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Les Rowland (right) and colleagues, [ca. 1940s]
Les, Rowland (right) and colleagues, [ca. 1940s]

Les Rowland fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Textual and photographic records 1917-1991
Series 2 Photographs and photonegatives. -- 1882-1990
Series 3 Slides. -- 1959-1988


Series 1 Textual and photographic records. -- 1917- 1990. -- 5.7 m (19 boxes). -- The series consists of personal and professional papers and photographs. Most of the professional records from 1948 to 1963 relate to Oil in Canada magazine, after which they relate to Oilweek magazine.
M-8439-1Baby record and childhood papers. -- 1917-1927
M-8439-2Postcards. -- ca. 1920s
M-8439-3Graduation photograph. -- ca. 1930s
M-8439-4Letters to Mr. R.H. Rowland (Leslie's father Bob) to Mrs. R.H. Rowland (Leslie's mother Evelyn). -- 1923-1950
M-8439-4aRobert Henry Rowland's life insurance policy. -- 1921
M-8439-5Stocks, related correspondence and receipts. -- 1931-1956
M-8439-6Packard Eight car catalogue. -- 1933
M-8439-7Minutes and financial statement of the Young Men's Musical Club of Winnipeg, 1938-1940, and Junior Chamber of Commerce certificate, 1949.
M-8439-87 photographs of Leslie Rowland and friends, colleagues etc. -- ca. 1940s
M-8439-8aInsurance certificates issued by the Insurance Institute of Winnipeg and the Insurance Institute of America to Leslie Rowland. -- 1942-1944
M-8439-9Federal Grain Limited file. -- Consists of 26 photographs of people skiing and playing hockey, award ceremony, dog sled team, equipment, etc. -- ca. 1949
M-8439-1033 photographs of pipelines, equipment, people, Rock Lake trip, Jaycee tour of Amaranth gypsum mine, Signal Hill, Redwater, etc. -- 1949-1950s
M-8439-11Photographs of pipelines etc for Oil in Canada. -- 1950s-1960
M-8439-12Interprovincial file. -- Consists of 24 photographs of pipeline construction by Trans-Canada Pipelines, Westcoast Transmission Company, Midwestern Industrial, and others as well as oil storage tanks at International Nickel's Moak Lake exploration camp in Manitoba, etc. -- 1950s-1960s.
M-8439-1321 photographs of Westcoast and Trans Canada pipelines etc for Oil in Canada. -- 1955-1958.
M-8439-146 photographs for pipeline review in Oil in Canada. -- 1956
M-8439-15Midwestern Industrial and Mannix (West coast). -- Consists of 8 pipeline photographs. -- 1956
M-8439-16Letter and 17 photographs related to the Winnipeg Road-e-o. -- July 1956
M-8439-17Kenneth R. Wilson Memorial Award for business paper editors. -- 1956
M-8439-183 photographs of pipelines at Medicine Hat. -- 1956
M-8439-194 job data reports and 10 photographs for Oil in Canada. -- May-August 1957
M-8439-2056 miscellaneous photographs. -- Consists predominantly of pipelines, equipment and people. -- ca. 1957 - ca. 1970
M-8439-2110 photographs of Canadian trade and technical magazine editors in London. April 1959
M-8439-22Photo record notebook. -- 1959-1960
M-8439-2336 photographs of pipelines, speeches, award ceremonies etc. Includes the front cover photograph of the March 20, 1972 issue of Oilweek. -- ca. 1960s-1970s
M-8439-24Personal letter to Leslie Rowland. -- June 1960
M-8439-253 photographs of people for Oil in Canada. -- June 1961
M-8439-2644 photographs of pipeline work in Waterton etc. -- July 1961
M-8439-277 photographs of Australian oil fields. -- August 1962
M-8439-2848 photographs of pipelines, people, etc. -- 1963
M-8439-293 letters to Leslie Rowland. Consists of letters from Lester B. Pearson, Mitchell Sharp and C.H. Enderston and Company. -- 1963 and 1966
M-8439-30Investment papers. -- 1963-1989
M-8439-314 small notebooks relating to pipelines, the oil and gas industry, etc. -- 1964
M-8439-329 small notebooks relating to pipelines, the oil and gas industry, etc. -- 1965
M-8439-333 small notebooks relating to pipelines, the oil and gas industry, etc. -- 1966
M-8439-341 small notebook relating to Marine pipelines and various other pipelines and plants. -- 1966-1967
M-8439-3512 small notebooks relating to pipelines, the oil and gas industry, etc. -- 1967
M-8439-36Taxation papers. -- 1966, 1976-1977
M-8439-37Program for the 13th Annual Convention of the Pipeline Contractors Association. -- March-April 1967
M-8439-38Photographs and card for the official opening of Gulfco Manufacturing. -- January 1967
M-8439-392 small notebooks relating to pipelines, the oil and gas industry, etc. -- 1967-1972
M-8439-403 notebooks relating to pipelines, the oil and gas industry, etc and one blank daytimer from the British Petroleum Company. -- 1968
M-8439-419 miscellaneous photographs and contact sheet for Gulf Strachan drilling, etc. -- 1968-1990
M-8439-421 small notebooks on pipeline jobs. -- 1969-1972
M-8439-43Bechtel Canada organizational chart, ca. 1970s?, and Interprovincial Pipeline progress chart, 1976.
M-8439-443 small notebooks on pipelines such as the Chevron Kaybob pipeline etc and on conferences in Edmonton. -- 1970
M-8439-452 small notebooks on pipelines. -- 1971-1972
M-8439-4612 Oilweek photographs of men connected to the oil business. -- 1971-1984
M-8439-471 small notebook on pipelines, etc. -- 1973
M-8439-48Program for the 66th annual meeting of the Canadian Gas Association. -- June 1973
M-8439-499 photos from Interprovincial Steel and Pipe Corporation to Leslie Rowland. 1973.
M-8439-50NKK Golf tournament group photograph. -- 1974
M-8439-51Conference proceedings of the Western Region Engineering Institute of Canada. -- 1974
M-8439-52Book entitled The Law Society of Manitoba 1877-1977. -- 1977
M-8439-53Maclean-Hunter editorial principles and guidelines. -- 1978
M-8439-543 studies published by the Canadian Energy Research Institute: Energy in Canada, Oil and Gas Finding Costs and Energy Use in Canada in Comparison With Other Countries. -- 1979
M-8439-55Card from Jean Armstrong to Mrs. Rowland (mother) and Leslie. -- 1979
M-8439-56Articles from Newsweekly, Oilweek, Science Link, etc. -- ca. 1980s
M-8439-5730 Pipeline pictures. -- 1980
M-8439-58Memo to Colin diCenzo giving a brief biography of Leslie Rowland. -- 1980
M-8439-59Taxation papers. -- 1980
M-8439-60Contact sheet and negatives for Oilweek. -- 1980-1981
M-8439-61Pipeline photographs and contact sheets. -- 1981. -- 2 cm
M-8439-62Contact sheet, photographs and negatives for an Oilweek story. -- 1981. 0.5 cm
M-8439-63Pipeline photographs for a November story in Oilweek. -- 1981. -- 0.5 cm
M-8439-64Photographs of Foothills pipeline. -- 1981. -- 2 cm
M-8439-65Taxation papers. -- 1981
M-8439-66Contact sheet and 3 photographs of Drilling Symposium. -- 1982
M-8439-67Contact sheet of Canadian Hunter Elmworth gas plant. -- July 1983
M-8439-681 small daytimer/notebook. -- August 1983
M-8439-69Coil notebook of trips to the United States and Britain. -- 1983-1985
M-8439-70Contact sheets of Nova Dunkirk lateral and Dome West Pembina gathering system. -- March 1984
M-8439-71Contact sheet of Propak Airdrie plant and Trans-Canada Pipelines/Marine. -- April-July 1984.
M-8439-72Contact sheet of Nova 42" replacement at Blairmore. -- September 1984
M-8439-73Contact sheet and negatives for pipeline review. -- October 1984
M-8439-74Contact sheet of Western Decalta Turner Valley multiphase gathering system. -- November 1984
M-8439-75Contact sheet for October-November pipeline projects. -- 1984
M-8439-76Stocks and bonds data and statistics. -- 1984. -- 1.5 cm textual records
M-8439-77Contact sheet of Interprovincial Norman Wells, 12" crude oil, Majestic Spread for May 13 review. -- 1985
M-8439-78Taxation papers. -- 1985
M-8439-79Taxation papers. -- 1986
M-8439-80Recreation papers. -- ca. 1986-1991. -- 1 cm. -- Consists of golf cards, screech pamphlet, membership list of the Calgary Society of Organists, note from the Archaeological Society of Alberta, etc.
M-8439-81Taxation papers. -- 1987
M-8439-82Historic petroleum photographs. -- October 1988. -- 3 cm
M-8439-832 Nova north lateral contact sheets and 2 photographs. -- October 1990
M-8439-84Province of Alberta Oil and Gas Conservation Act. -- 1990
M-8439-85Contact sheet, photographs and negatives for TransGas 16", Henuset and Amcan. -- August 1991. -- 0.5 cm
M-8439-8610 old family photographs. -- n.d. [probably late 19th century/early 20th]
M-8439-876 banquet photos etc. -- n.d. [probably 1950s or 1960s?]
M-8439-8819 miscellaneous pipeline photographs. -- n.d.
M-8439-89Various notes, pamphlets, business cards, camera booklet, etc. -- ca. 1980s
M-8439-901 photo of river and mountains. -- n.d.
M-8439-91Unlabelled contact sheet of machinery and negative. -- n.d.
M-8439-92-osPhotographic display of basketball, baseball, track and field. -- ca. 1940s or 1950s. -- 1 cm of textual and photographic records
Series 2 Photographs and photonegatives. -- 1882-1990. -- 5.7 m (19 boxes). --

The series consists of photographs and photonegatives from Rowland's work as a journalist of the oil and gas industry, many pictures of pipelines and machinery, as well as some personal pictures from his trips in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, etc and a few pictures of family, friends and colleagues. Most of the professional photos from 1948 to 1963 relate to Oil in Canada magazine , after which they relate to Oilweek magazine.


Photographs and photonegatives. -- 1882-May 1958

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Photographs and photonegtives. -- May 1958-1990

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Series 3 Slides. -- 1959-1988. -- 90 cm (3 boxes. -- The series consists of slides of oil and gas industry, Albertan and Canadian scenery, trips to the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, etc.  -- Arranged chronologically.

Slides. -- 1959-1988

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