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Shell Wives' Club recipe book
Shell Wives' Club recipe book

Shell Wives' Club fonds

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M-6250-1 Constitution. -- 1978-1979. -- Also includes list of officers, committe chairwomen and membership lists.
M-6250-2 Executive duties. -- 1962-[ca. 1970s]
M-6250-3 Yearly reports. -- 1962-1965
M-6250-4 Minutes. -- 1970-1979
M-6250-5 Executive papers. -- 1971-1976. -- Includes minutes, committee reports, treasurers' reports, etc. Arranged by year.
M-6250-6 Executive papers. -- 1976-1980. -- Includes minutes, committee reports, treasurers' reports, etc. Arranged by year.
M-6250-7 Membership - Attendance register. -- 1956-1968
M-6250-8 Membership rosters. -- 1976-1980
M-6250-9 Social convener's diary. -- 1955-1966. -- Includes notations re social activities, appointments, planning, etc.
M-6250-10 Social convener's reports. -- 1968-1980. -- Re social activities and program.
M-6250-11 Correspondence. -- 1973-1980. -- Re social and volunteer activites of the club, including support for the Pink Pelican and Mini Pelican clubs sponsored by the Rehabilitation Society of Calgary.
M-6250-12 Programs and activities. -- 1967-1979. -- Consists of notices, brochures, tickets, etc. re social activities and programs presented to the club by outside speakers and groups.
M-6250-13 Treasurers' account book. -- 1971-1976
M-6250-14 Treasurers' reports. -- 1971-1972
M-6250-15 Treasurers' reports. -- 1972-1974
M-6250-16 Treasurers' reports. -- 1974-1975
M-6250-17 Treasurers' reports. -- 1976-1977
M-6250-18 Treasurers' duplicate cheque book. -- 1973-1976
M-6250-19 Recipe book. -- 1974-1975. -- Prepared by the club as a fundraising project in aid of the Pink Pelican Club.
M-6250-20 Guestbook. -- 1974-1980
M-6250-21 Pink Pelican Club information sheets. -- 1980 and n.d.
M-6250-vol.1 Scrapbook. -- 1955-1958
M-6250-vol.2 Scrapbook. - 1958-1964
M-6250-vol.3 Scrapbook. -- 1964-1966
M-6250-vol.4 Scrapbook. -- 1966-1970
M-6250-vol.5 Scrapbook. -- 1971-1975
M-6250-vol.6 Scrapbook. -- 1975-1979
PA-2413 Views of a fashion show held by the club at Pickwick Inn, Calgary. -- 1968. -- 12 colour negatives
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