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Leon C. Eckenfeldeer and friend
Leon C. Eckenfelder and friend

St. Ann Ranch Trading Company fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Scanned Document Letters and diaries. -- 1901-1916
Series 2 Establishment and dissolution of the company. -- 1907-1954
Series 3 Photographs. -- [ca. 1900-1930s]


Series 1

Letters and diaries. -- 1901-1934


Armand and Marguerite Trochu. -- 1901-1916. -- 41 letters. -- Consists of transcriptions of French letters written by Armand Trochu and his teenage daughter, Marguerite, to family in France, describing the trip to Canada, and life on their ranch at Trochu. (The original letters are held privately in France.) -- See M-8769-1 for English translations of these letters. (The translations were done by Yvonne Van Cawenberge of Trochu, Alberta.)

Scanned Document View transcripts (in French).
Scanned Document View English translations.

de Beaudrap
Paul de Beaudrap's diaries. -- Copied 1973 (originally created 1904-1934). -- 1 microfilm reel. -- Consists of diaries, in French, describing ranching activities at St. Ann Ranch (1904-1905) and Ranch Jeanne d'Arc at Three Hills (1905-1934). -- The originals are held by Mrs. Xavier de Beaudrap of Three Hills.

Series 2

Establishment and dissolution of the Company. -- 1907-1954


Charter and land titles of St. Ann Ranch Trading Company. -- 1907-1954. Consists of the following:

Articles of Association of St. Ann Ranch Trading Company, 1907
Duplicate certificate of land title for St. Ann Ranch, 1910
Transfer of land to John Weiss, 1920
Duplicate certificate of title, 1929
Three transfer of land certificates, 1953-1954
Three agreements between Edgar Papillard and the company


Dissolution of St. Ann Ranch Trading Company and estates of partners. -- 1930-1954. -- Consists of the following:

Estate documents for Leon Charles Eckenfelder, 1951
Trochu family documents (4 items in French), 1930-1949
Eckenfelder family document (in Frenceh), 1938
English translations of Trochu and Eckenfelder family documents, 1951-1952
Power of attorney papers, 1951-1952
Four documents re adminstration of L.C. Eckenfelder's estate, 1951
Four documents re Eckenfelder and Devilder estates, 1953
Fifteen papers re liquidation of St. Ann Ranch, 1952-1953
Agreement between Northern Trusts and St. Ann Ranch beneficiaries, 1953-1954
Inventory and annual reports of St. Ann Ranch Trading Company, 1951-1953
Two petroleum and natural gas lease agreements, 1953-1954

M-2440-3 Notes from historical search at Land Titles Office.
M-2440-(4-5) Correspondence re dissolution of St. Ann Ranch Trading Company; estates of partners; and leasing of oil rights. -- 1928-1954. -- Also includes letter to J.G. Figarol of Leo, Alberta re Eckenfelder estate, from Chadwick and de Roussy. -- 1928
M-2440-6 Map of Trochu and Sheep Creek area. -- 1949 and n.d.
M-2399 Valentine Eckenfelder. -- 1908. -- 2 items. -- Consists of a document in the form of a mortgage statement, involving St. Ann Ranch Trading Company land in favour of Mrs. V. Eckenfelder, for the loan of $8500.00.

Series 3

Photographs. -- [ca. 1900-1930s]. -- 65 photographs

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-345 L.C. Eckenfelder family and early Trochu. -- 40 photographs
PA-1598 Eckenfelder and Figarol families. -- [ca. 1912-1930s]. -- 8 photographs
NA-397 Eckenfelder, Trochu and Figarol families; Trochu area views and groups. -- [ca. 1900]-1919. -- 18 photographs
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