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Ezra Riley home, ca. 1910s
Ezra Riley home, [ca. 1910s]

Ezra Riley family fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Scanned Document Riley family memorabilia and photographs. -- [ca. 1867-1952]
Series 2 Ezra Hounsfield Riley papers. -- 1881-1927
Series 3 Harriet (Waterhouse) Riley papers . -- 1897-1907
Series 4 Waterhouse family papers . -1902-1921
Series 5 Scanned Document Thomas Riley papers . -- 1909-1927
Series 6 Arthur Riley papers. -- 1930
Series 7 Scanned Document Louise Riley papers . -- 1917-1964
Series 8 Scanned Document Dorothy (Riley) Gishler paper. -- 1914-[ca. 1972]
Series 9 Scanned Document Gisher family papers. -- 1942-1990


Series 1

Riley family memorabilia and photographs. -- [ca. 1867-1952]. -- 14 cm of textual records. -- 159 photographs. -- The series consists of a scrapbook and photograph albums; loose greeting cards and other items; loose photographs; and genealogical informatiion.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.


Scrapbook. -- 1887-1937. -- Consists of photographs, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, and correspondence. Some significant items include:

Page 1 Letter from A.S. Carson to Harold Riley, 1903, concerning political matters

Page 2 Letter, election speech, n.d.

Page 3 Thomas Riley election handbill, 1902

Pages 9, 11 Photgraphs of St. Barnabas Church

Page 13 Correspondence re donation of Riley Park to the City of Calgary, 1910-1919

Page 17 Snapshot of E.H. Riley, group portrait of Bishop Pinkham Football Team

Page 18 Group portrait of boys and two clergymen (Bishop Pinkham College?)

Page 20 Snapshots and passenger list of Riley family on voyage to New Zealand

Pages 21, 22 Newspaper obituaries of E.H. Riley

Pages 23-24 Photographs of the Riley home at 130. -- 8th Avenue NW

Page 27 Certificates of confirmation and certificate of marriage for Ezra Riley and Harriet Waterhouse, 1897

Page 31 Photographs of the Riley family at the Hollow Tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Page 34 Portraits of Bishop Cyprian Pinkham and his wife Jean Pinkham

Page 35 Letter from John Waterhouse to Libbie Waterhouse following the death of Wilson Waterhouse, 1914

Page 37 Spes : The Bishop Pinkham College magazine. -- vol. 3, no. 1 (Xmas 1913)

Page 38 Letters to Ezra Riley from R.B. Bennett, George Lane and others concerning political matters, 1910-1914

Pages 39-45 Portraits, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, correspondence concerning the academic achievements and military career of Tom Riley, 1913-1917

M-8375-2 Album photographique. -- [ca. 1880-1923]. -- 1 album (43 photographs). -- The photographs are mostly unidentified portraits, notably of members of the Waterhouse family of Bradford, England. Harriet Riley was a member of this family. Identified portraits are of Margaret Waterhouse (photo 21), John Waterhouse (photo 41), and William Waterhouse (photo 45). Includes loose photographs of Dorothy and Eileen Wadsworth, and "Hattie's home" (the Waterhouse home?); and a pamphlet: Jephthah and other verses by W. Waterhouse (1909).
M-8375-3 Photograph album. -- [ca. 1890]-1922. -- 22 photographs. -- Consists of views of Thomas E. and Georgina Riley and their children; Ezra and Hattie Riley and their children. Includes loose photographs of Dorothy and Louise Riley; family pets; the gate to Riley Park; and Calgary Municipal Railway Streetcar No. 2.
M-8375-4 E.H. Riley family album. -- 1912-1921. -- 74 photographs. -- Consists of snapshots of Riley family members at home in Calgary and on vacation trips in Alberta and Saskatchewan, including many 1921 vacation views assembled by Dorothy Riley.
M-8375-5 E.H. Riley family album. -- 1912-[ca. 1950]. -- 21 photographs. -- Consists of informal snapshots of the Riley family at home in Calgary. Includes loose photographs of the family at home and on vacation, including a studio portrait of a baby, possibly Dorothy Gishler's son.
M-8375-6 Photograph album. -- [ca. 1920-1932]. -- 80 photographs. -- Consists of snapshots of the Riley home, the family dog, and vacation trips in the Banff area. Include loose photographs of Louise and Dorothy Riley and friends, and a trip from Banff to Mount Assiniboine in 1931 or 1932.
M-8375-7 Scrapbook of Louise and Dorothy Riley's trip to England and France. -- 1937-1838. -- Consists of snapshots of the Waterhouse family, commercial postcards, and souvenirs.
M-8375-8 Funeral cards, etc. -- 1873-1896. -- Consists of funeral cards for James Rhodes, Harriot Rhodes, and William Riley. Includes program for opening services of the Woodhouse Grove New Wesleyan Chapel, and a list of devotional readings.
M-8375-9 Memorabilia. -- 1895-1914. -- Consists of marriage announcement for Hattie Waterhouse and Ezra Hounsfield Riley, Miss Waterhouse's optical prescription, program for a memorial service for King Edward VII, Harriet Riley's declaration of faith at St. Barnabas Church, program for piano recital at Mason & Risch Piano Parlours, and a calling card with Mother's Day greetings from Louise Riley.
M-8375-10 CEF photographs. -1917. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of a photograph of the colours of Calgary regiment bing deposited in Westminster Abbey (137th Battalion CEF, with Harold W. Riley identified); and a photograph of officers of the 137th Battalion CEF posing in front of Tower Bridge, London.
M-8375-11 Thomas Riley photographs. -- [ca. 1899]. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of a group portrait of the family of Thomas and Georgiana Riley. Persons identified on the reverse are Edmunde, Thomas (father), Thomas, Louise, alfred, Ezra, Frank with wife Mildred and baby Harold, Georgiana (mother), Harriet (Waterhouse) with baby Thomas, Arthur, Emily, Maria, and Harold. Also consists of a photograph of the Thomas Riley home and farmyard with family members Thomas, Georgiana, Louise, Emily and Thomas Jr. posing in mid-ground.
M-8375-12 Photograph of two Riley children, aged about 2 and 4?. -- [early 1900s]. -- 1 photograph. -- Taken by Curlette Studio, Calgary.
M-8375-13 Waterhouse family. -- [ca. 1890-1905]. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Waterhouse farm, Little Red Deer, west of Innisfail; Waterhouse home, Yorkshire, England; Harriet Waterhouse; Nellie Waterhouse. Includes a group view of the Thomas and Georgiana Riley and family in front of Hounsfield Lodge in Calgary. Identified are Harold, Thomas Jr., Louise, Thomas Sr., Emily, Edmunde, Maria, Alfred, Frank, Harold, Mildred, Frank Jr., Harriet, Margaret Louise, Thomas, Ezra, Arthur.
M-8375-14 Hounsfield and Waterhouse families. -- [ca. 1860 and 1867]. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of views of Grandmother and Grandfather Hounsfield (with an accompanying letter from Louise Riley to Dorothy Gishler about its provenance); and a vie of Thomas Wilson and Ellen Waterhouse, Rhodes, with Harriet (baby).
M-8375-15 Riley family. -- [ca. 1895-1916]. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Tom Riley house west of Crowchild Trail ("Hounsfield Lodge"; E.H. Riley, Harriet Riley, Tom and Louise; the E.H. Riley house, taken by A.D. Grant; and Daddy, Louie and Arthur.
M-8375-16 Riley family. -- [ca. 1900-1914]. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of two family views of the E.H. Riley family by Steele & Company, Winnipeg; Hillhurst Football Team, with Harold, Tom and Russell identified; and Ezra Hounsfield Riley.
M-8375-17 Riley family. -- [early 1900s]-1914. -- 7 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Riley family in front of the Hollow Tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, with family members Harriet, Ezra, Uncle Tom, Arthur, Dorothy, and Tom identified on the reverse; Louise Riley [?]; Riley family swimming; and interior of St. Barnabas Anglican Church.
M-8375-18 Riley family. -- [ca. 1900-1910s]. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of views of E.H. Riley and Harriet (Waterhouse) Riley/
M-8375-19 Riley family. -- [ca. 1910-1917]. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of viwes of Harriet Riley, Thomas Riley, and Thomas Riley Jr.
M-8375-20 Riley family. -- [ca. 1912 and 1920]. -- 5 photographs. -- Consists of views of Harriet (Waterhouse) Riley, Ezra Riley, and Arthur Rhodes Hounsfield Riley.
M-8375-21 Harold W. Riley. -- [ca. 1917] and 1938. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of two views of Harold Riley, one where he in a military uniform.
M-8375-22 Riley family. -- [ca. 1940s] and n.d. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of the Riley family plot in a churchyard; and a group portrait taken in Riley Park, Calgary. Identified on the reverse of the latter are Cam Sproule, Harold Riley, Ethel Riley, Maude Sproule, Arthur Riley, Louise (Mrs. Russell Riley), Gladys Kingstone, Doris Rley, Stewart Kingstone, Russell Riley, Lois Riley, Amy Riley (Mrs. E.J.), Arthur Riley, Maude Riley, Louise Riley.
M-8375-23 Family snapshots. -- [ca. 1920]. -- 33 photographs
M-8375-24 Louise Riley and mountain views. -- [ca. 1930s-1941]. -- 15 photographs. -- Consists of a view of Louise Riley at Diamond Cross Ranch; and views of mountains, Lake O'Hara, Louie and Dorothy.
M-8375-25 Riley family. -- [ca. 1917, 1924]. -- 14 photgraphs. -- Consists of views of the Riley family, and the family on vacation at Sooke, BC.
M-8375-26 Riley family. -- [ca. 1922-1937]. -- 5 photographs. -- Consists of views of Louise Riley with the Cummings family at Sooke, BC; laying the cornerstone at the Institute of Technology in Calgary; and E.H. Riley's Gravestone.
M-8372-27 Riley family vacation in the northwest USA. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 26 photographs
M-8375-28 Dad, Louie and Dorothy down east. -- 1927. -- 23 photographs
NA-3019-(1-2) Photographs of cricket matches at Riley Park. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 photographs
M-8375-29 Genealogical information on William Riley. -- 1971. -- Consists of excerpt from cemetery register containing burial record of William Riley (1813-1888); death certificate issued by Province of Ontario; genealogical noets.
M-8375-30 Waterhouse family genealogical chart. -- [ca. 1940]. -- Consists of a chart of descendants of John Waterhouse, born ca. 1580.
M-8375-31 Riley family genealogical chart. -- [ca. 1968]. -- Consists of a chart of descendants of William Riley, 1813-1888. Rough draft.
M-8375-32 Riley family genealogical chart. -- [ca. 1968]. -- Consists of a chart of descendants of William Riley, 1813-1888.
Series 2 Ezra Hounsfield Riley papers. -- 1881-1927. -- 6 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of a diary, letters from Bishop Cyprian Pinkham, and legal papers.
M-8375-33 Diary. -- 1881, 1897-1905. -- Consists of a bound volume which was used by E.H. Riley as a school excercise book in 1881, as a diary from 1897 to 1905, and as a record of livestock from 1897 to 1902.
M-8375-34 Account book, transmittal letters for the Post Office Savings Bank. -- 1891, 1911
M-8375-35 Certificates of marriage and birth of children. -- 1897-1908. -- Consists of marriage certificate of Ezra and Harriet Riley; birth certificate of Thomas, Arthur and Georgiana; and death certificate of Georgiana.
M-8375-36 Letter from Diocese of Calgary to E.H. Riley. -- 1907. -- Consists of a letter expressing appreciation for E.H. Riley's financial contributions.
M-8375-37 Letters from Cyprian Pinkham, Bishop of Calgary, to E.H. Riley. -- 1907-1917. -- Consists of correspondence concerning St. Barnabas Church, Bishop Pinkham College, and other diocesan matters.
M-8375-37a Letter from Hattie Riley to Ezra Riley. -- 1909
M-8375-38 Legal papers. -- 1911-1917. -- Consists of an audit of the estate of Georgina Jane Riley; agreement to grant an easement to Calgary Power Co. Ltd.; and audit of the estate of Martha Waterhouse.
M-8375-39 Statements of account by W.H Sellar, barrister, re estate of Harriet Riley. -- 1922
M-8375-40 The 100,000 manufacturing, building and wholesale book edition of the Morning Albertan. -- 1914. -- Includes a biographical sketch of E.H. Riley on page 138.
M-8375-41 Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association certificate of membership. -- 1921
Series 3 Harriet (Waterhouse) Riley papers. - 1879-1907. -- 0.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of school report cards and certificates, and letters from family members..
M-8375-42 Report cards and certificates from the Salt Schools, Shipley, Girls' High School. -- 1879-1884
M-8375-43 Letters from family members. -- 1906-1907. -- Consists of letters from her mother M.E. Waterhouse, from her sister Margaret Waterhoue, from Ezra Riley, and from her uncle John Waterhouse.
Series 4 Waterhouse family papers. -- 1902-1921. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of papers of Harriet Riley's relatives in New Zealand, including the diary of Helen "Nellie" (Waterhouse) Brown; letters from Harriet and Ezra Riley to Richard Waterhouse; and a share certificate owned by T. H. Waterhouse.
M-8375-44 Diary of Helen "Nellie" (Waterhouse) Brown. -- 1913-1914. -- Consists of entries recording her illness; her conversion to the Seventh-Day Adventist religion; and the death of her father.
M-8375-45 Letters from Harriet and Ezra Riley to Richard Waterhouse. -- 1902-1921
M-8375-46 Certificate of founders' shares in The Innisfail Union Butter and Cheese Association, assigned to T.H. Waterhouse. -- 1906
Series 5 Thomas Riley papers. -- 1909-1927. -- 13 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of papers and collected photographs of Thomas Riley, 1898-1917. Includes letters sent by him to his parents during his military service in France; family correspondence concerning the circumstances of his death and burial; and memorabilia of his education and military service.  Also includes letters from the battlefront from Charles Lane and Harold Riley.
M-8375-47 Letters from Stephen M. Warner [?] and from Harriet and Louise Riley. -- [1909], 1912
M-8375-48 Group portrait, Bishop Pinkham College. -- [ca. 1910s]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a portrait including Bishop Cyprian Pinkham, E.H. Riley, two instructors and 24 pupils. Scanned Document View now.
M-8375-49 Thomas Riley in military uniform and group of soldiers. -- [ca. 1916]. -- 5 photographs Scanned Document View now.
M-8375-50 WUB : Western Universities Battalio. -- 196th. -- vol. 1, no. 1 (Oct 21, 1916). -- Camp Hughes, Manitoba publication.
M-8375-51 Letters to his parents during military service. -- March-November 1916
M-8375-52 Letters to his parents during military service. -- December 1916
M-8375-53 Letters to his parents during military service. -- January-February 1917
M-8375-54 Letters to his parents during military service. -- April-May 1917
M-8375-55 Letters to his parents during military service. -- June-July 1917
M-8375-56 Letters to his parents during military service. -- August-October 1917
M-8375-57 Letters concerning the death of Thomas Riley. -- November-December 1917. -- Correspondents are George V. Ferguson, Harold Riley, T.M. Stewart, and H.H. Valens.
M-8375-58 The Calgary News-Telegram. -- December 10, 1917. -- Features a photograph of Thomas Riley on page 3.
M-8375-59 Letters concerning the death of Thomas Riley. -- January-March 1918. -- Correspondents include George V. Ferguson, Sergeant A.C. Lynn, Senator James A. Lougheed, the Adjutant-General for Canadian Militia, and Harold Riley.
M-8375-60 Letters concerning the death of Thomas Riley. -- April-July 1918. -- Correspondents include the Department of Militia and Defence, Sergeant A.C. Lynn, George L. Bagnall, J.T. Davis, George V. Ferguson, the Director of Graves Registration and Enquiries, and Bill McLellan. Include Thomas Riley's death certificate.
M-8375-61 Letters concerning the death of Thomas Riley. -- August-September 1918. -- Correspondents include Harry T. Sullivan, the Department of Militia and Defence, A.W. Passoe, George W. Ferguson, and the Canadian Red Cross Society.
M-8375-62 Letter from the Director, Military Estates. -- August 20, 1918. -- Enclosed are Thomas Riley's personal effects including his paybook and family photographs.
M-8375-63 Letters concerning the death of Thomas Riley. -- 1919. -- Correspondents include the Director-General of Graves Registration and Enquiries and the Adjutant-General for Canadian Militia. Includes death certificate.
M-8375-64 Letters concerning the death of Thomas Riley. -- 1920. -- Correspondents include the University of Alberta, the Adjutant-General for Canadian Militia, and the Imperial War Graves Commission.
M-8375-65 Letters concerning the burial site of Thomas Riley. -- 1921-1922. -- Correspondents include St. Barnabas Hostels, the Adjutant-General for Canadian Militia, and the Imperial War Graves Commision. Includes 5 photographs.
M-8375-66 The Ypres (Menin Gate) memorial register (1926) and Introduction to the registers of the Ypres (Menin Gate) and Tyne Cot, Passchendaele memorials, Belgium (1927), both published by the Imperial War Grave Commission.
Series 6 Arthur Riley papers. -- 1930. -- 0.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of a wedding records.
M-8375-67 Wedding announcement and newspaper clipping re the marriage of Arthur R.H. Riley and Ethel Maude Foster. -- 1930
Series 7 Louise Riley papers. -- 1917-1964. -- 24 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of personal papers and photographs, Louise Riley's estate settlement, and literary works.
M-8375-68 Valedictory address upon graduation from St. Hilda's School for Girls, Calgary. -- 1917
M-8375-69 Photographs of Madison Library School and vacation trips. -- [ca. 1918-1942]. -- 38 photographs. -- Includes views of student pageant or play, and alpine hike to Twin Lakes above Canmore.
M-8375-70 Photographs of Louise Riley, Richard Gishler and John Gishler. -- [ca. 1935]-1950. -- 17 photographs. Two portraits of Louise Riley have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
M-8375-71 Anthology - collection of poems by various authors. -- 1918-1932
M-8375-72 Postcard from "R", Edinburgh, Scotland. -- 1937
M-8375-73 Diary of European vacation taken with Dorothy Riley. -- 1938
M-8375-74 Stories : a list of stories to tell and read aloud / edited by Mary Gould Davis. -- New York, 1933
M-8375-75 Correspondence concerning the estate of M.E. Waterhouse. -- 1939-1943
M-8375-76 Miscellany. -- [1950 and nd]. -- Consists of undated quotes from George Santayana and notes on humour; and Ranch House Christmas : past and present / Richard J. Needham (1950).
M-8375-77 Notes for a speech on education. -- [ca. 1955]; A letter from John R. Gishler. -- 1954
M-8375-78 Diary of a trip to England. -- 1956; Notes on bank deposits. -- 1953-1956
M-8375-79 Obituaries of Louise Riley. -- August 1957. -- From the Calgary Herald and The Albertan.
M-8375-80 Newspaper clippings. -- 1949-[1953?]. -- Includes a biography of Louise Riley.
M-8375-81 Last will and testament of Louise Rilwy. -- 1957. -- Also includes notebook listing possessions and intended disposition to family and friends.
M-8375-82 Correspondence concerning estate of Louise Riley. -- 1958-1964
M-8375-83 Mystery Horse - 1950-1964. -- Consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings.
M-8375-84 One Happy Moment - 1951-1952. -- Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and publisher's agreement.
M-8375-85 A Spell at Scoggin's Crossing - 1959-1960. -- Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and publisher's agreement
M-8375-86 Train for Tiger Lily. -- 1952-1956. -- Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, publisher's agreement, and certificate of copyright registration. The previous title was Magic Circle.
M-8375-87 "Best Friends". -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Consists of an unsigned story. May possibly be the work of Dorothy Gishler.
M-8375-88 "Magic Circle" by Louise Riley. -- [ca. 1952]. -- Consists of a 152 page manuscript which was later published as A Train for Tiger Lily.
M-8375-89 "My House and My City". -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Consists of a 494 page manuscript.
M-8375-90 "The Mystery horse". -- [ca. 1950]. -- Consists of a 168 page manuscript.
M-8375-91 "Scoggin's Crossing". -- [ca. 1957]. -- Consists of a 152 page manuscript.
Series 8 Dorothy (Riley) Gishler papers. -- 1914-[ca. 1972]. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- 185 photographs. -- The series consists of a scrapbook, correspondence, memorabilia, diaries, and literary works of Dorothy Gishler, created or accumulated by her as an individual.

Scrapbook. -- 1927-1932. -- Consists of memorabilia and photographs of St. Hilda's School for Girls, student life at the University of Alberta, family activities and vacations.

Some of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

M-8375-93 Loose plays from the scrapbook. -- [ca. 1927-1932]. -- Consists of The Man in the Bowler Hat by A.A. Milne; and Cured by Ida Lublenski Ehrlich.
M-8375-94 Loose programs from the scrapbook. -- 1931-1932. -- Consists of programs for musical and dramatic productions of Edmonton Little Theatre, Empire Theatre, University of Alberta, and First Presbyterian Church.
M-8375-95 Early days photographs. -- 1914-[ca. 1930]. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of snapshots of Tom Riley and friends (1914), Dorothy Riley (1918, 1927, 1930s), Donnie Clay, Paul Gishler (1925), and a school near Manyberries (1927).
M-8375-96 St. Hilda School and Dorothy Riley photographs. -- [1925-1930]. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of a view of the play "Pickwick" put on at St. Hilda's (1925 or 1925); and a portrait of Dorothy Riley by Reeves & Young, photographers (1929-1930). Scanned Document View now.
M-8375-97 Dorothy Riley and the Gibson family. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 15 photographs. -- Consists os views of a sunrise walk up Sulphur Mountain in Banff.
M-8375-98 Dorothy Riley and friends album. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 27 photographs. -- Consists of views of Dorothy and her friends, oftern in theatrical costumes.
M-8375-99 Dorothy Riley and friends. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 24 photographs
M-8375-100 Burke's Ranch. -- 1931. -- 5 photographs
M-8375-101 Picnic, family and friends. -- [ca. 1930s-1950s]. -- 22 photographs. -- Consists of views of Dorothy, Louise and friends at at picnic (1930s); and snapshopts of family and friends including Dorothy Riley, Louise Riley, Art Riley, Donnie Clay, Mary Gibson (Leech), Bula Mae Forcade, and Margo Burr.
M-8375-101a Vacation snapshots. -- [ca. 1930-1940]. -- 82 photographs. -- Consists of snapshots mostly of Dorothy and Louise Riley and places they visited in the Rocky Mountains.
M-8375-102 Correspondence with Louise Riley and Catherine Brebner. -- 1919, 1926
M-8375-103 Pocket diary. -- 1926
M-8375-104 The Students' Handbook. -- 1928. -- Consists of Dorothy Riley's university timetable and appointment diary from the University of Alberta.
M-8375-105 Geology 41 and Anigone lecture notes. -- [between 1929 and 1932]
M-8375-106 University essay on Agrippa. -- [between 1928 and 1932]
M-8375-107 University essays. -- [between 1928 and 1932]. -- Consists of essays entitled "Avignon", "Hello O'Hara!", and "Life does present its little problems".
M-8375-108 Stories written for university classes. -- [between 1928 and 1932]. -- Consists of "Anne of Paris", "Murder by Accident, or, The Suicide Murder", "The Professor Learns: Paul Buchanan, PhD." (2 drafts), and "The Strange Case of Susan Gormley: A Slight Parody".
M-8375-109 Poems written for university classes. -- [between 1928 and 1932]
M-8375-110 Newspaper clippings documenting Dorothy Riley's campus activities. -- 1929-1932
M-8375-111 Initial certificate for proficiency in Underwood typewriting. -- 1928
M-8375-112 University memorabilia. -- 1928-1932. -- Consists of programs for dramatic productions, dance cards, and a program for the Valedictory Exercises.
M-8375-113 Diary of Panama Canal trip. -- 1934. -- Regarding a trip from Calgary to Victoria to San Francisco to New York.
M-8375-114 Memorabilia of trip to England and France. -- 1938. -- Consists of invoices, correspondence, program, noets, etc. regarding a trip taken by Louise and Dorothy Riley.
M-8375-115 Newspaper clippings of trip to England and France. -- 1938
M-8375-116 Various personal papers. -- 1942-1945. -- Consists of first aid certificate, invoices, correspondence about the estate of Martha Waterhouse, letter from Dorothy Riley re sale of St. Andrews Golf Course property (Calgary), and a handmade card from Duncan and Bertha Shaw.
M-8375-117 Correspondence. -- 1946. -- Correspondents include Bertha Shaw, Rowland Waterhouse, Mabel Baxendine, Dr. A. J. Pauly, Donnie Clay, Margaret Spence, and Louise Riley.
M-8375-118 Correspondence, primarily with Louise Riley. -- 1948-1953
M-8375-119 Theatre programs for Ottawa theatrical productions. -- 1948-1954
M-8375-120 Letters from Louise Riley about her European vacation. -- 1956
M-8375-121 Letters and lecture notes. -- 1957, 1959. -- Consists of letters from Louise Riley and Herbert Ramsbottom; and lecture notes for courses in geology and comparative religion.
M-8375-122 "A Spell at Scoggin's Crossing" (play. -- 1961. -- Consists of a play for children adapted by Dorothy Gishler from the book by Louise Riley.
M-8375-123 Correspondence. -- 1960-1965. -- Correspondents include Herbert Ramsbottom, Doris Harvey and Marjorie Waterhouse.
M-8375-124 Notes on vocal exercises and miscellany. -- [ca. 1972]
Series 9 Gishler family papers. -- 1924-1990. -- 12 cm of textual records. -- 811 photographs. -- The series consists of photographs and textual records documenting the family activities of Dorothy (Riley) Gishler, her husband Paul, and their children John and Richard. 
M-8375-125 Paul Gishler family snapshots. -- 1924-1957. -- 5 photographs. -- Subjects identified by annotations on the back: Medicine Hat evangelical conference, School southeast of Medicine Hat, School near Manyberries, Nemiscam Ball Team, Evangelical preachers. Scanned Document View now.
M-8375-126 Wedding, family, home, etc. -- 1940-1978. -- 40 photographs. -- Consists of miscellaneous snapshots of Dorothy Gishler on her wedding day (1940), Louise Riley, Dorothy and Paul Gishler, their children, grandchildren, friends, and their home.
M-8375-127 Miliary and wedding views. -- [ca. 1939-1945]. -- 5 photographs. -- Consists of views of man in Royal Canadian Air Force uniform (possible Paul Gishler's brother); Dorothy and Paul Gishler in doorway of St. Barnabas Church, Calgary on their wedding day (1940); Air Force unit on parade, and unidentified man in Air Force uniform. The wedding photograph has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
M-8375-128 Paul and baby John Gishler. -- 1942-[ca. 1946]. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of views of baby John Gishler's first Christmas (1942), John Gishler (ca. 1946), and Paul Gishler (ca. 1945).
M-8375-129 Gishler family. -- [ca. 1948]. -- 89 photographs. -- Consists of snapshots of Paul, Dorothy, John and Richard Gishler, Louise Riley, and the Gishler home in Ottawa.
M-8375-130 Gishler family. -- [ca. 1950]. -- 22 photographs. -- Consists of snapshots of the Gishler family and Louise Riley.
M-8375-131 Gishler family on vacation and at home. -- [ca. 1940s-1958]. -- 21 photographs. -- Consists of vacation views; snapshots of the Gishler family house in Ottawa; and Dorothy with John and Richard on a boat.
M-8375-132 John Gishler. -- 1942-1943. -- 17 photographs
M-8375-133 John Gishler. -- 1944-1945. -- 12 photographs. -- Consists of views of John Gishler, including one of him sitting on the front steps reading the comic section of a newspaper.
M-8375-134 Richard Gishler. -- 1948-1953. -- 20 photographs. -- Consists of views of the christening of Richard Gishler (1948); Richard Gishler and Nancy McFaul wearing folk dancing costumes; and Richard Gishler at the North Star Resort.
M-8375-135 Gishler family and house in Ottawa. -- [ca. 1946-1949]. -- 12 photographs
M-8375-136 Gishler family (negatives). -- [ca. 1940-1949]. -- 49 photographs. -- Consists of negatives of photographs of family groups, Gishler children, vacations, and Paul and Dorothy's wedding day.
M-8375-137 Thanksgiving, Dorothy, Marjorie. -- 1941-1943. -- 17 photographs. -- Consists of views of a Thanksgiving picnic (1942); Dorothy Gishler on horseback (1941); Marjorie Riley (1940s); and Mary Leech (ca. 1943).
M-8375-138 Ottawa negatives. -- [ca. 1949]. -- 19 photographs
M-8375-139 Gishler family. -- [ca. 1946-1949]. -- Consists of views of Dorothy, Richard, John, and Grandpa Ernst Gishler (Paul's father) with wife Carrie.
M-8375-140 Gishler family. -- 1950-1952. -- 5 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Gishler family with a Christmas tree; Paul, Peter and Nicky; and Richard Gishler on his first day at kindergarten.
M-8375-141 Paul and colleagues at Conference Committee, Ottawa, and family views. -- 1954. -- 6 photographs
M-8375-142 Gishler family. -- 1953-1955. -- 7 photographs. -- Consists of views of the family in Ottawa, just before moving to Edmonton; and Christmas morning.
M-8375-143 Dorothy and Paul's trip to England. -- 1954. -- 8 photographs
M-8375-144 Gishler family albums. -- 1956. -- 10 photographs. -- Consists of family snapshots.
M-8375-145 Paul Ernest Gishler portraits. -- 1956. -- 2 photographs. -- Taken by Galloway Photographers.
M-8375-146 Edmonton home and Rocky Mountains vacation. -- 1956, 1960. -- 23 photographs
M-8375-147 John and Richard Gishler; Christmas. -- [ca. 1958]-1962. -- 20 photographs. -- Consists of views of John at University School, Victoria; Richard and John Gishler and another family member; Richard Gishler in high school graduation regalia; and Christmas snapshots.
M-8375-148 Gishler family and vacation. -- 1956-1964. -- 21 photographs. -- Consists of vacation snapshots; a view of Dorothy and Paul Gishler; the Gishler home in Edmonton; and the a group portrait including Art, Ethel and Louise Riley.
M-8375-149 Gishler family, vacation, and Mexico. -- 1962-1965. -- 16 photograph. -- Consists of views of the family and a Christmas tree, vacation snapshots, and souvenir photographs of Dorothy and Paul at a conference in Mexico City (San Angel Inn).
M-8375-150 Gishler family. -- 1956-1969. -- 42 photographs. -- Consists of views of Paul Gishler and his retirement party; and the family including John Gishler, his wife and son Christopher.
M-8375-151 New Zealand vacataion. -- [ca. 1971]. -- 87 photographs
M-8375-152 Christopher, Paul and Dorothy Gishler. -- [ca. 1969] and 1973. -- Consists of views of Christopher Gishler as a baby; and snapshots of Paul and Dorothy Gishler, including a vacation trip on horseback to Mount Assiniboine.
M-8375-153 Waterhouse homestead, Innisfail. -- 1971. -- 14 photographs. -- Consists of views of house and grounds of the Waterhouse family homestead, and two views Richard Gishler with a cousin.
M-8375-154 Richard, John and Christopher Gishler. -- 1973. -- 14 photographs
M-8375-155 Gishler family. -- [ca. 1975]. -- 13 photographs. -- Consists of views of John and Richard Gishler, their wives and children; Dorothy Gishler with her grandchildren; and other family groups and farm scenes.
M-8375-156 Gishler family and Mount Assiniboine. -- [ca. 1971-1975]. -- 20 photographs. -- Consists of family snapshots and views of Dorothy and Paul Gishler's horseback trip to Mount Assiniboine (1973).
M-8375-157 Gishler family and Mount Robson. -- [ca. 1970s]. -- 30 photographs. -- Consists of family snapshots and views of Dorothy and Paul Gishler's horseback trip to Mount Robson (1972).
M-8375-158 Gishler family and Kerry Wood luncheon. -- [ca. 1980s]. -- 13 photographs. -- Consists of views of a luncheon at Lister Hall of the University of Alberta for Kerry Wood (1980); Paul Gishler speaking at the opening of Trinity Hall, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Edmonton (1980); Dorothy and Paul Gishler with friends; and John Gishler and wife in the Rocky Mountains.
M-8375-159 John Gishler and family. -- 1983. -- 48 photographs
M-8375-160 Paul Gishler, his home and garden. -- 1983. -- 16 slides
M-8275-161 Architectural drawings of a proposed residence. -- {ca. 1940s-1950s]
M-8375-162 Paul Gishler's soldier's service and pay book. -- 1942. -- For service during the Second World War.
M-8375-163 Copper plate for printing Mrs. P.E. Gishler's calling cards. -- [ca. 1940s-1950s]
M-8375-164 Correspondence. -- 1942-1946. -- Consists of letters and greeting cards from H.G. Glyde (handmade Christmas cards), Paul's parents, and Ruth B. Gishler.
M-8375-165 Postcards and greeting cards from friends and from Louise Riley. -- [ca. 1951-1953]
M-8375-166 Programs. -- 1950-1951. -- Consists of program for open house at the National Research Council, Ottawa; and program for a piano recital featuring John Gishler.
M-8375-167 Souvenirs of Dorothy Gishler's tip to England and Holland. -- 1954. -- Consists of passport, postcards, ship's passenger list, hotel brochures, House of Commons orders of the day, theatre programs, etc.
M-8375-168 Letters from Dorothy and Paul Gishler in Europe. -- 1954. -- Sent to Louise Riley, John Gisher, and Richard Gishler.
M-8375-169 "Story of our Baby". -- k1947-1963. -- Consists of Richard Gishler's baby book, including records of immunization, program of an ice show, report on music instruction, handmade greeting card, etc.
M-8375-170 John Gishler's primary school scribbler for March. -- [ca. 1948]
M-8375-171 Letters from John Gishler at University School, Victoria, BC. -- 1955-1957
M-8375-172 Postcards from Dorothy and Paul Gishler on vacation in Greece. -- 1960. -- Sent to Louise Riley, Richard Gishler and John Gishler.
M-8375-173 Letters between Dorothy Gishler in Barbados and Richard Gishler in Edmonton. -- 1964
M-8375-174 Correspondence. -- 1972-1990. -- Consists of letters from Richard Gishler, St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Sally Crouch, John and Betty Clunie, Jessie Masten, H.G. Glyde (handmade Christmas card), and Ira [unknown last name].
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