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Women's rights protest, Calgary, 1981
Women's rights protest, Calgary, 1981

Young Women's Christian Association
Women's Resource Centre (Calgary) fonds

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M-5826-1 Proposals. -- 1973-1974. -- Re Calgary Women's Centre, Women's Employment Service, Student Community Service Program, Women's Centre - Summer 1974, Manpower counsellor training program, leadership training for volunteers at the YWCA Women's Centre.
M-5826-2 Proposals. -- 1973-1976. -- Re Local Initiatives project (LIP) grant re hiring of Health Club Program Supervisor.
M-5826-3 Proposal. -- 1974-1975. -- Proposal, project outline, reports and correspondence for project initiated and supported by Ministry of State for Urban Affairs entitled "Women's Concerns about the Quality of Life in Canadian Cities". The research was conducted by Christine Bell on behalf of the YWCA Women's Centre.
M-5826-4 Proposals. -- 1974-1975. -- Submitted to to the Secretary of State re plans for International Women's Year, and project to coordinate and train additional volunteers.
M-5826-5 Program. -- 1973-1974. -- Notices and information sheets re programs and services offered by the Women's Centre.
M-5826-6 Brainstorming sessions. -- 1975-1977. -- Discussion topics include underutilization of Women's Centre, goalsetting, women's issues.
M-5826-7 Volunteers - Training sessions. -- 1973-1975. -- Notices, program outlines, questionnaires, evaluation of session, etc.
M-5826-8 Volunteers - Procedures. -- 1973-1976. -- Lists of procedures and information sources for use by volunteers re telephone calls, statistics sheets, facilities, emergencies, etc.
M-5826-9 Statistics. -- 1973-1976. -- Re daily and monthly contacts (numbers and nature of enquiries). Includes sample of client information card.
M-5826-10 "Report on Informal Education" by Gwen Willman. -- 1974
M-5826-11 Reports. -- 1974-1975. -- Includes Women's Centre reports and progress reports by Gwen Willlman; Women's Centre Ad Hoc Committee report by Judi Knight; evaluation of English for New Canadians program; and two essays, apparently by social work students at the University of Calgary re Women's Centre policies and activities.
M-5826-12 Reports. -- 1976-1977. -- Includes orientation report prepared by Gwen Willman prior to resignation re recommendations for continuing development of the Women's Centre; historical reports re Centre; progress reports re work of Centre after closing December 1, 1973 by Louise Maerov. Also includes statements of purpose and goals of Women's Centre.
M-5826-13 Information file. -- 1973-1976. -- Consists of a scrapbook used by the Centre in orienting volunteers with the history and activities of the Women's Centre. Includes information, program, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc. re opening of Cenre; program notices and outlines; statistics summaries; notices re volunteers (includes list of original volunteers); reports re Ad Hoc Committee; miscellaneous business papers; and newspaper clippings re the Centre and women's issues.
M-5826-14 Scrapbook - Newspaper clippings. -- 1973-1976. -- Pages from binder entitled "What do you think?". The clippings relate to issues and news items of interest to women (women's rights, careers, social services, political role, health, local clubs and organizations, etc.
M-5826-vol.1 Scrapbook, "The 19th Century". -- 1882-1899. -- Consists of clippings and typed copies of articles, news items and advertisements re women, which appeared in the Calgary Herald and Albertan newspapers during this period. The entries are arranged chronologically with comments by the researcher re changes in fashions, the content of articles, and employment ads, with a comparison of advertisements and articles directed to male readers.
M-5826-vol.2 Scrapbook, "Franchise". -- 1901-1922. -- Continuation of vol.1 above.
M-5826-vol.3 Scrapbook, "The Slump". -- 1925-1958. -- Continuation of vol.1 above.
M-5826-vol.4 Scrapbook, "Revival of Feminism. -- 1962-1976. -- Continuation of vol.1 above.
M-5826-vol.5 Scrapbook. -- 1974-1975. -- Consists of newspaper clippings and articles re issues of interest to women including pregnancy, health problems, abortion, birth control, rape, children's rights, day care, and women's history.
M-5826-vol.6 Scrapbook. -- 1974-1975. -- Consists of newspaper clippings and articles re issues of interest to women including housework, working women, women alone, divorce, woman and the law, women and sex, men, and male liberation.
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