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The Willison sisters, 1950
L-R: Anne, Evelyn, Hilda, Gladys, Mary, Ellen

Willison family fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1Anne M. Stirling. -- 1889-1978
Series 2Mary Willison. -- 1912-1988
Series 3Hilda Willison. -- 1914-1983
Series 4Evelyn Willison. -- 1912-1993
Series 5Gladys Willison. -- 1919-1991
Series 6Photographs. -- [ca. 1901]-1989


Series 1

Anne M. Stirling. -- 1889-1978. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Anne Mathilda Willison, 1889-1978, was born in Gravenhurst, Ontario, and came to Calgary, Alberta with her family in 1900. She helped out on the family farm northeast of the city as a young girl, then trained as a nurse as the Holy Cross Hospital, graduating in 1912. She worked as a school nurse for the Calgary Board of Education from 1917 until 1938, when she married Will Stirling, a widower from Hanna, Alberta. After Will's death in 1950, she lived Edmonton, then she shared a house in Kelowna with her sister, Evelyn, from 1969 to her death. -- Series consists of diaries, correspondence, and personal papers including her birth certificate, a guest book and notes on the Stirling family's genealogy.


Anne Stirling: Diaries

M-8770-1Diary and account book. -- 1906-1909. -- Consists of records kept while a young woman on the family farm. The accounts include money made from the sale of eggs, butter and calves. The diary portion dates from April 4-August 28, 1907.
M-8770-2Book of Cases. -- 1912-1927. -- Consists of descriptions of her nursing jobs, from her graduation from the Holy Cross Hospital in December 1912 until June 1919. Her personal accounts, 1915-1927, are at the back of the book.
M-8770-3Diary. -- 1939-1946. -- Consists primarily of her thoughts about her spiritual life.
M-8770-4Diaries. -- 1943-1947, 1958-1962. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-5Diaries. -- 1955-1957, 1959, 1959-1960. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists primarily of her thoughts about her spiritual life.
M-8770-6Diaries. -- 1960, 1962. -- 2 volumes. -- Consists primarily of her thoughts about her spiritual life.
M-8770-7Diary. -- 1963-1966. -- Consists primarily of her thoughts about her spiritual life (loose pages).


Anne Stirling: Correspondence

M-8770-8Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1908-1938
M-8770-9Letters from Olaf Willison (father). -- 1930. -- Consists of letters about religion, insanity and faith cures.
M-8770-10Letters from Anne to her family during trip to Sweden. -- July-August 1931
M-8770-11Letters to Anne from Will Stirling (fianc,). -- January-April 1938
M-8770-12Letters to Anne from Will Stirling (fianc, and husband). -- May-July 1938, August 1941
M-8770-13Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1941-1948
M-8770-14Greeting cards from Anne to her husband Will. -- [ca. 1938-1950]. -- Includes a few cards to Will from other relatives.
M-8770-15Sympathy cards and letters to Anne on Will's death. -- 1950
M-8770-16Letters from her step-son and step-daughter after Will's death. -- 1950
M-8770-17Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1951-1969
M-8770-18Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1970-1978
M-8770-19Greeting cards from her sisters and mother. - - 1939-1970 and nd. -- The cards frequently include poems, written by her sisters, which relate to the gifts they accompanied.


Anne Stirling: Personal papers

M-8770-20Birth certificate. -- 1889
M-8770-21Guest book. -- 1954-1967. -- Kept while living at 10965 - 123 Street in Edmonton.
M-8770-22Notes and booklet on Stirling family genealogy. -- 1939 and nd
M-8770-23Miscellany. -- [ca. 1912-1973]. -- Includes her calling card as a nurse, account book, Will's bank books, and 60th anniversary booklet for Stanley Jones School, where Anne served as school nurse (see page 16).
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Series 2

Mary Willison. -- 1912-1988. -- 62.5 cm of textual records. -- Mary Charlotte Willison, 1894-1988, was born in Ontario, and came to Calgary, Alberta with her family in 1900. She received a BA from the University of Alberta in 1925, and worked as a teacher for the Calgary Board of Education from 1928 until her retirement in 1959. She taught at many city schools, including Ramsay and King George. She shared the family home at 216 - 2nd Avenue NE with her sister, Hilda, for much of her adult life. -- Series consists of diaries, correspondence (some addressed to both Mary and Hilda), and personal papers including her university yearbooks, scrapbook, student registers, investment records, travel documents, trip diary, various notebooks, and her will.


Mary Willison: Diaries

M-8770-24Diaries. -- 1933-1937, 1950-1953, 1956- 1957, 1959-1962. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-25Diaries. -- 1963-1971. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-26Diaries. -- 1977-1980, 1990. -- 2 volumes


Mary Willison: Correspondence

M-8770-27Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1912-1917
M-8770-28Correspondence with Tom Colwell. -- 1913. -- Includes Tom's letters to Mary, and drafts of Mary's reply to him in which she turns down his marriage proposal.
M-8770-29Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1931-1949
M-8770-30Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1950-1953
M-8770-31Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1954-1957
M-8770-32Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1958-1959
M-8770-33Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1960-1961
M-8770-34Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1962-1966
M-8770-35Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1967
M-8770-36Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1968
M-8770-37Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1969
M-8770-38Correspondence re tax reform. -- March-June 1970. -- Consists of letters from Ottawa politicians regarding her views on tax reform.
M-8770-39Correspondence re education. -- April 1970. -- Consists of correspondence regarding Alberta's Education Bill.
M-8770-40Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1970-1972
M-8770-41Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1973-1975
M-8770-42Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1976-1978
M-8770-43Correspondence with Joe Clark. -- January 1978. -- Consists of correspondence regarding his appointment of Duncan Edwards.
M-8770-44Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1979
M-8770-45Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1979-1987
M-8770-46Business correspondence. -- 1957-1960. -- Consists of copies of Mary's business letters to others.
M-8770-47Outward correspondence. -- 1962-1978. -- Consists of copies of Mary's letters to various people.
M-8770-48Greeting cards from sisters. -- 1954-1984 and nd. -- The cards frequently include poems, written by her sisters, which relate to the gifts they accompanied.


Mary Willison: Personal papers

M-8770-49Evergreen and Gold (University of Alberta yearbook). -- 1922-1923. -- Consists of the yearbook for Mary's sophomore year. Her class photograph is on page 89. Autographs of her friends are in the front of the book, while the back has glued-in photographs.
M-8770-50Evergreen and Gold (University of Alberta yearbook). -- 1924-1925. -- Consist of the yearbook for the year Mary graduated. Her class photograph is on page 74. Autographs of her friends are in the front of the book, while the back has both glued-in and loose photographs.
M-8770-51Convocation programs and graduation photographs. -- 1925. -- The photographs are proofs only, and are very faint.
M-8770-52Scrapbook. -- 1932-1962. -- Consists of dried flowers, poetry, photographs, word games, song sheets, and her retirement program. Much of the material is loose, and was never glued in.
M-8770-53Calgary School Board / Alberta Department of Education. -- 1937-1956. -- Consists of correspondence, certificates and pay lists related to Mary's educational qualifications and salary as a teacher.
M-8770-54Notebooks. -- 1939-1950. -- Consists of seven notebooks which include addresses, personal accounts, notes taken at conferences, miscellaneous notes to herself, and "The History of the Calico Part-Siamese Cat".
M-8770-55Ramsay School student register. -- [ca. 1938- 1941]
M-8770-56King George School student registers. -- 1948-1959
M-8770-57Memberships, driver's licence, etc. -- 1953- 1982, predominant 1970s
M-8770-58Membership lists of the Economic Group of the University Women's Club. -- 1955-1957
M-8770-59Trip diary, Sweden and Europe. -- July- August 1955
M-8770-60Passports and vaccination records for travel. -- 1955-1964
M-8770-61Investments. -- 1952-1957
M-8770-62Land and investments. -- 1959- 1986
M-8770-63Income tax returns. -- 1969-1971
M-8770-64Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1939-1955]. -- Consists of a recipe, bills for radio repair and jumper, program for Grand Theatre, sheet music (Wish Me Luck), and opera libretto.
M-8770-65Will, statement of death, and funeral program. -- 1984, 1988
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Series 3

Hilda Willison. -- 1914-1983. -- 50 cm of textual records. -- Hilda May Willison, 1898-1984, was born in Huntsville, Ontario, and came to Calgary, Alberta with her family in 1900. Her nickname with her sisters was "Willyum". She was engaged for a time to Art Stromberg, but never married. She worked as a teacher for the Calgary Board of Education for 37 years, at several schools, including Riverside, 1921-1931, North Mount Pleasant, 1934-1945, and Balmoral, 1946-1959. She went on a teacher exchange to Toronto in 1933-1934, and took a sabbatical in 1945-1946. In 1959 she retired. For virtually all of her adult life she shared the family home with her sister, Mary. -- Series consists of diaries, correspondence (some addressed to both Hilda and Mary), and personal papers including school diplomas and teacher's certificates, scrapbook of teacher exchange to Toronto, and notebooks.


Hilda Willison: Diaries

M-8770-66Diaries. -- 1928-1930, 1933-1937. -- 4 volumes
M-8770-67Diaries. -- 1938-1947. -- 3 volumes. -- Hilda wrote in two diaries from September 1945 to July 1946. The brown diary has much more detailed entries than the black diary.
M-8770-68Diaries. -- 1948-1962. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-69Diaries. -- 1963-1971. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-70Diaries. -- 1972-1974. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-71Diaries. -- 1975-1979. -- 2 volumes


Hilda Willison: Correspondence

M-8770-72Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1917, 1919
M-8770-73Letters from Carrie Northover. -- 1920. -- Consists of letters from Carrie Northover, a close friend and fellow teacher who taught at Plainview School at Kew. In the letters she describes her courtship with Fred Kosling. They married in 1922 and farmed at Millarville.
M-8770-74Letters from Carrie Northover Kosling. -- 1921, 1926, 1927, 1937, 1943, 1956
M-8770-75Letters from Marion McNeil. -- 1920. -- Hilda boarded with the McNeils when she taught at a rural school near Coronation.
M-8770-76Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1920-1921, 1924-1927
M-8770-77Letters regarding Art Stromberg. -- 1925- 1916. -- Consists of a letter from Evelyn encouraging her to accept Art's marriage proposal, and drafts of Hilda's letters to Art saying she did not want to marry. See also Hilda's letter to Evelyn, June 7, 1925 (M-8770-103) and Ellen's letter to Hilda, September 4, 1926 (M 8770/76).
M-8770-78Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1937. -- Consists primarily of Christmas cards received.
M-8770-79Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1941-1946
M-8770-80Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1952-1969
M-8770-81Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1970-1974
M-8770-82Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1975-1979
M-8770-83Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1980-1983
M-8770-84Greeting cards from sisters. -- 1961-1979 and nd. -- The cards frequently include poems, written by her sisters, which relate to the gifts they accompanied.


Hilda Willison: Personal papers

M-8770-85Passports, calling cards, and memberships. -- 1933-1974
M-8770-86School diplomas, teacher's certificates and teaching contracts. -- 1914-1958
M-8770-87Teacher exchange to Toronto. -- 1933-1934. -- Consists of letter of acceptance and scrapbook.
M-8770-88Notebook. -- 1957-1973. -- Includes lists of gifts given to sisters, addresses, notes on painting techniques, draft of her will, recipes, accounts, etc.
M-8770-89Notebooks. -- 1918-1973. -- 6 volumes. -- Consists of domestic science notes (1918), travel diary for trip to Sweden (1938), household and personal accounts, and lists of books read.
M-8770-90Book of Robbie Burns poems. -- 1916. -- The book was a 1916 Christmas gift.
M-8770-91Miscellaneous. -- 1957, 1976, 1979. -- Consists of a statement of oil shares (1957), University of Alberta newsletter featuring a photograph of Hilda and Mary Willison on the back (1976); and a 1979 electors' list.
M-4641 Reminiscences of Hilda Willison, Katherine Patterson and Daniel Palmer regarding early life in Calgary. -- 1974. -- Prepared for a Century Calgary history project.
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Series 4

Evelyn Willison. -- 1912-1993. -- 1.38 m of textual records. -- Evelyn Augusta Willison, 1902-1993, was born in Calgary, Alberta. Her nickname with her sisters was "Duck". She was educated at the Calgary Normal School and the University of Alberta. She taught in Alberta schools for 39 years, including Coaldale, 1928-1935, Morley Indian Residential School, 1938-1939, Didsbury High School, 1944-1952, and the School for the Deaf in Edmonton in 1956. She retired in 1960. She was very involved in the Oxford Group in the 1930s, and in its successor, Moral Re- Armament in later years. Her book, Pauline Johnson Still Lives was published in 1992. She lived in Kelowna from 1969 until 1982, sharing a house with her sister, Anne, who died in 1978. From 1982 until her own death in 1993 she lived in Calgary, for most of this time with her sister, Gladys, who died in 1991. -- Series consists of diaries; correspondence (some addressed to both Evelyn and Gladys); manuscripts of her short fiction and her Pauline Johnson book; papers related to her Oxford Group / Moral Re-Armament activities; and personal papers including school diplomas, teaching certificates, sketches (pastels), Willison family genealogical material, records regarding her sisters' estates, and reports of the home care nurses who cared for Evelyn and Gladys during the final years of their lives.


Evelyn Willison: Diaries

M-8770-92Diaries. -- 1930, 1932-1937. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-93Diaries. -- 1938-1942, 1944-1947, 1949- 1953. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-94Diaries. -- 1955, 1961-1964, 1969, 1975- 1978. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-95Diaries. -- 1979-1980, 1982-1984. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-96Diary-notebooks. -- 1933-1935. -- 7 volumes
M-8770-97Diary-notebooks. -- 1939, 1941, 1944-1946, 1949. -- Primarily loose pages.
M-8770-98Diary-notebooks. -- 1953-1958. -- Primarily loose pages.
M-8770-99Diary-notebooks. -- 1958-1962. -- Primarily loose pages.
M-8770-100Diary-notebooks. -- 1962-1969. -- Primarily loose pages.
M-8770-101Diary-notebooks. -- 1976, 1981, 1983. -- Primarily loose pages.


Evelyn Willison: Correspondence

M-8770-102Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1916, 1919. -- Consists of two postcards.
M-8770-103Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1920-1929
M-8770-104Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1932-1936
M-8770-105Letter from Carl B. Johnson. -- 1934. -- Consists of a letter suggesting that he would like to get to know her better. It is tucked into the empty envelope of her reply to him, which was "Not Called For".
NoteEvelyn's correspondence from 1935-1936, regarding her Oxford Group activities, is in M-8770-152 and M-8770-153.
M-8770-106Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1936-1937
M-8770-107Correspondence with family and friends. - 1942-1949
M-8770-108Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1953-1959
M-8770-109Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1960-1969
M-8770-110Correspondence re CBC. -- 1963-1964. -- Consists of correspondence with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and federal politicians about CBC programming.
M-8770-111Correspondence with Glorin and Vyona Hawkins. -- 1970-1981
M-8770-112Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1970-1972
M-8770-113Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1973-1977
M-8770-114Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1978-1979
M-8770-115Incomplete letters from family and friends. -- [ca. 1970s]
M-8770-116Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1980-1982
M-8770-117Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1983-1984
M-8770-118Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1985-1988
M-8770-119Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1989-1993
M-8770-120Greeting cards from mother and sisters. -- [ca. 1915-1989]. -- The cards frequently include poems, written by her sisters, which relate to the gifts they accompanied.


Evelyn Willison: Manuscripts
(short fiction, biography of Pauline Johnson, poetry)

M-8770-121Notes taken during play writing course. -- 1943
M-8770-122Notes taken during creative writing class. -- 1962
M-8770-123Notes taken during Johnny Gilleese's class on writing. -- 1968
M-8770-124Poems written by Evelyn. -- 1909- [ca.1960s]
M-8770-125Correspondence regarding writing. -- 1962- 1968. -- Consists of correspondence with the Canadian Authors' Association, and regarding her submissions of poetry and fiction.
M-8770-126Manuscript: Auld Lang Syne
M-8770-127Manuscript: Better Be Breadless than Resourceless
M-8770-128Manuscript: Fair Carcassonne
M-8770-129Manuscript: The Homestead and the Heart
M-8770-130Manuscript: The Honorable Frank Oliver, Pioneer of Pioneers
M-8770-131Manuscript: The Impossible
M-8770-132Manuscript: It's a Crime
M-8770-133Manuscript: The Jailbird [a play]
M-8770-134Manuscript: Kanga, the Kangaroo Kitten
M-8770-135Manuscript: Life I am Ready Now
M-8770-136Manuscript: A Miss and a Miracle
M-8770-137Manuscript: Mutiny at Pine Flats
M-8770-138Manuscript: Pantywaist's Destiny
M-8770-139Manuscript: Pinocchio
M-8770-140Manuscript: The Royal Gift
M-8770-141Manuscript: So the Girls Could Sew
M-8770-142Manuscript: Tomorrow is Concert
M-8770-143Manuscript: The Wall and the Key
M-8770-144Manuscript: The Will to Live
M-8770-145Manuscript: Pauline Johnson and her Kith and Kin, p. 1-249 (handwritten). -- [ca. 1960s-1980s]
M-8770-146Manuscript: Pauline Johnson and her Kith and Kin, p. 250-427 (handwritten). -- [ca. 1960s-1980s]
M-8770-147Manuscript: Pauline Johnson of Canada : A Biography for Children of All Ages, table of contents and chapters I-XII. -- [ca. 1960s- 1980s]
M-8770-148Manuscript: Pauline Johnson of Canada : A Biography for Children of All Ages, chapters XIII-XXV. -- [ca. 1960s-1980s]
M-8770-149Manuscript: Pauline Johnson Still Lives, chapters I-VIII only, "rough copy". -- [ca. 1980s]. -- This version of the manuscript was published by Centre Peak Productions, Calgary, in 1992.
M-8770-150Correspondence regarding her Pauline Johnson manuscripts. -- 1966-1980
M-8770-151Research for Pauline Johnson book. -- [ca. 1960s-1980s]. -- Includes early drafts of chapter I and a partial bibliography.


Evelyn Willison: Oxford Group / Moral Re-Armament (MRA)

M-8770-152Correspondence regarding Oxford Group activities. -- 1935. -- Much of the correspondence is with Guy Morton and Tom Sturdy of the "Soul Clinic" in Calgary. There is also significant correspondence with William "Billy" Warner in the provincial jail in Lethbridge.
M-8770-153Correspondence regarding Oxford Group activities. -- 1935-1936. -- Much of the correspondence is with Guy Morton and Tom Sturdy of the "Soul Clinic" in Calgary.
M-8770-154New World News (MRA magazine). -- February and November 1947
M-8770-155Moral Re-Armament, Calgary Chapter. -- 1948-1954. -- Consists of account book. Includes contributions to the making of the film, "The Good Road".
M-8770-156Circular regarding conference and birthday address by Dr. Frank N.D. Buchman. -- 1950
M-8770-157The College of the Good Road. -- [ca. 1950]. -- Consists of a promotional booklet, which includes information on the making of the film, "The Good Road".
M-8770-158When I Point my Finger at my Neighbor. -- 1951. -- Consists of sheet music.
M-8770-159MRA Pictorial. -- 1960. -- See pages 14 and 15 regarding Canada and Chief Walking Buffalo.
M-8770-160MRA reports, publications and circulars. -- 1971-1979
M-8770-161List of films by MRA Productions. -- [ca. 1975]. -- Includes information on renting these films in Edmonton.
M-8770-162Song of Asia. -- 1976. -- Consists of program and promotional material for a musical presented by MRA and sponsored by Treaty 7.
M-8770-163Letter from W.R. Bennett (British Columbia premier) about MRA. -- 1978
M-8770-164MRA Information Service (newsletter). -- 1971-1972. -- See vol.20, no.40 for Canadian content.
M-8770-165New World News for Moral Re- Armament (newsletter). -- 1973-1976. -- See vol.24, nos. 11, 28, 31, 42 and 46; and vol.25, no.3 for Canadian content, particularly about Chief David Crowchild and First Nations.
M-8770-166New World News for Moral Re- Armament (newsletter). -- 1977-1982. -- See vol.26, no. 25; vol.27, no.1; vol.28, no.34; and vol.29, no.2 for Canadian content, particularly about Chief David Crowchild and First Nations.
M-8770-167Canadian Newsletter. -- 1979- 1982
M-8770-168MRA miscellany. -- 1938-1989. -- Consists of bookmark, song sheets, postcards, and the outline for a play, "It can Start with the Biggest".


Evelyn Willison: Personal papers

M-8770-169Grade five report card, Forest Lawn School. -- [ca. 1912]
M-8770-170High school diplomas and marks. -- 1917- 1920
M-8770-171Autograph book. -- 1920-1921
M-8770-172Teaching certificates and inspectors' reports. -- 1921-1957
M-8770-173Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) camp. -- 1924. -- Consists of camp "themes" and "plays", and souvenir address book of camp participants.
M-8770-174Miscellaneous programs, membership cards, greeting cards, etc. -- 1924-[1970s]
M-8770-175Evergreen and Gold (University of Alberta yearbook). -- 1926-1927. -- Consists of the yearbook for Evelyn's sophomore year. Her class photograph is on page 161. Autographs of friends are in the back of the book.
M-8770-176Evergreen and Gold (University of Alberta yearbook). -- 1927-1928. -- Consists of the yearbook for Evelyn's junior year. A photograph of her as a member of the Students' Christian Movement is on page 91.
M-8770-177Evergreen and Gold (University of Alberta yearbook). -- 1928-1929. -- Consists of the yearbook for Evelyn's graduating year. Her class photograph is on page 123. Autographs of friends are in the back of the book.
M-8770-178Miscellaneous University of Alberta papers. -- 1926-1929. -- Consists of programs, newspaper clippings, etc, which had been tucked into her yearbooks.
M-8770-oversizeBatchelor of Arts degree. -- 1929
M-8770-179Poem written by her father, Olaf Willison. - - 1930
M-8770-180United Church Training School, Toronto. -- 1937-1938. -- Consists of a yearbook in which Evelyn has glued in photographs, and added annotations. Includes some loose photographs and negatives.
M-8770-181United Church Training School miscellany. -- 1937-1938, 1955. -- Consists of notes, newsletters and programs. Includes a 60th anniversary commemorative publication (1955).
M-8770-182United Church Training School essay. -- 1938. -- Consists of an essay about St. Francis of Assisi and the Reformation.
M-8770-183Farewell card from Evelyn to her mother, Augusta Willison. -- 1938. -- Also consists of Augusta's diary-notebook, 1938-1939 (in Swedish).
M-8770-184Notebooks. -- 1947-1963 and nd. -- 5 volumes. -- Consists of an address book; dialogue from a Tolstoy play; notes taken from historical sources about western Canada; and notes taken possibly at an education conference.
M-8770-185Didsbury students' writings. -- 1951. -- Consists of "Christmas Paragraphs" written in English class by Evelyn's students in Didsbury.
M-8770-186Calmar students' writings. -- 1953-1954. -- Consists of compositions by students taught by Evelyn in Calmar.
M-8770-187Sketches. -- 1963-1969 and nd. -- Consists of pastels, primarily landscapes, by Evelyn.
M-8770-188Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers' Association. -- 1963-1990. -- Consists of Evelyn's application for membership, circulars, and Christmas cards from the association.
M-8770-189Willison family historical sketches, genealogical notes and obituaries. -- [ca. 1965-1988]. -- These were written and/or gathered by Evelyn.
M-8770-190Legal and business papers. -- 1969-1989. -- Consists of papers about properties and sisters' estates.
M-8770-191Income tax returns. -- 1969-1970
M-8770-192Income tax return. -- 1976
M-8770-193Anne Stirling estate, part 1. -- 1978-1980. -- Evelyn was executor.
M-8770-194Anne Stirling estate, part 2. -- 1978-1981. -- Evelyn was executor.
M-8770-195Household account book. -- 1982-1983. -- Consists of Gladys and Evelyn's expenses while sharing the apartment at 104, 316 - 1st Street NE, Calgary.
M-8770-196Hilda Willison estate. -- 1983-1984. -- Evelyn was executor. Includes Hilda's death certificate.
M-8770-197Mary Carlyle estate. -- 1981-1985. -- The estate owed a large amount of money to Evelyn and Gladys Willison.
M-8770-198Daily reports on Evelyn and Gladys by their home-care nurses. -- July-December 1990
M-8770-199Daily reports on Evelyn and Gladys by their home-care nurses. -- January-August 1991
M-8770-200Daily reports on Evelyn and Gladys by their home-care nurses. -- September-December 1991. -- Gladys died November 4, 1991.
M-8770-201Daily reports on Evelyn by her home-care nurses. -- January-May 1992
M-8770-202Daily reports on Evelyn by her home-care nurses. -- June 1992-March 1993. -- Evelyn died April 27, 1993
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Series 5

Gladys Willison. -- 1919-1991. -- 62.5 cm of textual records. -- Gladys Alberta Willison, 1904-1991, was born in Calgary, Alberta. Her nickname with her sisters was "John". She worked as a teacher at many schools, primarily in Calgary, including Riverside, 1928-1933, Tuxedo Park, 1934-1945, and McDougall, 1947-1952. In 1952 she moved to Edmonton, where she taught primarily at Rutherford School until her retirement ca. 1967. Like her sister, Evelyn, she was active in Moral Re-Armament. She was also an author. Her book, Land of the Chinook : Stories of Early Alberta was published in 1955. From 1982 until her death she lived in Calgary with her sister, Evelyn. -- Series consists of diaries; correspondence (some addressed to both Gladys and Evelyn); manuscripts of her short fiction, biography of Chief Walking Buffalo and her poetry; and personal papers including school diplomas and income tax returns.


Gladys Willison: Diaries

M-8770-203Diary of trip to Banff. -- July 1920. -- Consists of a diary kept while taking a summer vacation in the Rockies with her mother and some of her sisters. She was 15 years old.
M-8770-204Diaries. -- 1923-1930. -- 8 volumes
M-8770-205Diaries. -- 1932-1936, 1946. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-206Diaries. -- 1972-1975. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-207Diaries. -- 1976-1980. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-208Diaries. -- 1983-1985, 1988. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-209Diaries. -- 1986-1988. -- 2 volumes
M-8770-210Diary-notebooks. -- 1946-1948. -- 3 volumes. -- Primarily related to Moral Re-Armament activities.
M-8770-211Trip diary and notebook. -- 1966. -- Consists of a diary of a trip to Europe, including Caux, Switzerland (the headquarters of Moral Re-Armament), and to Sweden, and a notebook with details of her parents' homes and relatives.
M-8770-212Diary-notebooks. -- 1979-1987. -- 4 volumes. -- Consists primarily of her thoughts about her spiritual life.


Gladys Willison: Correspondence

M-8770-213Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1921-1933
M-8770-214Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1940-1969
M-8770-215Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1970-1979
M-8770-216Correspondence with family and friends. -- 1980-1991
M-8770-217Letters to others. -- 1988-1990 and nd. -- These may be drafts of letters which Gladys sent to others, or perhaps these letters were never sent.
M-8770-218Greeting cards from sisters. -- [ca. 1960s- 1980s]


Gladys Willison: Manuscripts
(short fiction, Chief Walking Buffalo biography, poetry)

M-8770-219Manuscript: The Advent Candles
M-8770-220Manuscript: Alberta's Birthday
M-8770-221Manuscript: The Black Monarch
M-8770-222Manuscript: The Blue Scarf
M-8770-223Manuscript: Christmas Eve Relived (The Man with the Scar)
M-8770-224Manuscript: Dr. McQueen - A Landmark
M-8770-225Manuscript: Even a Little Child
M-8770-226Manuscript: Half a Horse for a Quarter
M-8770-227Manuscript: Homemade Brother
M-8770-228Manuscript: The Long Day
M-8770-229Manuscript: The Mounted Police Arrive
M-8770-230Manuscript: A New Leaf. -- 1930
M-8770-231Manuscript: Peace
M-8770-232Manuscript: Robert Rundle
M-8770-233Manuscript: Some Day You'll Get Left
M-8770-234Manuscript: Steamboat A- Comin'!
M-8770-235Manuscript: Success
M-8770-236Manuscript: A Tree for Connie
M-8770-237Manuscript: This is Not the End (play)
M-8770-238Manuscript: We Need a School
M-8770-239Manuscript: When Christmas was Born (play); True Cat Tales
M-8770-240Manuscript: When My Turkey Comes
M-8770-241Manuscript: The Winner
M-8770-242Incomplete manuscripts
M-8770-243Manuscript: Warrior on the Trail, part I. -- Biography of Chief Walking Buffalo.
M-8770-244Manuscript: Warrior on the Trail, part II. -- Biography of Chief Walking Buffalo.
M-8770-245Drafts and inserts for biography of Chief Walking Buffalo
M-8770-246Manuscript: Warrior on the Trail (typed draft)
M-8770-247Notes and research material for biography of Chief Walking Buffalo
M-8770-248Correspondence regarding Warrior on the Trail manuscript. -- 1971-1972. -- Consists of correspondence with Jean Chretien, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.
M-8770-249Manuscript: Walking Buffalo's Headdress (puppet play)
M-8770-250Land of the Chinook scrapbook. -- 1954- 1955. -- Consists of letters from the publisher, and letters of congratulations on the publication of her book, Land of the Chinook : Stories of Early Alberta, which was published by Macmillan (Toronto) in 1955.
M-8770-251Notes for history of the Social Credit Women's Auxiliaries. -- The resulting book, Stars in Time : A History of the Alberta Social Credit Women's Auxiliaries, was published in 1973.
M-8770-252Correspondence with McClelland and Stewart. -- 1955. -- Regarding the publication of her articles in the Alberta Golden Jubilee Anthology.
M-8770-253Poetry notebooks. -- 1979-1986. -- 3 volumes
M-8770-254Poetry notebooks. -- 1986-1990. -- 4 volumes


Gladys Willison: Personal papers

M-8770-255School diplomas, grades 8-12. -- 1919- 1923
M-8770-256University of Alberta, Political Economy notes. -- 1926-1927. -- Includes notes about quizzes in other classes.
M-8770-257Notebook about students and teaching school (McDougall School). -- 1948
M-8770-258Paper for university course, on realism and fantasy in children's literature. -- 1956
M-8770-259Record book of Christmas cards and gifts sent and received. -- 1966-1975
M-8770-260Income tax returns. -- 1968-1979
M-8770-261Political commentary on Zimbabwe, submitted to the High River Times newspaper. -- 1979
M-8770-262Miscellaneous. -- 1919-1972. -- Consists of an invitation to a Women's Missionary Society event, list of publishing companies, a note of forgiveness from Evelyn, receipts for donations to the Oxford Group, and uncashed Old Age Security cheque.
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Series 6

Photographs. -- [ca. 1901]-1989. -- 37.5 cm of graphic material (1412 photographs). -- Series consists of photographs and slides of all six sisters, their parents, homes, cats, friends, students, trips, farm, and activities.


Photographs: Parents, homes, childhood

M-8770-263Olaf and Augusta Willison. -- [ca. 1920s]- 1944. -- 27 photographs. -- Consists of views of the parents of the Willison sisters.
M-8770-264Early family photograph album. -- [ca. 1904-1920]. -- 1 album (70 photographs). -- Consists of views of the Willison sisters as young girls on the family farm and at their Calgary home (326 - 2 Avenue NE).
M-8770-265Farm at Rocky View. -- [ca. 1905-1915]. -- 12 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Willison sisters and their mother on the family farm.
M-8770-266Calgary house (326 - 2 Avenue NE). -- [ca. 1915-1920]. -- 13 photographs. -- Consists of views of family and friends, in front of the family home.
M-8770-267Calgary house (216 - 2 Avenue NE). -- 1931. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of the house being built. This is the house which Mary and Hilda shared for virtually all of their adult lives, and which Evelyn and Gladys moved into after Mary and Hilda died.


Photographs: Anne Stirling

M-8770-268Anne Willison Stirling. -- [ca. 1910-1978]. -- 26 photographs. -- Consists of views of Anne throughout her life.
M-8770-269Anne and Ellen Willison. -- [ca. 1910- 1912]. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of views of Anne and Ellen and fellow nursing students, Holy Cross Hospital.
M-8770-270Will Stirling and son. -- [ca. 1938]-1965. -- 6 photographs. -- Anne Willison married Will Stirling in 1938. -- Consists of views of Anne's husband, Will Stirling, his son Don, and his house in Hanna.


Photographs: Ellen Hall

M-8770-271Ellen Willison Hall and family. -- [ca. 1910]-1977. -- 76 photographs. -- Ellen C. Willison, 1891-1980, was born in Ontario, and came to Calgary, Alberta with her family in 1900. She trained as a nurse at the Holy Cross Hospital, and served overseas during the First World War. She subsequently worked at the Balfour and Brett Sanatoriums. In 1925 she married Victor Hall, and they lived in Idaho. Their daughter, Margaret, was born in 1932. Margaret married Vern E. Herzog in 1955. -- Consists of views of Ellen throughout her life, and views of her husband and daughter.


Photographs: Mary Willison

M-8770-272Mary Willison. -- [ca. 1908-1979]. -- 51 photographs. -- Consists of views of Mary throughout her life.
M-8770-273Mary Willison - Trip to Europe. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 photograph album (86 photographs). -- Consists of views of Mary in various European locations.
M-8770-274Mary Willison - Students. -- 1949-1958. -- 15 photographs. -- Consists of views of her classes at King George School.
M-8770-275Mary and Hilda Willison - Farm. -- 1951- 1975. -- 32 photographs. -- Consists of views of the farm just northeast of Calgary (Rocky View), which was originally homesteaded by their father, Olaf Willison.


Photographs: Hilda Willison

M-8770-276Hilda Willison. -- [ca. 1908-1975]. -- 47 photographs. -- Consists of views of Hilda throughout her life.
M-8770-277Hilda Willison - Students. -- [ca. 1921- 1959]. -- 33 photographs. -- Consists of views of her various classes at a rural school (ca. 1921), North Mount Pleasant School (ca. 1934-1945) and Balmoral School (ca, 1946-1959)


Photographs: Evelyn Willison

M-8770-278Evelyn Willison. -- [ca. 1926]-1989. -- 56 photographs. -- Consists of views of Evelyn throughout her adult life.
M-8770-279Evelyn Willison - Travels and camps. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 photograph album ( 239 photographs). -- Consists of views of trips to Vancouver, the Grand Canyon [?], Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Also consists of photographs of summer camps (CGIT and Tuxis), including views of swimming, tents, picnics, and canoeing. A few of the photographs have been hand-tinted. Many of the pages are loose, so the original order of the album is not clear.
M-8770-280Evelyn Willison - Students and camps. -- [ca. 1920-1925]. -- 1 photograph album (55 photographs). -- Consists of views of school children in rural schools, and camps in the Rockies.
M-8770-281Evelyn Willison- University of Alberta. -- 1929. -- 13 photographs. -- Consists of views of Evelyn's roommate and friends from Pembina Hall, the women's residence at the University of Alberta.
M-8770-282Evelyn Willison - Morley students. -- 1939. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of views of children at the Morley Residential School, in costumes and on the playground.
M-8770-283Evelyn Willison - Calmar views. -- 1953- 1956. -- 5 photographs. -- Consists of views of Calmar, Alberta (water tower, churches and oil well), where Evelyn taught.
M-8770-284Evelyn Willison - School for the Deaf. -- [ca. 1956-1959]. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of girls she taught at the School for the Deaf in Edmonton.


Photographs: Gladys Willison

M-8770-285Gladys Willison. -- 1921-1985. -- 46 photographs. -- Consists of views of Gladys throughout her adult life.
M-8770-286Gladys Willison - Trips. -- 1945. -- 1 album (42 photographs). -- Consists of views of trip to Ottawa and New York. Hilda Willison appears in some of the photographs.
M-8770-287Gladys Willison - Moral Re-Armament. -- [ca. 1946-1955]. -- 5 photographs. -- Includes of views of a group at Mackinac, M.R.A. headquarters in London, and a meeting in the Royal Festival Hall in London.
M-8770-288Gladys Willison - Students. -- [ca. 1947- 1952]. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of MacDougall School children.


Photographs: All sisters

M-8770-289Six Willison sisters. -- [ca. 1940s], 1950. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of a studio portrait of all six sisters (1940s), plus three views taken in 1950 when all six sisters were together. Two of the latter include all six sisters, while the third one was taken by Ellen, and therefore includes only five sisters.
M-8770-290Group shots of the Willison sisters. -- [ca. 1901-1973]. -- 73 photographs. -- Consists of views of the sisters in various views with other sisters, throughout their lives.


Photographs: Friends, cats, and miscellany

M-8770-291Jean Trotter. -- 1962-1973. -- 16 photographs. -- Consists of views of Jean Trotter, a former school teacher, who was a very close friend of Mary and Hilda Willison.
M-8770-292Friends. -- [ca. 1930]-1977. -- 19 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Koslings, Pickerings, Hawkins, Parlbys, Beers, and Jeffreys.
M-8770-293Cats. -- 1945-1976. -- 47 photographs. -- Consists of views of cats owned by various Willison sisters.
M-8770-294Calgary buildings and landmarks. -- 1962- 1971. -- 19 photographs. -- Consists of views of Dinny the Dinosaur at the Calgary Zoo, Braemar Lodge, James Short School, Thomson Block, Doll Block, Hull Opera House, Neilson's Furniture, Firehall No. 1, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Depot, Rex Barber Shop, and the Oddfellows Temple.
M-8770-295Miscellaneous. -- 1933-1958. -- 15 photographs. -- Consists of views of elocution students, the 1939 Royal Visit, bears in the mountains, Banff Springs Hotel, Zion United Church, the halfway house beyond Midnapore, and Walking Buffalo.


Photographs: Slides

M-8770-296Slides. -- 1942-1950. -- 113 slides. -- Consists of views of the sisters, Augusta Willison (their mother), Augusta's grave, cats, Banff, St. George's Island (Calgary Zoo), Calgary Stampede parade and Indian Village, Eau Claire mill, Lesser Slave Lake (Widewater), Salt Lake City, and New York. -- Arranged chronologically.
M-8770-297Slides. -- 1958-1977. -- 130 slides. -- Consists of views of the sisters, Mary and Hilda's farm, Ireland, England, Mexico, Walking Buffalo's school, Rundle Mission, Klondike Days parade, crocuses, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) barbecue, and New Zealand. -- Arranged chronologically.
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