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Harry Hays, [ca. 1962-1963]
Harry Hays, [ca. 1962-1963]

Don Peacock's Hary Hays Research collection

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Speeches, correspondence, newspaper clippings. -- 1959-1986
Series 2 Recorded speeches. -- 1963, 1965
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1910s-1970s


Series 1 Speeches, correspondence, newspaper clippings. -- 1959-1986, predominant 1963-1965. -- 37.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of refererence material pulled together by Don Peacock, former special assistant to Agriculture Minister Harry Hays, for the writing of his 1986 biography of Hays entitled Barefoot on the Hill : The Life of Harry Hays.
M-7950-1002 Biographical sketches of Hays. -- 1963-1983
M-7950-1003 Transcript of an interview with Hays. -- 1981
M-7950-1004 Transcript of reminiscences about Hays. -- 1982-1984. -- Consists of reminiscences by Merv Anderson, Dr. Bigland, Archie Boyce, Keith Davey, Walter Gordon, Catherine Hays, Dan Days, Jack Hays, Charles and Marie Kennedy, Justice N.D. McDermid, Grant MacEwan, P.N.R. Morrison, Ed O'Connor, Bud Olson, Herb Pickard, Virginia Reid, Laura Hays Shaw, Ian Sinclair, Art Smith, Brian Swensen and Sydney Williams.
M-7950-1005 Hays' speeches as Minister of Agriculture. -- 1963-1964
M-7950-1006 Hays' speeches as Minister of Agriculture. -- July-December 1964
M-7950-1007 Hays' speeches as Minister of Agriculture. -- January-May 1965
M-7950-1008 Hays' speeches as Minister of Agriculture. -- July-October 1965
M-7950-1009 Hays' speeches. -- 1966, 1968, 1969, 1980, 1981 and n.d.
M-7950-1010 "Harry Hays Reports from Parliament Hill". -- 1964. -- This was a column published in various newspapers.
M-7950-1011 "Harry Hays Reports from Parliament Hill". -- 1965 and n.d.
M-7950-1012 CFCN Radio, "Report from Parliament Hill". -- 1963-1965. -- Includes timetables and transcripts of two of Hays' broadcasts.
M-7950-1013 Hays' outgoing letters. -- 1964-1965. -- Includes some letters by Don Peacock.
M-7950-1014 Hays' New Zealand and Australia correspondence. -- 1966-1981
M-7950-1015 Don Peacock's correspondence as special assistant to Hays. -- 1964-1966
M-7950-1016 Private memoranda from Peacock to Hays. -- 1964
M-7950-1017 Calgary mayoralty elections - Hay's campaign speech and literature. -- 1959
M-7950-1018 Federal election newspaper clippings. -- 1963
M-7950-1019 Federal election. -- 1965. -- Consists of Hays' speeches, campaign literature and newspaper clippings.
M-7950-1020 Newspaper clippings. -- 1963-1965. -- Consists of press comments about Agriculture Minister Hays.
M-7950-1021 Newspaper clippings. -- 1940s-1950s. -- Consists of articles primarily re Hays' livestock export business and prize cow, Alcarta Gerben.
M-7950-1022 Newspaper clippings. -- 1960s-1980s. -- Consists of articles re Hays' various activities.
M-7950-1023 Press releases. -- 1965, 1981
M-7950-1024 Hays Converters. -- 1976-1985. -- Consists of catalogues of sales, promotional brochures, newspaper clippings and owners list.
M-7950-1025 Report of Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture. -- [ca. 1981]. -- Hays was chairman of the committee.
M-7950-1026 Purity Dairy, Edmonton. -- 1964. -- Re political patronage in milk contracts.
M-7950-1027 Douglas and McIntyre, publishers. -- 1986. -- Consists of photocopies of photographs submitted for use in the biography, Barefoot on the Hill.
M-7950-1028 Miscellaneous. -- 1965-1968 and n.d. -- Consists of various summaries of Department of Agriculture accomplishments, invitations to Hays' Stampede Breakfast, etc.
Series 2 Recorded speeches. -- 1963-1965. -- 2 audio reels. -- The series consists of sound recordings of speeches made by Harry Hays.
RCT-852-1 Speech by Harry Hays to the Chicago Farmers' Club, Chicago, Illinois. -- December 2, 1963. -- 1 audio reel. -- Recorded for broadcast on CFRA radio, Ottawa.
RCT-852-2 Speech by Harry Hays to the Edmonton Liberal Association, Edmonton, Alberta. -- January 1965. -- 1 audio reel
Series 3 Photographs. -- [1910s-1970s]. -- 405 photographs. -- The series consists of portraits of Harhy Hays, and views of his family, ranch, Stampede Breakfasts and other activities. The photographs are a combination of one collected by Don Peacock, and many other from the Hays family.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-3131-1 Harry Hays - Official portraits. -- 1940s-1970s
PA-3131-2 Harry Hays - Mayoral duties. -- 1959-1963
PA-3131-3 Harry Hays - Federal Minister of Agriculture duties. -- 1963-1965
PA-3131-4 Harry Hays - Senatorial duties. -- 1966-1970s
PA-3131-5 Miscellaneous official duties. -- 1940s-1970s
PA-3131-6 Hays Limited. -- 1930s-1970s
PA-3131-7 Early family pictures. -- 1910s-1930s
PA-3131-8 Later family pictures. -- 1940s-1970s
PA-3131-9 Home, ranch and animal views. -- 1930s-1970s
PA-3131-10 Home, ranch and animal views. -- 1930s-1970s
PA-3131-11 Stampede Breakfasts and activities. -- 1950s-1980s
PA-3131-12 Miscellaneous agriculture. -- 1940s-1970s
PA-3131-13 Tourist shots. -- 1960s and n.d.
PA-3131-14 Unidentified persons. -- n.d.
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