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R.B. Bennett at dedication of new fire hall, Calgary, 1911
R.B. Bennett at dedication of new fire hall, Calgary, 1911

Ernest Watkins' R.B. Bennett Research collection

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Personal correspondence and papers. -- 1890-1955
Series 2 Government business. -- 1923-1938
Series 3 Conferences and trade agreements. -- 1910-1947
Series 4 Ernest Watkins - Manuscript of book. -- 1952-1963


Series 1

Personal correspondence and papers. -- 1890-1955

M-84-1 Biographical information on the life of R.B. Bennett. -- n.d. -- Consists of a brief sketch by Ernest Watkins; page from Who's Who; and outline of activities from 1935-1940.
M-84-1 Diary of activities of 1890 and 1891 (typed copy).
M-84-3 Correspondence re Dominion election. -- 1900. -- Includes letters re nomination of Conservative association and Bennett's acceptance; and letters from Charles F. Harris, F.W.G. Haultain, C.O. Card, James Lougheed, and George A. Ings. Includes statement of pols and a broadside signed by Bennett.
M-84-4 Correspondence re the estate of James Lougheed. -- 1926
M-84-5 Correspondence with A. Merriam. -- 1930. -- Re keeping Bennett informed of affairs of the Prime Minister's Office while in London.
M-84-6 General correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Includes an unsigned letter re Conservative Party platform in the coming election (1929) re fiscal policy, protection, tariffs, agriculture, waterways, highways, education, pensions, etc.
M-84-7 General correspondence. -- 1932-1935. -- Re memo presented by the United Farmers of Ontario; claim of British Columbia for better terms with Dominion Government; problems in Montreal and the need of change in present French Canadian ministers; recommendations of persons for titles; and Calgary barracks heating problems.
M-84-8 General correspondence. -- 1937-1939. -- Re drought bill; British-Canada - USA trade agreements; and social legislation of 1935.
M-84-9 General correspondence. -- 1941-1945. -- Re war conditions in England; sale of Eddy Company shares; and personal matters.
M-84-10 Correspondence with Mrs. Gladys Murdock. -- 1939-1941. -- Re Red Cross effort during Second World War.
M-84-11 Correspondence with George A. Drew. -- 1938, 1946. -- Re Conservative Party problems in Ontario during provincial election; and legality of federal-provincial proposals of 1946.
M-84-12 Correspondence re Red Cross war efforts at raising money. -- n.d.
M-84-13 Last will and testament. -- July 1947

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R.B. Bennett's speeches. -- 1926-1938. -- Consists of the following:

List of speeches, 1929-1930
List of speeches, 1926-1934
Control of radio broadcasting, 1932
Opening speech of world economic conference, 1933
Address re Canada-USA problems, 1933
Address re monetary policy, 1933
Address at Saint John, New Brunswick, 1934
Address at Queen's University re political paradoxes, 1935
Speech re death of George V
Canadian Club address, 1936
East Edmonton by-election, 1938

M-84-15 Radio broadcastst. -- 1935. -- Consists of a series of five broadcasts entitled "The Premier Speaks to the People", re proposals for the future and reform measures.
M-84-16 Interviews and letters re reminiscences of R.B. Bennett's early life. -- 1948 and n.d. -- Includes reminiscences of classmates, friends and relatives.

Pamphlets written by R.B. Bennett. -- 1928-1943. -- Consists of the following:

The Challenge of the War to Christianity and the Church
The Constitutional Development of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1943
The British Empire, 1941
Empire Relations, 1942
Budget Speech, 1928

M-84-18 Miscellaneous Bennett business. -- 1931-1944. -- Includes memo of business in London (1934); Imperial Economic Conference; Liberal corruption in Saskatchewan; telegraph from John Diefenbaker (1937); business interests (1942); and agenda for League of Nations.
M-84-19 Wills of Jennie G.H. Shirreff Eddy (1921) and Joseph T. Shirreff (1926). -- Includes outline of Bennett's share.

Scanned Document View will of Jennie G.H. Shirreff Eddy.
Scanned Document View will of Joseph T. Shirreff.
Scanned Document View declaration of Joseph T. Shirreff (outline of Bennett's share).
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M-84-20 Partial inventory of R.B. Bennett papers in New Brunswick. -- n.d. -- Includes brief summaries of important letters on Bennett's ancestry, early days in Calgary, important events (1925-1927), real estate deals, and Dalhousie University.
M-84-21 Correspondence of Lord Beaverbrook with Rosemary Bushnell. -- 1955. -- Re sorting of Bennett collecton and the main types of interest.
M-84-22 Invitations, programs and testimonial dinners. -- 1920-1939

Series 2

Government business. -- 1923-1938

M-84-23 National Policy. -- 1923. -- Consists of outline of national policy under Sir John A. Macdonald and growth of the economy based on protection.
M-84-24 Letter to W.L. Mackenzie King from D.S. McNeill. -- 1923. -- Consists of letter complaining about confiscation by Liberal government of the Island Point Gypsum property. Also an undated article on King as leader.
M-84-25 Bill 54 - Combines Investigatoin Act. -- 1923
M-84-26 Report re North Atlantic steamship combine. -- 1924
M-84-27 Alberta lands question. -- 1924-1928. -- Consists of correspondence between Alberta Premier J.E. Brownlee and Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King regarding return of natural resources to the province.
M-84-28 Massey Harris Company and Arthur Meighen. -- 1924. -- Re position of company regarding legislation by government over farm implements.
M-84-29 Newspaper editorials re House of Commons debates, new legislation and Prime Minister Arthur Meighen. -- 1924
M-84-30 W.L. Mackenzie King - Governor General Baron Byng of Vimy. -- 1926. -- Byng-King affair re dissolutionof parliament. Includes list of English ministerial resignations since Peel in 1834.
M-84-31 Speeches from the Throne. -- 1931, 1935
M-84-32 Memorandum on monetary reconstruction and situation. -- 1932
M-84-33 Pamphlet re declaration on monetary policy by delegation of British Commonwealth. -- 1933
M-84-34 Bank of Canada. -- 1932-1934. -- Need for a central bank, explanation, and revision of the Bank Act.
M-84-35 League of Nations monetary and economic conference. -- 1933
M-84-36 Work Camp correspondence and articles. -- Includes correspondence re work camps west of Calgary, unemployment problems in Vancouver, and relief projects.
M-84-37 Price Spreads Commission. -- 1934. -- Re legislative change necessitated by Commission.
M-84-38 Regina march and strike - Telegrams and letters. -- 1935. -- Re riots in Regina by unemployed.
M-84-39 H.H. Stevens and the Reconstruction Party. -- [ca. 1935]. -- Includes election pamphlets, and a memo on Bennett-Stevens differences.
M-84-40 Conservative Party Conference (1938); and Bennett's Ontario itinerary (1935).
M-84-41 Alberta Social Credit. -- 1935. -- Consists of articles about Social Credit Board, and newspaper articles about Social Credit.
M-84-42 Pamphlet: "Alberta Social Credit Clarion". -- 1937
M-84-43 Privy Council - Appeals and decisions. -- 1935-1937
M-84-44 Memo re consolidation of The Regina Daily Star, The Edmonton Bulletin and The Calgary Albertan. -- 1938

Series 3

Conferences and trade agreements. -- 1910-1947

M-84-45 St. Lawrence Seaway Project. -- 1922-1924. -- Consists of exchange of correspondence between Canada and the USA.
M-84-46 St Lawrence Seaway Treaty. -- 1932-1933. -- Includes correspondence and comments on the Treaty.
M-84-47 St. Lawrence Seaway pamphlets. -- 1932. -- Canada-Ontario St. Lawrence agreement.
M-84-48 Imperial Conference. -- 1930. -- Consists of statements on immigration, agriculture, defence, inter-imperial questions, and draft Statue of Westminster.
M-84-49 Imperial Conference. -- 1931-1932. -- Telegrams and proposals.
M-84-50 Pamphlets of Imperial Conference. -- 1923, 1930 and n.d.
M-84-51 Dominion-Provincial Conference. -- 1933. -- Memo re questions on agenda.
M-84-52 Dominion-Provincial Conference. -- 1934. -- Consists of agenda, resolutions, and memo on unemployment and relief.
M-84-53 Pamphlet re Dominion-Provincial relations. -- 1937
M-84-54 Canada-USA trade relations. -- 1933-1935. -- Consists of memos on tariff, USA isolation and Canadian position.
M-84-55 Pamphlets re trade negotiations and agreements between Canada and the USA.
M-84-56 Canada - Australia trade agreements. -- 1931
M-84-57 Canada - Japan abrogation of trade agreement. -- 1934
M-84-58 Canada - Germany trade negotiations. -- 1932
M-84-59 Canada - United Kingdom trade. -- 1907, 1932-1933. -- Consists of draft agreements, preferences, agreements, etc. Includes copy of 1907 Imperial Preference.
M-84-60 Pamphlets. -- 1924, 1936-1937. -- Statistical tables, British preference, trade agreement.
M-84-61 Canada - Great Britain naval question. -- 1912-1921
M-84-62 Lausanne Treaty. -- 1922-1924. -- Re Canada's position. Includes memos and telegrams.
M-84-63 Pamphlets on the Lausanne Conference and Treaty. -- 1924
M-84-64 Dairy industy brief to National Dairy Council of Canada. -- 1929
M-84-65 Grain trade. -- 1931-1934. -- Includes reports, flour importation into England and map of area of crop failure.

Pamphlets. -- 1929-1936. -- Consists of the following:

World Wheat Problem, 1934
Farming in Canada, 1929
Major Trends in World Agriculture, 1936
Western Producer, 1936
Prices of Cereals, n.d.

M-84-67 Railways in Canada. -- 1910-1919. -- Consists of memos, correspondence and reports re Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Includes speech by Arthur Meighen.
M-84-68 Pamphlet - Canada and the Grand Trunk. -- 1923
M-84-69 Comments re election. -- 1940
M-84-70 Position of Lieutenant-Governor. -- n.d.
M-84-71 Canada - Labrador question. -- n.d.
M-84-72 Fractional currency. -- 1837. -- Issued during Upper Canada Rebellion.
M-84-73 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings re R.B. Bennett and R.H. Stevens. -- n.d.
M-84-74 Manuscripts on the history of Calgary and Alberta. -- n.d.
M-84-75 General papers. -- 1937-1942. -- Includes dress regulations for the coronation, scale of Order of British Empire, cost of living changes in Canada from 1915 to 1928, etc.

Pamphlets re Canada. -- 1923-1937. -- Consists of the following:

Amendments of Canadian Constitution, 1930
BNA Act 1867, 1937
The Working of Confederation, 1937
The Canadian Constitution Seventy Years After, 1937
Beauharnois Light, Heat and Power Company, 1930
Statement - Diversion of Water from Great Lakes by Chicago, 1923
Statement - Protecting Exportation of Electric Power, 1925
Survey of Canadian Broadcasting Legislation, 1937
A Compendium of Soldier Settlement Facts, n.d.
Loans of Dominion and Provincial Government, 1938
Trade agreements with Union of South Africa, Irish State, Southern Rhodesia, 1932
The New Voice of the Empire, 1931


General pamphlets. -- 1924-1947. - Consists of the following:

The Kinsman Trust, n.d.
Gold, A World Economic Problem, 1937
Journal of Commerce, 1924
The Gospel Witness and Protestant Advocate, 1947

Series 4

Ernest Watkins - Manuscript of book. -- 1952-1963

M-84-78 Correspondence. - 1958-1959
M-84-79 Manuscript notes for book, R.B. Bennett. -- 1963. -- Rough notes on chapters 1-4.
M-84-80 Manuscript notes for book, R.B. Bennett. -- 1963. -- Rough notes on chapters 5-9
M-84-81 Manuscript notes for book, R.B. Bennett. -- 1963. -- Rough notes on chapters 9-12
M-84-82 Manuscript notes for book, R.B. Bennett. -- 1963. -- Rough notes, general.
M-84-83 Statement of Alberta votes. -- 1952
M-84-84 Statement of Alberta votes. -- 1955
M-84-85 Campaign letter of Ernest Watkins. -- 1957
M-84-86 Statement of votes and returns for Alberta. -- 1959
M-84-87 Alberta Revision Committee - Electoral boundaries. -- 1960
M-84-88 Alberta Labor Act. -- 1960
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