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Macleod Letter 1874/01 - Transcript
Letter from N. Camp, River Morrey
July 10, 1874
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N. Camp
River Morrey
July 10th 1874

My dearest Mary,

Mrs. Herchmer will tell you how busy I have been since I returned. I have not had a moment to myself, what with boards, investigations and general duty which I am stuck on by the Commissioner. I hardly know when the day ends or commences. We have at last started and have found it a most difficult business to accomplish. We have not nearly enough transport and all the wagons are so heavy that the horses can hardly draw them along.

I wish you had seen me last night. I was left behind to see everything off and as I came along in rear of the train young officer came galloping up to say that there were three or four teams stuck and could not pull an inch further, so off I had to go, sent my horse on to camp and took the oxen with my own hands. I managed to get two of the teams into camp alright and sent a pair of horses to the assistance of the third. You ought to have heard me "geeing and hawing" till I was quite horse. It was long after dark when I arrived. The half-breeds were awfully tickled when I marched in among them.

You will be awfully sorry to hear that poor old Corporal Young has come to grief. He would not keep sober and had to go. I feel very much for him as I don't know what he can get to do. I have been called out of my tent about 50 times since I commenced this stupid letter, and am in very bad humour but my tent is very comfortable. Mrs. H. made me a splendid mosquito netting which covers my bed entirely.

I think I will be stationed at Edmonton and not at Bow River next winter. I wonder when I shall ever hear from : you you are I am afraid infected with my disease. I suppose I can't complain.

With very best love believe me to remain ever,

your Jim.

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