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Fairview Motors, [ca. 1920s]
Fairview Motors, [ca. 1920s]

Frederick F. Naab fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Personal. -- 1911-1975
Series 2 Business. -- 1914-1975
Series 3 Financial. -- 1911-1975
Series 4 Home appliances. -- 1931-1975
Series 5 Miscellany. -- 1910-1975
Series 6 Photographs. -- [1920s-1960s]


Series 1 Personal. -- 1911-1975
M-880-1 Alberta Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association. -- 1968-1973. -- Correspondence and receipts re Christmas seal campaign.
M-880-2 Allan, Billie. -- 1962-1966. -- Re book written by Mrs. Allan (re history of Lamb family in Saskatchewan entitled "Dew Upon the Grass".)
M-880-3 Anderson and Desharnais Insurance Ltd. -- 1973-1974. -- Re homeowner's insurance policy. Also two incompleted Alberta vehicle operator's medical examination forms.
M-880-4 Citizenship. -- 1911-1973. -- Documents and correspondence re American citizenship of Frederick Naab; includes statements red date and place of birth, certificate of registration as American citizen residing in Canada, identity and registration cards, etc.; also includes letter of reference from Heilman Machine Works; notes re employment, 1904-1912; and World War I registration certificate.
M-880-5 Crutchmer family. -- 1969-1970. -- Correspondence and genealogical material re Kretschmar (Crutchmer) family.
M-880-6 Doyle, J. W. -- 1965-1967. -- Correspondence with friend involved in ore mining at Stewart, B. C.
M-880-7 Eastend Enterprise. -- 1964-1975. -- Anniversary issues and receipts re Saskatchwan newspaper.
M-880-8 Estate. -- 1972-1975. -- Documents, correspondence, etc. re estate of wife wife, Flora Alice Naab.
M-880-9 Great West Life Assurance Company. -- 1950-1975. -- Correspondence, notices, receipts, etc re life insurance policy.
M-880-10 King, Cam. -- 1971-1974. -- Correspondence with friends, Cam and Pearl King.
M-880-11 Lawrence family. -- 1952-1973. -- Correspondence, clipings, etc re Sheridan Lawrence family of Peace River.
M-880-12 Leifer, Everett. -- 1973. -- Correspondence with friends, Gwen and Everett Leifer.
M-880-13 Maple Creek News. -- 1960-1975. -- Correspondence and receipts re Saskatchewan newspaper.
M-880-14 Medicine Hat monuments. -- 1972-1973. -- Catalogue, contract and correspondence re erection of headstone after death of Mrs. Naab.
M-880-15 Minor family. -- 1962 and n. d. -- Clippings and notes re John F., John B. and Theodore Minor.
M-880-16 Miscellany. -- 1950-1975. -- Correspondence from friends re Naab family, etc.; also letter from Naab to Richard Nixon re Geodetic Survey of Canada, 1929; and letter from Wartime Prices and Trade Board re scrap metal, 1943.
M-880-17 Naab family. -- 1973. -- Copies of documents, correspondence and genealogical material; also copy of essay by Norma Naab Wallpe re family history.
M-880-18 Naab land. -- 1917-1973. -- Includes documents (mortgage, land title, lease agreement, etc) correspondence, receipts etc. re land in Yellowstone county, Montana originally purchased by John Naab and later held by August and Fred Naab.
M-880-19 North-West Commerical Travellers Association. -- 1923-1974. -- Includes correspondence, diamond jubilee booklet, honourary and associate membership certificates, handbooks of information and bylaws, etc.
M-880-20 Northern Light. -- 1971. -- Correspondence re Masonic publication.
M-880-21 Saskatchewan Hospital Services Plan. -- 1958-1961. -- Correspondence, receipts, pamphlets, hospital services cards, etc.
M-880-22 Scottish Rite. -- 1941-1975. -- Includes correspondence, receipts, pamphlets, rules and regulations handbook, fifty year membership certificate, newsletters (Scottish Rite Lilght, Scottish Rite bulletin, Double Eagle, The Supreme Councillor, etc).
M-880-23 Shemko, Nick. -- 1962-1974. -- Correspondence with friends Nick and Gladys Shemko; also includes some correspondence and two Saskatchewan Goverenment Insurance office policies.
M-880-24 Western Development Museum. -- 1948-1967. -- Brochure, clipping and correspondence re donation of farm implements to Western Development Museum, Saskatoon.
M-880-25 Wiig, Chester M. -- 1961-1975. -- Correspondence with friends, Chester and Evelyn Wiig; some letters include copies of hand drawn and coloured sketches; also includes brochure on F. J. Littlell Machine Company.
M-880-26 Winnipeg Free Press Weekly. -- 1974-1975. -- Subscription renewal forms.
M-880-27 Wright, F. E. -- 1970-1972. -- Correspondence with friend Ed Wright; also includes copies of Mr. Wright's reminiscences of homesteading in the Claydon district of Saskatchewan.
M-880-28 Yates, Fred. -- 1970. -- Correspondence with friend.
M-880-29 York Rite. -- 1936-1975. -- Correspondence, newsletters, receipts, bylaws, certificate of 50 years service, etc. re York Rite masonry.
Series 2 Business. -- 1914-1975
M-880-30 Armstrong, George. -- 1961-1971. -- Bankruptcy.
M-880-31 Barrett Adding Machines. -- 1953-1958. -- Correspondence, pamphlets, etc re adding machine.
M-880-32 Bates Manufacturing Company. -- 1969. -- Letter and catalogue re office equipment and supplies.
M-880-33 Brown and Sharpe Industrial Products. -- 1969 and n.d. -- Machinist's tools catalogue and price list.
M-880-34 J. I. Case Ltd. -- 1914-1946. -- Agreement between J. I. Case Company and Naab re position as salesman and collector; correspondence; summaries of bills receivable; essays re Case tractors and combines; pamphlets; clippings, etc.
M-880-35 Case Tractor 40-72. -- 1939-1972. -- Correspondence, customs forms, etc. re purchase of gas tractor from J. J. Huston, Holdrege Machinery Company, Nebraska; also correspondence and release form re donation of tractor to Western Development Museum, Saskatoon; and copy of bulletin "Nebraska Tractor Tests, 1920-1938".
M-880-36 C. K. P. Developments Inc. -- 1962-1963. -- Includes correspondence, circular letters re stock; stock certificate, etc.; C. K. P. Developments later became Deltona Corporation.
M-880-37 Cockshutt Plow Company. -- 1952-1961. -- Correspondence re shares.
M-880-38 Cominco. -- 1953-1958. -- Material from binder entitled "Fertilizer Facts' by Cominco; includes pamphlets, certificates, technical leaflets and correspondence directed at agents for Elephant Brand fertilizer.
M-880-39 DeFehr, C. A. and Sons Ltd. -- 1958-1975. -- Includes catalogues, price lists and correspondence re wholesale distributing company.
M-880-40 Deltona Corporation. -- 1964-1975. -- Correspondence, circular letters re stocks, stock certificate, annual report, etc.
M-880-41 Electrical data. -- 1953-1962. -- Clippings, catalogue, price list, etc re electrical wiring for home and farm use.
M-880-42 Enderson, Mrs. Fred. -- 1950-1968. -- Correspondence and bills re payment of money owing on Fred Enderson's account with Tisdale Farm Equipment.
M-880-43 Fairbanks-Morse Company. -- 1959-1974. -- Correspondence and price lists re shop tools.
M-880-44 Fittings. -- 1963-1964. -- Instruction sheets and receipts re bathroom fixtures, etc.
M-880-45 Hughes-Owens Company. -- 1945-1962. -- Correspondence, pamphlets, etc re binoculars, slide rules and other instruments.
M-880-46 Hypro Engineering Inc. -- 1950-1953. -- Pamphlets and service taes re water pumps.
M-880-47 Inclinator Company of America. -- 1965-1972. -- Correspondence etc re residential elevators, inclinators.
M-880-48 Langley, FRank H. -- 1944-1948. -- Correspondence re sale of Case steam tractor 32-110.
M-880-49 McMillan and Dill Chartered Accountants. -- 1956-1959. -- Correspondence re financial statements and tax returns.
M-880-50 Schwean, David R. -- 1944-1945. -- Correspondence and notes re collection of money owing to Naab.
M-880-51 Shop tools. -- 1952-1973. -- Instruction booklets, guarantee certificate, notes, etc. re power and hand tools.
M-880-52 Spalding Hardware Ltd., - 1958-1971. -- Correspondence, receipts, instruction sheets, etc re home hardware.
M-880-53 Stahl, A. E. -- 1949-1958. -- Correspondence, shipping bills, etc re purchase of Case tractors; also post office obx rental receipts.
M-880-54 Stanley Tools. -- 1966 and n.d. -- Catalogues and correspondence.
M-880-55 Thompson Manufacturing Company. -- 1960.
M-880-56 Tisdale Farm Equipment. -- 1956-1965. -- Correspondence, receipts, insurance reports, etc re farm equipment dealership managed first by Fred Naab, later by Tom E. Worman.
M-880-57 Veeder-Root of Canada Ltd. -- 1962. -- Catalogue and letter re hand tally counter.
M-880-58 Watson's Warehouse. -- 1960-1973. -- Correspondence, catalogues, price lists, receipts, etc re Darnell castors.
M-880-59 Western Export Import Company. -- 1960-1961. -- Circular letters, correspondence, stock certificate etc re shares in export/import company.
M-880-60 Western Supplies (Calgary) Ltd. -- 1958. -- Correspondence, receipts and price list re hand tools.
M-880-61 Worman, Thomas E. -- 1957-1972. -- Correspondence, mortgage papers, etc re transfer of Tisdale Farm Equipment dealership to Tom Worman.
M-880-62 Zurowski, Fred B. -- 1961-1973. -- Correspondence with Tisdale, Saskatchewan lawyer re upaid accounts from Tisdale Farm Equipment dealership; Tom Worman; bankruptcy of George Armstrong, etc.
Series 3 Financial. -- 1911-1975
M-880-63 Pocket ledger and notebook. -- 1911-1948. -- Farmer's pocket ledger contains some notes and figures; other notebook contains notes and dates re building of engines
M-880-64 Financial record. -- 1912-1920. -- Ledger book recording daily expenses.
M-880-oversize Tax notice, Rural Municipality of Lone Tree, no 18. -- 1914.
M-880-65 Bankbooks. -- 1940-1950. -- Bank of Montreal accounts of F. F. Naab and Tisdale Farm Equipment.
M-880-66 Financial statements. -- 1940-1957. -- Completed dealer's financial statments for J. I. Case Company; also application for consignee agents bond with General Casualty Company of America.
M-880-67 Financial statements. -- 1941-1957. -- Yearly statements prepared by chartered accountants re Naab's personal and business financial affairs.
M-880-68 Income tax. -- 1942-1974. -- Federal income tax forms, returns, receipts, etc.
M-880-69 Receipts. -- 1953-1975.
M-880-70 Home maintenance receipts. -- 1956-1974. -- Includes receipts, instruction booklets, some correspondence, etc.
M-880-71 Tisdale Farm Equipment sales record. -- 1957-1958.
M-880-oversize Mortgage between Thomas E. Worman and Fred F. Naab. -- 1958
M-880-oversize Blank mortgage forms
Series 4 Home appliances. -- 1931-1975
M-880-72 Dishwasher. -- 1968-1972 and n.d.
M-880-73 Furnace. -- 1963-1973. -- Instruction booklets, correspondence, receipts.
M-880-74 Graflex photography. -- 1931-1937. -- Instruction booklets, correspondence, etc re photographic equipment; Folmer Graflex Corporation was a division of Eastman Kodak Company.
M-880-75 Hi-fi radio. -- 1958. -- Catalogues, instruction booklet in German, etc.
M-880-76 Hoover vacuum clearner. -- 1965-1974. -- Instruction booklet and receipts.
M-880-77 Humidifier. -- 1974 and n.d. -- Instruction sheet, warranty, etc.
M-880-78 Lawnmower. -- 1968-1972.
M-880-79 Leica photography. -- 1957-1973. -- Correspondence, receipts, instruction booklets, etc.
M-880-80 Instruction booklets. -- 1960-1968. -- Includes correspondence, operating instructions, warranties, etc re various home appliances [pressure cooker, electric blanket, vacuum cleaners, etc]
M-880-81 Photography. -- 1968-1973. -- Articles, clippings and correspondence.
M-880-82 Sears Roebuck. -- 1971-1973. -- Catalogues re power and hand tools; wheelchairs; and home care and convalescent needs.
M-880-83 Vacuum cleaners. -- 1966-1967. -- Correspondence, brochures, certificates, etc re vacuum cleaner purchase and sales campaign for A. R. Agencies Ltd. undertaken by Fred and Mrs. Naab.
M-880-84 Water heater. -- 1975. -- Owner's manual and notes.
M-880-85 Water softener. -- 1960.
M-880-oversize Installation instructions for W. E. Cheney Company Wecolator inclined lift. -- 1967.
M-880-86 Wecolator [interior seat lift]. -- 1967-1973. -- Correspondence, instruction sheets, inspection certificate, etc re installation and servicing of inclined lift.
M-880-87 Wecolator. -- 1968-1973. -- Correspondence, instruction sheets, inspection certificate, etc re installation and servicing of inclined life.
M-880-88 Wheelchairs. -- 1972-1973. -- Catalogues, instruction sheet, correspondence, etc re wheelchairs and inclined lifts.
Series 5 Miscellany. -- 1910-1975
M-880-89 Programs, pamphlets, etc. -- 1915-1975. -- Includes program from Georgia Normal College and Business Institute commencement excercies, 1915; pamphlets re Zion Evangelical Church and Zoar United Church of Christ, Evansville, Indiana; 1963 issue of Alberta Industrial Newsletter, etc.
M-880-90 Notes, clippings, etc. -- 1932-1973. -- Notes, poems, clippings.
M-880-91 Rural electoral directories. -- 1956-1957. -- For electoral district of Medicine Hat.
M-880-92 Montana mineral rights. -- 1974-1975.
M-880-oversize Drawings of invention by John C. Naab. -- n.d.
M-880-oversize Chart displaying piston position displacement for 4 cylinder engines. -- 1910.
M-880-oversize Summary of results of Nebraska Tractor tests. -- 1921-1923.
Series 6

Photographs. -- 1920s-1960s. -- 51 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-2100 Agricultural implements and church congregation. -- 1920s-1960s. -- 12 photographs
NA-3375 Cattle of H. G. Minor outfit, Medicine Hat area. -- 1928. -- 24 photographs
NA-5611 Minor family and Drowning Ford Ranch, Medicine Hat area. -- 1920s-1950s. -- 15 photographs
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