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H.G. Love reading The Eye Opener, [ca. 1912-1919]

H. Gordon Love fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1Farm and Ranch Review Limited. -- 1922-1969
Series 2Voice of the Prairies Limited. - 1925-1946, 1963-1967
Series 3 Photographs. -- [ca. 1880-1968]
Series 4Personal papers. -- 1931-1972



Farm and Ranch Review Limited. - 1922-1969

M-693-1Minutes. - 1922-1958
M-693-2Minutes, etc. - 1958-1969. - Includes article of association (1958).
M-693-3Correspondence, etc. - 1937-1966. - Re finances, production, shares, pensions, sale of paper.
M-693-4Articles of association. - 1958. - Of the Farm and Ranch Review Limited.
M-693-5Financial statements. - 1953-1965
M-693-6Agreements. - 1964. - Between CFCN Television Limited and Farm and Ranch Review Limited and between the Voice of the Prairie Limited and Farm and Ranch Review Limited.
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Series 2

Voice of the Prairies Limited. - 1925-1946, 1963-1967

M-693-7Correspondence, circulars, etc. - 1927-1936. - Re information for advertising; accounts; educational broadcasting; radio plant; equipment; contracts; court action between W.W. Grant and A.L. Barron; licences; general state of western broadcasting; application for increased power; prime minister's broadcast; application for new station east of Strathmore; background of broadcasting in Calgary; problems with government regulation, submissions to Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission; costs of station, etc.
M-693-8Correspondence, etc. - 1930-1931. - Re accounts, estimates for equipment; includes copy of Radio Open Time Service, vol.1, no. 2.
M-693-9Correspondence, etc. - 1931. - Re accounts; broadcasting schedules; borrowing time from CKUA: rules re private radio stations; suggestions for a solution to the radio situation in Canada.
M-693-10Correspondence, etc. - 1933-1938. - With the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (C.B.C.) re payment for programs; change of wavelength; accounts; contracts and rental; patent medicine commercials; rates; commission programs; advertising of liquor; broadcasting in Trail British Columbia; western talent; radio week campaign; vesper hour; licences; Christmas programs; Aberhart broadcasts; performing rights society; Judge Rutherford broadcasts, wire line networks; political broadcasts; increase in power; installation of low power transmitter; sponsored programs, studio problems; division of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (C.B.C.) programs; antenna tests; etc.
M-693-11Correspondence, etc. - 1937-1946. - With Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (C.B.C.) re program schedules; annual report of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (C.B.C.); problems with leasing of stations; division of programs with CFAC; programming; including regulations governing private broadcasters.
M-693-12Minutes, agreements, etc. - 1928-1931. - Of Western Broadcasting Company, includes memorandum of association, articles of association.
M-693-13Agreements, assignments, options. - 1929- 1936. - Between H.G. Love, Voice of the Prairies Limited, W.W. Grant, Western Broadcasting Company and T. Louise Anderson.
M-693-14Trade mark. - 1925. - For the "Voice of the Prairie" symbol.
M-693-15Radio cards. - 1930. - For rates on CNRA, CNRV, CNRO, CJCJ and CFCN.
M-693-16Equipment list. - no date. - Re purchase by H.G. Love from Voice of the Prairie Limited.
M-693-17Note. - no date. - Re meeting of People's Leaque of Alberta.
M-693-18Sample stationery. - no date. - For CFCN, W.W. Grant (CFCN) Limited.
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Series 3

Photographs. - [ca. 1880-1968]

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-3026-(1-44)Photographs of the Love and Clarke families, CFCN staff, etc. -- [ca. 1880-1955]
PA-858-(1-152)Portraits of Canadian personalities, which were published in the Farm and Ranch Review.
PA-1709-(1-7)Photographs of the Clarke and Love families. -- [ca.. teens]
PB-448-(1-2)Photographs of H.G. Love and friends in Moose Jaw [ca. 1915-1916], and farewell dinner for Lloyd Turner in Calgary [ca. 1968].
PC-158-1Photograph of the James Clarke family, Calgary, Alberta. -- 1903.
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Series 4

Personal papers. -- 1931-1972

M-227 Consists of Mabel Love's reminiscences and scrapbook on early Calgary and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clarke. -- [ca. 1972]
M-3064 Certificates. - 1963-1967. - Consists of certificates showing Calgary members of the Canadian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Quarter Century Club.
M-693-osCanadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R.) Department of Natural Resources. - 1931. -- Consists of "Plan of Strathmore Townsite and Irrigation Headquarters".
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