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Cowboy, Oxley Ranch, [ca. 1880s]
Cowboy, Oxley Ranch, [ca. 1880s]

Charles Sharples fonds

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Series 1 Ranching and Justice of the Peace records. -- 1888-1905
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s]


Series 1

Ranching and Justice of the Peace records. -- 1888-1905

M-1125-1 Agreement of C. Sharples with J.L. Gibb and John Cassils for operation of the Winder Ranche Company. -- 1894
M-1125-2a Schedule of fees for Justice of the Peace. -- 1888
M-1125-2b Local Improvement District tax receipt made out to Chas Sharples of New Oxley. -- August 5, 1904

"Information and Complaint" forms received by Charles Sharples, Justice of the Peace at New Oxley. -- 1903-1905. -- Includes the following charges:

Charles Walter, Claresholm, sale of liquor, March 1903
S.J. Avery, Claresholm, assault, April 1903
Jessie W. Hardie, Claresholm, prairie fire, April 1903
John B. Smith, Claresholm, theft, May 1903
Jessie Hardy, Claresholm, prairie fire, May 1903
William Brown, Claresholm, abusive language, June 1903
Fred Olmsted, Claresholm, cattle with dogs, August 1903
August Miller, Claresholm, drunk, September 1903
J. Avery, Claresholm, assault, November 1903
J.B. Smith, Claresholm, no disease notice, March 1904
Anton Billett, Claresholm, disturbance, April 1904
George Lindsay, Claresholm, infested stable, April 1904
Albine Swanson, Claresholm, prairie fire, April 1904
Henry Thosrell Leavings, Claresholm, prairie fire, April 1904
J. Urthun, Claresholm, prairie fire, April 1904
Joseph McCalpin, Claresholm, drunk, April 1904
August Miller, Claresholm, drunk, April 1904
F.W. Crafts, Claresholm, drunk, May 1904
Albine Swanson, Claresholm, prairie fire, May 1904
T. Thompson, Claresholm, drunk, June 1904
F.G. Johnson, Stavely, assault, June 1904
J.J. McKee, Stavely, drunk, June 1904
S. Sanderholm, Claresholm, drunk, June 1904
McKee, Stavely, drunk, August 1904
Peter Bruhm, Stavely, theft, April 1905
Albert Gustavson, Claresholm, theft, May 1905
Frank Miller, Claresholm, theft, May 1905
Mr. Irvine, Innisfail, assault, May 1905
McAlpine, Claresholm, drunk, May 1905


Winder Ranche notebooks. -- 1892-1897. -- 2 volumes. -- Consists of the following:

Letterbook of handwritten letters to Sid Gibb from Charles Sharples, regarding ranch business. -- November 13, 1895-January 18, 1897. -- Includes transcription of letters.

G.W. Beard's pocket notebook of names of horses. -- 1892-1894

M-1125-5 G.W. Beard's register of horses. -- 1890-1891. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of data on Winder Ranche horses. (The volume itself is embossed on the front cover with "J.F. Macleod, C.M.G., Stipendary Magistrate, Regina, N.W.T.)
M-1125-6 Winder Ranche account book. -- 1890-1897. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of inventories of buildings, implements, etc.; and accounts of Ranche owners and hired men, including: Charles Sharples, Henry Raikes, W.R. Stewart, George D. Winder, George W. Board, D. MacCallum, J.c. Routhier, William Sharples, Sam Waddell, George E. Brown, C.P. Hutchins, I.E. Erwin, Tom Scott, R. Davis, John Bell, W.H. Fulmer, Jas Votier, Thos Graham, W.B. Curtis, and others.

Series 2

Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s]. -- 19 photographs. -- Consists of ranching views, primarily unidentified.


All of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

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