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Farmers' strike, 1947
Farmers' strike, 1947
NA-1197-1 (PA-813)

Leonard D. Nesbitt fonds

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Series 1 Scanned Document Personal papers. - 1908, 1935-1969
Series 2 Alberta Wheat Pool correspondence. - 1923-1960
Series 3 Wheat marketing business and personalities. - 1919-1960
Series 4 Scanned Document Second World War posters. - 1939-1945


Series 1 Personal papers. - 1908, 1935-1969
M-891-1 Biographical newspaper clippings. - 1953-1969. - Consists of articlesa about the life and work of Leonard Nesbitt. Includes his obituary.
M-891-2 Personal correspondence. - 1955-1967. - Consists of letters of appreciation from admirers, including a thank you from John Diefenbaker for a poem. Includes letters written to him on his retirement.
M-891-3 General correspondence. - 1908, 1935-1937. - Consists of a postcard from Tommy Burns (1908, photocopy only); letter from Herbert Greenfield including copy of note sent to R.B. Bennett (1935); letter from Guy Constable and pamphlet about Kootenay Flats.
RCT-33-(2-3) Recorded interview with Leonard Nesbitt. - 1966. - 2 audio cassettes. - Consists of an interview with Nesbitt by Glenbow staff member George Gooderham, about Nesbitt's work as the Brooks Bulletin editor and as publicity officer for the Alberta Wheat Pool. See transcript below.
M-3973-5 Transcript of recorded interview with Leonard Nesbitt. - 1966
Photographs of Tommy Burns, heavyweight boxing champion, 1908; farmers picketing in Olds, Alberta during the Alberta Farmers' Union delivery strike, 1946; and a victory bonds poster, ca. 1939-1945.

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Series 2 Alberta Wheat Pool correspondence. - 1923-1960
M-891-4 General business correspondence. - 1927-1959. - Consists of correspondence about grain handling in Britain; conditions of Canadian bankd with respect to credit on the 1930-1931 crop; comments on the 1943 budget; letter on organizational meeting and problems by W.D. Trego (1947); salaries of executives; wheat payments; information on the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool; freight rates (1959); Bank of Montreal position on Pools; memoirs of Canadian agriculture by Norman P. Lambert; and biographical noets on D.L. McPherson and W.J. Jackman.
M-891-5 W.A. Macleod, Director of Publicity, Canadian Cooperative Wheat Producers. - 1926-1943. - Consists of correspondence including information on sale of wheat, merits of Garnet wheat; losses in grain speculation (1930); crop carry-overs (1930); proposed national wheat board (1933); acreage reduction; wheat agreement (1933); rebuttal to Major Duncan Stuart's book The Canadian Desert; wheat levy (1940); USA grain situation; Canadian Bankers' Association and Wheat Pools (1941); and comments on H.G.L. Strange.
M-891-6 D.L. Smith, Sales Manager, Canadian Cooperative Wheat Producers, Winnipeg. - 1923-1960. - Consists of correspondence with David Livingstone Smith, including agreements for employment by Alberta Cooperative Wheat Producers (1925); reports to board of directors on grain situation (1927); address on organization given to American Institute of Cooperation (1926); radio broadcast to Wheat Pool members; address on Wheat Pool and wheat prices (1926); and letters of reminiscences 191959-1960).
M-891-7 Andrew Cairns, Director of Grain Department, Empire Marketing Board, London. - 1931-1933. - Consists of correspondence about sales of Canadian wheat; Russian tour and crop situation; wheat deliveries; quota system and opposition to Pool policy; business conditions in England and Canada; Alberta politics and the UFA government; possibility of a national wheat board; problems in Alberta due to depression; rise of the CCF party; possibiltiy of Russian trade, etc.
M-891-8 Andrew Cairns, Wheat Advisory Committee, London. - 1934-1939. - Consists of correspondence about the possibility of wheat acreage reduction; likely defeat of R.B. Bennett in the next election; prospective world import demand for wheat; Canadian carry-over; position of Canadian wheat in Britain; Turgeon Wheat Commission; French agricultural policy; wheat agreements, etc.
M-891-9 T.A. Crerar, Senator, Ottawa. - 1956. - Consists of correspondence regarding his personal dealings in early farm cooperatives, history of the UFA, and Henry Wise Wood.
Series 3 Wheat Marketing business and personalities. - 1919-1960
M-891-10 Alberta Wheat Pool contracts and papers. - 1931-1932. - Consists of outline of requirements of the Wheat Pool contract; Pool objectives; Pool position (1931); memos to Pool members; and example form for grower's statement of deductions.
M-891-11 Alberta Wheat Pool history. - 1923-1936. - Consists of report of organizational meeting; articles on formation of the Wheat Pools and Wheat Board; business record of Pool and elevators; and notes regarding financial history.
M-891-12 Alberta Wheat Pool Publicity Department. - 1927-1939. - Consists of news releases, statements, articles and notes written by Leonard Nesbitt. Includes position of Pool (1930); reply to Major Strange about grain prices; conditions in the United Kingdom; change in sales policy; statement by three premiers about the Wheat Pools (1931); effects of the depression; marketing, etc.
M-891-13 Alberta Wheat Pool Publicity Department. - 1941-1955. - Consists of news releases, statements, articles and notes written by Leonard Nesbitt. Includes war time grain prices; inter-provincial Pool meetings; elevator tariffs, etc.
M-891-14 Income tax. - 1946. - Regarding problems and position of the Pools with respect to exemptions; memos on tax legislation; and a article dealing with history of issue.
M-891-15 Vancouver terminal. - 1926-1929. - Consists of an engineering report on proposed elevator for the Alberta Wheat Pool; and an article on three elevators finally erected.
M-891-16 Wheat Pool personalities. - n.d. - Consists of biographical sketches of Alexander James McPhail, Christian Jensen, R.D. Purdy, E.B. Ramsay, George McIvor, William J. Jackman, Andrew Cairns, P.J. Hutchings, Paul F. Bredt, John Irving McFarland, and Charles Burnell.
M-891-17 Henry Wise Wood material. - 1925-1929. - Consists of excerpts from speeches, copies of correspondnece, aritcles on life work in the cooperative movement, biographical notes, history of the UFA, and pamphlet on the unveiling of the memorial cairn.
M-891-18 A.J. McPhail addresses. - 1929-1930. - Consists of speeches on compulsory Pool legislation, transcripts of radio broadcasts, and speeches as President of the Canadian Wheat Pool.
M-891-19 Andrew Cairns, Canadian Wheat Pool statistician, and Empire Marketing Board. - 1926-1931. - Consists of newspaper articles and press releases on Wheat Pool operations, Canadian wheat, review of operations, grain grading, Russia's place in the world wheat situation, facts on economic conditions in western Canada, government policies affecting marketing of grrain, European agricultural policies, etc.
M-891-20 Canadian Wheat Board. - 1919-1960. - Regarding war time control of grain marketing and early history; Canadian Wheat Board, October 1935; addresses on Board policy; lists of commissioners (1935-1938); and cost of grain (1935-1959).
M-891-21 Marketing legal agreements. - 1924-1924. - Consists of the Act re Alberta Cooperative Wheat Producers (1924); and agreements between Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Cooperative Wheat Producers, United Grain Growers, Alberta Pool Elevators, the UFA, etc.
M-891-22 Canadian Cooperative Wheat Producers. - 1924-1925, 1959. - Also known as the Central Selling Agency. Includes history of organization and statistics on Pool payment for wheat delivered.
M-891-23 Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. - 1931-1944. - Consists of history of the organization; transcripts of radio addresses on 100% Pool proposal; joint statement on Wheat Pools issued by Premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; and car allocation at country elevators.
M-891-24 Manitoba Pool Elevators. - 1928. - Consists of a memorandum of policy on organization and operation.
M-891-25 World wheat problems. - 1934-1956. - Consists of statements of exporting countries, problems of price and marketing, and articles from various producing countries.
M-891-26 Imperial conference. - 1932. - Regarding possibilities of Empire marketing plan with British quota for Canadian wheat.
M-891-27 Grain speculation. - [ca. 1930s]-1945. - Consists of articles on the situation in the USA, grain exchange operations, speculative marketing, and hedgng.
M-891-28 Cooperative principles. - [ca. 1940s]. - Consists of articles on the history of the cooperative movement.
M-891-29 Alberta Farmers' Union. - 1946-1947. - Consists of circulars, leaflets, and addresses regarding the farmers' delivery strike (1946). Includes convention program (1947).
M-891-30 Second World War and wheat industry. - 1939-1946. - Regarding change in world wheat situation; statistics of production; marketing during and after the war; and leftlet urging less wheat.
M-891-31 Homesteading stories of the early 1900s. - n.d. - Consists of J.R. Hannaford's story of farming northeast of Brooks; Noel Davidson's story of of farming south of Oyen; and the story of three English bachelors.
M-891-32 Hudson Bay Route Association. - 1958. - Consists of a brief with suggestions for betterment and development of the route.
M-891-33 "Story of Wheat". - 1940. - Consists of notes and an incomplete draft for a pamphlet written by Leonard Nesbitt and published by the Alberta Wheat Pool.
M-891-34 Tides in the West research notes . - n.d. - Consists of of rough notes for a history of the Wheat Pool written by Leonard Nesbitt.
M-891-35 Pamphlets. - 1924-1960. - Consists of "Act Respecting the Alberta Cooperative Wheat Producers Ltd" (1924); "Five Years of Progress", Alberta UFA Government, 1925; "Relations of United Grain Growers with the Wheat Pools", 1925; "Canadian Wheat Pool Statement concerning World Wheat Situation", 1929; "Address on Cooperation", A.J. McPhail, 1929; "Address before Regina Board of Trade", A.J. McPhail, 1930; "Is Future Trading Harmful to Agriculture", Bernard J. Rothwell, 1932; "Wheat Supply and Demand for 1934-35"; "The Need for a National Wheat Board", ca. 1938"; "The Act to amend the Alberta Wheat Pool Act", 1941; "History of events leading to Taxation of Cooperatives", 1946; "Income Tax Laws respecting Cooperatives", 1946; "Preliminary Explanatory Brochure re Income War Tax Act for Cooperatives", 1946; "Wheat Pool Achievements", 1947; "Social Philosophy on Henry Wise Wood", W.L. Morton, 1948; "Dedication, Alberta Wheat Pool Building", 1959; "Canadian Wheat Board", W. Riddel, 1960.
M-891-36 Newspaper clippings. - 1926-1959. - Includes advice of Aaron Sapiro to Alberta Wheat Pool; clash between Henry Wise Wood and Sapiro; wheat price crash on Winnipeg market; operation of Canadian Wheat Board, etc.
M-891-37 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. - 1946-1952. - Consists primarily of articles about the Alberta Farmers' Union strike.
Series 4 Second World War posters. - 1939-1945

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  Victory bonds posters
M-890-1 "That's why I buy Victory Bonds"
M-890-2-framed "Until he comes back"
M-890-3-framed "To Berlin and Tokyo"
M-890-4 "Buy Victory Bonds "
M-890-5 "Now more than ever buy Victory Bonds"
M-890-6-framed "Now more than ever buy Victory Bonds"
M-890-7-framed "Buy a little each day ... "
M-890-8 "Canada's 9th Victory Loan"
M-890-9 "How about you? Buy Victory Bonds"
  Patriotic posters
M-890-10 "I Believe" [Red Cross surmounting a swastika]
M-890-11-framed "Come on Canada"
M-890-12-framed "Freedom Shall Prevail"
M-890-13-framed "Every Canadian must fight"
M-890-14 "C'est là-bas qu'on les arrête. Aidez-moi!"
M-890-15-framed "Lick them Over There! Come on Canada!"
M-890-16-framed "The Torch: Be yours to hold it high"
M-890-17-framed "The British Commonweatlh of Nations Together"
M-890-18-framed "To Victory"
M-890-19 "Help Britain finish the Job"
M-890-20-framed "Help Britain finish the Job"
M-890-21-framed "Help Britain finish the Job"
M-890-22 "Every Canadian must fight"
M-890-23-framed "Wanted from Alberta Farms in 1943 ..."
M-890-24 "Wanted from Alberta Farms in 1943 ..."
M-890-25 "C'est là-bas qu-on les arrête! Aidez-moi!"
M-890-26 "Allons-y"
M-890-27 "Get your teeth into the job"
M-890-28 "Abbatez-le par votre travail"
M-890-29-framed "Men of Valour; They fight for you ..."
M-890-30-framed "Be so proud of the race to which you belong ..."
M-890-31 "Get your teeth into the job"
M-890-32 "Abbatez-le par votre travail"
M-890-33-framed "The Freedom we defend"
  Rehabilitation information posters
M-890-34 "Re-establishment Credit. A grant - not a loan ..."
M-890-35 "To help buy or build a house ...."
M-890-36 "To buy a business or share in a business ..."
M-890-37 "To buy furniture, to buy essential household equipment"
M-890-38 "To pay premiums on Canada Government Insurance Policies"
M-890-39 "To buy tooks, instruments or equipment for trades ..."
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