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Thomas Underwood, [ca. 1903]
Thomas Underwood, [ca. 1903]

Thomas Underwood fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Scanned Document Business papers. - 1904-1945
Series 2 Correspondence (alphabetical). - 1910-1948
Series 3 Photographs. - 1903-[ca. 1905]


Series 1 Business papers. - 1904-1945
M-1261-1 Minutes of organization meeting of T. Underwood Ltd. -- January 29, 1915
M-1261-2 T. Underwood Ltd. reports and agreements. -- January-February 1915. -- Includes transfer of land from Thomas Underwood to company; report of directors; share allotments; agreement installing Thomas Underwood as manager of company.
M-1261-3 Minutes of shareholders' and directors' meetings. -- 1915-1917
M-1261-4 Stock certificates. -- 1915, 1918-1919
M-1261-5 Stock record book. -- 1911-1919. -- Includes lists of mortgages of the company, drawn on Thomas Underwood prior to the company's formation.
M-1261-6 Extension agreement, North British and Mercantile Insurance Company and Thomas Underwood. -- October 10, 1916. -- This exended the termination date of mortgage drawn up July 11, 1911.
M-1261-7 Indenture and agreements. -- March 10, 1919. -- Between Thomas Underwood, Kate Underwood, and T. Underwood Ltd. for transfer of bonds and stocks and settlement of mortgages.
M-1261-8 Financial statements. -- 1922, 1938
M-1261-9 Annual report. -- 1931. -- Submission to government, summary of capital and shares
M-1261-10 Agreement between Thomas Underwood and T. Underwood Ltd. re mortgages. -- January 5, 1933
M-1261-11 Agreement and chattel mortgage between Thomas Underwood, North British and Mercantile, and T. Underwood Ltd.
M-1261-12 Ledgers. -- 1904-1945
M-1261-13 Last will and testament of Howard Douglas Graves. -- 1910. -- Thomas Underwood, R.B. Bennett and Jennie M. Toney were executors. Includes a 1912 stock certificate of Diamond City Coal Company.
M-1261-58 Special News Bulletin. -- 1922-1923. -- Consists of newsletters entitled Special News Bulletin which were circulated to members of the Employers' Association of Manitoba. They were written by Charles R. Roland, the General Secretary of the organization, and include articles about unions, fascists, election campaigns, labour legislation, wage rates in Winnipeg, labour strikes, minimum wages, and a Colonization Conference in Saskatoon. Scanned Document View now.
M-1261-59 Religious tract - cheque drawn on the Bank of Riches in Jesus Christ. -- n.d.
Series 2 Correspondence (alphabetical). - 1910-1948. -- Includes both business and personal correspondence.
M-1261-14 "A" correspondence. -- 1922-1948. -- Correspondents include Samuel H. Adams, K.C.
M-1261-57 Alberta Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis correspondence. -- 1913-1915. -- Correspondents include Emily Murphy, vice-president of the organization.
M-1261-15 Alberta Governernment correspondence. -- 1920-1948
M-1261-16 "B" correspondence. -- 1924-1948Correspondents include John Bambling, Diamond City; Baptist Union of Western Canada; British and Foreign Bible Society.
M-1261-17 "C" correspondence. -- 1939-1948Correspondents include Calgary Board of Trade; Canadian Western Natural Gas; Civic Government and Taxpayers Association; Samuel E. Collard.
M-1261-18 Canadian Government correspondence. -- 1919-1944. -- Includes income tax forms.
M-1261-19 Chinese Mission correspondence. -- 1939-1947. -- Includes a history of the Mission in Calgary; correspondence with Ho Lem, Sr. (chairman); minutes and reports.
M-1261-20 City of Calgary correspondence. -- 1924-1948. -- Correspondents include the Relief and Taxation Department.
M-1261-21 James Cleave Agencies correspondence. -- 1944-1948. -- Regarding insurance.
M-1261-22 "D" correspondence. -- 1940-1947
M-1261-23 Diocese of Calgary correspondence. -- 1928-1948. -- Regarding mortgage.
M-1261-24 "E" to Edwards correspondence. -- 1918-1947. -- Correspondents include Reverend J.H. Eberle, Lacombe; Edward Ellis Edwards, remittance man.
M-1261-25 Elkin to Extension correspondence. -- 1913-1948. -- Correspondents include Reverende W.H. Ellis, Medicine Hat.
M-1261-26 T. Eaton correspondence. -- 1918-1946
M-1261-27 "F" correspondence. -- 1939-1945 Correspondents include Fenerty and McLaurin; Fish Creek Coal Company; Reverend Ernest O. Forde, Lethbridge.
M-1261-28 "G" correspondence. -- 1938-1946. -- Correspondents include J.R. Gresham, Whisky Gap.
M-1261-29 "H" to Highwood correspondence. -- 1924-1946. -- Correspondents include J.H. Hanna, secretary of the Calgary Board of Trade; Honorable Ernest G. Hansell, MP; H. Hargreaves, Calgary postmaster; Highwood Petroleum and Natural Gas Company.
M-1261-30 Hildred to Hutton correspondence. -- 1923-1948. -- Correspondents include Frank Ho Lem, Calgary; H.E. Howard, president of the Council of Social Agencies.
M-1261-31 "I" correspondence. -- 1925-1948. -- Correspondents include Mrs. R.M. Inglis, Victoria; International Press (Who's Who).
M-1261-32 "J" correspondence. -- 1924-1947. -- Correspondents include R. Wilbert Johnson re W.H. Ellis, magistrate at Medicine Hat.
M-1261-33 Jamieson, Austin and Mitchell Ltd. correspondence. -- 1925-1931. -- Regarding insurance.
M-1261-34 "K" to Kent correspondence. -- 1918-1946
M-1261-35 Kerby to Kyte correspondence. -- 1918-1946. -- Correspondents include G.W. Kerby Memorial Building Fund; George Clift King, Calgary postmaster.
M-1261-36 "L" correspondence. -- 1939-1946
M-1261-37 "Mc" correspondence. -- 1938-1947. -- Correspondents include Reverend T.B. McDormand, Edmonton; Dr. Colin Campbell McLaurin, Calgary.
M-1261-38 McDougall and Secord Ltd. correspondence. -- 1940-1948. -- Regarding mortgage.
M-1261-39 "M" correspondence. -- 1938-1947. -- Correspondents include Mrs. O.R. Maude, Peace River.
M-1261-40 "N" correspondence. -- 1925-1947
M-1261-41 "O" correspondence. -- 1923-1947. -- Correspondents include O.V. Coal Mine, Priddis.
M-1261-42 Calgary Old Folks Home correspondence. -- 1939-1948. -- Includes letters re Robert McCann and J.D. McCullough estates, minutes, and architect's agreement and correspondence.
M-1261-43 "P" correspondence. -- 1933-1947. -- Correspondents include Mrs. W. Parsons, Pilot Mound, Manitoba.
M-1261-44 "Q" correspondence. -- 1911-1945
M-1261-45 "R" to Riley correspondence. -- 1914-1946. -- Correspondents include Richfield Petroleum (includes auditor's reports 1940-1941).
M-1261-46 Rinehart to Ryerson correspondence. -- 1924-1947. -- Correspondents include Reverend P.H. Robert, Edmonton.
M-1261-47 "S" correspondence. -- 1924-1948. -- Correspondents include Saskatoon Piano Company; Reverend W.C. Smalley, Edmonton; South Alberta Land Registration District.
M-1261-48 "T" to Toney correspondence. -- 1939-1947. -- Correspondents include Mrs. J.M. Toney, Armstrong, British Columbia.
M-1261-49 Trans Canada to Tyndale correspondence. -- 1939-1946. -- Correspondents include Mrs. E.M. Turner, Regina, Saskatchewan.
M-1261-50 "U-V" correspondence. -- 1918-1946. -- Includes the constitution, statements and correspondence of the Calgary Vacant Lots Society.
M-1261-51 Underwood family correspondence. -- 1930-1947. -- Correspondents include sons Clifford and Gordon; daughter Marjorie; sisters Nellie Frear, Lily Grant, Alice Littlewood; nieces.
M-1261-52 "W" correspondence. -- 1945-1948
M-1261-53 "Y" correspondence. -- 1919-1944. -- Correspondents include Reverend Ray E. York, Wetaskiwin; Reverend H. Young.
M-1261-54 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) correspondence. -- 1921-1948. -- Includes financial statements, minutes, reports.
M-1261-55 Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) correspondence. -- 1910-1948. -- Includes 1912 pamphlet.
M-1261-56 "Z" correspondence. -- 1922-1947. -- Correspondents include W.H. Zook, Provost and Wainwright.
Series 3

Photographs. -- 1903-[ca. 1905]. -- 3 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1507-(1-2) Thomas Underwood's house. -- [ca. 1905]. -- 2 photographs. -- One of these has been copied as NA-2652-1.
PB-380-1 Portrait of T. Underwood. -- 1903. -- 1 photograph. -- Copied as NA-2369-1.
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