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Chart of the Heavens, issued by Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute

Charles Read Pearce fonds

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M-5996-1Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, Constitution and By-laws. - 1927.
M-5996-2Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, Financial Statements. - 1928-1942.
M-5996-3Dispensational Chart devised by William Aberhart. - n.d.
M-5996-4Chart of the Heavens issued by Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute. - n.d.
M-5996-5Correspondence. - 1936-1942. - Correspondence with William Aberhart re Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute.
M-5996-6Correspondence. - 1936-1939. - Correspondence re Alberta Publishers Ltd. and The Albertan.
M-5996-7Memorandum of Association. - 1936-1937. - Memorandum of Association re Albertan Publishers Ltd.
M-5996-8Shares. - 1937. - Shares in Albertan Publishers Ltd.
M-5996-9Circulars. - 1937-1945. - Circulars re Alberta debt reorganization plan and economic matters.
M-5996-10Financial Papers. - 1945-1947. - Financial papers re provincial bond plan, etc.
M-5996-11Newssheet. - 1960. - "Personal business" - re press relations.
M-5996-12Religious Tracts. - 1925-1926 and n.d. - Includes God's Great Prophecies, Section 3; God's Great Prophecies, Lecture No. 12; The Need of the West; Ecclesiastes; The Prophetic Voice (January 1925); and Syllabus of the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute.
M-5996-13Pamphlets. - ca. 1933-1940. - Includes A Few Realities for Enlightenment by Alfred G. Hunter; Personal Invitation to Three Special Bible Studies by William Aberhart; Program of Social Credit Thanksgiving Service, 1940; and The British Coat of Arms.
M-5996-14Newsclipping. - n.d. - Newsclipping re Aberhart receiving book on Social Credit from Charles M. Scarborough.
M-5996-15Pamphlets. - ca. 1934 and n.d. - Includes Old Age Revolving Pensions by Dr. F.E. Townsend; Canada's Nation's Back to the Bible Hours Song Book; The West and the Federal Election by Tim Buck; and The Nature of Social Credit by L.D. Byrne.
M-5996-16Newsclippings. - 1933-1944. - Newsclippings re banking, Social Credit, etc.
M-5996-17Correspondence. - 1970. - Correspondence between Glenbow Museum and Charles Pearce re Aberhart lectern.
RCT-326 Sound recording of Charles Pearce reading his memoirs, West Vancouver, 1980. See M-5996-18 below for a transcript.
M-5996-18Memoirs. - 1980. - Memoirs of Charles Pearce.
Related There is a 1954 interview with Pearce in Iris Miller's William Aberhart collection at Glenbow (M-9646-60). Scanned Document View now.
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