Sponsorship Opportunities

Glenbow Museum offers a broad range of individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities including permanent and feature exhibitions, education programs, and special events. Glenbow's Development team works closely with each sponsor to design an experience that meets your corporate philanthropic, marketing, and entertainment goals. Glenbow provides a comprehensive recognition and benefits program for each sponsor to assist you in achieving specific corporate marketing objectives, enhance your profile in the community, serve your entertainment needs for clients, and improve employee morale.

Current Opportunities


The Gun Sculpture
May 23 - September 27, 2015
Organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta

In 1995, Sandra Bromley and Wallis Kendal embarked on a five-year quest to produce the monumental Gun Sculpture. Seeking donations from around the world, the two Alberta artists acquired guns from across North and Central America, and from as far as South Africa, Ireland and South Korea. Ultimately they collected and deactivated over 7,000 guns. These weapons were then welded together into 14 panels that make up a massive dark cube measuring 8' tall, 12' long and 8' wide, and weighing almost 20,000 lbs. The walls of this sculpture are comprised of handguns, rifles, semiand fully automatic weapons, landmines, grenades, rocket launchers and bullets.

The sculpture is accompanied by photographs of individuals who are victims of and, in some cases, survivors of gun violence, and a space for visitors to reflect on and react to The Gun Sculpture. This artwork demands our attention and makes a clear statement about the impact of guns and their proliferation throughout the globe.

From Our Collection: Political Satire in Alberta
May 23 - September 27, 2015
Organized by Glenbow
Curated by Aimee Benoit

Sometimes irreverent, sometimes contentious, always thought-provoking: this exhibition of political cartoons includes 60 works from Alberta editorial cartoonists working throughout the 20th Century. These artists have used pen and ink to poke fun at everything from populist politics to global issues, and recent world events show that the power of satire cannot be underestimated.

Heavily equipped with satire, wit, irony and humour, Alberta's cartoonists, from Bob Edwards in 1905 to Vance Rodewalt in 2015, have taken on a wide range of topics: women's rights, religious extremism, food, safety scares or Alberta's favourite theme, estern alienation. They have engaged in the most mundane to the most sensitive issues, and spared a few public figures or institutions. Whatever reaction they may have initially provoked - inspiring, enraging or amusing leaders - editorial cartoons have consistently captured the essence of their time in a way that is simultaneously simple and complex.

Hooked: Fish, Water and Angling in Art
May 30 - October 4, 2015
Organized by Glenbow
Curated by Mary-Beth LaViolette and Douglas MacLean

The Oldman, Crowsnest, Castle, Highwood, Sheep, Kananaskis, Elbow and the Bow: boasting some of the best fishing in the world, the streams and rivers of southern Alberta and British Columbia have long attracted visitors from all over the globe. The breathtaking scenery and meditative act of fishing has inspired many artists and photographers; Hooked takes a unique look at the art and culture of fishing. Featuring paintings, prints, photography, sculpture in clay, glass and bronze, Hooked marries all of this creative activity with other fishing-related objects and books from Glenbow's collection and that of avid fisher and co-curator, Douglas MacLean.

Featuring work by artist/fishers like Tom Thomson, Ted Godwin, Jack Cowin, and Walter May among many others, Hooked opens a window into the passionate world of art dedicated to fish, water and angling.

Myth Making: The Art of John Brocke
June 6 - September 13, 2015
Organized by Glenbow, Curated by Douglas MacLean and Travis Lutley

This exhibition is an exploration of the work of one of Calgary and Canada's most fascinating, if little known, artists. John
Brocke was a master painter - devoted to meticulous detail and big ideas about faith, mystery and love. While his paintings are endered with life-like precision, Brocke was less interested in photo-based realism and more devoted to using the medium of paint to truly represent the personalities and life of his subjects, whether he was depicting people or places. He often used symbolic or thought-provoking imagery - some of it imagined and mystical in intent - to reference aspects of his own life and thinking about the world. Brocke's highly controlled and strikingly beautiful paintings are evidence of an artist with a singular vision and a remarkable dedication to his craft.

Artist in Residence: Fashion Designer Paul Hardy
October 15, 2015 - May 22, 2016

Inspired by Glenbow's vast collection, Paul Hardy will curate a new exhibition examining how animals have influenced art, fashion, interiors, music, culture and design. Hardy's curatorial debut will include his own original garment designs, as well as artifacts and artworks from Glenbow's vaults.

Glenbow's In Residence program invites diverse artists from a variety of disciplines to interact with the museum's exhibitions and collections and then create a new work based on their discoveries.


Show Calgary you believe in the importance of Glenbow and that you are committed to ensuring our city is a leader in arts and culture. Partner with us to help present Schmancy - Glenbow's single largest fundraising event. Schmancy is an innovative and entertaining evening of art, culture and ideas inspired by Glenbow's collections and exhibitions. Featured by Maclean's Magazine in 2014 as THE "Power Party" in Western Canada to attend, Schmancy brings over 1,000 guests, 100 staff and volunteers and 50 corporate partners together to experience Glenbow's big night. SCHMANCY has an accessible ticket price and an anticipated audience of 1000 people targeted across a wide demographic (adults 20+). This year's event will take place on February 6, 2016.

Ongoing Programs

Glenbow presents an exciting slate of exhibitions and complementary programs each season. There are also year-round programs designed to increase access and enhance the visitor experience. Some of these ongoing activities and initiatives include:

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