 21, 1980. -- 1.5 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-177d A police inspector discusses the increase in major crime and how it is related to the influx of people from eastern Canada. -- August 22, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-177e A Petro-Canada executive discusses the possibility of purchasing the Philips 66 retail operations in Canada. Views of signs posting 20.9 cents/litre gas prices. -- August 22, 1980. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-177f Ralph Klein reports that Mayor Ross Alger is having a serious conflict with the city's chief commissioner. Views of Mayor Alger, the chief commissioner and an interview of Ralph Klein by another reporter. -- August 23, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-177g A Ford Motors spokesperson discusses the role of women in the new car marketplace. -- August 24, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-178a Parents march on the Public School Board, the Alberta Teacher's Association, and the Alberta Government to protest the the slow pace of talks in the dispute between the teachers and the board. Sub Education Labour -- August 8, 1980. -- 3 min.
F-158-178b Public School Board discusses the teachers strike and the possibility of binding arbitration. -- August 10, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-178c Reporter looks at out of school care for children affected by the strike. -- September 10, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-178d Man from the Cancer Society explains how the donations to the Terry Fox Run are handled. Views of volunteers counting money and cheques. Views of a jogger on a bike path. -- September 11, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-178e School Board Trustee Scott Seville calls for arbitration, but does not rule out further negotiation on what he calls under- lying issues. Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) spokesperson responds. -- September 20, 1980. -- 1 min.
F-158-178f Calgary Stampeders football practice at McMahon Stadium. -- September 20, 1980. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-178 g Peter Petrasuk giving a campaign speech about crime. He calls for morepolice on the streets. -- September 20, 1980. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio.
F-158-179a Joe Clark discusses the energy situation in Canada. He says that Canada should be more self sufficient when it comes to its energy needs and that it should take advantage of the shortage of foreign oil to sell its own. -- September 24, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-179b A reporter talks to Mayor Ross Alger's campaign team about campaign strategy. Man says they will focus on one to one door knocking campaigns. -- October 7, 1980. -- 1,5 min.
F-158-179c Views of Calgary Flames versus Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game at the Calgary Corral. -- October 7, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-179d Election night victory celebration at Ralph Klein's Headquarters. Klein discusses his drinking and driving problems as well as his ties to motorcycle gangs and his involvement with prostitutes. -- October 16, 1980. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-179e Alderman Bob Hawkesworth and Mayor Klein discuss the issue of full time aldermen. -- October 28, 1980. -- 3,25 min.
F-158-180a Mayor Ralph Klein fends off charges of abuse of power. Various officials discuss the incident where the mayor apparently ordered a city police officer to drive him home because he felt he was impaired. -- November 7, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-180b Controversy over Saddledome site and Stampede expansion into Victoria Park, Erlton, and Ramsay neighbourhoods. -- November 10, 1980. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-180c Views of a disaster management exercise. -- November 25, 1980. -- 2 min.
F-158-180d Report says Saddledome construction at Revelstoke Acres will hurt communities. -- November 25, 1980. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-180e Ralph Klein discusses the growing rift between the city commissioners and his office and council. -- December 15, 1980. -- 30 sec.
F-158-180f Man discusses the effects of the National Energy plan. -- December 15, 1980. -- 30 sec.
Series 13 News footage. - January-June 1981
F-158-180g Random selection of CFCN coverage of a hostage taking involving two Calgary Sheriff's department officals ( Mark Pollard and Rober Redfern) who were taken hostage while repossessing a home. Views of press conferences held by police, interviews with neighbours and others involved in the incident. This item is on a separate reel from other F-158-180 material. -- January 1981. -- 10 min.
F-158-181a 1. Man discusses the death of his friend. Says he can't figure out who would want to hurt him. -- January 12, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-181b Alderman Sue Higgins discusses cost over-runs on the LRT construction. She says it is due to inflation. -- January 15, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-181c Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) spokesperson addresses membership concerns over what they see as a lack of action by the executive regarding the strike. -- January 29, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-181d Reporter discusses the possibility of prosecution of city officials as the result of an investigation of a major city waterworks project for alleged phantom payroll practises. -- February 3, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-181e Reporter talks with Duncan Cameron about Nigerian exhibit at the Glenbow. Cameron says it is more educational than the Tut exhibit. -- February 3, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-181f Police official discusses the recruitment of women onto the force. Says that the lack of women on the force is due to purely physical limitations. -- March 2, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-181g A reporter talks to a gas station owner regarding the "price guaging" when it comes to gasoline. -- March 5, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-182a Jack McCarthy returns to his job after a two year fight to regain it. -- April 1, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-182b Mayor Ralph Klein is kidnapped by police as a combination "April Fools" joke and charity fundraiser. -- April 1, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-182c Abacus, a Calgary development firm, declares bankruptcy. Creditors await a creditors meeting to discuss their options. -- April 1, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-182d Frank King, head of the Calgary bid for the 1988 Winter Olympics, discusses the problems that the Sarejevo 1984 committee is having. He says that if the International Olympic Committee asks, he will certainly give some thought to stage the 1984 olympics in Calgary. -- April 1, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-182e A freak winter snow storm surprises the city. People caught unprepared for the blast of inter. Views of traffic slow downs, people waiting for the bus and children in snow suits. -- May 6, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-182f Coach of the Calgary Boomers soccer club discusses the teams chances this year. Pictures of McMahon Stadium. -- May 12, 1981. -- 3 min.
F-158-183a LRT accident. Interview with two victims who say they are skeptical of the LRT trains. -- June 1, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-183b Interviews with Calgary Stampeder football coach (unknown), player Ray Odums and British Columbia Lion player Joe Paopao. -- June 1, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-183c Gas station customers commenting on the $.07 a litre gas hike by the federal government. Shots of Petro-Canada gas station. -- June 2, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-183d Report on the Hudson Bay Oil and Gas Company takeover by Dome Petroleum. -- June 2, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-183e Interview and report with Transit manager about LRT accident. -- June 2, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-183f Interview with Calgary Boomers Soccer team coach. -- June 2, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-183g Mayor Ralph Klein responds to concerns over LRT accident. -- June 4, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-183h Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford visits Calgary to discuss Hibernia Oil Project. -- June 4, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-184a Report on the increase in LRT accidents. -- June 5, 1981. -- 25 sec.
F-158-184b Report on the development of new Calgary Park and Recreation facilities. -- June 5, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-184c Interview with USA equestrian rider Kevin Freeman and Canadian Equestrian leader Albert Klives at Spruce Meadows. Also pictures of a competitor riding his horse around the course. -- June 5, 1981. -- 4.45 min.
F-158-184d Federal Energy Minister David Crombie explaining increase in gasoline prices. -- June 8, 1981. -- 20 sec.
F-158-184e Report on sour gas leaks into Calgary water system. -- June 8, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-184f Calgary Stampeders football practice. -- June 8, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-184g Interview with witness of a building crane accident in downtown Calgary. -- June 9, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-184h Sour gas well safety report. Interview with unknown gas spokesman and environmentalist Andy Russell. -- June 9, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-185a Report on how high interest rates are hurting Calgary's housing market. 2 interviews with housing representatives -- June 10, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-185b University of Lethbridge professor David Elton says Canada's water resourses are not threatened by USA. -- June 10, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-185c Unknown speaker wants to start a tax protest. -- June 11, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-185d Report on a forecasted water shortage in 10 years. Shots of Bow Falls and surrounding area in Banff. -- June 11, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-185e Mayor Ralph Klein comments on mobile construction cranes and recent crane accident in downtown Calgary. -- June 11, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-185f Alberta Energy Minister Merv Leitch meets Federal Energy Minister Marc Lalonde in Calgary to discuss oil prices. Shots of people at negotiating table. Liberal Donald Macdonald and Alberta Stock Exchange representative comment on talks. -- June 11, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-185g Calgary Men soccer team game. -- June 11, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-186a Report on Prairie Water Management conference in Banff. -- June 12, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-186b Wheelchair basketball game in school gym. -- June 12, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-186c Chateau Estates trailer park supporters at city council meeting to fight for retaining their homes. -- June 15, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-186d Report on water metering. Guest in story unknown. -- June 15, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-186e Registered Nursing Assistants protest layoffs at Calgary Hospitals. Pictures of picketing nurses. Interviews with RNA and Hospital spokespersons. -- June 16, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-186f Report on mine sweeping exercise by soldiers at CFB Calgary. -- June 17, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-186g LRT expansion public meeting. Calgary Ward 7 Alderman Elaine Husband comments. -- June 17, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-186h Calgary International ladies softball tournament may be cancelled. Interview with organizer. -- June 17, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-187a Mountain emergency rescue training exercise. Shots of helicopeter rescue in Rocky Mountains and Foothills area. -- June 18, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-187b Calgary Stampeder Football Club team equipment manager explains his role on the team. -- June 18, 1981. -- 40 sec.
F-158-187c Report on the First Earl Grey Charity Golf Tournament. -- June 22, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-187d Light Rail Transit (LRT) expansion proposal to North East and South West Calgary. City planner supports South West extension. North East Alderman says North East residents need it. -- June 23, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-187e Calgary Rowing Club workout on Glenmore Reservoir. Good pictures. -- June 23, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-187f Mayor Ralph Klein says he supports LRT expansion to Midnapore. -- June 24, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-187g Calgary Boomers Soccer game at McMahon Stadium. -- June 24, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-187h Opponets of proposed hockey coliseum (now Olympic Saddledome) speak out against the project. -- June 25, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-187i Ladies fastball pitcher Gail du Pauli of Calgary Raiders interview. Story part of Ladies International Softball Tournament in Calgary. -- June 25, 1981. -- 1.25 min
F-158-188a Calgary Expos baseball team representative discusses the chances of a Major League Baseball strike. Shots of Foothills baseball park. -- June 29, 1981. -- 2.5 min
F-158-188b Canada Post Workers set to strike. Union representatives of inside and outside workers discuss strike possibilities. -- June 30, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-188c Pan Pacific Sychronized Swimming Championship report at the University of Calgary. Interview with two competitors -- June 30, 1981. -- 2.5 min.
Series 14 News footage. - July-December 1981
F-158-188d Canada Day Celebrations. Clip of man explaining meaning of Canada Day. -- July 1, 1981. -- 1 min
F-158-188e Millarville Horse Races on Canada Day. -- July 1, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-188f Terry Fox memorial service in downtown Calgary. Excerpt of Minister's eulogy and Mayor Ralph Klein's speech. -- July 2, 1981. -- 2.5 min
F-158-188g Report on Calgary Exhibition and Stampede theme "Youth in Action". -- July 3, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-189a Calgary City Alderman and Mayor Ralph Klein disagree on cause of LRT accidents. -- July 6, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-189b Calgary alderman Brian Lee presents proposals for LRT changes. Mayor Ralph Klein response to proposal. -- July 7, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-189c Polo match at Calgary Polo grounds. -- July 7, 1981. - - 45 sec.
F-158-189d Police officer describes LRT accident. Mayor Ralph Klein says rash of accidents reducing Calgary Transit moral. -- July 8, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-189e Shortage of summer student workers for many Calgary businesses. Shots of Canada Employment Centre in report. -- July 13, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-189f Calgary city council may cut proposed performing arts centre construction project. -- July 14, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-189g Calgary Oldtimers Hockey game. -- July 15, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-189h Interview with High River Chuckwagon Champion Will Willard. -- July 15, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-189i Calgary Rape Crisis Centre issues an information pamphlet to raise funds for Kelly Cook family. -- July 16, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-189j Pictures of police investigating a crime. Good shots of police dispatch, inside of patrol car and police entering building. -- July 17, 1981. -- 40 sec.
F-158-190a Calgary Fire Department boat patrolling Bow River near the weir. -- July 19, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-190b Calgary city planning meeting about building of Petro- Canada building. Comments about building blocking sunlight on 8th Avenue mall. -- July 19, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-190c Vancouver man brings giant mailbox to Calgary in order to get around the post office strike. -- July 19, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-190d Calgary police department says they are reducing high speed car chases in the Calgary. -- July 20, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-190e Members of Calgary's Irish community protest in front of City hall. Arguments between Catholic and Protestant Irish Calgarians. -- July 20, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-190f Calgary men's fastball game between Canada's national team and Alberta Break and Clutch at Renfrew Park. -- July 20, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-190g Quadro Oil Drilling rig company prepares to leave Alberta because the National Energy Program is hurting business. -- July 22, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-190h Pictures of Sarcee reserve and Old Sarcee reserve sign. -- July 22, 1981. -- 45 sec. ; no audio
F-158-190i News conference announcing the federal government's commitment to build 300 additional non-profit houses in Calgary. Mayor Ralph Klein, Alderman Elaine Husband and federal housing minister Paul Cosgrove attending. -- July 23, 1981. -- 1 min
F-158-191a Premier Peter Lougheed says province will support Calgary's Coliseum project. Mayor Ralph Klein comments on the decision. -- July 28, 1981. -- 2 min. ; incomplete audio
F-158-191b Pictures of Petro-Canada building site and model of the building. -- July 28 , 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-191c Hailstorm damage pictures. Interview with auto repair clerk and victim of the storm. -- July 29, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-191d Calgary Sikh Society public meeting. Representative says Sikhs have responsibilities in the community. -- August 1, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-191e Pictures of LRT extension construction at 7th Avenue SW and 8th Street SW. -- August 2, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-191f Pictures of Crowchild Trail/Glenmore Trail interchange. Interview with construction worker saying rainy summer has slowed down construction projects. -- August 4, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-191g Pictures of 12th Avenue SE and Centre Street SE. Story on corner where men wait to get work every day. -- August 5, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-191h Demolition of Kinsmen Centre in Stampede Park. -- August 6, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-191i Picketers demonstrating outside USA Consulate Office in Calgary to support American air traffic controllers strike. -- August 7, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-192a USA air traffic controllers strike makes travelling difficult for Calgarians. Passenger travel stories at airport. -- August 11, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-192b Calgary realtor explains mortgage buy down principle being used to deal with high interest rate affects on the housing market. -- August 11, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-192c Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein explains the provincial and municipal land agreement for coliseum (Saddledome) site. -- August 12, 1981.. -- 30 sec.
F-158-192d Provincial government plans to re-establish farmers makrets in Calgary. -- August 14, 1981. -- 1.5 mins.
F-158-192e Report on Pan-Alberta gas pipeline construction from Sundre to the USA border. Alberta gas destined for Southern California. -- August 15, 1981. -- 1.5 mins.
F-158-192f Meat producer says increase beef and pork prices needed to offset losses. Price increase passed on to consumer. -- August 17, 1981. -- 1.5 mins.
F-158-192g Pictures inside Calgary's main postal station, letter sorting building. -- August 18, 1981. -- 45 secs.
F-158-192h Mallet motorcycle race tracks preparation for national junior and school boys motorcycle championship. -- August 18, 1981. -- 45 secs.
F-158-193a USA Reverend Billy Graham press conference explaining why he has come to Calgary -- August 19, 1981. -- 30 secs.
F-158-193b Alberta government increases spot logging in south Kananaskis and Banff region. Pictures of Castle River Valley area. -- August 20, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-193c Interview with Calgary professional tennis player Paul O'Connell. -- August 21, 1981. -- 45 secs.
F-158-193d USA Reverend Billy Graham preaches at McMahon Stadium. -- August 23, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-193e Canadian Natural Gas company demonstrates its new natural gas powered cars. Interview with company spokesman. -- August 24, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-193f 2.4 cents/litre gasoline increase by September 1 takes consumers by surprise. -- August 25, 1981. -- 30 secs.
F-158-193g Report on the high number of train accidents in Alberta. -- August 26, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-193h Interview with University of Calgary Dinosaur quaterback Greg Vavra. -- August 26, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-194a Report on failure of an experimental trailer park in Huntington Hills area of Calgary started by the City of Calgary. -- August 27, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-194b Pictures of New City Hall models submitted for the City Hall design competition. Interview with city planner and Mayor Klein. -- August 28, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-194c The number of prisoners escaping Spy Hill correctional centre increases to alarming levels. -- September 3, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-194d Protest against high interest rates of banks in front of Bank of Canada office in downtown Calgary. Organizer John Turmel interviewed. -- September 8, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-194e North American motorcycle convoy passes through Calgary. Interview with motorcyclist explaining the trip. -- September 8, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-194f 1980 Mayoral candidate for Calgary Peter Petrasuk has law practice closed and is investigated by the Alberta law society. -- September 10, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-194g Premier Peter Lougheed and Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein ride on the LRT. Lougheed expresses interest in LRT expansion in Calgary. -- September, 11, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-194h Canadian National Rail frustrated by people trespassing on their railway lines. CN Rail spokesman unknown. -- September 14, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-195a Pictures of Calgary's downtown. Shots of Calgary traffic, construction site, police headquarters, coliseum construction (Saddledome), public library. -- September 15, 1981. -- 1 min.; incomplete sound
F-158-195b Independent Petroleum Association of Canada president Bob Brown says it is against the Alberta and Ottawa oil price agreement. -- September 15, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-195c Canadian Petroleum Association says Canada will not be self sufficient in oil and gas by the end of the 1980's. -- September 16, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-195d Pictures of soldiers cleaning up and disposing of artillery shells found on the Sarcee Indian Reserve testing area. -- September 18, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-195e Calgary Board of Educations cuts to bilingual programs upsets some parents and teachers. Mayland Heights school is featured. -- September 19, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-195f Report on Foothills Hospital final two weeks of construction before opening. Interior and exterior pictures of building. -- September 23, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-195g Opening of William Watson Lodge for the disabled by Premier Peter Lougheed. -- September 23, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-195h Kidnapping of two year old Crossfield girl has local residents upset and concerned for their safety. -- September 24, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-196a Women protesting outside of downtown building because the Alberta Medical Association says it is against home births. -- September 26, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-196b Spy Hill Correctional Centre superintendent Tom Drummond is fired because of the increasing numbers of prison escapes. -- September 28, 1981. -- 50 sec.
F-158-196c Canmore residents say the future of the town lies with the outcome of Calgary's Olympic bid. -- September 29, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-196d Calgary is awarded the 1988 Winter Olympics. Reaction from Calgary Olympic organizers, staff and volunteers. -- September 30, 1981. -- 3.5 min
F-158-196e Canadian Hunter Exploration president Jim Gray says new natural gas lines to USA is good for Alberta gas producers. -- October 1, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-196f Conflicts between wildlife and people rise as Calgary's urban area expands. Story on moose being chased and caught in the city. -- October 2, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-196g Mayor Ralph Klein supports saving the Queen's Hotel as part of the new City Hall project. Interior and exterior shots of Queen's Hotel. -- October 3, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-197a Pictures of proposed Winter Olympic sites and venues. Alderman Craig Reid says city council should be informed and part of all Olympic related decisions. -- October 5, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-197b Calgary Stampeder football club fires head coach Ardell Weigandt and announces Jerry Williams as his replacement. -- October 5, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-197c Reaction to an Alberta judges decision to declare Calgary's anti-prostitution bylaw illegal. -- October 7, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-197d Federal minister Jean Chretien's speech to the Association of Canadian Clubs of Calgary. Reaction to his speech included. -- October 7, 1981. -- 1.25 min
F-158-197e Mayor Ralph Klein says he will look for other ways to fight Calgary's prostitution problem. -- October 8, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-197f Speech on the bad shape of Canada's monetary policy. Speaker is possibly John Turmel. -- October 10, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-197g Construction at Glenmore and Crowchild Trail. Mayor Klein says residents property affected by the project should be compensated. -- October 14, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-197h People in the town of Brooks concerned about pollution in the Bow River coming from Calgary. -- October 15, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-198a Bank robbery rate increases in Calgary. Response from the police and a banker. -- October 20, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-198b Calgary nurses protesting for a better contract. Interview with a spokesperson for the nurses union. -- October 21, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-198c Mayor Klein promises action on the Bow River pollution problem. Pictures of protesters and water treatment facility. -- October 22, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-198d Aerial pictures of an ocean oil rig and the City of Calgary. -- October 26, 1981. -- 45 sec.; no audio
F-158-198e Housing price slump hitting Calgary homeowners hard. - - October 27, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-198f Mayor Klein is angry Alderman Jack Long was voted off the city planning committee. -- October 28, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-198g Halloween party at a downtown hotel. -- October 31, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-198h Federal Finance minister Alan McEachen gives a speech in Calgary. Demonstrators protest inside the Calgary Convention Centre. -- November 1, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-199a Calgary Alderman Brian Lee demands problems with access road to Strathcona Park be dealt with immediately. -- November 2, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-199b Sarcee Native band members protest road closure to their reserve by the military at CFB Calgary. -- November 2, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-199c Officer at CFB Calgary explains military's reaction to yesterday's demonstration by Sarcee Indians. -- November 3, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-199d A report attacks Calgary public school trustees decision to close some Calgary schools facing declining enrolment. -- November 5, 1981. -- 50 sec.
F-158-199e Pictures of Hillhurst-Sunnyside district. Memorial Dr. between 14th Street NW and 9a Street NW shown re: LRT expansion to the NW. -- November 9, 1981. -- 1.25 min
F-158-199f Calgary Alderman Elaine Husband says secret bidding process for LRT train contracts is flawed. -- November 9, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-199g Old Chiefs conference (leaders of various native bands) meet in Red Deer to discuss approaches to land claims issues. -- November 11, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-199h RCMP say Calgary is the centre of Western Canadian drug trade. 2 people interviewed (unknown). -- November 12, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-200a Alberta New Democratic Party leader Grant Notley says Alberta Heritage Savings and Trust Fund should be used to help Alberta homeowners and buyers. -- November 14, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-200b Scale model of proposed new Calgary Chinatown. Interview with Chinese community member. -- September 30, 1982. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-200c Report on low vacancy rates in Calgary's rental housing and apartment market. -- November 19, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-200d Report on the increasing rate of school vandalism and the effects of a new vandalism prevention program. -- November 20, 1981. -- 50 sec.
F-158-200e Interviews with Canmore residents concerned about the towns expansion due to the Calgary Olympics. -- November 23, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-200f Unveiling of new Lindsay Park Aquatic Centre (Swimming and Recreation facilities). Model of development shown along with an explanation. (speaker unknown). -- November 26, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-200g Stampede expansion possible into neighbourhood of Victoria Park. Alderman Pat Donnelly interviewed. -- November 26, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-200h Pictures of firemen fighting a forest fire in dense wooded area. Location unknown. -- December 1, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-200i Calgary Public Board of Education tries to deal with changing make-up of the student population in Calgary schools. -- December 2, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-201a Interview with Brinks armoured car employee saying his work is more dangerous with rapid increase in Calgary's crime rate. -- December 8, 1981. -- 20 sec.
F-158-201b Plans for LRT expansion along Memorial Dr. NE. -- November 9, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-201c Crowds outside 8th Avenue Mall (Stephen Avenue Mall) video arcade are creating problems for other mall merchants. -- November 9, 1981. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-201d Interview with four time Canadian Figure Skating pairs (dance) champion Susan Carscellan (with partner Eric Gillies). -- November 9, 1981. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-201e A Calgary doctor explains why Alberta physicians are protesting Alberta health care payment schedules. -- December 10, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-201f Demolition of old CFCN AM radio broadcast antenna. -- December 12, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-201g High River resident Debbie Stevens disappears after leaving a Christmas party in Calgary. Local residents concerned. -- December 15, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-201h Alberta doctors say they will extra bill patients starting in the New Year. -- December 16, 1981. -- 1.5 min
F-158-201i Calgary municipal government committee suggest changes to peddling laws to control prostitution in the city. -- December 17, 1981. -- 1 min.
F-158-201j Mayor Klein helps out at the annual Salvation Army Christmas dinner at the mens social service centre. -- November 18, 1981. -- 30 sec.
F-158-202a Calgary's Polish community holds a large rally at City Hall to protest the suppression of the Solidarity Movement in Poland. -- December 19, 1981. -- 2 min.
F-158-202b Calgary's Planned Parenthood office may be shut down. Interview with office director Pat McLaughlin. -- December 22, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-202c Pictures of post-Christmas snow storm in Calgary. -- December 28, 1981. -- 45 sec.
F-158-202d Cost of postage stamp jumps from $.17 to $.30 on January 1, 1982. Guest interviewed (unknown). -- December 30, 1981. -- 1.5 min.
Series 15 News footage. - January-June 1982
F-158-202e Calgary doctors say patients support provincial physicians direct bill (extra-billing) plan to protest government health care billing policy. -- January 4, 1982. -- 2 min.
F-158-202f Cold weather pictures of downtown Calgary. Aerial and street level views. -- January 5, 1982. -- 40 sec.
F-158-202g Profile of the University of Calgary Swim club. Interview with coach Deryk Snelling. -- January 7, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-202h Mayor Klein says he wants eastern criminals to stay out of Calgary. This is Ralph Klein's famous statement about Eastern creeps and bums. -- January 7, 1982. -- 40 sec.
F-158-203a Satan's Angels motorcycle gang is being observed and questioned by the RCMP. -- January 11, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-203b Mayor Klein says his remarks about eastern Canadians were taken out of context. -- January 11, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-203c University of Calgary engineering students say they would rather work for a private oil and gas company than Petro-Canada. -- January 11, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-203d Calgary Public School Board caretakers strike. -- January 15, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-203e President of Zephyr Resources predicts a major downsizing in the oil and natural gas industry. -- January 15, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-203f Richard Pound of the International Olympic Federation says Calgary's Winter Olympic organizing committee is the most organized group in the history of the Olympic games. -- January 16, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-203g Anti-fur protesters picket Furs by Michel store (1424 - 4th Avenue SW). Interview with a protester. -- January 17, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-203h Pictures of laundry facilities at the Foothills hospital. -- January 19, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-203i Pictures of Pacific Western Airlines logo. Airport check-in counter and aircraft shown. -- January 19, 1982. -- 30 sec.; incomplete audio.
F-158-203j Calgary police seize a large quantity of marijuana. Detective commentary on arrest. -- January 19,1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-204a Calgary Public School Board caretakers strike is settled. Interview with Fred Pyke, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) chief negotiator. -- January 21, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-204b American astronaut of the space shuttle Columbia, Joe Engle, visits Calgary to talk about his experiences in space. -- January 23, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-204c Woman wears underwear with the saying "Not all Easterners are bums" at a reception for Mayor Klein. -- January 23, 1982. -- 20 sec.
F-158-204d Pictures of proposed area for LRT expansion. North Hill Mall (14th Avenue NW), Banff Trail, and McMahon Stadium area included. -- January 26, 1982. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio
F-158-204e Calgary police announce a new low key approach toward recruiting new officers. -- January 28, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-204f Alberta's provincial treasurer Lou Hyndman says he is optimistic about the oil sector despite predictions of a slow year. -- January 28, 1982. -- 40 sec.
F-158-204g Alberta's Native Affairs minister Don McCrimmon and Sarcee Chief Clifford Big Plume announce federal and provincial assistance for Redwood Meadows development near Bragg Creek. -- February 4, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-204h Alberta's Attorney General's office investigation of four Calgary aldermen causing problems at city council meetings. Aldermen Don Hartman, Jim Bell, Bob McCombie and Gordon Shrake are the four involved. -- February 8, 1982. -- 40 sec.
F-158-204i Signing ceremony of the document to incorporate Calgary's Olympic Association as a non-profit company. Richard Pound (Canadian Olympic Association), Frank King (Calgary Organizing Committee chairman) Juan Antonio Samaranch (President of the International Olympic Committee) and Mayor Ralph Klein present. One other person is present (unknown). -- February 8, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-204j Canada's Everest mountain climbing expedition leader, Bill March, talks about the sudden death of climber and expedition member John Laughlin. -- February 8, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-205a Feature report on rural crime. -- February 9, 1982. -- 2.75 min.; no visuals on reporters script.
F-158-205b Calgary's 1981 Sportsman of the Year. -- January 9, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-205c Canadian downhill skier Ken Read talks about his future in the sport. -- February 16, 1982.. -- 30 sec.
F-158-205d Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) executives in Calgary are suspended for financial inproprieties. Interview with Ron Brown and Harley Horne of CUPE. -- February 17, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-205e Western Canada Concept candidate Gordon Kessler wins the provincial by-election in Olds-Didsbury. Pictures and comments from Kessler's headquaters. -- February 18, 1982.. -- 2 min.
F-158-205f Western Canada separatist hats and signs popular after Gordon Kessler's by-election victory in Olds-Didsbury constituency. -- February 19, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-205g Four Calgary alderman (Don Hartman, Jim Bell, Bob McCombie and Gordon Shrake) are vindicated of any criminal offences by the Alberta's Attorney General's office. -- February 24, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-205h Report on the 10 day old Alberta nurses strike. -- February 25, 1982.. -- 25 sec.
F-158-205i Health services in rural Alberta hurt by nurses strike. Pictures of hospital in Olds, Alberta. -- February 25, 1982.. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-206a Calgary Buffalo MLA Tom Sindlinger explains why he changed from being a Progressive Conservative MLA to an independent member of the provincial legislature. -- March 3, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-206b United Nurses of Alberta's (UNA) strike fund runs low. Interview with UNA representative. -- March 8, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-206c Dome Petroleum's President William (Bill) Richards says high interest rates and the company's rapid expansion is hurting Dome. -- March 8, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-206d Federated Coop looks at ways to expand during their annual general meeting. -- March 10, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-206e Burnsco Gravel mining and environmentalists fight over the use of the Calgary's Nose Hill Park area. -- March 12, 1982.. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-206f Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA) chairman Frank King says Mount Sparrowhawk will likely be the downhill site for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. -- March 12, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-206g Canada's and USA's oil industry downturn is hurting Canadian oil drilling companies. Interview guest (unknown). -- March 19, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-206h Mount Royal College announces major expansion plans. Pictures of college, models of expansion plans. Interview with college President Donald Baker -- March 20, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-206i Shortage of pediatric beds predicted in Calgary hospitals in the near future. -- March 20, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-207a Pictures of the Western Canadian Snooker (billiard) Championship held at Towne Billiards. Interview with former champion (name unknown). -- March 24, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-207b Alberta construction industry hits tough economic times. -- March 24, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-207c Calgary midwives plan to fight a new provincial law forbidding home childbirths by midwives. -- March 29, 1982. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-207d Contaminated drinking water in Banff townsite may be due to a beaver disease. -- March 29, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-207e Report on the oil and natural gas industry downturn and its effects on Calgary shopping malls, car dealers and real estate sales. Interviews with people from each of these areas. -- March 20, 1982. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-207f Alberta New Democratic Party leader Grant Notley says the Western Canada Concept Party will affect the NDP's chances to gain seats in the next provincial election. -- April 1, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-207g Director of the Atomic Energy of Canada Oil Sands Project, Al Bancroft, says there is a possibility of nuclear power plants being used in Alberta to extract heavy oil from the ground. -- April 7, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-208a A Calgary man starts a rent a rabbit business. -- April 8, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-208b A feature report on the Calgary Jewish community's celebration of Passover. Report includes songs and a description of the symbolism found in the Passover meal. -- April 9, 1982. -- 4.25 min.
F-158-208c Alberta teachers express concerns about introducing computers and computer programs into the classroom. Report from the Alberta Teachers Association's Annual General Meeting in Calgary. -- April 13, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-208d Pictures at the funeral of Sarcee Chief David Crowchild. -- April 13, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-208e Mount Royal Gymnastic club is banned from attending an international tumbling Championship in Montana because a South African team is participating in the event. Canada has an official boycott against South Africa. -- April 13, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-208f Trans Canada Broadloom Ltd, a Calgary carpet company, is charged by the police for advertising products using imperial and metric measurements. -- April 14, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-209a Exterior pictures of the University of Calgary campus. Reeves Theatre, MacEwan Hall and Mackimmie library shown. -- April 15, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-209b Western Canada Concept Party (WCC) seems to be gaining support in urban and rural ridings in Alberta. Pictures of elected WCC member Gordon Kessler speaking in Calgary. -- April 16, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-209c A consumer group speaks out against the extra billing practices of Alberta doctors. Emmett Hall is shown speaking on the issue at a Banff medical conference. -- April 20, 1982. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-209d A Calgary-Chinese businessman (former Calgary alderman and MLA) George Ho Lem says the Chinese community has not been a part of the planning for Chinatown's development. -- April 22, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-209e Calgary plans to launch a public awareness campaign about the dangers of walking downtown near construction sites. Calgary's Chief Building Inspector Sid Cartwright is interviewed. -- April 23, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-209f RCMP officers block part of the Rogers Pass to check for unsafe cars and trucks on the road. -- April 27, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-209g A legal challenge to the RCMP's road block in the Roger's Pass may be possible under the new Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Interview guest (unknown). -- April 28, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-210a Calgary's unemployment rate increases 70 percent between January and March, 1982 from the same time last year. Interview with unemployment office manager. -- April 29, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-210b Sports Canada reverses its decision to ban the Mount Royal gymnastic club from competing in an international competition in Montana. - - April 29, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-210c Alderman Brian Lee says the goals of the +15 walkway system should be revised to complement and not compete with street level shops. -- April 30, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-210d Mayor Klein says Chinatown residents must become a more united community in order to control its future development. -- April 30, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-210e The Alberta Party, a new political party, holds its founding meeting at the Calgary Convention Centre. Leader of the party, Tom Sindlinger, is interviewed. -- May 1, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-210f A general construction strike may stop all building projects in the city. -- May 6, 1982. -- 1.75 min.; audio track damaged but audible.
F-158-210g Interview with Prime Minister Joe Clark's parents at their home by reporter Ralph Klein. -- May 11, 1982. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-211a Oil industry slump gives a boost to the natural gas industry. -- May 17, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-211b Pictures of a computer information firm that sells information to Calgary businesses. -- May 20, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-211c Federal and provincial communications conference in Calgary discusses the future of Pay TV. Interview with Neil Webber, Alberta's Associate Telephone Minister. Pictures of Rogers Cable. -- May 21, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-211d Contestants for Miss Calgary Pageant. Contest is a yearly feature on CFCN Television. -- May 23, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-211e Pictures of Heritage Park and the Glenmore Resevoir area on Victoria Day. -- May 24, 1982.. -- 1 min.
F-158-211f Calgary financial community worries about the effects of the construction industry slowdown. -- May 26, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-211g No till plowing seen by a Strathmore area farmer as a way to cut down on soil erosion. -- May 26, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-211h A short report on the settlement in the Calgary construction strike. -- May 28, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-211i A Calgary developer predicts high vacancy rate in downtown office space by 1983 because of a downturn in the oil and natural gas industry. -- May 28, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-212a Oil and natural gas producers reaction to the revised National Energy Policy by the federal energy minister Marc Lalonde. Jim Gray (Canadian Hunter Ltd.) and one other person interviewed. -- May 31, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-212b Footage of a downtown building being demolished by dynamite. -- May 31, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-212c Interview with new Calgary Flames head coach Bob Johnstone. -- May 31, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-212d Public unveiling of the name Olympic Saddledome for the new hockey coliseum. Calgary Flames General Manager Cliff Fletcher and another person (unknown) comment. -- June 3, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-212e Report on how provincial Progressive Conservative candidates are not necessarily guaranteed to win their seat in the upcoming election. Interview with MLA Dave Russell. -- June 3, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-212f University of Calgary basketball star Karl Tillman is named Calgary Sportsman of the Year. Interview with Karl Tillman. -- June 3, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-212g Transportation inquiry releases its findings on the safety of Calgary railway trestle bridges. Good pictures of the Bowness rail trestle and a train crossing it. -- June 4, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-212h Report on a rapist in Calgary who has attack for the 8th time. Police ask for assistance from the public. -- June 4, 1982. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-212i Calgary hotels are trying to survive the economic downturn. Pictures of the Palliser and Sheraton hotels. -- June 9, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-213a Arab-Calgarians carry Lebanese flags and protest signs outside of the USA Consulate Office to demonstrate against Israel's invasion of Lebanon. -- June 12, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-213b Pictures of Canadian Forces Base Suffield. -- June 12, 1982. -- 30 sec.; no sound.
F-158-213c Report on the effects of the economic slump on the lumber industry in British Columbia. Pictures of Cranbrook lumber mill. -- June 15, 1982. -- 2 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-213d Cowley and Keith Real Estate company, Canada's sixth largest, is up for sale and may go bankrupt. Interview with owner David Cowley. - - June 16, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-213e Cominco lead-zinc mine in Trail, British Columbia closes down. Interview with two workers. -- June 16, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-213f Report on the underground economy and its growth during economic downturn. -- June 17, 1982. -- 2 min.
F-158-213g Pictures of Cowley and Keith owned property in Calgary. -- June 21, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-213h Mount Allan may replace Mount Sparrowhawk as the downhill ski location for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Interview with Peter Lougheed. -- June 24, 1982. -- 1.75 min.; audio track damaged but audible.
Series 16 News footage. - July-December 1982
F-158-214a Native Pow Wow. Location may be Heritage Park. -- July 1, 1982. -- 3 min.
F-158-214b Interview with Calgary Stampede Rodeo Manager Winston Bruce. Only Stampede footage from 1982. -- June 7, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-214c Western Canada Concept (WCC) policy convention in Red Deer. Interview with MLA Gordon Kessler. More material on convention found on F 158 215. -- July 3, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-214d Opening of the Alberta Rhythm exhibition: The later works of A.Y. Jackson at the Glenbow Museum. Women opening exhibition unknown. -- July 13, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-214e Calgary sychronized swimmers Kelly Krycka and Sharon Hambrook talk about their goals for the upcoming world championship. This is a promotional film not produced by CFCN but more than likely shown on their sportscast. -- July 23, 1982. -- 1 min.; optical sound.
F-158-214f Beltline residents near Central Park are complaining to the police commission about male prostitution in the neighbourhood. Interview with an apartment manager in the area. -- July 22, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-214g Canada's National Cycling (Bicycle racers) Team training at the Calgary Velodrome. -- July 30, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-214h Calgary city council announces major budget cuts and tax increases. -- July 31, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-215a Western Canada Concept (WCC) policy convention in Red Deer. Interview with Gordon Kessler -- July 13, 1982. -- 2 min
F-158-215b Western Canada Concept (WCC) party convention in Red Deer. Interview with party chairman (name unknown). -- July 13, 1982. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-215c Pictures of Western Canada Concept (WCC) party delegates at its convention in Red Deer. -- July 13, 1982. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-215d Delegates at the Western Canada Concept convention in Red Deer are asked why they support this party. -- July 13, 1982. -- 5.25 min.
F-158-215e Interview with Western Canada Concept candidate Elmer Knutson. -- July 13, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-215f Western Canada Concept (WCC) convention delegates are asked why they think Albertans need this type of political party. -- July 13, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-215g A clip of Western Canada Concept (WCC) member Elmer Knutson. -- July 13, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-215h Reporter's closing remarks in his story on the WCC convention. -- July 13, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-215i B-roll of report on WCC convention. Reporter's voice only interspersed with clips from the convention. -- July 13, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-215j Pictures of WCC convention delegates. -- July 13, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-216a Train derailment in the Crowsnest Pass area. Aerial pictures of train cars. Interview with emergency worker and a person who was camping nearby. -- July, 1982. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-216b Dome Petroleum shareholders meeting. Press conference with President Jack Gallagher. -- July, 1982. -- 2 min.
F-158-216c Interior and exterior pictures of Cominco lead-zinc plant in Trail, British Columbia. -- August 2, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-216d Harness racing horses practicing at Stampede Park. Featured horse is H.H. Legend. -- August 5, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-216e Hot air ballooning in the Calgary region. Aerial and ground views. -- August 8, 1982. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-216f Farmers expect a bumper crop this year. But it may only be enough to cover skyrocketing farming cost. -- August 11, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-217a Windsurfing (boardsailing) at Glenmore resevoir. -- August 12, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-217b Arab-Calgarians protest against Israel's invasion of Lebanon. -- August 14, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-217c Shaganappi golf course expansion plans are put on hold by city council. Pictures of the golf course. -- August 14, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-217d Report on level railway crossing accidents in Alberta. Pictures from a train locomotive and the Edmonton-Calgary dayliner. Interview guest (unknown). -- August 20, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-217e Report on the increasing popularity of running. Pictures of a road race in Calgary. Interview guest (unknown). -- August 22, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-217f Critics of noise pollution in Calgary say city planners must address the issue. Interview guest (unknown). -- August 24, 1982. - - 1.25 min.
F-158-217g Naomi Whelan and David Carter compete for the Progressive Conservative nomination in Calgary Edgemont. Interview with Naomi Whalen. -- August 30, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-217h Pictures of irrigation farming and polluted waters near Brooks, Alberta. -- August 31, 1982. -- 25 sec.
F-158-218a Pictures of a taxi motorcade for the funeral of murdered Shamrock cab driver Gurmeet Singh Warach. Black flags fly from the antennaes of the taxis. -- August 17, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-262a Clip of retiring alderman Pat Donnelly comments on the efforts of Hillhurst-Sunnyside residents to recruit her as that city ward's alderman. Interview at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside fall fair. -- September 1983.. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-218b The Alberta government announces a mortgage relief plan for all new, existing, and renewable mortgages in the province. Premier Lougheed and another official (unknown) interviewed. -- September 8, 1982. -- 1.25 min
F-158-218c Reaction from homeowners and real estate agents to the Alberta government's mortgage relief plan. -- September 12, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-218d Calgary's transit union rejects job sharing proposal by the municipal government. Interview with union representative (unknown). -- September 14, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-218e Calgary firemen recover a single engine airplane that crashed into Ghost Lake ten years earlier. -- September 17, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-218f A group of women at City Hall protesting increasing violence against women. -- September 17, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-218g Public meeting of the Alberta Social Credit party. Interview with interim party president George Richardson. -- September 18, 1982. - - 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-218h Alberta's Progesssive Conservative candidates hold a private meeting with Premier Lougheed to discuss election strategy for the upcoming election. -- September 21, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-219a Mayor Klein says he is lobbying to make Calgary an international banking centre. -- September 22, 1982. -- 40 sec.
F-158-219b Bankruptcy rate is expected to reach record numbers in Calgary. Interview with C. Garth MacGirr, incoming president of the Canadian Insolvency Association, at a meeting in Calgary. -- September 22, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-219c Pictures of the Calgary Zoo. Interview with a staff member regarding the theft of a statue at the zoo. -- September 23,1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-219d Feature interview with former Federal Progressive Conservative leader Robert Stanfield. He speaks about the economy and Canada's foreign policy regarding Lebanon. -- September 23, 1982. -- 5.25 min.
F-158-219e Pictures of Olympic Saddledome (coliseum) construction. Comment from Mayor Klein on the Olympic Saddledome Foundation's idea to have the Saddledome managed by the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede board. -- September 26, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-220a News conference with ATCO employee, 23 year old Guy Boisvert, recently released hostage of the Kurdish rebels. -- September 22, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-220b Report on the provincial Progressive Conservatives and New Democratic Party not addressing unemployment issues during the election campaign. -- October 16, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-220c Union petition against city council to stop the firing of 34 bus drivers. Interview with woman (unknown) and a fired bus driver. - - October 1, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-220d LRT line between the University and the Stampede grounds may not be built on time for the Olympic Games. Interview with Mayor Klein. Pictures of the Winter Olympic bid book. -- October 4, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-220e City bows to pressure to retain city bus routes that it had planned to cut. -- October 6, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-220f Progressive Conservative candidates campaigning in a Calgary shopping mall. Pictures of election headquarters. Clip from a campaign manager. -- October 8, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-220g Provincial Liberal party leader Nick Taylor says he will not run candidates in the ridings where the Alberta Reform Movement has strong candidates. -- October 9, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-221a Candlelight vigil in downtown Calgary protesting against human rights violations. -- October 16, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-221b Report says the Progressive Conservative party and the New Democratic party do not believe unemployment is a major issue in the provincial election campaign. -- October 16, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-221c Native hoop dancing exhibition (location unknown). -- October 16, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-221d Pictures of train and car collision in rural Alberta (location unknown). Good nighttime and daytime pictures of the accident scene. -- October 17, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-221e Western Canada Concept leader Gordon Kessler confronts Premier Peter Lougheed while they are both campaigning in High River. -- October 20, 1982. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-221f Protest march by the Calgary Disarmament Coalition. -- October 31, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-221g Provincial Liberal leader Nick Taylor speaking to a group of Liberal supporters (location unknown). -- October, 1982. -- 2 min.
F-158-222a Three Calgary alderman running in the provincial election say they will still serve their municipal constituents. Alderman Gordon Shrake, Stan Nelson, and Brian Lee interviewed. -- October, 1982. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-222b Voluntary car emission standards testing takes place throughout Calgary. Pictures of pollution over city. -- October 5, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-263a Pictures of the Lodgepole forest fire clean-up. Pictures of the public meeting in the aftermath of natural gas well that burned out of control over a month between October and November, 1982. -- November 1982. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-222c Provincial New Democratic Party leader Grant Notley election campaign. Pictures of flight to Pincher Creek. -- November 1, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-222d Several Calgary Stampeder football club players interviewed at the end of the regular season. Lloyd Fairbanks, Gerry Datillio, J.T. Hay, James Sykes and two others interviewed. -- November 1, 1981. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-222e Pictures of Ogden railway yards in Calgary. Report on a West Coast strike and its affects on the CPR railyard workers. -- November 5, 1982. -- 45 sec.; incomplete audio.
F-158-222f Interview with a Calgary tennis player and his experiences at Wimbledon. -- October 5, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-222g Aftermath of bombing at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Pictures of investigation and clean-up. -- November 8, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-222h Officials retrieving dead fish from the Elbow River. Fish died due to high levels of lead and zinc released from the Glenmore water treatment plant. -- November 9, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-223a Mount Allan is chosen as the Olympic downhill ski venue for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Canadian Olympic Development Association (CODA) chairman David Layton at press conference and interview. -- November 9, 1982. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-223b CFCN starts producing Crimestopper stories to help police solve crimes in the Calgary area. Pictures of show production at a Macdonald's restaurant. -- November 10, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-223c Shell Canada representatives at Energy Resources Conservation Board hearings on the future of its gas plant near Pincher Creek. Two people interviewed (unknown). -- November 15, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-223d Calgary Chamber of Commerce launches "Yes We Can" campaign to combat recession in the city. Chamber of Commerce official (unknown) gives background information on the campaign. -- November 16, 1982. -- 4.25 min.
F-158-224a Controversy surrounds the opening of Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party" exhibition at the Glenbow Museum. Interview with two people (unknown). -- November 22, 1982. -- 3 min.
F-158-224b United Nurses of Alberta executive director Simon Renouf says there will be more government interference between provincial nurses and hospitals in the future. -- November 23, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-224c Hockey game footage between Calgary Flames and the Washington Capitals at the Corral. -- November 23, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-224d Petro-Canada plans to buy BP Canada. Interview with Petro-Canada president William (Bill) Hopper. -- November 24, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-224e Pictures of Bearspaw Dam, water treatment plant, and Bow River. Interior and exterior shots of water treatment plant. -- November 24, 1982. -- 2.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-224f Pincher Creek mayor Dr. Juan Teran says his town supports keeping Shell Canada's gas plant open. Shots of gas plant, town of Pincher Creek, and Westcastle ski area. -- November 16, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-224g Calgary Stampede board president says 1982 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede revenues down one million dollars. Interview with board president Ken Moore. -- November 16, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-225a Pictures of Chinatown area of Calgary. -- November 25, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-225b Federal transportation minister Jean Luc Pepin meets with agriculture industry representatives to discuss future of the grain freight rate (The Crow Rate). Interview with two agriculture representatives (unknown). - - November 26, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-225c Scenic picture of downtown Calgary in fog. Shot taken from Broadcast hill. -- November 27, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-225d Mayor Ralph Klein is angry Calgary public service union representatives are not taking talks of wage and job cuts seriously. Interview with Mayor Klein and Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) representative Harley Horne. -- November 27, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-225e Maureen McTeer speaks to the federal Progressive Conservative Women's Caucus of Calgary luncheon at the Palliser Hotel. -- November 29, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-225f Two clips of federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark speaking at the Calgary Convention centre. One clip is on the economy, the other is on the state of the Progressive Conservative party. -- November 30, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-225g Dedication ceremony of a new ambulance to the St. John's Society by the Royal Calgary Legion. Ceremony held outside the Kensington branch. -- December 2, 1982. -- 40 sec.
F-158-225h Interview with City of Calgary inside workers union leader John Corcoran. -- December 10, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-225i Vietnamese-Calgarians in front of city hall protest human rights violation. Mayor Klein talks to the rally. -- December 11, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-225j Picture of a chinook arch to the west of Calgary. -- December 11, 1982. -- 1 min.
F-158-226a Provincial election. Western Canada Concept party members campaigning in Olds-Didsbury riding. -- November, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-226b Provincial election. Western Canada Concept candidate (WCC) Gordon Kessler describes his campaigning style. -- October, 1982. -- 20 sec.
F-158-226c Provincial election. Reporter's summation of the High River campaign. -- October, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-226d Provincial election. Highwood riding profile. Interview with two people following an all-candidates meeting. Reporter summary. - - October, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-226e Provincial election. Interview with Alberta Reform Movement leader Tom Sindlinger. -- October, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-226f Provincial election. Western Canada Concept party (WCC) candidate Elmer Knutson comments after his election loss. -- November 2, 1982. -- 30 sec.
F-158-227a Calgary police force members meet to discuss the municipal government plan to reduce the police department. -- December 14, 1982. - - 1 min.
F-158-227b Petro-Canada President William (Bill) Hopper defends the construction of the company's new head office in downtown Calgary during the recession. Pictures of one of Petro-Canada's old offices, and construction of new building. -- December 16, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-227c Salvation Army Christmas drive. Pictures of street corner donation kettles, volunteers picking up food and clothing, dinner preparation at the Salvation Army hostel. Interview with the sargeant of the downtown Salvation Army hostel. -- December 16, 1982. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-227d Pictures of North American Van Lines crash at Blackfoot Trail and 17th Avenue NE railway overpass due to a winter storm. Good pictures of a moving van hanging over the bridge. -- December 18, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-227e Military ceremony at CFB Calgary. -- December 18, 1982. -- 50 sec.
F-158-227f Calgary Police Commissioner Brian Sawyer says the last two graduating classes of police officers will be laid off in the new year. - - December 21, 1982. -- 45 sec.
F-158-227g Calgary Police Academy graduation ceremony. Comments from new officers about impending layoffs. -- December 22, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-227h Story on Patricia Steeves giving birth to four girls at the Foothills hospital. Shots of maternity ward. Interview with doctor. -- December 23, 1982. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-228a Story on the Holy Cross Hospital. Shots of operating room, obstetric ward, medical labs. Interview with hospital officials. -- December 23, 1982. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-228b Pictures of an outdoor Christmas pageant and residental Christmas light displays. -- December 23, 1982. -- 1.5 min.
Series 17 News footage. - January-June 1983
F-158-228c Sharon Pollock's play "Blood Relations" is being produced as a mini-series by CFCN Television. Interview with two people involved in the production (unknown). -- January 3, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-228d A small group of women called the Feminist Town Hall Coalition protest outside of the Eaton's store in downtown Calgary. They are protesting the introduction of Playboy programs on First Choice cable network. Eaton's is a majority shareholder in the company. Interview with one of the protesters. -- January 17, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-228e Mayor Ralph Klein says the City of Calgary needs financial help from the Alberta government in order to do its share of the clean up of pollution in the Bow and Elbow Rivers. -- February 3, 1983. -- 40 sec.
F-158-228f Federal Employment minister Lloyd Axworthy visits Calgary to discuss unemployment problems. Pictures and clips of Axworthy speaking on CFCN Radio program and to students at the University of Calgary. -- February 8, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-228g Mayor Ralph Klein defends his "bums and creeps" statement a year after he said it. This is a better clip than the first one on this issue. (See F-158-202h and F-158-204c) -- February 8, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-229a Calgary Progressive Conservative group starts campaign to get Premier Peter Lougheed to run for the national party leadership. Interview with campaign organizer Anna Sudden. -- February 10, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-229b Pictures of Calaway Park. -- February 15, 1983. -- 30 sec.
F-158-229c Report on the Calgary Speedskating Club. Interview with a coach and a speedskater. -- February 16, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-229d Report on financial cuts to Calgary schools and its effects on students and teachers. -- February 17, 1983. -- 30 sec.
F-158-229e Calgary man tries to break the world record for pole sitting. Picture of pole sitting platform above Orestes restaurant. Interview with pole sitter Will MacPherson. (See also F-158-230f). -- February 18, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-229f Report on the effects of drop in world oil price on one Calgary drilling company (name of company unknown). -- February 23, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-229g Report on Esso Resources and an oil spill near their facilities in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories (NWT). Shots of oil wells and construction at Norman Wells. -- February 28, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-229h Officials from Calgary and towns east of the city along the Bow River tour a water treatment plant and talk about pollution problems in the Bow River. Two people interviewed (unknown). This may be the Bonneybrook water treatment plant. -- February, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-230a Pictures of Stampede Park from racetrack and Scotsman Hill. Report on Stampede Park expansion plans and its possible effects on the neighbourhood of Victoria Park. -- March 1, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-264d Pictures from a tour of the Gulf Canada Gas plant near Pincher Creek. -- March 3, 1983. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-230b Winter carnival pictures (possible location Heritage Park). Shots of horse-drawn sleigh, dog sleds, log sawing contest. -- March 5, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-230c Report on proposed 50 percent increase in Calgary sewage tax and how it will not be used to deal with Bow River pollution problems. -- March 9, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-230d Report on Calgary court decision to allow retail stores to be open on Sunday. Interview with defense lawyer Tim Boyle. -- March 9, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-230e Report on unemployment in Calgary and how the government is not listening to the concerns of the unemployed. Interview with two unemployed workers. Shots of Calgary Herald printing press. -- March 10, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-230f High Chinook winds leading to accidents in downtown Calgary. Pictures of emergency workers helping man hit by a flying plywood sheet and the collapse of the pole sitters platform on Orestes restaurant (see F 158 229e). Interview with pole-sitter Will MacPherson. -- March 10, 1983. -- 1.25 sec.
F-158-230g Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is met by protesters outside the federal Liberal Convention in Lethbridge. Interview with Alberta Liberal organizer (unknown) talking about problems of the Liberal party in Alberta. -- March 12, 1983. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-230h Federal Progressive Conservative MP Jim Hawkes addresses a town hall constituents meeting. Interview with Hawkes stating his constituents want Joe Clark as party leader. -- March 19, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-231a Mayor Klein criticizes Royal Commission on the Economy for not formally including municipal governments as part of the commission. Interview with commission representative saying municipal governments are not a special interest group. -- March 21, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-231b Mayor Ralph Klein says the Alberta government is not giving the Alberta's major cities enough money for transportation projects. -- March 29, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-231c Interior pictures of Lindsay Park Aquatic Centre under construction. Interview with Western Canada Summer Games organizer (unknown). Report on the difficulty raising money for the games during an economic recession. -- March 30, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-231d Dedication ceremony pictures of Calgary Number One fire station as an historic site. -- March 31, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-231e Predictions of a fifteen percent unemployment rate in Canada by 1991. Interview with two people (unknown). -- May 6, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-231f Report on the growing popularity of rugby in Calgary high schools. -- May 11, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-231g Martial arts demonstration. Good pictures. -- May 13, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-231h Report on the recession's impact on downtown office space leasing. Views of downtown from 10th Avenue SW, model of expansion plans that have been put on hold. Interview with developer (unknown) and oil company representative (unknown). -- May 17, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-232a Report on housing sales and people leaving the province due to the recession. Interview with real estate agent (unknown) . -- May 18, 1983. -- 1.25 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-232b Report on increased immigration of Hong Kong Chinese to Calgary. Interviews with recent Chinese immigrant and a representative of the Chinese community in Calgary. -- May 19, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-232c Pictures of the Olympic Saddledome cement roof being installed and the new offices of the Calgary Flames Hockey Club. -- May 19, 1983. -- 50 sec.
F-158-232d Federal Energy Minister Jean Chretien and Alberta Energy Minister John Zaozirny hold a news conference. Clip of Chretien on the current world price for oil. -- May 19, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-232e Interview with representative of First Choice, a Canadian Pay Television channel, who refutes claims that the company is in financial trouble. -- May 20, 1983. -- 2 min.
F-158-232f Preview of the Calgary Mustangs Soccer Club. Interview with a player on the prospects of the new club in the new Canadian Soccer League. -- May 23, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-232g Interview with chuckwagon driver Richard Cosgrave while he is training his team of horses. Pictures inside the chuckwagon and close to the horses on the track. -- May 25, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-233a Maclean-Hunter Limited chairman Donald Cameron speaking at the Canadian Radio Television Commission hearings about his ownership of the Calgary Sun and CFCN Radio and Television. -- May 24, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-233b Calgary hockey fans lined up outside the Calgary Flames Hockey Club offices to puchase seasons tickets for the new Olympic Saddledome. Interview with fans and General Manager Cliff Fletcher. -- May 24, 1983. -- 1.5 min
F-158-233c Picture of construction workers at the topping off ceremony (when the building has reached its projected height) of the Petro-Canada building in downtown Calgary. Petro-Canada building is now the tallest building east of Toronto. -- May 26, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-233d Calgary Police Commission meet to discuss prostitution problems in Calgary. Interview with two members of the commission (unknown). -- May 26, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-233e Report on a temporary job agency in Calgary and the people who use them. Interview with two unemployed people at the centre. -- May 30, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-233f Interior and exterior shots of the new Eau Claire condominiums in downtown Calgary. Greyhound bus depot on 4th Avenue and 1st Street SW also shown. -- June 1, 1983. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-234a Eau Claire development plans put on hold because of the recession. Pictures of Eau Claire district and 1886 Cafe. Interview with representative of Eau Claire development (unknown). -- June 2, 1983. -- 50 sec.
F-158-234b Reporter summary on the effects of the recession on the Calgary construction industry. Good report. -- May 3, 1983. -- 30 sec.
F-158-234c Caneverex, the agents for the Canadian Mount Everest Expedition Society, hold a press conference about the expedition. Clips from Roy Fisher and John Amatt of Caneverex as well as expedition climber Alan Burgess. -- June 6, 1983. -- 2 min.
F-158-234d Report on a pair of rare peregrine falcon birds nesting on the roof of the Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) building in downtown Calgary. -- June 7, 1983. -- 50 sec.
F-158-234e Behind the scenes look at the CFCN Television production of the Miss Calgary contest. Band practice, make-up, staging, and interview with two people involved in the production. -- June 8, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-234f Report on Calgary's Chinatown resident campaign against changes to the Continental Plaza building in Chinatown. Interview with two members of the community. -- June 9, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-234g Cruise missile protest march and rally. Interview with two protesters. -- June 11, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-234h Approximately five hundred Calgary high school students demonstrate outside of the Calgary Public School board offices over changes to their curriculum. Interview with a protester and Calgary school board superintendent Jake Longmore. -- June 10, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-235a Interview with Alberta Liberal leader Nick Taylor. Comments on new Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney and the future of the federal Liberal Party. -- June 12, 1983. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-235b Chinatown community residents protest in front of Calgary City Hall over proposed changes the Continental building in Chinatown. Residents want the building used for low cost housing while the municipal government plans to make it a hotel. -- June 13, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-235c Pictures of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony (25th Anniversary) at the Carriage Motor Inn. Margaret Berezowski (figure skating), Elsie Farano (basketball), Andrew Purcell (baseball) and one other (unknown). -- June 13, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-235d Blackfoot Farmers Market burns down. Pictures of fire. Interview with people who worked and shopped at the market. -- June 14, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-235e Provincial treasurer Lou Hyndman speaks to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce on Alberta's economic future and the natural resource sector. -- June 16, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-235f Calgary city council debates cost overrrun controversy of the Olympic Saddledome. Interview with alderman Don Hartman. -- June 17, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-235g World University Games (Universad) torch relay arrives at Prince's Island Park. Mayor Klein officiates over a brief ceremony in the park. -- June 28, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-236a Report released urging oil and natural gas companies to listen to environmental concerns of the public. Speaker unknown. -- June 28, 1983. -- 1 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-236b Report criticizing widespread LRT construction in Calgary is released. Clip of University of Calgary economic professor Bob Wright and Alderman Elaine Husband. -- June 29, 1983. -- 1.25 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-236c Federal Energy minister Jean Chretien and Alberta Energy minister John Zaozirny announce an agreement to hold crude oil prices at its current level. Clip from oil company representative (unknown). -- June 30, 1983. -- 1.5 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
Series 18 News footage. - July-December 1983
F-158-236d Union group (unknown) releases a report on budget recommendations for the provincial government. Clip of union representative (unknown) and Premier Peter Lougheed. -- July 5, 1983. -- 1.25 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-236e Alberta natural gas producers say new international pricing structures for exports to the USA will help the industry in the long term. Clip of Jim Gray (Canadian Hunter) and one other person (unknown). -- July 7, 1983. -- 1.25 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-236f Pictures of the 15th International Boy Scouts Jamboree taking place in Kananaskis Country. Shots of opening ceremony and flags of different countries. -- July 7, 1983. -- 45 sec.; no sound. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-236g Report on Kinsmen arena roof collapse (31st Avenue and 16th Street SW). Interview with arena representative (unknown). -- July 11, 1983. -- 1 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-265a International Scouts Jamboree in Kananaskis Country. Comments from two scouts on their jamboree experiences. Pictures of international dining area and festivities. -- July 7, 1983. -- 4.5 min.
F-158-265b Aerial views of Nose Hill area of Calgary. -- Summer 1983. -- 1.5 min.; no sound.
F-158-236h Pictures of Calgary Stampede events taking place in downtown Calgary. Wild west shoot-out and city council members serving free chili on 8th Avenue shown. -- July 14, 1983. -- 45 sec. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-236i Pictures of mudslide and road washout in Rogers Pass near Woolsey Creek (35 km west of the Rogers Pass summit. (Worst flooding in area since 1962). Clip with emergency worker and a local merchant. -- July 15, 1983. - - 1.25 min. -- DVD copy available (Calgary Stampede CFCN).
F-158-237a Pictures of Rangeland Derby chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede. This is the first footage of chuckwagon racing at Stampede Park in the CFCN database. Richard Cosgrave, Kirk Sutherland and two other drivers featured in this race. -- July 16, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-237b Report on striking miners from British Columbia picketing Fording Coal Company offices in downtown Calgary. -- July 18, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-237c Interview with high rise building window cleaners regarding safety on the job. This story is a follow-up to a recent window cleaner accident. -- July 19, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-237d Report on pest control officer removing skunks from the Midnapore grain elevator. Good pictures. -- July 21, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-237e Report on new Calgary municipal building construction (about twenty five percent completed). Interview with two people (unknown) regarding budget of the building and the impact of the building on other area development. -- July 22, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-237f Aerial view of the new Kananaskis golf course. -- July 23, 1983. -- 1 min.; no sound.
F-158-237g Pictures and comments from a Calgary chili cook-off event. -- July 23, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-238a Interview with Western Canada Summer Games ticket organizer Bernie Benning regarding preparations and ticket sales. -- July 25, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-238b Mayor Ralph Klein says the provincial government and not the Calgary municipal government will have to pay for the cost overrun of the Olympic Saddledome. Good pictures from the roof of the Saddledome. -- July 26, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-238c Greenpeace protester George Callies dumps a suitcase filled with dead fish on the desk of Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) chairman Vern Millar. Greenpeace members protest ERCB decision to approve a sour gas well development near High River. -- August 12, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-238d Final race at the North American Chuckwagon Championship in High River. Trophy presentation to winner Tom Glass shown. Good pictures of start and finish of race. -- August 15, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-238e Report on organized crime in Calgary. -- August 25, 1983. -- 40 sec.
F-158-238f Report on a proposed aide package to Western Canadian Coal producers in order to keep the industry alive. -- August 25, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-238g Canadian olympic hockey team coach Dave King assesses his players. -- August 30, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-239a Calgary Herald celebrates its one hundredth birthday. Pictures of the printing press, newsroom, and birthday cake cutting ceremony. Interview with Herald publisher J. Patrick O'Callaghan regarding the federal governments concerns over media ownership. -- August 31, 1983. -- 3 min.
F-158-239b Carling O'Keefe brewery workers in Calgary are worried about job losses with the introduction of canned beer by the company. Interview with a company official and a union official (unknown). -- September 2, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-239c Calgary city council decides to borrow ten million dollars in order to complete construction of the Olympic Saddledome. Councillors question President of the Calgary Saddledome Society Construction Committee, Art Froese. Comment from Mayor Klein and Alderman Elaine Husband. Clip of an angry Alderman Don Hartman during the debate. -- September 13, 1983. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-239d Report on future development of Hillhurst-Sunnyside area and its relationship to electing Pat Donnelly as area alderman. Interview with business owner in the area and pictures of 10th Street and Kensington Road NW. -- September 13, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-239e Report on new public health sexual counselling program and the increase in teenage abortions. -- September 15, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-239f Civic election. Alderman Sue Higgins opens her campaign headquarters in her bid to become mayor of Calgary. (All material regarding topics on this election is listed under civic election) -- September 15, 1983. -- 50 sec.
F-158-240a Report on sex education and the opening of a new public health centre counselling teenagers in Calgary. Interview with a parent of a teenage girl and three unidentified teenage girls. -- September 16, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-240b Federal Health minister Monique Begin comes to Calgary to discuss extra billing practice by Alberta doctors. Interview and clip of Begin on CFCN radio talk show. -- September 17, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-240c CPR disputes Canadian Transport Commission investigation into the crash of Edmonton-Calgary dayliner. Pictures of the hearing. -- September 21, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-240d Report on the impact of the recession on public donations to civic election candidates. Interview with two campaign chairmen of municipal candidates (unknown). -- September 21, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-240e Tim Bardsley (before he becomes an alderman) circulates a petition to have the province release government documents about Olympic Saddledome cost overruns. Interview with Tim Bardsley and provincial New Democratic Party member Ray Martin. -- September 22, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-240f Calgary police chief Brian Sawyer apologizes for saying Calgary's Italian and Asian community harbour major criminal elements in the city. Clip of Sawyer and Pier Siccardi, a member of the Italian community. -- September 23, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-241a Calgary community groups are worried large bingo halls are cutting into traditional fundraising sources for local communities. Interview with West Hillhurst community association member (unknown). -- September 28, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-241b Report on the Calgary Stampeder football club annual "Duck Day" gag performed on a rookie football player. Pictures of the gag and interview with Danny Barrett and two other players. -- September 29, 1983. -- 2 min.
F-158-241c Report on controversy over Thornhill Public Health Service providing sexual counselling services to teenagers. Clip of woman (unknown) talking about her concerns on CFCN radio and an administrator at the Thornhill Public Health Service. -- September 30, 1983. -- 1.75 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-262c Municipal election. Candidate for mayor in Calgary, Martin Cargill, accuses Mayor Klein of withholding public information regarding the cost overruns of the Olympic Saddledome (coliseum). Klein and his campaign chairman Pat Donnelly hold separate news conferences denying the allegations. -- September 30, 1983. -- 3 min.
F-158-241d Pictures of mock LRT disaster involving Calgary police, firefighters, ambulance and hospital workers. Interview with two people (unknown) involved in the emergency exercise. -- October 3, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-241e Report on the Alberta government's crackdown on people not paying health care premiums. Picture of busy Alberta health care office. Clip of two people against the crackdown and a health care official. -- October 4, 1983. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-241f Civic election. Coop Taxi general manager Martin Cargill runs as candidate for mayor of Calgary. Clip of Cargill and pictures of his campaign office. -- October 12, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-262b Calgary ward 12 alderman Larry Gilchrist talks about the issue of bingo halls in this ward. -- October 12, 1983.. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-241g Report on the number of Calgarians moving outside of the city to live and its impact on Calgary and the surrounding communities. -- October 13, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-242a Civic election. Pictures of incumbent Mayor Ralph Klein and candidate Sue Higgins on election day. Reporter summary of the election campaign. -- October 17, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-262d Municipal election. Interview with defeated Calgary mayoral candidate Martin Cargill on election night at his campaign headquarters. - - October 17, 1983. -- 3 min.
F-158-242b Civic election. Pictures of the newly elected city council members. These include Ron Leigh, Les Pears, Tim Bardsley, Theresa Baxter, Bob Hawkesworth, Diane Hunter, Barb Scott, and Craig Reid. -- October 18, 1983. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-242c Max Bell hockey arena gives unemployed Calgarians reduced rates on ice rentals. Interview with arena manager (unknown). -- October 20, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-242d Report on teen suicide and how the Salvation Army teen crisis line is addressing the problem. Pictures of crisis centre and a school lecture on teen suicide. Interview with Salvation Army representative. -- October 21, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-242e Report on the McMahon Stadium Amateur Support Facility (now called the Sports Medicine Physiotherapy Centre). Interview with two representatives of the centre. -- October 21, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-242f Report on the provincial task force on tolerance and understanding which was formed in the wake of the Jim Keegstra affair. Interview with Sheldon Chumir. -- October 23, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-243a Pictures of native protest in front of Indian Friendship Centre in Calgary over lack of promised funding from federal government. -- October 24, 1983. -- 20 sec.
F-158-243b Interviews with downtown Calgary highrise office workers describing their feelings during a small earthquake that hit the city in the morning. -- October 28, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-243c Press conference by the Crown Commonwealth League of Rights (a international right wing anti-semitic group) explaining why they banned the media from their annual meeting being held in Calgary. Clips of group members Eric Butler (main speaker), Don Martin centre) and Bill Daly (far right in picture). -- October 30, 1983. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-243d Interview with Calgary Flames hockey club rookie goalie Mike Vernon. -- November 1, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-243e Report on increase demands on the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank during the pre-Christmas season. -- November 3, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-243f Mayor Ralph Klein refutes claims that Calgary may lose the rights to hold the 1988 Winter Olympic games. -- November 3, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-243g Report on a street vendor charged by Consumer and Corporate Affairs for selling cherries using imperial measurements instead of metric measurements. Clip of vendor (unknown) and his lawyer (unknown). -- November 4, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-244a Calgary Number One Royal Canadian Legion is declared a provincial historic site. British World War Two singer Vera Lynn unveils the commemorative plaque. -- November 11, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-244b Grain farmer says the new CPR Crow Rate will hurt small farm owners. -- November 15, 1983. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-244c Gala fundraising dinner for Canadian Boxer Willie DeWitt at the Westin Hotel. Speakers shown include Herb Capozzi (main speaker) Lanny McDonald, Normie Kwong, unknown person, movie stars Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neil. -- November 15, 1983. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-244d Alberta Hospitals minister Dave Russell tours the $9.8 million renovation of the Colonel Belcher Hospital in Calgary. Clip from Russell. -- November 18, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-244e Report on increasing use of non-union labour in the provincial construction industry. Interview with union representative (unknown) and a dry wall worker (unknown). -- November 18, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-245a United Brotherhood of Electrical Workers board charter buses to Edmonton to protest plan changes in the government labour laws. - - November 22, 1983. -- 50 sec.
F-158-245b Clip of angry school official commenting on proposed education cuts and a freeze in school funding. Alberta education minister Dave King shown in the report. -- November 25, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-245c Community groups in Calgary want city hall to understand the importance of community bingos to the many community programs in the city. -- December 5, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-245d Report on Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) plan to charge directory assistance users. Pictures of directory assistance office and interview with manager (unknown). -- December 6, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-245e Business receivership sales increasing due to rise in business bankruptcy rates in Calgary. Clips of customers at a sale. -- December 7, 1983. -- 50 sec.
F-158-245f Pictures of the Calgary Police Check Stop program being enforced. Clip of Police Chief Brian Sawyer. -- December 9, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-245g Report on protest march by members of the Unemployment Action Centre in downtown Calgary. -- December 10, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-245h Calgary city council approves high increases in water and sewage rates as well as bus fares. Clip of Mayor Klein and Alderman Jim Bell. -- December 11, 1983. -- 1 min.
F-158-245i Interview with Canada and USA bullriding champion Cody Snyder at the Calgary International Airport after his victory at the National Finals Rodeo. -- December 13, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-246a Report on vacant retail and office space in downtown Calgary. Man comments on problem (unknown). -- December 14, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-246b Report on efforts to attract Chinese and Hong Kong businessmen to Calgary. Clips of Mayor Klein, a Calgary businessman (unknown) and a Chinese-Canadian businessman (unknown). -- December 14, 1983. -- 2 min.
F-158-246c Footage of the Calgary Police physical endurance training test. -- December 20, 1983. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-246d Report on Teen Connection Program for troubled teenage boys. Interview with two teenagers and a supervisor involved in the program. -- December 28, 1983. -- 1.5 min.
Series 19 News footage. - January-December 1984
F-158-246e Feature report on Calgary Sun cartoonist Vance Rodewalt before he leaves the Calgary Sun newspaper. Pictures of his cartoons, interview with Rodewalt and a news editor (unknown). -- January 6, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-246f Calgary women's groups are invited for the first time to participate in a committee to change Canada's prostitution laws. -- January 8, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-247a Angie Travel Limited of Calgary holds a news conference to announce a two week business and trade tour of China for Calgary businesses. Clip from company president Amideus Chow. -- January 11, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-247b Interview with three people over the proposed closure of Clem Gardner Elementary School. Clips from man (unknown), Anne Blough and another woman (unknown). -- January 12, 1983. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-247c Pictures of roast and/or retirement party for Pat Donnelly. Good clips of Mayor Klein and his executive assistant Rod Love as well as other civic officials and dignitaries (Brian Scott and Ron Ghitter). -- January 13, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-247d Clip of a labour leader (unknown) speaking to a group about the possiblities of an economic recovery in the near future. -- January 17, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-247e Mayor Klein proposes building a world class casino to raise funds for parks and recreational facilities in the city. Clip from a city official (unknown). -- January 20, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-247f Footage of Robbie Burns Day celebration. Pictures of parading and serving of haggis. Comments from two people (unknown) on the festivities. -- January 25, 1983. -- 45 sec.
F-158-247g Reaction to Mayor Klein's international casino initiative. Clip from a casino operator, a gambler and a Kinsmen club member. -- January 26, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-248a A member of the committee to select a name for Calgary's Olympic mascots reads one of the entries and talks about some of the entries to the contest. (The mascots were subsequently named Heidi and Howdy). -- January 27, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-248b Mayor Klein reacts to an newspaper advertisement challenging the city's decision not to hire a private waste disposal company. -- January 27, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-248c Report on Midnapore students selected to attend the first International Children's Festival in Los Angeles. -- January 31, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-248d Report on renovation plans for Calgary's old Number one Fire Hall. Clip from planner. Exterior shots of fire hall before renovations. -- February 2, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-248e Report on reaction to transportation fares for handibus users and senior citizens using public transit. No visuals on some of the reporter's story. Clip from handibus user. -- February 2, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-248f Calgary Birth Control Association (CBCA) campaign to hand out free condoms to the first one hundred men who come to the clinic for birth control information is criticized by the public. Clip from Alderman Barb Scott and two women (unknown) from the CBCA. -- February 8, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-248g The Alberta Teacher's Association annual conference discusses using computers in the classroom. Clip from a grade school student (unknown) demonstrating computer assisted education and a teacher (unknown). -- March 16, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-248h Calgary city council approves the Calgary Tourist and Convention Bureau's effort to have the Miss Universe pageant take place in Calgary. Comments from Mayor Klein, Tourist Bureau President Jim Adams and Alderman Ron Leigh. -- March 17, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-249a Report on plans to turn the Eau Claire Calgary Transit bus barn into a farmers market. Clips of Alderman Bob Hawkesworth and Alderman Ray Clark. Shots of Eau Claire bus barn. -- March 20, 1984. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-249b Clip of Calgary lawyer Ron Ghitter commenting on Eckville teacher Jim Keegstra and anti-semitic attitudes in Alberta. -- March 21, 1984. -- 40 sec.
F-158-249c Comments from passengers about a Pacific Western Airline fire on flight 501 at the Calgary International airport. Pictures of Calgary General Hospital. Shots of the salvage operation (March 23) and a clip from a Transport Canada investigator. -- March 22, 1984. -- 2.75 min
F-158-249d Pictures of Canadian Forces troops ceremony at the Calgary International Airport prior to leaving for overseas service (destination unknown). Calgary Stampede flag is presented to the troops. -- March 29, 1984. -- 30 sec.
F-158-249e Unemployment protest outside of the National Progressive Conservative Party Convention in Calgary. Shots inside the convention hall at the Palliser Hotel. -- March 30, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-249f Federal election. Toronto lawyer John Gorman, calling himself the Spirit of Canada, announces his intent to be Prime Minister of Canada to students at the University of Calgary. -- March 30, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-250a Alberta beef producers worry about beef subsidies in Quebec hurting sales of Alberta beef. Pictures of a cattle auction in Calgary and farmland near the city. Clip from a beef producer representative. -- April 2, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-250b Calgary Centre Progressive Conservative MP, Harvey Andre, comments on the oil and natural gas policy of his party. -- April 4, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-250c Contract talks between the Calgary transit union and city officials are at a stalemate. Clip of Mayor Klein and member of the transit workers union (unknown). -- April 5, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-250d Report on Canadian Olympic team swimmers Alex Baumann and Victor Davis at a Canada Cup Swim Meet, Lindsay Park Aquatic Centre. -- April 6, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-250e Pictures of Calgary firefighters and local residents fighting a grass fire near the outskirts of the city. -- March 9, 1984. -- 30 sec.
F-158-250f Pictures of the new astroturf field being installed at McMahon Stadium. -- May 1, 1984. -- 40 sec.
F-158-250g Report on increasing demand for sulphur and its impact on natural gas exploration. Pictures of Oxy Petroleum sulphur operation Northeast of Calgary. Clip from company representative (unknown). -- May 2, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-250h Report on the NW route of the LRT. Clips from Mayor Klein and Premier Lougheed after a meeting in Calgary. Pictures of LRT construction. Reporter summary on the potential changes to the route. -- May 2, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-250i Clip from two Calgary inductees to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Joan French (softball) and Fred Storey (curling). -- May 2, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-251a A moratorium on AIDS research is placed on University of Calgary researchers. Clip from University of Calgary researcher. Shots from a Red Cross blood donor clinic. -- May 9, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-251b Canadian Union of Public Employees union representatives leaving the Court of Queen's Bench in Calgary following court hearing into imporprieties by the CUPE leadership. Ron Brown and defense lawyer John Wilson shown. -- May 14, 1984. -- 40 sec.
F-158-251c A Calgary Post Office uses electronic surveillance to watch its employees in the workplace. Clip from Canada Post representative and an inside workers union representative. -- May 16, 1984. -- 40 sec.
F-158-251d Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford's speech at the Palliser Hotel regarding the dispute between Newfoundland and Ottawa over the future of the Hibernia oil fields. -- May 17, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-251e Interview with the owner of the new Calgary triple A baseball club, Russ Parker. (The club now known as the Calgary Cannons). Pictures of Foothills Athletic Park before renovations. -- May 19, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-251f Reaction from Burn's meat packing plant workers on the company's offer of a five dollar wage cut. -- May 22, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-251g Calgary alderman Jim Bell says a three storey parking lot at LRT stations is necessary in order to have people use the transit system. Shots of Anderson LRT station. -- May 22, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-251h Pictures of the Deane House renovations (9th Avenue SE). Interior and exterior views of house. Interview with one of the organizers behind the renovations (unknown). -- May 24, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-252a The Calgary Construction union reaction to the Alberta Labour Board decision to uphold a company's right to lockout its workers and rehire workers at reduced wages. Clip of Construction Labour Relations representative George Derocher and plumbers union business manager Lorie Cook. -- May 24, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-252b An international group of planners and developers meet in Calgary to discuss the future of downtown development. Clips from two planners. Various pictures of the downtown area. -- May 26, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-252c Clips of a construction worker reacting to recent lockouts and wage rollbacks. -- May 28, 1984. -- 40 sec.
F-158-269b Pictures of an archaeological dig near Banff. Interview with dig leader about the aboriginal artifacts that have been recovered. -- June 1984. -- 3.75 min.
F-158-252d Report on union response to lockouts and wage rollbacks in the construction industry. Clip of two union leaders. -- June 7, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-252e Burn's meat packing plant in Calgary closes. Reaction from striking meat packing workers and Mayor Klein. Historic pictures of the plant in the report. -- June 11, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-252f Construction workers, mostly plumbers and pipefitters, hold a roadside protest on the eighth day of their strike against wage rollbacks. Comments from the protesters. -- June 13, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-252g Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney attends Stampede festivities in Calgary. Two clips from Mulroney. -- July 7, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-253a Report on tourist trade in Calgary during the Stampede. Interview Calgary Hotel Association representative John Pye. -- July 11, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-253b Calgary city council discuss control of pornographic material in city stores. Clips from Sheila Martin representing the Calgary Coalition against Pornography and John Hazelton, general manager of United News Ltd of Calgary. -- July 16, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-253c Grain crops are threatened by a summer drought. Clip of grain farmer. Pictures of farmer walking through a field and discribing the damaged crops. -- July 17, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-253d Report on continued use of Bowness railway trestle as a diving platform for swimmers despite the warnings from CPR of the danger. Pictures of people diving off the bridge. Clip from a swimmer and a CPR representative. -- July 18, 1984. -- 1 min.; incomplete audio.
F-158-253e Federal election. National Coalition of Canadians (NCC) very disappointed on the support they are receiving especially from Albertans. -- July 19, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-253f Report on grasshopper plague hitting Southern Alberta farmland already affected by a summer drought. Clip from a farmer in the Nanton area. -- July 27, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-253g Calgary alderman Jim Bell says the CPR train station is inadequate for the expected Olympic traffic. Shots of VIA Rail (CPR) station in downtown Calgary. -- July 30, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-254a Feature story on Calgary Cricket League playing at Riley Park. Interview with a cricket player. Pictures of a cricket match at Riley Park. -- July 30, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-254b Report on difficulties farmers face in 1984. Interviews with three farmers at a farm equipment auction. -- August 1, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-254c Budget cuts at the university is making it difficult for students to register in the courses they need to graduate. Interview with two students and an university administrator. Pictures of line-ups at the registrar's office. -- August 1, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-254d People are angry not all bottle depots are accepting new long neck beer bottles. Interview with two customers at the Carling O'Keefe bottle depot in Calgary and a representative of the depot. -- August 2, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-254e The Alberta government announces plans for a new hospital in North East Calgary (later named the Peter Lougheed Hospital). Picture of scale model of hospital. Interview with contractor who won the bid for the hospital. -- August 9,1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-254f Federal election. Two Liberal candidates in Calgary speak out against the federal party line on natural resource issues. -- August 12, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-254g Alberta's Department of Education reverses its decision to close Viscount Bennett Junior High School. Clip of school representative (unknown). Interior and exterior shots of school. -- August 27, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-255a CFB Calgary tightens security at the base by closing traffic to the public. Interview with military representative. Pictures of weapons cache and military vehicles at the base. -- September 5, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-255b Calgary city council discusses plans to encourage high density residential development near LRT stations to encourage its use. Pictures of Safeway in Sunnyside. Clips from Alderman Tim Bardsley and Bob Hawkesworth. -- September 10, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-255c Pictures of Canada Cup hockey tournament game in Calgary between Team USA and the Federal Republic of Germany. -- September 10, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-255d Pictures of Olympic flag raising ceremony at Calgary City Hall. Comments from people at the ceremony. -- September 11, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-255e Report on the effects of a poor economy are affecting school enrolment levels. Interview with a school official (unknown). Pictures of grade school students studying in class. -- September 13, 1984. -- 45 sec.
F-158-255f News conference about plans for the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts. Clip of vice-president and chairman of special projects, Sandra LeBlanc. -- September 14, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-255g Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers try to catch a bear wandering near the residential areas of Fish Creek Park in Calgary. -- September 14, 1984. -- 50 sec.
F-158-255h Calgary city council plans to impose land taxes on the new Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts. Clip from a supporter of the idea (unknown). Pictures of the arts centre. -- September 17, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-256a Calgary MLA, Brian Lee, proposes legalizing beer and liquor sales in corner stores. Clip of Lee and a corner store owner. Shots of an Alberta Liquor Control Board (ALCB) outlet. -- October 16, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-256b News conference announcing the establishment of the Calgary Cannons baseball club. Interview with the clubs first manager. Pictures of club president Russ Parker. -- October 18, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-256c Motel Village business owners (on Crowchild Trail) express concern over the planned LRT route to the Northwest. Clip of Alderman Thresea Baxter and two businessmen (unknown). -- October 19, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-256d Alberta farmer and entrepreneur, Steve Haley, introduces a new sport called Aeroball to Calgary. Clip with a man explaining the game as well as Hailey. Demonstration of the game shown. -- October 30, 1984. -- 2 min.
F-158-256e Calgary's Sikh community holds a public demonstration after the death of India Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. -- October 31, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-256f Interview with Grim Reapers bike gang's lawyer, Brian Devlin, and a police official (unknown) following the conviction of three Calgary motorcycle gang members. -- November 2, 1984. -- 2 min.
F-158-257a Various pictures of Calgary's one hundredth birthday celebrations. Mayor Klein at city hall cake cutting ceremony, the centennial couple getting married at City Hall. Premier Lougheed and historian Grant MacEwan address an evening dinner function. -- November 5, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-257b Report on job losses in the Alberta trucking industry. Interview with a representative of Kingsway Trucking Company of Calgary. -- November 7, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-257c Report on the rise in escapes at the Calgary Correctional Centre. Interview with a law enforcement official and Mayor Klein. - - November 14, 1984. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-257d Clip of Toronto psychologist James V.P. Check following his testimony at the obscenity trial of Calgary store owner Fred Wagner who is charged with selling pornographic material. -- November 15, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-257e Report on Bishop Grandin high school students chosing bowling as a school elective. Pictures of the Silver Dollar Action Centre bowling alley. -- November 22, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-257f Calgary stores selling pornographic magazines install barriers to cover the front of the magazines. Clip from John Hazelton of United News and one other person (unknown). -- December 6, 1984. -- 1 min.
F-158-257g Clips of unemployed workers attending a job fair at the Crescent Heights community hall. -- December 6, 1984. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-258a Report on the economic impact of the Winter Olympics is released by the Calgary Olympic Committee. Clip from committee chairman Frank King and Calgary MLA Ed Oman. -- December 10, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-258b Calgary Salvation Army says there is a twenty-five percent increase in demand for Christmas Food hampers. Pictures of the Salvation Army food centre. -- December 10, 1984. -- 50 sec.
F-158-258c Calgary businessmen and USA military contractors meet in Calgary to discuss business opportunities. Clip from USA defense representative and two businessmen. Pictures of peace activists protesting outside of the meeting. -- December 12, 1984. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-258d The Calgary Olympic Committee plans to upgrade Foothills Arena (Father David Bauer Arena) for the Olympics despite lobbying by the South West Arena society's bid to erect a new hockey arena. Clip of Alderman Craig Reid and South West Arena Society representative Gerry Stotts. See F 158 236g -- December 13, 1984. -- 2.5 min.
Series 20 News footage. - Date uncertain, [ca. 1976-1984]
F-158-259a Report on attitudes of people living in Toronto toward Western Canadians. Series of clips from people in downtown Toronto. Reporter is Ralph Klein. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 4.25 min.
F-158-259d Comments from Calgary public school trustees on how they would end the school board's teachers strike. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 2.75 min.
F-158-260a Interview with a Toronto journalist about differences in attitudes and behaviour between Central and Western Canada. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 6.25 min.
F-158-260b Journalist Peter C. Newman talks about the possibility of federal Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark becoming Prime Minister of Canada. He also talks about differences between eastern and western Canadians. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 5.25 min.
F-158-263b Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers set-up a checkstop to catch illegal hunters and hunting practices. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-263c Interview with Blackfoot native regarding the future of the buffalo herds on the reserve east of Calgary. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-263d Blackfoot native talks about religion in the context of native beliefs. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-264a Blackfoot native says tribal police need more authority on the reserve. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 1.75 min.
F-158-264b Hotel bar owner talks positively about his Blackfoot native customers. Bar could be a hotel in Gleichen. This is the fourth part in a series of interviews about Blackfoot natives done by reporter Ralph Klein. -- [ca. 1979]. -- 1 min.
F-158-264c Pictures of Via Rail dayliner between Edmonton and Calgary. Shots of train passing and interior of moving train. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-264e Pictures of ice boat sailing. Location unknown. -- [ca. 1983]. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-265d Interior pictures and description of the Alberta Environment department mobile testing laboratory. Clip from scientist working in the mobile vehicle. -- [ca. 1983]. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-266a Short film on oil research and drilling activities. Pictures of refinery work, a northern drilling operation and the construction of an oil derrick. Not a CFCN produced film. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 5 min.; optical sound.
F-158-266b Trapper Ed Cesar says he has developed a more humane animal leg hold trap. Demonstration of old and new style of traps. -- [ca. 1976- 1984]. -- 3 min.
F-158-266c Hot air balloon flight over farmland near Calgary. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 2.5 min.; no audio
F-158-267a Pictures of hot air balloon trip over residential area of NE Calgary. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-267b Interior pictures of Palm Dairy milk processing plant. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-267c Pictures of Burns meat packing plant. Interior shots of inspection and packaging of meat and pork products. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 3.5 min.
F-158-268a Small group of University of Calgary medical students studying skeletal and muscular models in a laboratory. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 1.25 min.
F-158-268b Premier Peter Lougheed speaking in the Alberta Legislature on the future of agriculture and the oil and natural gas industry in Alberta. -- [ca. 1976]. -- 3.25 min.
F-158-268c Pictures of doctors and nurses attending to patients in the Foothills hospital's intensive care ward. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 2.5 min.
F-158-268d Exterior pictures of a coal mining operation in Sparwood, British Columbia. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-269a Interview with southern Alberta farmer who uses wind power to generate electricity on his property and sells some of it to Trans-Alta utilities. -- [ca 1982]. -- 2.25 min.
F-158-269c Interview with the minister of the Springpoint Hutterite Colony in southern Alberta. He talks about other farmers attitudes toward the colony and concerns over its size. -- [ca. 1979-1984]. -- 5 min.
F-158-270a Pictures of the Springpoint Hutterite colony in southern Alberta. Kids playing around colony, men working with bales of hay, structures around the colony, hutterites shopping in Pincher Creek, shots inside a home and inside the communal kitchen. -- [ca. 1979-1984]. -- 10 min.; no sound.
F-158-271a Interior pictures of the Nova Corporation gas terminal in Edmonton. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 1.5 min.
F-158-271b Pictures of operating oil rig near Okotoks. Rig owned by Arrowhead Drilling Company. -- [ca. 1976-1984]. -- 3 min.

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