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Marie Nelson
Marie Nelson

Marie Nelson fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Organizations -- 1943-1978
Series 2 Scrapbooks. -- 1939-1972
Series 3 Photographs. -- n.d.


Series 1 Organizations. -- 1943-1978. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of papers kept by Marie Nelson which relate to organizations in which she was active, and to the writing of a history of Central United Church in Calgary.
M-4690-1 Alberta Federation of Home and School Associations - Circulars. -- 1962
M-4690-2 Notes kept while Glenbow Museum docent. -- [ca. 1967-1970]
M-4690-3 Daffodil Day of the Canadian Cancer Society. -- 1972-1976. -- Consists of circulars and lists of committee.
M-4690-4 Central United Church. -- 1973-1976. -- Consists of correspondence re church history.
M-4690-5 Dedication of Central United Church history. -- 1975. -- Includes speech by Marie Nelson.
M-4690-6 Newspaper clippings re history of Central United Church in Calgary, and Carseland United Church. -- 1974-1975
M-4690-7 Notes and drafts of "Write a Local History" by Marie Nelson. -- 1973. -- The published version, The history book handbook : your complete guide to writing & publishing a history book, is in the Glenbow Library, call number 907.2 N428h#.
M-4690-8 Various papers. -- 1962-1978. -- Consists of obituaries of Marie Nelson; and papers re Central United Church history book, Daffodil Day (Canadian Cancer Society), Marie's work for Glenbow, teaching, and high school diploma.
M-4690-9 Circulars and brochures. -- 1925-1963. -- Consists of material related to the Alberta Music Educators Association, personal friends, music recitals, Alberta emblems, Chamber of Commerce, and the Calgary Horse Show. Includes a small booklet by Dr. G.W. Kerby entitled "Milestones of Methodism in Calgary and Canada", ca. 1925.
M-4690-10 Newspaper clippings, etc. -- 1958-1971. -- Consists of articles and other records re Alberta emblems, Peter Lougheed victory in provincial election, Golden Age Club tour, Chestermere-Conrich area, Carseland Lions Club, Alberta Federation of Home and School Associations, Empress Hotel, and personal friends.
M-4690-11 Newspaper clippings re Hutterites and Mennonites. -- 1971-1974
M-4690-12 Newspaper clippings. -- 1947-1973. -- Consists of articles re Chestermere and Conrich events, Central High School, agriculture, Tony Karch, John McGillis, and EP Ranch.
M-4690-13 Newspaper clippings re Central United Church, Calgary. -- [ca. 1974-1975]
M-4690-14 Newspaper clippings. -- 1960-1974. -- Consists of articles re Horsemen's Hall of Fame, Clarence Copithorne, and the Steinhauer family.
M-4690-15 Newspaper clippings. -- 1970-1973. -- Consists of articles re Central United Church, J.J. Bowlen family, Chestermere Lake personalities, and Alastair Ross.
M-4690-16 Notes re Centennial celebration. -- 1967
M-4690-17 Notes re family history. -- 1967. -- [Noted missing November 2013].
M-4690-18 Handwritten family histories, Chestermere Lake area. -- For families who arrived 1882-1889.
M-4690-19 Handwritten family histories, Chestermere Lake area. -- For families who arrived 1900-1912.
M-4690-20 Handwritten family histories, Chestermere Lake area. -- For families who arrived 1913-1944.
M-4690-21 Lists of original board members. -- 1939-1962. -- [Noted missing November 2013].
M-4690-22 Newspaper clippings re fashion show. -- 1961
M-4690-23 Carseland general store ledger. -- 1920. -- [Notes missing November 2013].
M-4690-oversize Auction sale poster for W.L. Brown, Carseland, Alberta. -- 1948
Series 2 Scrapbooks. -- 1939-1972. -- 12 volumes. -- The series consists of scrapbooks kept by Marie beginning when she was 14 years old. Primarily consists of newspaper clippings and programs for various events such as music recitals, dinners, theatrical productions, sports events, royal visits and social activities. The first scrapbook includes material related to homefront activities during the Second World War. The final three scrapbooks were compiled by her daughter Susan Nelson.

Scrapbook. -- 1939-1947. -- Re music, concerts, social activities and Second World War. Includes the following:

Page 1. Toronto Conservatory of Music Examinations results, 1939

p.2. Sacred Heart Convent menu and program, November 25, 1939

p.3. Palliser Hotel Supper Dance menu, March 28, 1942

p.5. United Young Peoples Dramatic Festival program, 1942

p.7. Arthur McElroy

p.9. Snow at Morley, July 28, 1942; members of Armed Forces opening Stampede, July 6

P.11. Corporal Alice Torpy, RCAF

p.13. Wedding reception, Flying Officer and Mrs. William Farbes Hardy (nee Sheilagh Plunkett)

p.15. Delaware School concert program, 1942

p.16. "Rinso Revue" program

p.19. Victory Varieties of Catholic Youth Organization, March 16, 1943

p.21. CWAC precision marching, April 8, 1943

p.23. Horse show, April 10, 1943

p.25. "Fashionable Wedding" of Muffy McHugh to Malcolm MacKenzie

p.27 Calgary Young People of United Church Drama Festival program, 1943; death notice for K.V. Heathcott, pioneer surveyor.

p.31. Sally Rand at "Stamp out the U-Boat" campaign; Marjorie Thompson, winner of University Women's Gold Medal.

p.32. Soap Box - Active Club Jamboree program, 1943

p.33. Memorial service for William Aberhart

p.35. Death on wooden irrigation bridge, Calgary

p.36. Kiwanis Christmas party at Midnapore Lacombe Home

p.37. War charities, "All Star Hockey" military teams, November 17, 1943

p.38. Golfing at Country Club, January 24, 1944

p.41. Horse show winners

p.43. Capitol Theatre, "Meet the Navy" (RCN) program

p.44. Holy Cross graduates picture

p.45. Grand Theatre, further program of "Meet the Navy"

p.46. Customs forms for "Identification of Motor returning from abroad"; border travel permit, August 3, 1944; "Trading with the Enemy Act, 1942"; films, photographs, plates, Idaho, April 31, 1942

p.47. Captain Harry Veiner of Military District 13 buys CPR demonstration farm

p.48. Marshall Nelson Grant, agriculturalist gold medal winner

p.49. Dr. C.E. Bouck, resident since 1903, death and funeral

p.51. Sergeant R.G. Foster, RCAF, killed overseas, had parachuted into Nelson's Field; picture of sea cadets at Chestermere; Tea Kettle Inn "Tea Party" by Mrs. Davina McElroy

p.52. Calgary Stampede events and attendance, 1944; Calgary Horticultural Society Queen picture

p.53. Russian Purchasing Commission (grain)

p.55. CYO Victory Varieties, 1945; Alberta Tuxis Parliament dinner program, 1944

p.56. Sacred Heart Convent, Mother Rita invitation and Christmas program, 1944

p.58. Four brothers in uniform: G.A. Hoover, Earl Hoover, Ralph Hoover and Worthy Hoover; Doreen Dutton, Canada's junior figure skating champion, 1945; Premier Manning dedicating organ and N. de Grandmaison portrait of William Aberhart, 1945; "Breakfast with Bruce", CJCJ radio inauguration

p.59. John L. Thirwell, awarded M.C.; Provincial Institute of Technology and Art's 23rd annual banquet program; dance program (no information)

p.60. War Savings Stamps campaign, February 5, 1945; Palliser Hotel Valentine Dance menu, February 14, 1945

p.62. F.D. Roosevelt's death, April 12, 1945

p.63. "Singing Stars of Tomorrow" semi-finalist Joan Ryan, 1945

p.64. Dust storm, May 6, 1945

p.65 Albertan front page, "Germans Capitulate", May 7, 1945

p.66. Local air crash, J. Boker, Maurice Brigges killed, May 11, 1945

p.67. Dr. George Ginham retirement from Holy Cross Hospital; Progressive Conservative candidates picture

p.68. Viscount Bennett presenting 60th Calgary Stampede trophy

p.69. Chestermere Lake Regatta, 1945

p.70. Calgary Herald front page, "World Peace", August 14, 1945

p.71. VJ Day celebration picture

p.72. RCAF Benevolent Air Show, 1945

p.74. Hillhurst flood, November 16, 1945

p.75. Cochrane district snow and ice, January 30, 1946

p.91. Conrich Junior United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) amateur program, 1945

p.92. Glencoe Club Ice Varieties program, 1945

p.93. Sacred Heart Convent program for "The Gondoliers", 1945

p.95. Palliser Hotel dinner menu, March 27, 1946

p.96. Palliser Hotel Crystal Dining Room supper dance program

p.98. Newspapers on survival of 2 men in northern Alberta, April 1947


Scrapbook. -- 1956-1958. -- Re the royal family and a royal visit to Canada; and school bus controversy. Includes the following:

Pages 1-58. Royal visit and royalty newspaper clippings

p.64. Natalie Chapman, business woman

p.68. Leona Patterson, Mount Royal College program

p.78. Grace Presbyterian Church program, March 30, 1958

p.80. James Nelson farm auction sale handbill, 1958

p.87. Leona Patterson, Mount Royal College recital of music

p.88-91. School bus controversy, February 1956

p.95. Sale of "Kentucky Ranch" to E.H. Burrus, June 1958

p.97. Jack Horner, new Member of Parliament (MP), July 4, 1958

p.100. Mount Royal College "Speech Arts" reports


Scrapbook. -- 1953-1957. -- Re local personalities and events. Includes the following (plus many other unilsted articles about weddings, family reunions, etc.):

Page 1. Miss Beatrice Wyndham, early ranching at the Dinton Ranch, Carseland, January 1955

p.7. Calgary Jaycees sultan contest, April 22, 1954

p.8. Bare countryside, January 12, 1955; picture of Alberta Motor Association staff (women), Calgary, June 1954

p.11. Pitching sheaves (no snow), January 10, 1955; Doug Bader visit to Calgary, January 1955

p.12. David Bearspaw funeral, 1955; J.J. Bowlen, "Personalitiy of the Week"

p.16. Connop Ranch, Bragg Creek, November 17, 1956

p.17. Don McKinnon profile as beef producer for Old Timers' Association, November 3, 1956; Victor Watshon personality sketch, 1956

p.18. Saddle making, Bradley's and Eamor's, High River, November 1956

p.20. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) tickets and notice of strike terminiating service in Calgary, January 1957

p.21. Cushing Bridge needs, July 17, 1953; CPR dining car menu, 1956-1957

p.22. Proposed Cushing Bridge, March 20, 1953

p.23. "Passing Parade", Vern Larson, August 1956; Imperial Oil's new reservoir analyzer; McKinnon family annual picnic in Dalemead, August

p.40. Earnie Astell, Old Timers' Association


Scrapbook. -- 1954-1961. -- Re Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music, various personalities and events in Calgary and Conrich. Includes the following (plus many other unilsted articles about weddings, family reunions, etc.):

Page 1. Howard Hymas, master farmer, Rosebud

p.2. Farmers visit to Russia

p.5. Reverend Charles Fuller and Mrs. Fuller, "Old Fashioned Revival Hour" radio evangelists

p.6. Gas Company home economists, March 4, 1961

p.10. Arctic Symposium with Russian delegation, January 2, 1960

p.12. McDougall family melodeon, June 1960; John Walters (Edmonton) 1874 home

p.13. High River Auction Mart buyer's card

p.14. Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music newsletter, June 1960; Forest Lawn Lions Club district governor's visit

p.16. Mount Royal's Janice Milevic recital program, June 28, 1959

p.19. Grant MacEwan's article re Jack Bowlen in Rocky View News

p.20. George Church; J.J. Bowlen's death and funeral, December 17, 1954

p.21. Christmas card from Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta

p.22. Grace Presbyterian painting, "Shadow of the Cross", June 1961

p.25-26. More on J.J. Bowlen funeral

p.27. Invitation to 69th annual meeting of Chamber of Commerce, January 1960; Natalie Chapman, landscape gardiner, February 1960

p.30. Review of Calgary, December 31, 1959

p.32. Columbia Broadcasting System, schedule of audience shows, February 26-March 6, 1954

p.33. Calgary skyline to west, December 9, 1960

p.34. Calgary cats not to be used at Suffield experiments [Department of National Defence germ warfare experiments], January 1961

p.36. 65th annual Western Stock Growers' convention, Lethbridge; Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music recital of exam winners, October 30, 1960

p.37. Edmonton "Happy Trails" promotion

p.38. Invitation to Hudson Consolidated School graduation, May 23, 1957

p.40. Mormon bishops appointed, January 14, 1961

p.41. Western Livestock Journal, cartoonist Ace Reid, August 11, 1960

p.45. Calgary Players review, January 21, 1961

p.47. Grace Presbyterian Church program, March 26, 1961

p.48. Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music convocation program, November 2, 1959

p.50. Dr. Joseph Charyk; 3rd Conference on Higher Learning program, University of Alberta at Calgary

p.53. Dust bowl picture, April 18, 1961

p.54. Snow picture, 8 inches, April 19, 1961

p.55. Calgary Co-op slate of officers, January 30, 1962; Forest Lawn administration turned over to Calgary, February 13, 1962

p.59, 61. Conrich Junior FUA (Farmers Union of Alberta) programs, 1960

p.65. Central United Church program, January 28, 1962

p.68. Alberta Federation of Home and School Associations mailing list, 1961-1962

p.69. Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music exam results, February 16, 1962

p.70. Kingsland Baptist Church opening and dedication, March 26, 1961

p.73. Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) "Guide to use of automatic party line"

p.74. T. Eaton Company excercise book cover

p.75. Charlie Russel gallery price list, Great Falls, Montana, 1960

p.78. Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium dedication, April & May 1957

M-4690-vol.5 Scrapbook. -- 1959. -- Re royal visit to Canada, and the Calgary Cat Club.

Scrapbook. -- 1957-1959. - Re personalities and events in Calgary and Conrich. Includes the following:

Page 2. Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium celebrity concerts, "My Fair Lady" and "Rigoletto", 1959; death of C.C. Cross, October 5, 1959

p.3. J.C. Charyk, November 15, 1959

p.8. First Church of the Nazarene program, November 1, 1959; Kiwanis dinner meeting program, November 12, 1959

p.10. Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music student recitals, 1958 & 1959

p.12. Program for opening of Forman's Hat and Shirt Shop, May 1959

p.13. Lions Club charter night program, November 21, 1958; Jubillee Auditorium programs for "Work Shop Association" and "Sabrina Fair", October 1958

p.16. Letter re civil defence, Rocky View District #44, 1959

p.19. Conrich Junior Farmers Union of Alberta (FUA) program

p.22. Calgary Power art exhibition, 1959

p.23. Directive fro postal service to rural route 5, January-March 1959

p.24. Moving of railway locomotive 5934 to Mewata, August 10, 1959

p.26. Cliff Walker, Calgary, December 13, 1958

p.29. "8th Avenue of Calgary" in Maclean's Magazine, July 19, 1958

p.30. "Place Names in Southern Alberta" in Canadian Cattlemen, September 1957

p.31. Article on J.J. Bowlen in Weekend Magazine, 1958

p.32. J.J. Bowlen's death, January 16, 1959

p.34. Junior Red Cross checklist for daughter Susan Nelson at Conrich, 1957; death of grain commissioner G. Edwards, December 30, 1958

p.36. Reg Carlisle, bicycle rider, September 19, 1959

p.37. Harry Hays beats Don Mackay as mayor, October 15, 1959

p.38. Forest Lawn Lions Club program, November 26, 1959


Scrapbook. -- 1956-1962.-- Re musical and theatrical performances, and local personalities and events. Includes the following:

Page 1. "Brigadoon" at the Jubilee Auditorium, December 1959

p.2. "The Voice of the Turtle" at the Jubilee Auditorium, February 1960

p.3. Programs for plays, "The Boy Friend" and "Not with a Bang" at Jubilee Auditorium, March 10-11, 1961

p.4. Mormon Stake musical "Promised Valley", September 1961

p.5. Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Henry Plukker, May 1, 1961

p.6. Musical Theatre of Calgary's production of "South Pacific" a the Jubilee Auditorium, January 1962

p.8. Provincial government letter re Highways 1 and 1A intersection, February 8, 1961

p.9. Federal letter form Eldon Woolliams

p.11. Workshop production fo "Auntie Mame" at the Jubilee Auditorium, June 1960; "H.M.S. Pinafore" program, march 1961

p.12. Beta Sigma Phi fashion show program, March 1961; Calgary Musical Club program, March 8, 1961

p.15. Grace Presbyterian Church Christmas program, December 19, 1956

p.16. Letter from Rocky View Municipality on civil defence course, May 1959

p.19. Letter re Sunset Riding Stable, formerly Canmore Academy, A. Squair

p.21. Invitation to Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music convocation, November 5, 1961

p.64. Letter from Clarence Mack of the Canadian Cancer Society, September 1959

p.71. Mormon booklet, Joseph Smith's "Tell His Own Story"


Scrapbook. -- 1961-1967. -- Re musical and theatrical performances, and local personalities and events. Includes the following:

Pages 1-2. Invitation, program and newspaper clipping re George McDougall High School, Airdrie, 1963

p.4. Program and letters re YMCA gift membership for Chestermere High School

p.4-5. Pin ribbons of Home and School Association convention, Edmonton, 1963

p.7. Mount Royal music recital, June 14, 1961

p.8. Pin for contestant's wife, Calgary Stampede

p.9. Picture of Madame Volda at Stampede Whoop-up, 1959

p.10. George Maclean, auctioneer, June 30, 1962

p.11. 4th Conference on Higher Education, University of Alberta at Calgary, March 1962

p.12. Cecil Barber, cattleman, Calgary

p.13. "A History of a Spot on Alberta Prairies, Carseland" in Strathmore Standard, May 16, 1963; Central United Church program, March 31, 1963

p.15. Calgary Junior Chamber of Commerce national election program, June 1962

p.19. Weather modification, April 18, 1962; Canadian Wheat Board producer certificates for W.W. Brown, December 1948

p.20. Clem Gardner, 75 years old, July 10, 1962

p.23. "H.M.S. Pinafore" program, March 28-29, 1961

p.24. Cards of recognition to board members, Chestermere Hall, 1939-1963; "My Fair Lady" program, July 11-14, 1962

p.26. Mount Royal Music Speech Arts recital program, May 5, 1963

p.28. Birch bark with well-preserved writing

p.29. Mount Royal music recital, May 26, 1963; Letter from Mountain View Health Unit re Sabin Oral Poliomyelitis (polio) distribution

p.31. Miss Wyndham, pioneer family at Carseland, June 21, 1963

p.32. Program of National Your Orchestra summer, 1963

p.33. Central United conference, August, September 1963

p.35. "Othello" at the Banff School of Fine Arts program

p.36. The Buskins plays, directed by Irene Protheroe, "Love of Four Colonies" and "The Moon is Blue".

p.38. Dr. Joseph Charyk, 1963

p.41. Carseland United Church 50th anniversary program, June 14, 1964

p.42. Jan Peerce presented by B'nai B'rith, May 11, 1965

p.43 United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) membership card, December 1944

p.44. Christmas letter from Eve and Earl Hastings, 1963

p.45. Christmas cards with pictures from Don French, Eden Goodall and Lorenz

P.49. Moscow Circus at the Stampede Corral, December 10-14, 1963

p.55. Centennial Singing Mothers [Mormon], September 3, 1967

p.57. Chestermere Lake centennial historical references

P.59. Chestermere High School centennial graduation, 1967

p.60. Admission ceremoney to University of Calgary at the Jubilee Auditorium, September 14, 1967

p.61. Pages from Calgary's 19th Music Festival, March-April 1965

p.63. Platform Western Co-op Fertilizers plant opening program, October 1965

p.64. Lead shot industry, Cochrane, September 1961

p.69. Sacred Heart Convent historical article, October 23, 1965

p.70. Centennial souvenir of Canadian dates and facts, from Weston Sunbeam

M-4690-vol.9 Scrapbook. -- 1967-1972. -- Re history of Chestermere Lake area.
M-4690-vol.10&11 Scrapbooks. -- n.d. -- Re fashion design. Created by Susan Nelson as a school project.
M-4690-vol.12 Scrapbook of greeting cards. -- n.d. -- Created by Susan Nelson.
Series 3 Photographs
PA-2180 Portraits of Marie and Susan Nelson. -- 1956 and n.d. -- 2 photographs
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