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Sketch of Louis Riel, L'Opinion Publique, November 1873
Sketch of Louis Riel, L'Opinion Publique, November 1873

Louis Riel collection

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indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Scanned Document Textual records. -- 1869-1946, 1967
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1869-[1890s]


Series 1 Textual records. -- 1869-1946, 1967
M-6058 James Ross' scrapbook. -- 1869-1871. -- Consists of a volume containing broadsides and newspaper clippings relating to the Red River Settlement and the first Riel Rebellion. Includes material related to James Ross, John Bruce, J.S. Dennis, Governor McDougall, William MacDougall, I.A.N. Provencher, Louis Riel, and Louis Schmidt. Scanned Document View now.
M-6076 Riel Rebellion letters, programs, etc. of Samuel G. Plunkett, Western Canada. -- 1885, 1920, 1946 and n.d. -- 10 items, written and printed.
M-1046 Genealogical data on the Louis Riel family from 1704 to 1938. -- Compiled 1969. -- 9 pages [photocopy]
M-1047 Letter from Louis Riel to Dr. R. Fiset re actions in rebellion, Regina. -- June 1885. -- 9 pages. -- This is a copy and translation. Includes description of problems, battle, etc. before he gave himself up.
M-1947 Lists of rights published by the Provisional Government. -- 1869-1870. -- 2 pages [photocopy]. The original is held by the Provincial Archives of Manitoba.

Public notices to inhabitants of the Red River and Rupertsland. -- 1869-1870. -- [typed copy]. -- Consists of the following:

Invitation in English to inhabitants of Rupertsland to send 12 representatives, November 6, 1869

Declaration in French that their people will enter Confederation provided that they have the same rights as other provinces and that Indian treaties are honored.

M-3253 Essay of stamp attributed to Louis Riel's provisional government of Manitoba. -- [ca. 1869]. -- 1 item, engraved. Note: This was reported missing in 1998.
M-3548 Page of Manitoba Free Press with reproduction of Riel letter. -- November 16, 1912. -- 1 item. -- Consists of printed copy of a Riel letter along with editorial comments on characteristics of Metis and Canadians.
M-4147 Riel : Jackdaw No.C2 - Assorted Riel-related documents. -- [writen and compiled by Richard Howard and published by Clarke, Irwin & Company in 1967]. -- Consists of facsimiles of map of North West and Red River Settlement; Governor McDougall's 1869 proclamation; portrait; list of Metis rights (1870); cartoon (1873); songs of the North West; rebellion in photographs; General Middleton's letter demanding Big Bear's surrender (1885); Riel's will; reprints of documents on national crisis (1885); and 6 broadsides outlining history.
M-6225 Correspondence regarding Louis Riel's coffin, Regina and Victoria. -- 1935. -- 7 pages [photocopy]
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1869-[1890s]. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of both photographs and photographic copies of documents. View now.
NA-720 Portrait of Louis Riel and handwritten message by him. -- 2 photographs
NA-2929 List of rights published by Louis Riel's Provisional Government. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a photographic copy of the document in M-1947 above.
NA-4271 Sam Plunkett photographs. -- 1885-1890s. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of views of Plunkett prior to and on return from Riel Rebellion, etc.
NA-4273 Public notice to inhabitants of Rupert's Land, issued by Louis Riel. -- November 6, 1869. -- Consists of photographic copy of a page from the scrapbook in M-6068 above.
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