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Living room in Edward Parlby's ranch house, [ca. 1915]
Living room in Edward Parlby's ranch house, [ca. 1915]

Parlby, Wilkins family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Edward Parlby papers. -- 1884-1945
Series 2 George Wilkins papers. -- 1890-1907
Series 3 Francis Wilkins papers. -- 1864-1910
Series 4 Other Parlby and Wilkins family papers. -1852-1918
Series 5 Photographs. -- 1894-1915


Series 1

Edward Parlby papers. -- 1884-1945

M-935-1 Correspondence found in Parlby diaries. -- 1884-1945. -- Includes letters from William Duthie of Scotland to Edward Parlby (1884); letter from Edward to his mother (1891); general correspondence; and biographical material re the family. Includes information on the church at Lamerton.
M-935-2 Membership cards, certificates and permits. -- 1885-1929. -- Re Independent Order of Oddfellows, Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association, vaccination record, fishing permit, and Parlby family crest.
M-935-3 Program (handwritten) for concert at Woodville Mission, Pigeon Lake. -- 1892
M-935-4 Calling cards, business cards and gift tags. -- n.d. -- Includes Canadian Pacific Railway "ocean ticket" railway schedule.
M-935-5 Sketch map of crossing of the Battle River on the Calgary and Edmonton Trail. -- 1884-1885. -- Also includes small water colour painting of a ship.
M-935-6 Miscellaneous lists, notes, stamps, etc. from Parlby diaries. -- n.d. -- Includes Long Valley Ranch letterheads.
M-935-7 Receipts and invoices. -- 1887-1890. -- Re purchases from I.G. Baker Company, A. Grant (hardware), Carson and Riley (harnesses), F.W. Padmore of Wolf Creek, F. Cutting of Wolf Creek (horses), Massey Manufacturing Company, E.R. Rogers of Calgary, and E. McCree of Wolf Creek.
M-935-8 Price lists of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) town lots in Coronation and Mirror. -- 1911
M-935-9 Western Canada College memorabilia. -- 1912-1914. -- Consists of three Field Day progams, and a school book of J.H. Parlby containing pressed flowers.
M-935-10 Edward Parlby's notebook. -- 1887-1888. -- Consists of miscellaneous notes, accounts, and a sketch of the Edmonton Trail and Wolf Creek-Battle River area.
M-935-11 "Greetings from Alix" photograph folder [ca. 1910]; Calgary Tent and Mattress Factory advertising card (n.d.); and Grand Theatre program (April 1917).
M-935-12 Ornate Christmas cards. -- [ca. 1890s]. -- 10 items
M-935-13 Prize ribbons sheep at Alix and Lacombe. -- 1909-1917. -- Won by Mr. Parlby at the Alix Agricultural Exhibition and Central Alberta Wook Growers.

Series 2

George Wilkins correspondence and personal papers. -- 1890-1907

M-935-14 Letters received by George S. Wilkins. -- 1890-1903. -- From:

The Calgary Tribune re homestead entry, September 3, 1890
Chief Licence Inpector of the NWT re appointment as Licence Commissioner, March 10, 1893
James McDonald re Commissioners meetings. -- April 5&6, 1893
Bishop Pinkham of Calgary re petition, March 14, 1894
Frederick W.G. Haultain re Christmas in Regina, January 15, 1895
F. de Journel re settlement of debt, August 31, 1900
F. de Journel re mining claim, September 15, 1903
F. de Journel re boat, November 15, 1903

M-935-15 George Wilkins letters, written primarily to his family from the Klondike gold rush. -- 1895-1901, 1907. -- Consists of the following:

To Ted, from Edmonton, April 15, 1895
To Mother and Cissy from Fort St. John and Bull Run, July 1897 (2 letters)
To Cissy from San Francisco, June 1, 1898
To Ted from St. Michael's Island, Alaska, July 15, 1898
To Edward and Cissy from Dawson City, October 8, 1898 (2 letters)
To Cissy and Edward from Dawson City, June-December 1899 (4 letters)
To Cissy from Dawson City and Hunker Creek, July-October, 1900
To Cissy from Hunker Creek, August 12, 1901
To Ed from Red Deer, May 28, 1907

M-935-16 George Wilkins' mining certificates. -- 1896-1902. -- Consists of B.C. Free Miner's certificates and Dawson certificates.
M-935-17 George Wilkins' legal papers. -- 1890-1902. -- Consists of the following:

Mexican passport, 1890
Homestead receipt, 1890
Barge registry certificate for "Monarch", Alaska, July 18, 1898
Agreement to dissolve partnership with Baudet and de Journel, September 18, 1900
Agreement re disposal of steamer "Clara Monarch", 1902
Bill of sale of ship shares, 1904
Tranfer of mining claim on Lower Dominion Creek to Wilkins, 1902

M-935-18 George Wilkins' receipts. -- 1892-1900

Series 3

Francis Wilkins papers. -- 1864-1910

M-935-19 Francis E. Wilkins letters. -- 1864-1910.-- Consists of the following:

W. Wynne to F.E. Wilkins, note of thanks, n.d.
From his mother in England, August 24, 1950
From Brock Johne re divorce case, May 21, 1864
From R.P. Barker re Lindsay Estate, January 10, 1865
From M.A. Barton re a missing person, February 26, 1871
From A.R. MacDonald re business, March 10&15, 1872
From Acton Burrows of Western World re article on Red Deer, April 2, 1892
From Executive Council of NWT re complaint, May 30, 1894
From F. de Journel re Yukon Navigation Company, March 21, 1900
Obituary of F.E. Wilkins (suicide), March 18, 1908
F.E. Wilkins estate document, July 20, 1910

Series 4

Other Parlby and Wilkins family papers. -- 1852-1918

M-935-20 General correspondence. -- 1852-1897, 918. -- Consists chiefly of early Parlby and Wilkins family letters. Includes letters re marriage of Edward Parlby and Anne Wilkins (1895), and First World War letter from John Parlby overseas.
M-935-21 Wilkins family calling cards, railroad passes, tickets and invitations. -- 1890-1898
M-935-22 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1866-1900 and n.d. -- Includes inventory of the steamer "Clara"; accounts with F.H. Clayson; handwritten copy of the Pomeranian Sponge (vol. 1, no. 3); bill for purchases from F.H. Clayson & Company, general merchant in Skagway, Alaska (1899); poem: "A Sourdough in Seattle"; and biographical sketch of Edward M.H. Parlby
M-935-23 Miscellaneous empty envelopes and cables. -- 1891-1900
M-935-24 and
Certificates of Dr. James Collinge. -- 1853-1890. -- Includes his degree from the University of Edinburgh, and certificate to practice as a doctor in the North-West Territories (1886), and membership in the NWT College of Physicians and Surgeons (1890).

Series 5

Photographs. -- 1894-1915. -- 39 photographs

Most of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-377 Views of Wilkins' family home (interior), St. Monica's Anglican Church in Lamerton, Long Valley Ranche, South African War recruits, Haunted Lake Ranch, and Western Canada College sports teams. -- 1894-1914. -- 25 photographs
PB-106 Views of Western Canada College sports teams and drama club. -- 1909-1914. -- 3 photographs
NA-441 Views of the town of Alix, the Edward Parlby ranch, and the Blindman River dam project. -- 1898-1915. -- 11 photographs
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