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British Columbia First Nations preparing food
British Columbia First Nations preparing food

A.E. Pickford fonds

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Series 1 Museum and ethnobotanical research. -- [ca. 1935]-1950
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1869-1929


Series 1 Museum and ethnobotanical research. -- [ca. 1935]-1950. -- Consists of material compiled and written by A.E. Pickford for a series of school displays and accompanying lectures at the Provincial Museum (later called the Royal British Columbia Museum) in Victoria. Also consists of his manuscripts for "Indian Vegetable Foods", and other records related to his field of study and his work for the museum.
M-3692-1The Haida. -- [ca. 1944]. -- Consists of a series of school displays and accompanying lectures prepared by Pickford for the Museum.
M-3692-2The Tsimshian tribes of the Nass and Skeina Rivers. -- 1944. -- Consists of a series of school displays and accompanying lectures prepared by Pickford for the Provincial Museum in Victoria.
M-3692-3The Nootkan tribes of the west coast of Vancouver Island. � 1945. -- Consists of a series of school displays and accompanying lectures prepared by Pickford for the Provincial Museum in Victoria.
M-3692-4The Sekani Indians of the Finlay and Parsnip Rivers of the northern interior. -1945. -- Consists of a series of school displays and accompanying lectures prepared by Pickford for the Provincial Museum in Victoria.
M-3692-5The Salishan tribes of the central plateau in British Columbia. -- 1944, 1947
M-3692-6The Kootenay (not complete)
M-3692-7The Kwakuitl branch of the Wakashan. -- 1950
M-3692-8 Indian Vegetable Foods, parts 1 and 2. -- Re bulbs, shoots and roots.
M-3692-9Indian Vegetable Foods, parts 3 and 4. -- Re berries, grain, tobacco and drinks.
M-3692-10Indian Vegetable Foods, part 5. -- Food plants used by the natives [First Nations] of British Columbia.
M-3692-11Salishan tribes - Interior
M-3692-12Salishan tribes - Coastal
M-3692-13Indian [First Nations] design (special reference to native art of the Pacific northwest
M-3692-14Haida argillite
M-3692-15Ethnobotany notes
M-3692-16Transculturation study. -- 1948-1949
M-3692-17Notes and correspondence re transculturation study including returns from Indian Agencies.
M-3692-18 Lecture on Indian arts and crafts. -- September 1947 Scanned Document View now.
M-3692-19Medicinal plants use by the natives of British Columbia. -- [1940s]. -- Includes bibliography.
M-3692-20Archaeological excavation. -- 1948. -- Consists of a memo prepared for the Victoria Natural History Society.
M-3692-21Native Tribes - Revision. -- 1948-1949. -- Includes correspondence between Alice Ravenhill and Pickford re revisions.
M-3692-22Arts and Crafts of the Indians of British Columbia by Alice Ravenhill.
M-3692-23British Columbia Arts and Welfare Society. -- 1944-1948. -- Consists of the constitution, annual reports, and conference proceedings.
M-3692-24Archaeology. -- 1928-1947. -- Consists of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings re general archaeology sites.
M-3692-25Photographs. -- n.d. -- Haida, Salish, etc. artifacts.
M-3692-26Sketch books. -- n.d.
M-3692-27Lectures. -- n.d. -- Re Coastal Indians. Includes sketches and photographs.
M-3692-28Lectures. -- 1945. -- Prepared for Indian Studies course, Public Schools of British Columbia.
M-3692-29Lectures. -- n.d. -- Includes correspondence course lectures on art; Indian Enquiry Commmittee clippings.
M-3692-30Notes and articles. -- Notes, including article on Penelakut Village, Kuper Island; sketches.
M-3689Letter from James Teit to F. Kermode re picture writing in British Columbia. -- 1917. -- Refers to Shuswap and Kootenay tribes of the interior of BC.
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1862-1929

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-788 British Columbia First Nations. -- 1910-1929 and n.d. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of views of a D'Sonoqua (Wild Woman of the Woods), Kitwankool totem poles (1910), First Nations man from Tofino in ceremonial dress (1929), and First Nations women and children preparing food with salmon drying overhead.
PD-63 Types of Alaska Natives. -- 1905. -- 1 album (17 photographs). -- Consists of views of Inuit, Tlingit, potlatch, basket weavers, Chilkat, Auk, and Takon. The title has been annotated with "and other Natives" by Pickford, as it includes British Columbia First Nations as well.
NA-1141 British Columbia First Nations. -- 1862-1929. -- 19 photographs. -- Consists of views primarily of totem poles at Massett, Campbell River and Kitwancool. Includes views of Kootenay people, tipis and canoe.
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