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Eva Reid, "Girl Reporter", [ca. 1934-1936]

Eva Reid fonds

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Series 1 Eva Reid personal papers. -- 1906-1989
Series 2 Reid family papers. -- 1905-1989
Series 3 Scanned Document Eva Reid business papers. -- 1915-1989
Series 4Social Credit papers. -- 1933-1986
Series 5Canadian Women's Press Club and Media Club of Canada papers. -- 1935-1988
Series 6Sound recordings. -- 1968-1984
Series 7 Scanned Document Photographs. -- [ca 1920s-1980s]



Eva Reid personal papers. -- 1906-1989. -- Consists of personal documents, correspondence, financial records, notebooks, greeting cards.

M-7957-1 Personal documents. -- 1906-1988. -- Consists of birth and baptismal certificates, passports, driver's licences, vaccination certificates, press cards, membership cards. Includes Alberta Social Credit League, Canadian Women's Press Club, etc.
M-7957-2 Last will and testament. -- 1974-19895.
M-7957-3Correspondence - Personal. -- n.d. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from miscellaneous correspondents. Includes E. Hobart ("Daddy") Reed, Ruth Gorman. Also includes biographical information about, and letter and poem from, "Seekay" (Charles K. Underwood).
M-7957-4Correspondence - Personal. -- 1909-1987. -- Consists of postcards from miscellaneous correspondents.
M-7957-5 Correspondence - Personal. -- 1923-1928. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from sister Lavina. Also includes a letter of reference for Lavina.
M-7957-6Correspondence - Personal. -- [ca.1927-1930]. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from mother Annie White Reid.
M-7957-7Correspondence - Personal. -- 1928-1953. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from father William J. Reid.
M-7957-8 Correspondence - Personal. -- 1928-1959. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from miscellaneous correspondents including Gladys Egbert, W.A. Day, Jim Woodford.
M-7957-9Correspondence - Personal. -- 1960-1969. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from miscellaneous correspondents including Aileen Fish, Mrs. E. Hobart ("Mummy") Reed, W.A. Day.
M-7957-10 Correspondence - Personal. -- 1966-1989. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from brother Dalton Reid and his wife Zelma.
M-7957-11Correspondence - Personal. -- 1970-1979. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from miscellaneous correspondents including Minuetta Kessler, Peter Lougheed, Donald H. MacKay, W.A. Day.
M-7957-12Correspondence - Personal. -- 1980-1987. -- Consists of cards, letters, etc. from miscellaneous correspondents including Norma Piper Pocaterra, Marshall M. Porter, Ernest A. Kehr.
M-7957-13Correspondence - Personal. -- 1941-1978. -- Consists of drafts and copies of cards, letters, invitations etc. to miscellaneous correspondents from Eva Reid. Includes letter of support re nomination of Elsie Park Gowan for honorary degree at the University of Alberta.
M-7957-14Financial. -- 1940-1988. -- Consists of bank books, cheque records, financial correspondence, etc.
M-7957-15Financial. -- 1949-1986. -- Consists of income tax returns.
M-7957-16Financial. -- 1973-1980 -- Consists of correspondence and leases re apartment in the Hull Estates, Calgary. Includes letter terminating financial arrangement with Eva Reid re production of the "Hull News Letter."
M-7957-17Financial. -- 1980. -- Consists of correspondence, etc. re pension.
M-7957-18Bible study and prophecy. -- 1966-1982. -- Consists of bible study notes and miscellaneous Christian publications.
M-7957-19Cards - Birthday. -- [ca. 1960s- 1980s].
M-7957-20Cards - Christmas. -- [ca.1950s- 1980s]. -- From miscellaneous families and individuals including E. Hobart Reed, W.A. Day, Ernest A. Kehr, Leona Paterson, Stu Hart, Ron Meigh, Art Evans, Kaye Dillon, Walter Petrigo, Tom Baines, Angus McGugan, Harvie Andre, W. Ross Macdonald, Jack Leslie, Harry and Martha Cohen, Ken Dyba, Billy Graham, Dorothy Hawley.
M-7957-21Cards - Get well. -- [ca. 1960s-1980s].
M-7957-22Cards - Retirement. -- 1980.
M-7957-23Cards - Sympathy. -- 1959. -- Re death of father William J. Reid.
M-7957-24Certificates. -- 1914-1983. -- Includes stock certificates for various companies including Alberta Publishers Ltd., and certificates of appreciation, etc.
M-7957-25Hull Estates. -- 1973-1974. -- Consists of promotional literature and building newsletter called the "Hull News" compiled by Eva Reid in exchange for reduction in rent (see M-7957---).
M-7957-26Notebook. -- 1924. -- Consists of notes from courses at Mount Royal College, Calgary including one on personality taught by Dr George W. Kerby.
M-7957-27Notebook. -- [ca. 1933]. -- Consists of course notes and exercises re English grammar and mathematics.
M-7957-28Pinebrook Golf and Country Club, 1980- 1981. -- Consists of membership directory, schedule of fees, etc.
M-7957-29Poems, songs, inspirational quotations. -- n.d.
M-7957-30Sheet music. -- 1930-1985. -- Includes copy of words and music for "Our Alberta" by Dorothy Hawley, "Lake O'Hara's Magic Circle" inscribed to Eva Reid by composer Minuetta Kessler.
M-7957-31Travel. -- 1939-1976. -- Includes itineraries for international trips, notes re annual holidays, letter to self dated August 25, 1939 to be opened August 25, 1944.
M-7957-32The White Paper. -- 1982-1988. -- Monthly Christian newsletter produced by Ontario evangelist John Wesley White. Promoted as "Bible Backgrounders to World Headlines."
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Series 2

Reid family papers. -- 1905-1989. -- Consists of correspondence, certificates, clippings etc. re Eva Reid's father, William J. Reid, her brother Dalton (Don) and the Reid / Reed / White families.

M-7957-33 Bibles. -- 1888, 1917, 1923. -- Annotated by William J. Reid. 1888 Bible is inscribed and contains family information.
M-7957-34Correspondence. -- 1942-1957. -- Re William J. Reid. Includes acknowledgment letters re donations to various organizations including the Junior Red Cross Crippled Children's Hospital (Calgary), the Salvation Army Booth Memorial Home (Calgary), Wood's Christian Homes (Calgary), European Christian Orphanage (Wetaskiwin), Prairie Bible Institute (Three Hills).
M-7957-35Financial records -- 1925-1959. Re William J. Reid. Includes inventory of livestock and implements dated December 1, 1925 and witnessed by W.A. Day (proprietor, White Hall Grocery, Macleod, Alberta).
M-7957-36Writings. -- 1940-1944 and n.d. -- By William J. Reid. Includes bible study notes and tract, letters to editor, words and music to sacred song composed by W.J. Reid, "The Love Song of My Heart."
M-7957-37Miscellaneous notes, cards. -- 1956-1959 and n.d. --.Re William J. Reid.
M-7957-38Newspaper clippings. -- [ca. 1953-1959]. -- Re Reid family. Also includes miscellaneous clippings annotated by W.J. Reid.
M-7957-39 Reid, Dalton (Don). -- [ca. 1940s], 1973- 1989. -- Consists of correspondnece, last will and testament, financial documents and clippings re Eva Reid's brother Dalton (Don); power of attorney and funeral prayer re Don's wife Zelma.
M-7957-o.s.Reed family. -- 1905-1941. -- Consists of certificates relating to Everett Hobart Reed (Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Michigan) and Anna M.C. Gilmore Reed (nursing training, Lowell, Massachusetts; charter membership, Order of the Eastern Star, Unity Chapter, Calgary, Alberta).
M-7957-40Reid / Reed family. -- 1907, 1979. -- Genealogical material including marriage certificate for E. Hobart Reed and Anna Mary Christina Gilmore.
M-7957-41White family. -- 1921, 1974-1975. -- Genealogical material.
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Series 3

Eva Reid business papers. -- 1915-1989. -- Consists of correspondence, notebooks, subject files, programs and invitations, draft and published copies of columns and articles. There are five sub-series: (A) Correspondence, (B) Research material, (C) Subject files, (D) Columns and articles, (E) Miscellaneous.

Series 3-A

Correspondence. -- 1928-1987. - - Consists mainly of notes and letters praising or criticizing columns written by Eva Reid, suggestions for future columns, etc. Also includes some correspondence written by Eva Reid.

M-7957-42Correspondence - Business. -- nd.
M-7957-43Correspondence - Business. -- 1928-1938. -- Miscellaneous correspondence while Eva Reid was Provincial Editor of the Albertan. Includes explanation of Alberta Credit by Ernest Manning and letter to the editor from William R. Reader. Also includes letter of reference for Eva Reid from Dr E. Hobart Reed, Detroit, Michigan.
M-7957-44Correspondence - Business. -- 1939-1980. -- Re employment at Albertan.
M-7957-45Correspondence - Business. -- 1950-1959. -- Includes information from Dominion Bureau of Statistics re corporal punishment in Canada, 1946-1950; organizational details re compilation of first Social Register of Canada; report re school career of William F. Gold.
M-7957-46Correspondence - Business. -- 1960-1969. -- Includes correspondence from J. Percy Page, F.L. (Les) Croteau, Harry Hays, Jack Leslie, etc. Also includes detailed correspondence with pioneer newspaperwoman Ethel Davidson re Calgary history, husband W.M. Davidson (publisher of the Albertan, 1902-1926), and early years of the Albertan, Calgary Branch of Canadian Women's Press Club, etc.
M-7957-47Correspondence - Business. -- 1965-1979. -- Consists of congratulatory cards and letters and tributes recognising significant accomplishments and events in Eva Reid's professional life.
M-7957-48Correspondence - Business. -- 1970-1979. -- Includes correspondence from George H. Gooderham, Betty Mitchell, Eileen Higgin, Dorothy Hawley, Cecil Swanson, Evelyn De Mille, Joe Clark, Henry S. Patterson, Jack Peach, Minuetta Kessler, Dorothy McGuire, Jack Gallagher, etc.
M-7957-49Correspondence - Business. -- 1980-1987. -- Includes correspondence from Dorothy McGuire, Peter Lougheed, Aileen Fish, Media Club of Canada, etc. Also includes letter from Minuetta Kessler attached to which is a list of her musical compositions and an outline of a proposed piece by her on the history of the Doukhobors in Canada.

Series 3-B

Research materials. -- 1920s- 1988. -- Consists of research notes and miscellaneous resource material used by Eva Reid to identify potential interview subjects and topics for her columns and articles.

M-7957-50Address books and telephone lists. -- 1950s- 1980s.
M-7957-51Business cards. -- [ca. 1950s-1980s]. -- Mainly from Calgary individuals and businesses.
M-7957-52Invitations, announcements - General. -- [ca. 1960s-1980s]. -- Mainly for Calgary meetings, events, individual and businesses.
M-7957-53Invitations, announcements - Funeral. -- [ca. 1950s-1980s]. -- Mainly for Calgary individuals.
M-7957-54Invitations, announcements - Wedding. -- [ca. 1920s-1980s]. -- Mainly for Calgary individuals.
M-7957-55Lead files. -- 1950s-1980s. -- Consists of alphabetical card index containing names and addresses, newspaper clippings, notes, etc re potential interview subjects.
M-7957-56Lead files. -- 1950s-1980s. -- Consists of alphabetical card index containing names and addresses, newspaper clippings, notes, etc re potential interview subjects.
M-7957-57Notes. -- nd and [ca. 1970s]. -- Consists of miscellaneous notes, reminders and jottings. Includes notes from interviews with Jack Gallagher, R.R. McDaniel, W.W. Siebens, Bob Blair and Fred Mannix in preparation for "Millionaires" article.
M-7957-58Notebooks, diaries, day-timers. -- 1937, 1950s-1960s. -- Books contain a mixture of personal and professional notes, reminders and jottings.
M-7957-59Notes. -- 1962-1968. -- Consists of background information, notes, story idea etc re religious children's story by Eva Reid, "Gilda the Gopher and Billy the Badger."
M-7957-60Notebooks, diaries, day-timers. -- 1970s. -- Books contain a mixture of personal and professional notes, reminders and jottings.
M-7957-61Notebooks, diaries, day-timers. -- 1980- 1984. -- Books contain a mixture of personal and professional notes, reminders and jottings.
M-7957-62Notebooks, diaries, day-timers. -- 1985- 1986. -- Books contain a mixture of personal and professional notes, reminders and jottings.
M-7957-63Notebooks, diaries, day-timers. -- 1987- 1988. -- Books contain a mixture of personal and professional notes, reminders and jottings.
M-7957-64Programs, menus. -- [ca. 1950s-1980s]. -- Mainly from Calgary meetings and events.
M-7957-204 Scrapbook. -- 1944-1946. -- Consists of newspaper clippings relating to various local criminal cases including murder trial of Donald Sherman Staley.

Series 3-C

Subject files. -- 1884, 1915- 1988. -- Consists of newspaper clippings, press releases, correspondence, obituaries, notes, etc. re individuals and subjects of interest to Eva Reid and used by her in the preparation of columns and articles.

M-7957-65"A" miscellaneous. -- 1978-1979. -- Includes Ross Alger, Nancy Avery.
M-7957-66Albertan. -- 1952-1980. -- Includes two anniversary editions of the Albertan: July 26, 1952 and September 27, 1962 and copy of article on the history of the Albertan by Steve Mertl.
M-7957-67"B" miscellaneous. -- 1944-1982. -- Includes Banff, Alberta, Banff School of Fine Arts, Eileen Birch, Lynne Bell, bush pilots, Beatrice (Betty) Davene Burns, Margaret Bolton, Christina McLaughlin Brown, Mrs John Campbell Bowen, Ruth Bowen, Marjorie Black, Leonard W. Brockington.
M-7957-68Bell, Max. -- 1959-1977.
M-7957-69"C" miscellaneous. -- 1959-1987. -- Includes Cremona Valleyview Childrens Homes, Christian Education Foundation (Calgary), Vince Cooney, Maria Campbell, Ruth Calder, Marigold Charlesworth, Dr G.R. Jed Church, Georges Collet, Fred Colborne, N.R. (Buck) Crump, Donald Cross, Eric Connelly, Harold Cardinal, Gray Campbell, Betty Cooper, Clifton C. Cross, William Cochrane, Joe Clark, David Crowchild, Crowfoot, Harry Cohen, Gilles Cloutier, Donald Cameron, Tony Cashman, Mrs Joseph Cole, John W. Costello, Alan Corkill.
M-7957-70Calgary - General. -- 1967-1982. -- Includes Calgary Fish Hatchery, Alberta Government Telephones Telecommunications Hall of Fame, Calgary Centennial Planetarium, Calgary Olympic Development Association, Calgary Citizens Centennial Committee, Century Calgary, Calgary Grain Exchange Building, two pioneer groups, the Wolfers and the Calgary Wolves.
M-7957-71Calgary Allied Arts Council. -- 1962-[ca. 1985]. -- Includes Archie F. Key.
M-7957-72Calgary Herald. -- 1954-[ca. 1981]. -- Includes P.C. Galbraith, anniversary issue August 31, 1963, press information package re new Herald building.
M-7957-73Calgary Local Council of Women. -- 1965- 1966. -- Includes copy of handbook.
M-7957-74Calgary - Music. -- [ca. 1930s]-1987. -- Includes early information on Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Calgary Symphony Orchestra, membership lists for Calgary Opera Guild, article on Mount Royal Conservatory. Also includes programs, etc for various local musical productions by Calgary Opera, Calgary Theatre Singers and others, and two music newsletters: Choir News and The Note-ator (barbershop quartets).
M-7957-75Calgary - Schools. -- 1959-1972.
M-7957-76Calgary Stampede. -- 1969.
M-7957-77Calgary - Theatre. -- 1960-1982. -- Includes programs from productions by MAC 14, Theatre Calgary, Arts Centre Theatre Company, Workshop 14, Centennial Christian Drama Committee, Alberta Theatre Projects. Also includes fact sheet re Alberta Theatre Projects' Bob Edwards Heritage Luncheon.
M-7957-78Calgary Women's Musical Club. -- 1943- 1963. -- Includes programs, reviews, etc.
M-7957-79The Canadian Press. -- 1937-1959. -- Includes edited copy of press release, clippings.
M-7957-80Capital punishment. -- 1956-1982. -- Includes background information, press releases, clippings and address by Senator Ernest C. Manning.
M-7957-81Carson, Marion Coutts. -- 1943-1974. -- Includes clippings, death announcement and biography prepared by daughter Flora.
M-7957-82Council for National Righteousness. -- 1976. -- Press releases.
M-7957-o.s."The Crapshooter." -- 1941. -- Facetious broadsheet in newspaper format dated March 22, 1941. Appears to have been printed at the Albertan possibly for Eric J. (Buddy) Yorath for event involving J.B. Cross.
M-7957-83Crime. -- 1967-1968. -- Clippings.
M-7957-84"D" miscellaneous. -- 1963-1984. -- Includes Louise Dean, Joyce Doolittle, John Diefenbaker, Margaret Duthie, Mrs S.W. (Jane) Dyde, Mrs D.G.H. Davis (Sheila Scott), Andrew Dawes, Kenneth Dyba, Dr Hector E. Duggan, James Imrie De Gara. Also includes several excerpts of writings by Kenneth Dyba.
M-7957-85Dover, Mary. -- 1942-1978. -- Articles and clippings. Also includes part of a letter from Mary Dover to Eva Reid.
M-7957-86Drugs. -- 1962-1970. -- Includes press releases, clippings. Also includes minutes from founding meetings of Psychedelic Foundation (1962) and newsletter from Center for Personality Research at Harvard University.
M-7957-87 "E" miscellaneous. -- 1918-1922, 1960- 1985. -- Includes Una MacLean Evans, Bryan Erb, Anita Engle. Also includes copies of letters on Calgary Eye Opener stationary from Bob Edwards to George M.
M-7957- 88Evans, Art. -- 1961-1984. -- Copies of columns, clippings.
M-7957-89 "F" miscellaneous. -- 1954-1984. -- Includes H.P. " Ted" Forsey, Muriel Ferguson, Foothills Hospital School of Nursing, Maudie Ferguson Farquharson, Heather Foran, Fort Macleod, talk by Aileen Fish.
M-7957-90"G" miscellaneous. -- 1960-1984. -- Includes Walter Gray, Laura Goodman Salverson, Margot Gooder, Margaret Greenham, Nancy Greene, Alexander Gray, Dr Morris Gibson, Anne Ross Grant, Shirlee Gordon, Mrs William J. Gunn art collection. Also includes convocation address, University of Alberta, Calgary by Ruth Gorman and biography of George H. Gooderham.
M-7957-91Gallagher, Jack. -- 1978-1979. -- Includes articles, clippings, notes by Eva Reid.
M-7957-92Gogan, Dr Irial. -- 1982. -- Series of articles on public health by Dr Gogan.
M-7957-93Gray, Dorothy Allen. -- 1963-1964. -- Clippings.
M-7957-94"H" miscellaneous. -- 1942-1977. -- Includes William Temple Hall, Donald S. Harvie, Douglas Harkness, Harry Hays, Stu Hart, Dr T.E. Hays, Wilma Hansen, Amy E. Hall, Elgar Higgin, Evelyn Harvey, Jack Horner, Geert Hollenbach, Holy Cross Hospital Ladies' Auxiliary Baby Alumni (Kathryn Truslow). Also includes CV for Marie Hohtanz.
M-7957-95Hashman, Sam. -- 1972. -- Clippings re criminal case involving abduction and ransom of daughter Marlene Hashman.
M-7957-96Hawley, Dorothy. -- 1980-1981. -- Includes booklet of religious and inspirational songs entitled "Sparklets" written by Dorothy Hawley.
M-7957-97 Henderson, Donald Winslow. -- 1954. -- Clippings re murder trial. Scanned Document View now.
M-7957-98Holt, Simma. -- 1963-1974. -- Includes correspondence, columns by Simma Holt, clippings.
M-7957-99Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. -- 1934-1964. -- Clippings.
M-7957-100Indians. -- 1965-1968. -- Clippings.
M-7957-101"J" miscellaneous. -- 1920-1980. -- Includes Jasper Park Lodge, Alice Jamieson, Donald Jacques, Thomas Henry Johnson, Albert (Mad Trapper) Johnson, Ann Virginia Catherine Jamieson.
M-7957-102Jews. -- 1959-1975. -- Includes clippings; information on Passover produced by Shaarey Tzedec congregation, Calgary; memoir of Nazi camp experience of Pearl Lang by daughter Sarah Lang.
M-7957-103Justice. -- 1952-1979. -- Consists of clippings, background information, and copies of Alberta Acts and Bills relating to family and juvenile courts and preventive social service programs.
M-7957-104"K" miscellaneous. -- 1955-1974. -- Includes Rose Kohn, Orvis Kennedy, Harry Kiyooka, Mrs Leo (Pearl) Kunelius, William Kurelek, Charles Kennedy, John Kanerva, George William Kerby.
M-7957-105Kaehler et al (court case). -- 1944-1945. -- Consists of documents re court case involving Prisoners of War August Kaehler and Otto Stolski.
M-7957-106Kessler, Minuetta Shumiatcher. -- 1960- 1968. -- Consists of promotional material.
M-7957-107"L" miscellaneous. -- 1961-1983. -- Includes Joseph Laycock, Long Lance, Gordon Lightfoot, Jack Leslie, Gertrude Laing, Ken Liddell, Tom and Willie Lynch.
M-7957-108Lougheed, Edgar Peter. -- 1884, 1955-1975. -- Consists of clippings and note by Eva Reid. Also includes copy of wedding invitation for Bella C. Hardisty and James A. Lougheed.
M-7957-109"Mc" miscellaneous. -- 1953-1980. -- Includes Marshall McLuhan, Mattie McFadden McCullough, Olive W. McKinnon, John Angus McKinnon, Angus McGugan and family, June Rapson McGugan, Jim MacGregor, Duncan McLean, Mack MacKenzie, Mrs S.D.McAra, John McCrae, Terence McCloy, Alfred Sidney McKay, McCord Museum costume collection.
M-7957-110McCall, Fred. -- 1972-1976. -- Consists of correspondence from Edna Jaques, biographical sketch, etc.
M-7957-111MacEwan, Grant. -- [ca. 1960s], [ca. 1982]. -- Consists of clipping and biographical notes by Rose Blake, Edmonton.
M-7957-112McGuire Sisters. -- 1965-1969. -- Consists of cards, clippings, press release, fan material.
M-7957-113McGuire Mirror; McGuire Reflections. -- 1970-1974. -- Published by McGuire Sisters National Fan Club.
M-7957-114McMahon, Frank. -- 1954-1988. -- Consists of correspondence, cards, programs, invitations, clippings, etc mainly re second wife Betty (Betz) and family.
M-7957-115McMahon, George. -- 1971, 1978. -- Consists of one letter, one clipping.
M-7957-116"M" miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1944], 1964- 1984. -- Includes Marilyn Miller, Ralph Moorehouse, Allan Monk, Christine Meikle, Anne Murray, Elizabeth Motherwell, Mr and Mrs H.R. Milner, John Archibald Maharg, Samuel Henry Middleton, Irene Murdoch, Mannville, Alberta, Irene Moore, John Melling family.
M-7957-117Mannix, Fred. -- 1951-1979. -- Consists of clippings, answers to questions posed in writing by Eva Reid.
M-7957-118Mitchell, W.O. -- 1969-1970. -- Clippings.
M-7957-119Mitford family. -- 1977 and nd. -- Includes draft of article written by Tom Rodie.
M-7957-120Murray, Margaret "Ma." -- 1970-1972. -- Clippings.
M-7957-121Music. -- 1963-1968. -- Includes press releases re music, Edmonton Opera, Alberta Music Conference.
M-7957-122"N" miscellaneous. -- 1969, 1985. -- Clippings re Grant Notley.
M-7957-123"The Nation." -- 1927. -- Consists of May 18, 1927 issue of periodical published in New York City. Contains article by J.A. Hobson, "The Rich Socialist." Still in publication, The Nation's masthead statement is "Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865."
M-7957-124Newspaper guidelines. -- 1959 and nd. -- Consists of guidelines re libel and copy of Winnipeg Free Press Style Book.
M-7957-125Nickle, Samuel Clarence. -- 1956-1971. -- Consists mainly of greeting cards. Includes tribute to father by Carl O. Nickle, biographical information on sculptor John B. Weaver.
M-7957-126"O" miscellaneous. -- 1970-1982. -- Includes Bruce O'Neil, Mrs T.L. O'Keefe, Father Pat O'Byrne, J. Patrick O'Callaghan, Marcel Ouimet, George Orwell's 1984.
M-7957-127"P" miscellaneous. -- 1962-1984. -- Includes Harold W. Price, Irene Prothroe, Irv Parsons, Harry Painting, Thomas Hamilton Peacock, Tom Primrose, Hilda Mae Pawley, Mrs F.L. Perry, Mrs M. Prince, Lillian Forbes Porter, Larry Partridge, J. Percy Page, Norma Piper Pocaterra, Gertrude Pringle.
M-7957-128Peach, Jack. -- 1977-1979. -- Consists of clipping and copy of column by Peach, "Christmas in France."
M-7957-129Peasgood, Ethyl. -- 1948-1987. -- Consists of cards, article, clippings.
M-7957-130Picariello, Emilio. -- 1964
M-7957-131Pills. -- 1965-1968.
M-7957-132"R" miscellaneous. -- 1956-1980. -- Includes Everett Hobart (Bill) Reed, Reform Party of Canada, J.C. Rudolph, Doris Rooney, constitutional reform, Hazel Robinson, Douglas Craig Reid, Tom Rolston and Isobel Moore, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Tom Radford, William J. Ross, Arthur MacDonald Raymond.
M-7957-133Religion. -- 1962-1980. -- Consists of clippings, press releases.
M-7957-134Royal tours. -- 1950-1973. -- Consists of clippings, press passes, menus, invitations, programs.
M-7957-135"S" miscellaneous. -- 1963-1982. -- Includes A.E.D. Schonfield, Rod Sykes, David Sayles, Stanley Shouldice, James "Cappy" Smart, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Morris Shumiatcher, Isabel McGugan Stockton, Clarabel Shouldice, Kathleen Strange, Ron Southern.
M-7957-136Sellin, Herb. 1977. -- Includes promotional material, clipping.
M-7957-137Simon, Lawrence. -- [ca. 1970s]. -- Includes biographical and interview notes, and children's safety colouring book produced by Department of Highways and Transport of Alberta and illustrated by Simon.
M-7957-138Sexuality. -- 1977-1978.
M-7957-139Smith, Hannah. -- 1974.
M-7957-140Social Register of Canada. -- 1957-1958. -- Consists of press release, nomination form, form letters, etc
M-7957-141Southern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers' Association. -- 1961-1987. -- Consists of correspondence, programs, newsletters, article re first president, Col. James Walker.
M-7957-142Swanson, Cecil. -- 1969-1972. -- Consists of biographical information and press release.
M-7957-143"T" miscellaneous. -- 1963-1985. -- Includes Georgina Thomson, Eleanor Tregillus, Robert N. Talbot, Dave Turner, Kenneth Taylor, Lloyd Turner, Gertrude Petersen Taylor. Also includes column by Dorothy Thompson.
M-7957-144Threshing. -- 1972-1976.
M-7957-145United Farmers of Alberta. -- n.d. -- Consists of annotated copy of several chapters from book on U.F.A.
M-7957-146University of Alberta at Calgary. -- 1965- 1968. -- Consists of press releases, newsletters, convocation address by A.E. Birney, inaugural address by H.S. Armstrong, biographical information on Dr and Mrs M.G. Taylor, and notes by Ethel Davidson re individuals involved in an early attempt to establish a university in Calgary.
M-7957-147"W" miscellaneous. -- 1959-1982. -- Includes Ella Bell Wallis, Margaret Woodlock, Frederick B.(Ted) Watt, Mrs A. Balmer (Gertrude) Watt, Who's Who in Alberta, Hal C. Worrall, W.R. (Bill) Watson, Florence Wilkinson, Bertha Wilson, Don Welden, Harry W. Welch, George Waterman, Col. James Walker, Frank Wolfe, Norman R. Williams family.
M-7957-148Watt, A. Balmer. -- 1946-1948. -- Consists of articles by Watt on the early history of Edmonton.
M-7957-149Women. -- 1958-1983. -- Includes articles by and about Isabel Stevenson, Mrs E.M. Vye, Doris Anderson, Anne Francis, A Woman's Place Bookstore, Martha Bielish,
M-7957-150Women Celebrate Women. -- 1979-1984. -- Includes 1982 program containing biographical sketches of nominees.
M-7957-151Women - Clubs. -- 1915, 1959-1987. -- Includes Baptist Women of First, Samaritan Club, Alberta Women's Institutes, Women's Auxilliary fo the Salvation Army Harbour Light and Rehabilitation Centre. Also includes copies of pages from the Calgary Club Woman's Blue Book (1915) re Young Women's Benevolent Society and the Women's Hospital Aid Society.
M-7957-152Women in politics. -- 1916-1975. -- Includes notes by Eva Reid, clippings and articles re Calgary Local Council of Women, Alberta Club Woman's Blue Book, Annie Gale, Pansy Pue, Isabella Stevens, Edith Gostick, Rose Wilkinson, Cornelia Wood, Elizabeth Robinson, Ethel Wilson, Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby, Amelia Smith, Jean Pinkham, Mary Dover,Harriet Lampard, Mary Pinkham,Winnifred Tims, Helen Cross, Wilma Hansen, Muriel Kovitz, Calgary Home Economics Association.
M-7957-153Women's Canadian Club. -- 1976-1986. -- Consists of programs, notices, proposed amendments to by-laws.
M-7957-154"X,Y,Z" miscellaneous. -- 1969-1970. -- Includes Young Women's Christian Association, Mozah Zemans.

Series 3-D

Columns and articles. -- 1942- 1980s. -- Consists of copies of draft and published columns and articles by Eva Reid.

For a list of all Eva Reid columns held in Glenbow's collections, Scanned Document View now.
M-7957-155Draft columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- n.d. -- Typed, edited and ready for publication.
M-7957-156Draft columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1950s-1960s. -- Typed, edited and ready for publication.
M-7957-157Draft columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1955, 1963. -- Articles on Gladys McKelvie Egbert and LSD entered by Eva Reid in newspaper writing contests. Includes adjudicators' comments.
M-7957-158Draft columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1970s-1980s. -- Typed, edited and ready for publication. Also includes "A profile of Calgary, Alberta, Canada compiled for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in preparation for the Southern Alberta Billy Graham crusade, August 23-30, 1981 by Eva A. Reid."
M-7957-159Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- n.d. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-160Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1949-1959. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-161Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1960-1962. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-162Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1963-1964. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-163Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1965-1966. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-164Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1967. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-165Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1968. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-166Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1969-1973. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-167Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1974-1976. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-168Published columns and articles by Eva Reid. -- 1977-1981. -- Mainly published in the Albertan.
M-7957-205Scrapbook. -- 1946. -- Consists of published police court reports probably written by Eva Reid and clipped from the Albertan. Also includes annotated copies of Police Court Docket, February 1946.
M-7957-206Scrapbook. -- 1965-1966. -- Consists mainly of published columns and articles written by Eva Reid and clipped from the Albertan.

Series 3-E

Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1930s]- 1989. -- Consists of interview, articles, clippings etc. re Eva Reid's career and professional life.

M-7957-169Articles, clippings. -- [ca. 1930s]-1989. -- Re Eva Reid's career and professional life.
M-7957-170Interview. -- 1968. -- Transcript of interview with Eva Reid by George H. Gooderham (same as in M 3973/13).
M 3973/13Interview. -- 1968. -- Transcript of interview with Eva Reid by George H. Gooderham (same as in M-7957-170).
M7957/o.s.Certificate. -- 1976. -- Annual Distinguished Service Award presented by Altrusa Club of Calgary in honour of Eva Reid's "outstanding contribution to the field of journalism."
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Series 4

Social Credit papers. -- 1933-1986. -- Consists of notes, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous material collected by Eva Reid re Social Credit, Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, William Aberhart, Ernest C. Manning, etc.

M-7957-171Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute - Notebooks. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- Consists of notes from Prophetic Bible Institute courses, including course entitled "Bible Exegisis" taught by William Aberhart.
M-7957-172 Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute - Miscellaneous. -- 1933-1935 and n.d. -- Consists of course outlines, bulletins, transcripts of radio broadcasts, list of books in the Institute's library, examination questions, Eva Reid's report cards, and her notes re distribution of proceeds from sale of Institute.
M-7957-173Social Credit. -- 1935-1936 and n.d.. -- Consists of Social Credit Manual by William Aberhart, promotional literature, annotated copies of government bills, list of active local groups, samples of Alberta Trade and Industry Department Registration Form and Alberta Citizens' Registration Covenant form (including one completed by Eva Reid), and speeches (including a scripted election debate by Social Credit candidates John W. Hugill, Fred Anderson and Edith H. Gostick, represented in her absence by Eva Reid ).
M-7957-174Alberta Social Credit League. -- 1935-1937. -- Consists of letter of appreciation from Constituency Association to Eva Reid and statement of alterations to the platform and resolutions adopted by the Southern Central Convention of the Alberta Social Credit League.
M-7957-175 Original Young People's Social Credit Group. -- 1936. -- Consists of letter expressing wedding wishes to Ernest C. Manning from president Eva Reid on behalf of group, and his reply.
M 1761Social Credit. -- 1936. -- Alberta Trade and Industry Department Registration Form and Alberta Citizens' Registration Covenant form copied from Eva Reid's originals by Glenbow Archives.
M-7957-176Social Credit Chronicle. -- 1972. -- History of the Alberta Social Credit Chronicle written by University of Calgary political science student Keith Franklin Groves (based on interviews with and material supplied by Eva Reid).
M-7957-177Aberhart, William and family. -- 1939- 1986. -- Consists mainly of clippings. Also includes Christmas cards and program from memorial service for William Aberhart sponsored by Social Credit Women's Auxiliaries of Alberta, December 7, 1943.
M-7957-178Manning, Ernest and family. -- 1943-1986. -- Consists mainly of clippings. Also includes some correspondence and copies of radio addresses from "Canada's National Back to the Bible Hour" broadcasts by Ernest C. Manning and Preston Manning.
M-7957-179Social Credit. -- 1934-1975. -- Clippings.
M-7957-203 Scrapbook. -- 1935-1936. -- Consists of newspaper clippings relating to Social Credit, William Aberhart, etc.
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Series V

Canadian Women's Press Club and Media Club of Canada papers. -- 1935-1988. -- Consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, etc. re national body and local Calgary Branch of club. In 1971, the club voted to allow male membership and was renamed the Media Club of Canada. There are two sub-series: (A) Canadian Women's Press Club / Media Club of Canada; (B) Canadian Women's Press Club, Calgary Branch.

Series 5-A

Canadian Women's Press Club / Media Club of Canada. -- 1935-1987. -- Consists of reports, circular letters, newsletters, clippings, etc.

M-7957-180Triennial reports. -- 1938-1971.
M-7957-181Correspondence. -- 1956, 1970-1984. -- Consists of circular letters, memos, reports, etc.
M-7957-182Membership. -- 1968-1985.
M-7957-183Members' Memorial Award. -- 1937-1975. -- Consists of guidelines, sample certificate.
M-7957-184Canadian Women of Note, Computerized (CWONC). -- 1977-1982. -- Consists of correspondence, guidelines, coding forms, listings, and computerized entries for a number of Western Canadian women.
M-7957-185Conventions, annual meetings. -- 1949- 1986.
M-7957-186Brochures. -- 1959-1971. -- To promote club membership. Also includes 1921 publication by Toronto Women's Press Club, "Verse and Reverse."
M-7957-187Newsletters. -- 1952-1971. -- "Newspacket" (newsletter of the Canadian Women's Press Club).
M-7957-188Newsletters. -- 1971-1987. -- "Newspacket" (newsletter of the Media Club of Canada).
M-7957-189Newsletters. -- 1973-1974. -- "National News" and "Media Memo" (newsletters of the Media Club of Canada).
M-7957-190Newspaper clippings. -- 1935-1968. -- Re Canadian Women's Press Club members, conventions and other activities in Alberta and across Canada.

Series 5-B

Canadian Women's Press Club, Calgary Branch. -- 1952-1988. --Consists of constitution, minutes, correspondence, newsletters, etc. Also includes scrapbook from 1971 tribute to Eva Reid by Calgary Branch.

M-7957-191By-laws, constitution. -- 1961 and n.d.
M-7957-192 Minutes. -- 1963-1964. -- Includes minutes of Calgary Press Club.
M-7957-193Reports. -- 1955-1971. -- Consists of annual reports, committee reports, etc. Also includes reports of Canadian Women's Press Club general meetings.
M-7957-194Correspondence. -- 1952-1977. -- Includes sample letterhead of club.
M-7957-195Speeches. -- 1942-1965. -- By Eva Reid re various club events and activities.
M-7957-196Financial. -- 1962-1963.
M-7957-197Membership. -- 1952-1988. -- Includes branch membership lists and forms, and annual work forms for Calgary Branch membership in the Canadian Women's Press Club and the Media Club of Canada.
M-7957-198Competitions, awards. -- 1954-1957. -- Re CWPC Memorial Award and awards sponsored by Calgary Branch.
M-7957-199Club activities. -- 1952-1980. -- Programs, invitations, etc.
M-7957-200Seminars. -- 1961 and n.d. -- Workbooks, notes and guidelines for press and publicity conveners from seminars and round table symposium sponsored by Calgary Branch.
M-7957-201 Newsletters. -- 1960-1982. -- Of Calgary Press Club.
M-7957-202Scrapbook. -- 1971. -- From "Eva Reid Night," hosted by the Calgary Branch, May 15,1971.
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Series 6

Sound recordings. -- 1968-1984. -- 11 audio cassettes. -- 1 audio reel. -- Consists of taped interviews with Eva Reid and recordings relating to her religious interests. etc.

RCT-49 Interview. -- 1968. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Interview with Eva Reid conducted by George H. Gooderham. Tape transcript located in M-7957--- and M 3973/13.
RCT-945-1 Hays breakfast. -- 1977. -- 1 audio cassette. -- First half of Side 1 consists of proceedings at Harry Hays Stampede breakfast, including syllabub ceremony.
RCT-945-2 Canada's National Bible Hour. -- 1980. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of radio broadcast by Ernest C. Manning and Preston Manning: #756 "November Messages" (November 2, 1980).
RCT-945-3 Canada's National Bible Hour. -- 1980. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of radio broadcast by Ernest C. Manning: #770 "Biography of Christ, Part I" (February 8, 1980).
RCT-945-4 Canada's National Bible Hour. -- 1981. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of radio broadcast by Ernest C. Manning and Preston Manning: #773 "March Messages" (March 1, 1981).
RCT-945-5 Canada's National Bible Hour. -- 1982. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of radio broadcast by Ernest C. Manning and Preston Manning: #826 "March Messages" (March 1982).
RCT-323 Interview. -- 1981. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Interview with Eva Reid conducted by Tom Kirkham. Tape summary available in the Archives.
RCT-945-6 First Baptist Church. -- 1981. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of taped sermon dated October 4, 1981 (Rev. Norman K. Archer).
RCT-945-7 First Baptist Church. -- 1984. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of taped sermon dated June 24, 1984 (Rev. Norman K. Archer).
RCT-945-8 First Baptist Church. -- 1984. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Consists of taped sermon dated August 26, 1984 (Dr. Gerald M. Ward).
RCT-945-9 Interview. -- 1982. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Interview with Eva Reid conducted by Karen Detlefsen.
RCT-945-10 Gordon Bell roast. -- [ca. 1970s]. -- 1 audio reel. -- Humorous simulated radio broadcast spoofing life and career of Gordon Bell.
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Series 8

Photographs. -- [ca. 1920s-1980s]. -- 146 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of photographs relating to Eva Reid, her family and her columns for the Albertan.

Some of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

NA-736-1Albertan printing job shop, Calgary. -- 1912. - - 1 photoprint: b&w.
NA-1250-1William Aberhart. -- [ca. 1941-1942]. -- 1 photoprint: b&w.
PA-3156-(1-18b) Photographs. -- [ca. 1920s-1980s]. -- 20 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of personal and professional photographs of Eva Reid.
PA-3156-(19-69c)Photographs. -- [ca. 1920s-1970s]. -- 54 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of photographs of individuals mostly relating to social columns and articles written by Eva Reid for the Albertan. Includes Rev. Dr. Grace Baskin, A.C. Blackwood, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Bowlen, Joe Clark, Betty Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Greig, Clayton Hare, Grant MacEwan, the Maguire Sisters, Betty McKinnon, Frank McMahon and family Mrs. John Mooney, Mrs. C.O. Nickle, Harold Ramsay, Mrs. E.P. Scarlett, M.H. Staples, J.A.F. (Jim) Stevenson. Also includes unidentified photographs of family and friends.
PA-3156-(70-104)Photographs. -- [ca. 1950s-1960s]. -- 35 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of photographs of women's clubs and activities relating to social columns and articles written by Eva Reid for the Albertan. Includes Canadian Women's Press Club, Desk and Derrick Club, fashion show of historical women's clothing.
PA-3156-(105-116)Photographs. -- [ca.1950s-1970s]. -- 12 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of photographs of community groups, events and activities relating to social columns and articles written by Eva Reid for the Albertan. Includes Calgary Symphony Orchestra, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary Theatre Singers, Foothills Pastoral Care Committee, children's art class, royal visit of Princess Margaret (1958). Also includes early group of students and classroom views.
PA-3156-(117-127)Photographs. -- [ca. 1920s-1970s]. - - 11 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of photographs of churches and buildings relating to social columns and articles written by Eva Reid for the Albertan. Includes Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, First Baptist Church, Calgary after fire, Banff Springs Hotel, Cave and Basin, Banff.
PA-3156-(128-136)Photographs. -- [ca. 1920s-1970s]. - - 9 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of photographs of weddings mostly relating to social columns and articles written by Eva Reid for the Albertan. Includes E.C. Manning, L.J. McKinnon, E.E. Price, and Motter-Gunn weddings.
PB-760-(1-3) Photographs. -- [ca.1930s-1950s]. -- 3 photoprints: b&w. -- Consists of two professional hand-tinted photographic portraits of Eva Reid by Lanes Studio (inscription on back is "Girl Reporter") and by Mackie. Also includes hand-tinted photographic portrait of unidentified woman by Mackie.
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