Past Exhibitions

From our Collections: War in the Trenches

September 7, 2013 - January 12, 2014

Organized by Glenbow Museum; Curated by Jeffrey Spalding

Chris Cran,Self-Portrait Watching a Man about to Shoot Himself in the Foot, 1985, Collection of Glenbow Museum

Biscuit tin, 1917, Collection of Glenbow Museum

War in the Trenches echoes the themes of Transformations – A.Y. Jackson and Otto Dix by bringing together rarely or never-before exhibited artifacts and stories relating to several people and units that served in the First World War.

The landscape of the Western Front deeply affected those who encountered it. A member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, war artist A.Y. Jackson was one of over 600,000 Canadians who fought in the muddy trenches of France and Belgium, and were forever changed by the First World War. The objects from Glenbow's collections featured in this small but meaningful exhibition offer glimpses of that experience as shared by local men and women.

Like Transformations, War in the Trenches explores the war effort from perspectives before, during and after the trench experience in the form of recruitment posters, shells and mortars, flags, uniforms and one of the earlies memorial poppies made by Canadian soldiers.

War in the Trenches provides a glimpse of the material in our military history collection and provides complimentary insight into the ideas explored in Transformations: A.Y. Jackson and Otto Dix.

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