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Letter from a favourite student, 1947
M-8533, file 4

Beatrice Shand fonds

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M-8533-1The Ammonite (school yearbook). -- 1938, 1939, 1940
M-8533-2The Ammonite (school yearbook). -- 1941, 1942, 1943
M-8533-3The Ammonite (school yearbook). -- 1944, 1945, 1946
M-8533-4The Ammonite (school yearbook). -- 1947, 1948, 1949
M-8533-5Scrapbook kept by Beatrice Shand. -- 1938-1944. -- Consists of news clippings about St. Hilda's students.
M-8533-6School "diary" kept by Beatrice Shand. -- 1945-1947. -- Includes cards, letters, news clippings and photographs.
M-8533-7School "diary" kept by Beatrice Shand. -- 1947-1948. -- Includes cards, letters, news clippings and photographs.
M-8533-8School "diary" kept by Beatrice Shand. -- 1948-1949. -- Includes cards and news clippings.
M-8533-26Prayer book created by Beatrice Shand. -- [ca. 1938-1949]. -- Consists of handwritten and glued-in prayers for morning, evening, children, new term, special days, etc.
M-8533-9Guest book for coffee parties and Old Girls' Teas. -- 1944-1948
M-8533-10Speech. -- [1940s]. -- Given by Beatrice Shand to the student body, regarding the name of the school.
M-8533-11The Blue Willow Plate. -- [ca. 1948]. -- Consists of a play written by Beatrice Shand.
M-8533-27Robin Hood and Cinderella. -- Consists of scripts and musical scores for two musical pays for children.
M-8533-12Nature notebook kept by Beatrice Shand. -- 1929-1934, 1948. -- Includes sketches of plants, and lists of birds and wildflowers sighted.
M-8533-13Exams and results. -- 1949
M-8533-14St. Hilda's bookplates. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- Used for prizes and presentations.
M-8533-15News clippings. -- 1933-1965. -- Regarding Beatrice Shand and St. Hilda's.
M-8533-16School fees schedule. -- [ca. 1940s]
M-8533-17Letter to Beatrice Shand from Marion (a student). -- 1948
PA-3657Photographs of students and school activities. -- 1938-1946. -- 138 photographs. -- Consists of views of Beatrice Shand, the school, students, and activities such as skating, tennis, drama, callithenics, bonfires, dog show, and the 1939 Royal Visit. Includes views of a dormitory.

Many of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
M-8533-18Photo album. -- 1949. -- 11 photographs. -- Consists of a commemorative album presented to Beatrice Shand at the closing of the school. -- Note: one photo is missing.
M-8533-19Photo of students performing in the gym. -- [1942?]. -- 1 photograph.
M-8533-20Photos of the student body. -- 1940-1943 and nd. -- 7 photographs.
M-8533-21Photos of students in a play. -- [1949?]. -- 3 photographs.
M-8533-22Photos of the school building and students. -- 1945-1949, 1965 and nd. -- 9 photographs. -- 2 slides.
M-8533-23Unidentified negatives. -- nd. -- 4 negatives. -- Consists of views of crocuses, buildings, and an unknown event.
M-8533-24Concord Junior Song and Chorus Book (Boys and Girls). -- 1928. -- Consists of a song book used at St. Hilda's.
M-8533-25Miscellany. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- Consists of school stationery, Byron Harmon postcards and a copy of the Canadian Red Cross Junior magazine.
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