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Men in field of stooks, western Canada
Men in field of stooks, western Canada

Duncan McMurray fonds

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Series 1 Textual records. -- 1910-1962
Series 2 Photographs and slides. -- 1911-[ca. 1950s]


Series 1

Textual records. -- 1910-1962

M-7598-1 Memorandum to Officers and Staff, Department of Immigation and Colonization, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) from Chief Commissioner. -- 1932. -- This accompanied a memorandum by J.S. Dennis to officials of the same department re influence of immigration in developing Canada for the past 50 years.
M-7598-2 Crop testing plan. -- 1936 and n.d. -- Consists of prints of Wheat Heads kept in the offices of agents association with the plan; circular from H.G.L. Strange, Director, "The Crop Testing Plan to All Agents (September 9, 1936).
M-7598-3 Betty and Jean McMurray. -- 1914, 1953 and n.d. - Consists of program for Lamplighters Mother and Daughter Banquet (1953); pledge card for CGIT; photo-souvenir booklet, "Our Royal Princes"; souvenir booklet, "Schoolgirls' Own Photo Album of the Royal Family"; "Schoolgirls' Own Stars of the Silver Screen"; Better-Babies Certificate of Examination.
M-7598-4 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) promotional material. -- n.d. - Consists of "Request for information" postcards with sketch of Lake Louise; baggage stickers used on Canadian Pacific Railway ships; small pamphlet with information about Lake Louise adn a poem by Mary Belle Rich; information sheets, pictures, and typescripts used for exhibits.
M-7598-5 Canadian Pacific Railway dining car menus. -- n.d.
M-7598-6 Programs. -- 1915-1942. -- For Apollo Choir of Calgary (1915); Percy Grainger, pianist (1936); Citizens' Complimentary, Palliser Hotel (1942).
M-7598-7 Ticket stubs, McMurray family. -- 1928-1962
Canadian Pacific Railway train schedule. -- April 1958
D. McMurray's drivers licence. -- 1946-1947
Booklet, "Year Round Remembrance List. -- n.d.
M-7598-8 Sample Canadian Pacific Railway stationery, forms for telegraph, etc. -- n.d.
M-7598-9 Canadian labels. -- n.d. -- for apple juice, Kelowna Growers' Exchange, Sun-Rype apple juice, Aylmer fancy peas, Green Lakde Golden Bantam corn (Taber, Alberta), York Golden Bantam corn, Pride of the Okanagan apricots.
M-7598-10 Empress of Britain programs, menus and promotional sheets. -- 1958 and n.d.
M-7598-11 Stewart Cameron's cartoons re the army. -- 1943
M-7598-12 Greeting cards. -- n.d. -- Received by the McMurray daughters and family, including postcards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, and valentines.

One of the postcards has been scanned. View now.

M-7598-13 Royal family memorabilia. -- 1939-1953. -- Consists of an announcement of a Burns Club of Calgary dinner (108th anniversary of birth of Robert Burns) in anticipation of 1939 royal visit; City of Calgary leaflet, "Instructions and Information for public re Royal Visit, 1939; program for City of Calgary Commemoration Services for Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11 (1953); program of entertainment in connection with 1939 royal visit; and souvenir album of royal visit to Canada.
M-7598-14 Newspaper clippings. -- 1910-1935. -- Re Canadian Pacific Railway and Halley's Comet.
M-7598-15 Printed material. -- 1926-1944 and n.d. -- Consists of articles printed by the Royal Bank of Canada (1944-1945); Canadian Pacific Railway circular from the Mail, Baggage and Milk Traffic Department (1926); and Canadian Pacific Railway employment form.
M-7598-16 Veteran's calendars. -- 1956
M-7598-os Promotional placards, used as basis for design of Canadian Pacific Railway exhibits: For Lake Louise, British Columbia Coast Service, Alaska, World's Greatest Travel System - designs by H.C. Hahn.
M-7598-os-box1 Calendar. -- 1953. -- For Harry Jacques Jeweller.
M-7598-os-box1 Plan of Town of Strathmore. -- 1912
Strathmore town maps. -- 1933
Plan of Strathmore Townsite and Irrigation Headquarters. -- 1925
Plan of house for Engineer's Headquarters at Strathmore
M-7598-os-box1 Station displays. -- 1933-1934 and n.d. -- Designed for Canadian Pacific Railway by Neon Products of Western Canada (n.d.); large hand-drawn map indicating points where Canadian Pacific Railway has exhibits; plan of proposed alterations to Revelstoke Station kiosk (1933-1934); plan of proposed alteration to display windows at the Sicamous Station (1933)

Series 2

Photographs and slides. -- 1911-[ca. 1950s]

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1208 Grain elevator in Champion and view of Clydesdale farm. -- 1911 and n.d. -- 2 photographs
PA-1227 Harvesting sunflowers and ploughing in southern Alberta. -- n.d. -- 2 photographs
PA-2942 Canadian Pacific Railway promotional photographs, primarily agriculture. -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]. -- 133 photographs
PB-716 Canadian Pacific Railway promotional photograph of Lake Louise; International News view of British troops entering Tripoli. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- 2 photographs
PC-97 Separator and binder in grain field, southern Alberta. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 photographs
PC-249 Canadian Pacific Railway promotional photographs of grain farms, Lake Louise, Queen Elizabeth, Empress of England and Empress of Britain. -- [ca. 1940s-1950s]. -- 6 photographs
PD-237 Canadian Pacific Railway promotional photograph album. -- 15 photographs
NA-2230-1 Calgary Stockyards. -- [ca. 1937-1938]. -- 1 photograph
S-167 Canadian Pacific Railway promotional material and exhibits designed by Duncan McMurray. -- 1932-1947. -- 15 hand-tinted colour lantern slides
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