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Invitation to Persons Case tea, 1978
Invitation to Persons Case tea, 1978

Irma and Frances Wright fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Women's organizations. -- 1968-1981
Series 2 Unprocessed records. -- 1969-2000


Series 1 Women's organizations. -- 1968-1981. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Consists of records of organizations in which Irma and Frances Wright were active.
M-6542-1 National Council of Women. -- 1968-1976. -- Consists of newsletter, yearbook, etc.
M-6542-2 Local Council of Women. -- 1970-1979. -- Consists of annual report, membership, correspondence, etc.
M-6542-3 Women for Political Action. -- 1972-1973. -- Consists of newsletters, meeting notices, questionnaire responses, etc.
M-6542-4 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee (CSWAC) - Bylaws. -- n.d.
M-6542-5 Calgary Status of Women Action CommiitteeBoard meetings, reports, etc. -- n.d.
M-6542-6 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Board meetings, reports, etc. -- 1974-1979
M-6542-7 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Correspondence. -- 1972-1978
M-6542-8 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Financial reports. -- 1977
M-6542-9 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Membership. -- 1976-1977
M-6542-10 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Newsletter. -- 1974
M-6542-11 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Casino (for fundraising). -- 1976
M-6542-12 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Conferences, workshops, etc. -- 1975-1976
M-6542-13 Calgary Status of Women Action Commiittee - Press releases. -- 1976-1978
M-6542-14 Alberta Status of Women Action Committee. -- 1976-1979. -- Consists of minutes, conferences, correspondence (directed mainly to ASWAC Program Chair Frances Wright).
M-6542-15 Young Women's Christian Association. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of annual reports.
M-6542-16 Women Celebrate Women Committee. -- 1979. -- Consists of minutes of initial meeting.
M-6542-17 Handbook. --[ca. 1976-1977]. -- Consists of information and techniques useful for social and political lobbying. This handbook resulted from the Women and Social Policy Conference held in Calgary in 1976.
M-6542-18 Miscellaneous groups. -- 1971-1978. -- Consists of reports, information sheets, etc. re women's and other groups such as Calgary Housewives Association, Options for Women of Edmonton, Calgary Legal Guidance, Calgary Police Force, etc.

Reports. -- 1972, 1976. -- Consists of the following:

"Report on the Survey of Calgary Women for Alberta Human Resources Research Council" by Samuel Mitchell

"A Critique of the Insitute of Law Research and Reforms (Alberta) Report, No. 18" by Patricia Krasinski

M-6542-20 Resource material. -- 1972-1977. -- Re political action, techiques for effective lobbying, resources available to women, etc.
M-6542-21 Information sheets, etc. -- 1975-1978. -- Re Calgary Agencies for women, laws and rights affecting women.
M-6542-22 Women and Pensions conference. -- 1981. -- Sponsored by the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, and held at the University of Calgary.
M-6542-23 Frances Wright. -- 1975-1979. -- Consists of paper re her political campaign and employment.
M-6542-24 Newspaper clippings. -- 190-1976. -- Consists of articles about various women's issues such as the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, employment, rights, day care, abortion, etc.
M-7537 Alberta Liberal Party. -- 1969-1984. -- 3 cm of textual records. -- Consists of ALP constitution (1980), minutes, newsletters, membership lists ((1967-1979), convention papers, circulars and newspaper clippings.
Series 2 Unprocessed records. -- 1969-2000. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.
M-8982 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1970s-2000]. -- 2 m of textual records. -- Consists of papers of Frances and Irma Wright, and also papers compiled by Frances which relate to the Calgary Women's Liberal Association. [accession 2003.071]
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