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UFA Board of Directors, 1942. J.K. Sutherland, front row, 3rd from right
UFA Board of Directors, 1942
J.K. Sutherland, front row, 3rd from right

John Kenneth Sutherland fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 UFA, CCF and political papers. -- 1939-1953
Series 2 Water conservation. -- 1948-1958
Series 3 Harvesting tour. -- 1946-1948
Series 4 Correspondence. -- 1935-1955
Series 5 Radio talks and writings. -- 1939-1954 and n.d.
Series 6 Stories intended for book. --1939-1942 and n.d.
Series 7 J.K. Sutherland Memorial Fund. -- 1958-1961


Series 1 UFA, CCF and political papers. -- 1939-1953
M-1199-1 Hanna United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). -- 1940, 1945. -- Consists of report of Hanna Local Secretary, E.J. Sutherland (February 8, 1940); and letter from E.J. Sutherland to Officers, Delegates and Visitors of the UFA Convention (January 12, 1945).
M-1199-2 Radio broadcast re Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). -- May 14, 1945
M-1199-3 Address to Canadian Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Boards of Trade, re politics. -- March 1939
Series 2 Water conservation. -- 1948-1959
M-1199-4 Water conservation. -- 1949-1953. -- Consists of Sutherland's article, "Uncle Sam, His Big Muddy and His M.V.A."; and photos, articles and circulars regarding American water conservaton projects in North Dakota, the Missouri River Basin Project, etc.

Water conservation. -- 1948-1958. -- Consists of the following:

Alberta Act to create Water Users' Districts

Agreement between Governments of Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to create the Prairie Provinces Water Board

Resolutions by farmers groups, 1955-1956

Radio broadcast by Sutherland entitled "A Great Plains Water Authority"

Submission to the Bracken Commission, 1948

Submission to the Provincial Irrigation Advisory Commission ("A Great Plains Water Authority" with amendments)

Letter to "The Editor" from Sutherland re water conservation

Series 3 Harvest exursions. -- 1946-1948

Harvest tour. -- 1940-1949. -- Consists of the following:

Correspondence with Monogram Pictures re proposal for film on harvesting trip, 1946

Letters from Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, State of Oklahoma, re harvesting in that state, February 25, 1947

National Film Board letter re proposed film, "Harvests on the March", April 18, 1947

Letter from Farmers Educational an Cooperative Union of America, June 3, 1947

Broadcasts by Sutherland over CBC and CFCN radio re harvest trip, July-September, 1947

Sutherland's article, "The International Harvest"

Sutherland's article, "The March of the Harvest", The Country Guide, April 1948

Various letters about "The March of the Harvest", 1948-1949

Series 4 Correspondence. -- 1935-1955
M-1199-7 Correspondence. -- 1938-1940, 1952-1955. -- Consists of letters from UFA Central Cooperative, Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union of America, U.S. Department of Agriculture, CFAC, and others re pioneer farm life, American agricultural progress, wheat storage, cloud seeding, and radio scripts.
M-1199-8 Correspondence. -- 1935-1943, 1953-1958. -- Consists of letters written by Sutherland to the Alberta Wheat Pool, S.S. Sears, the "press", Hon. John Bracken and others re politics, sales tax, abdication of King Edward VIII, UFA convention, Canada-USA relations, relief for farmers, bird conservation, radio broadcasts, fire hazards, drought relief, Bracken Conference, Western Committee on Markets, withdrawal of the Wheat Board, International Wheat Conference, export of natural gas, water conservation, etc. Includes correspondence about establishment of provincial museums.
Series 5 Radio talks and writings. -- 1939-1954 and n.d.

Radio broadcasts by J.K. Sutherland. -- 1939-1954 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

"Nova Scotia through Western Eyes", March 13, 1939
"Ottawa - Through a Farmer's Eyes", April 1939
"The Maritimes and Montreal", May 1939
"The Royal Visit - A Dirt Famer Reflects", July 1939
"A Western Dirt Farmer Looks East", December 13, 1939
"Nova Scotia", January 27, 1940
"And so they came to live in Canada", July 1940
Broadcast re farmers delegates to Ottawa, February 25, [1942]
"Wheat - The Despised but Still the Stone of the Corner", [1943]
Proposed radio talk describing Hanna, December 28, 1954
"The Ploughman homeward wends his weary way...", December 28, 1954
"The Prairie's happy homes or desolation - which?", n.d.
"A Western Farmer looks at New Brunswick", n.d.
"When the Geese Fly High", n.d.
"When the Prairies Burn", n.d.
"A Western Farm in Sunshine and Storm", n.d.
"The Last Load of Wheat", n.d.
"Oh! What's the Use if we don't have a Wheat Board"
Sketches on hogs, cattle, eggs, poultry, "dried out", frost
"The Mayos, Dr. Will and Dr. Charles - two great men"


Radio broadcasts by J.K. Sutherland. -- 1938, 1940. -- Consists of the following:

"The Whisper of the Wheat", first broadcast by J.K. Sutherland over CBC, July 1938

"A Western Dirt Farmer on Tour", parts 1 through 4, October 1940

M-1199-11 "The King who did not Abdicate in our Hearts", article by J.K. Sutherland in reply to one by Beverley Baxter on the Duke of Windsor [King Edward VIII]. -- [ca. 1937-1938]
M-1199-12 Radio broadcasts by J.K. Sutherland. -- 1939-1940, 1944. -- Consists of broadcasts on UFA, Burns Night and flying. Includes a broadcast from the UFA convention dance, January 20, 1944.
Series 6 Stories intended for book. -- 1939-1942 and n.d.

Stories by J.K. Sutherland. -- 1939-1948 and n.d.. -- Consists of the following:

"The Blizzard", 1948
"The Chinook", 1938
"The Harvest Moon" or "Mother Nature Smiles Again", July 1939
"The Black Blizzard", n.d.
"The Little, Old, Gray, Abandoned Home", December 1939
"Bringing in the Sheaves", February 8, 1940
"Dust to Dust", March 5, 1940
"Two mile an hour in 1909 - Two hundred in 1939", February 1940
"The Women in White", September 1942
"When Farmers get Together", March 1940
"The Last Load of Wheat", n.d.
"The Roast Beef of Old England and the Pork Chop of Canada", March 22, 1940
"Two Better Halves", n.d.
"The Freezing Chill of Frost, the Hurtling Masses of Ice", n.d.
"The Rains that didn't Come", n.d.
"Montreal", n.d.
"A Farmer Looks at Toronto", 1939


Stories by J.K. Sutherland. -- [ca. 1939-1948]. -- Consists of the following"

"Help from the Depths", n.d.
"From Hens to Henry", n.d.
"We seek Land and Homes". n.d.
"The First Twenty-Four Hours on the Homestead", n.d.
"The Second Twenty-Four Hours on the Homestead", n.d.
"When the Geese Fly High", n.d.
"I Dig for Fuel and Food and Life", n.d.
"When the Prairies Burn", n.d.
"Haste to the Wedding", n.d.
"If the Old Musket could Speak", n.d.

Series 7 J.K. Sutherland Memorial Fund. -- 1958-1961
M-1200 J.K. Sutherland Memorial Fund. -- 1958-1961. -- 2.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings about he fund. Includes a brief and an article by Sutherland about the Great Plains Water Authority proposal.
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