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Wahnita and John Penley, dancing, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. 1920s]
Wahnita and John Penley, dancing, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. 1920s]

Penley family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Ken Penley - Personal papers. -- 1930-1986
Series 2 John and Wahnita Penley: The Dancing Penleys. -- 1919-1987
Series 3 Penley's Drugs and Pharmacy. -- 1939-1988
Series 4 Recorded interviews. -- [1980s]
Series 5 Photographs. -- [ca. 1900-1974]
Series 6 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1908-1990s]


Series 1 Ken Penley - Personal papers. -- 1930-1986
M-8058-1 Certificates. -- 1930-1986
M-8058-2Western Canada High School. -- 1939 and n.d. -- Consists of student newspaper, graduation program, and newspaper clippings about Ken Penley as student editor.
M-8058-3 Army service. -- 1943-1946. -- Includes inforamation about the Wetaskiwin Military Hospital.
M-8058-4 Wedding and graduation newspaper clippings. -- 1944
M-8058-5 Programs and invitations, etc. -- 1979-1987. -- Re Connaught School, Wesley United Church, Mount Royal College Wind Ensemble and Heritage Wine Guild.
M-8058-6 Newspaper clippings re Penley's wine and beer making. -- 1982-1986
Series 2 John and Wahnita Penley: The Dancing Penleys. -- 1919-1987
M-8058-7 "The Dancing Penleys", a biography of John and Wahnita and their dancing careers, prepared by Ken and Nita Penley. -- 1987
M-8058-8 Certificates. -- 1921-1980. -- Consist primarily of memberships in dance associations.
M-8058-9 Penley's School of Dancing. -- 1928-1956. -- Consists of financial and legal papers. Includes some personal records.
M-8058-10 Penley's School of Dancing. -- 1923 and n.d. -- Consists of promotional brochures and advertisements; letters re a correspondence course; and a list of floor exercises.
M-8058-11 Sylvan Lake dance pavilion. -- 1943-1944. -- Re buildings and employees.
M-8058-12 Chestermere Pavilion. -- 1934-1936 and 1980. -- Financial statements (1934-1936), and article by Ken Penley: "Penley Family Involvement with Chestermere Lake" (1980).
M-8058-13 Silvertone Seven - Newspaper clippings and historical notes. -- 1930-1941
M-8058-14 Scrapbook and newspaper clippings. -- Re John and Wahnita Penley and dancing in Calgary.
M-8058-15 Miscellaneous. -- 1919, 1952 and n.d. -- Consists of cartoons, brochures about the Lacombe Home Do-Si-Ettes, and Wahnita Penley's dance program to the Prince of Wales Military Ball.
Series 3 Penley's Drugs and Pharmacy. -- 1939-1988
M-8058-16 "J. Kenneth Penley and Penley Drugs", a brief history written by Ken Penley. -- [ca. 1985]. -- Includes biographical information on Ken Penley.
M-8058-17 "The Beginning of Pharmacy in Calgary", speech by Ken Penley. -- 1980. -- Presented at a Canadian Pharmaceutical Association convention.
M-8058-18 Education and apprenticeship. -- 1939-1943. -- Includes notebook, convocation program and apprentice certificate.
M-8058-19 "Plans for Opening Penley's Drugs". -- 1947. -- 3 notebooks. -- Also includes notes re North Hill renovations.
M-8058-20 Formula book used at Penley's North Hill store. -- n.d.
M-8058-21 Prescriptions RX 101-350 (North Hill location). -- 1947

Prescriptions RX 352-499 (North Hill location). -- 1947-1948

Prescriptions RX 2-4 (Chinook location). -- 1960

M-8058-23 Notes for relief pharmacist (North Hill). -- n.d.
M-8058-24 Mailing and delivery lists. -- n.d.
M-8058-25 Lists of babies born to customers and Renfrew District customers. -- 1948 and n.d.. -- 4 notebooks
M-8058-26 Correspondence. -- 1957-1977
M-8058-27 Circulars to customers. -- n.d.
M-8058-28 Staff lists. -- 1953-1975. -- For Blain MacLean, Chinook and Killarney stores.
M-8058-29 Prescription labels. -- n.d.
M-8058-30 Sample stationery,receipts, business cards, matchbook cover, inventory form and paper bag.
M-8058-31 Advertising broadsheets for pharmacies. -- 1940s-1960s
M-8058-oversize Advertising broadsheets for Penley's Drugs Ltd. -- 1940s-1972
M-8058-oversize Certificate of merit to Penley Rexall Drugs. -- 1967
M-8058-32 Killarney property. -- 1952-1979. -- Consists of certificate of title, lease agreements, property appraisal and inspection.
M-8058-33 Sale of Penley Drugs Ltd. to Blain Maclean Pharmacy Ltd. -- 1969. -- Includes stock inventory.
M-8058-34 Purchase of Harper Drugs. -- 1963
M-8058-35 Sale of Penley Drugs Ltd. to Chinook Pharmacy Ltd. -- 1970-1976. -- Includes stock inventory.
M-8058-36 Chinook store financial statements. -- 1960-1967
M-8058-37 Leases: Glencoe Building to Penley (1957) and Shepard Kaplan to Penley (1963).
M-8058-38 Directory of Drug Travellers. -- 1955
M-8058-39 List of Calgary pharmacies. -- 1969
M-8058-40 Alberta Pharmaceutical Association 75th anniversary publication, circulars, etc.
M-8058-41 Newspaper clippings. -- 1972-1988
Series 4 Recorded interviews. -- [1980s]. -- 6 audio cassettes
RCt-769-(1-4) Sound recording of an interview with Wahnita Penley. --[ca. 1980-1988]. -- 4 audio cassettes. -- Regarding her life and the dancing Penleys.
RCT-769-(5-6) Sound recording of an interview with Ken Penley. -- August 1989. -- 2 audio cassettes. -- Regarding his life and pharmacy business.
Series 5 Photographs. -- [ca. 1900-1974]. -- 221 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2185 Views of pharmacists, musicians, Penley's Dancing Academy students, the Penley family and drugstores. -- [ca. 1900-1974]. -- 150 photographs
PA-3229 John Penley's views of air training at Camp Borden, Ontario during the First World War. -- 1918. -- 22 photographs
PB-529 Penley's Dancing Academy students. -- 1915-1950. -- 16 photographs
NA-4030 Views of big bands, musicians, Penley's Dance Academy, pharmacists and drugstores. -- [ca. 1912-1957]. -- 26 photographs
NA-4374 Dancers at Penley's Dancing Academy, and a group of Red Cross volunteers. -- [ca. 1936-1942}. -- 4 photographs
NA-5403 Dance bands at Penley's. -- [ca. 1930-1950]. -- 3 photographs
Series 6 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1908-1990s]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.

Unprocessed family papers. -- [ca. 1908-1990s]. -- 25 cm of textual records and other material. -- Consists of sheet music; newspaper clippings about the dance academy and bands; programs and invitations for various events attended by the Penley family; masonic lodge programs and membership lists; and manuscript: "Calgary Dance Orchestras of the Big Band Era, 1937-1945".

[accessions 1998.011, 2000.115, 2001.116, 2002.058, 2002.142, and 2003.140]

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