Charlie Russell and the First Calgary Stampede

by Brian W. Dippie
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Envisioned as a celebration of the West that was fast disappearing, the first Calgary Stampede included a daily parade, rodeo events and a special exhibition of 20 paintings by Charles M. Russell, the "Famous Cowboy Artist."

Eminent Russell scholar Brian W. Dippie examines the impact of this exhibition on Russell's career and describes why this single exhibition was an epochal moment in the history of Western American Art. In addition, Glenbow Museum curator Lorain Lounsberry illustrates the importance of fellow cowboy artist's Edward Borein's work in shaping people's perception of the Calgary Stampede, and offers readers a glimpse of Calgary back in 1912.

Filled with historical detail, iconic imagery and some of Russell's most beloved masterpieces, Charlie Russell and the First Calgary Stampede is a unique look at an exhibition that influenced two artists' careers and an event that shaped the identity of a city.

ISBN 978-1-895379-63-1
paperbound, 104 pages
colour illustrations with b/w photos

Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway Book

Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway

By Roger H. Boulet
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A visual journey from the vast Canadian prairies to the lush west coast – with stunning mountain landscapes in between – Vistas: Artists on the Canadian Pacific Railway presents works by some of Canada's most renowned artists who painted and photographed the "new west."

Filled cover to cover with wondrous mountain vistas, images that capture the wild and sometimes inhospitable landscape and photographs that document some of the most impressive railway construction of the time, Vistas is an important record of the artists and photographers who participated in the Canadian Pacific Railway's artists' pass program.

Over 120 images (some not seen in the public realm for decades), created by artists such as Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith, Lucius O'Brien, Thomas Mower Martin and photographers Oliver Buell and William McFarlane Notman are reproduced here to stunning effect. This, combined with the history of the railway's development and substantial art historical context, provides a framework for the artists who documented the western landscape at a momentous time in Canada's history. Vistas is a must-have for art, history and railway enthusiasts.

ISBN: 978-1-895379-59-4
paperbound, 192 pages
b/w photos and colour illustrations
Also available in French

Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art

Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art

By Beth Carter, Quyen Hoang, Gerald T. Conaty and Frederick R. McDonald
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Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art brings new perspectives to historical and contemporary Aboriginal art. To explore the diverse ways this art can be understood, the Glenbow Museum invited Aboriginal elders, leaders and artists to share their perspectives with non-Native museum staff. The resulting dialogue highlights the complexity of Aboriginal art from the northern plains to the subarctic regions of Canada.

Links to tradition, history and culture can be seen in artwork both old and new. From a lavishly beaded mossbag made in the 1890s, to a work created in 2006 by chiseling, drilling, sanding and assembling circuit boards, the artwork in Honouring Tradition celebrates the richness and complexity of the ongoing stories of the Indigenous people in this region.

These artists, whether traditional or contemporary, honour the importance of community, the connection to land and place and the tradition of storytelling.


ISBN: 978-1-895379-58-7
paperbound, 151 pages
Colour illustrations

The Group of Seven in Western Canada

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In The Group of Seven in Western Canada, Catharine Mastin, curator of the Glenbow exhibition, and five other Canadian scholars and curators (Robert Stacey, Marci Crosby, Liz Wylie, Anna Hudson, and Ann Davis) explore the inspiration and influence of the West on both the Group's artwork and their sense of national identity.

A multiplicity of viewpoints are expressed in this book as each author explores the Group's relationship with the West from their own unique point of view. The book focuses on the significant themes and works produced by the Group from artistic, political, geographical, social, and cultural perspectives in order to create the first, and most comprehensive, study of the Group's western muse.

With 130 stunning images and photographs to accompany the fascinating and insightful text, The Group of Seven in Western Canada is a unique and outstanding contribution to the history and legacy of Canadian art.

Hardcover, colour and black & white photos, 208 pages

ISBN 1-55263-439-6

Carl Rungius: Artist & Sportsman

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During his lifetime, artist Carl Rungius (1869-1959) enjoyed a reputation similar to that of well-known western painter and sculptor Frederic Remington. Though interest in his depictions of the wildlife and landscapes of the West declined following his death, growing fascination with our wilderness heritage has brought Rungius back into the public eye.

Jacketed hardcover, full-colour throughout (10" x 10"), 176 pages

ISBN 1-894622-09-X

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