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Going to School reader
Going to School reader

Elsie Leak fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Lesson material. -- [ca. 1940s-1960s]
Series 2 Teaching aids. -- [ca. 1940s-1960s]


Series 1 Lesson material. -- [ca. 1940s-1960s]
M-667-1 Grammar textbooks - handwritten textbooks regarding parts of speech.
M-667-2 Grammar excercises, including poetry lessons.
M-667-3 Arithmetic exercises for grades three and five.
M-667-4 Arithmetic excercises lesson cards.
M-667-5 Arithmetic exercises lesson cards. Includes some phonics exercises on lesson cards.
M-667-6 Arithmetic exercises lesson cards.
M-667-7 Reader, no title.
M-667-8 Reader, "At Play", part 1.
M-667-9 Reader, "Fun in Story", part 1.
M-667-10 Reader, "The Twins Tom and Don".
M-667-11 Reader, "Going to School"
M-667-12 Readers, "Good Stories", parts 1 and 3.
M-667-13 Reader, "Short Stories".
M-667-14 Readers, "I Know a Secret", parts 2 and 5.
M-667-15 Reader, "The Story Road", part 1.
M-667-16 Reading lessons, short stories re Morning, Summer, and Autumn.
M-667-17 Reading lessons, short stories re Spring.
M-667-18 Reading lessons, short stories re native people and other cultures.
M-667-19 Reading lessons, short stories for silent reading, grade 5.
M-667-20 Reading lesson, short stories for silent reading, grades 3 and 5.
M-667-21 Story, "The Little Match Girl"
M-667-22 Short stories, numbered sequence for grades 4 and 5.
M-667-23 Short stories, number sequence for grades 6 and 8.
M-667-24 Short stories, regarding the development of spectacles (glasses). Includes the play, "Seeing through Stones".
M-667-25 Short stories. Includes "The Lady of Shallot"; "The Thinking of Peter B. Well"; "The Golden Touch"; Pierre Radisson"; "The Deacon's Masterpiece"; "Market Square"; "The Lobster Quadrille"; Jo-Jo Runs Away"; "The Soup"; etc.
M-667-26 Stories to play, "A Wish" and "The Little Pine Tree".
M-667-27 Play, "The Legend of the Donkey"
M-667-28 Songs and poetry. Includes "Sir Eglamore"; "The Sleepy Song"; "The Land of Nod"; "The Duel"; "Wynken, Blynken and Nod"; "The Song My Paddle Sings"; "Jim"; etc.
M-667-29 Riddles
Series 2 Teaching aids. -- [ca. 1940s-1960s]
M-667-30 School board list. -- 1955. -- Consists of list of all mimeographed [duplicated] units and other material re social studies program for grade 4-6, issued by the Calgary School Board.
M-667-31 Miscellaneous dittos and tracings of birds, animals, etc.
M-667-32 Stencils, arithmetic and "Think and Do Tracings".
M-667-33 Drawings, preliminary drawings of figures, possibly for story illustration.
M-667-34 Magazine pictures of birds.
M-667-35 Magazine pictures of Canada, Alberta and British Columbia.
M-667-36 Christmas and patriotic dittos.
M-667-37 Easter dittos, tradings and cut-outs.
M-667-38 Eskimos [Inuit] tracings and pictures.
M-667-39 Eskimos, Swiss, Ship pictures, drawings and tracings.
M-667-40 Farmyard scenes, pages from colouring book for tracings.
M-667-41 Holland, Mexico, Japan dittos.
M-667-42 Insects pictures.
M-667-43 Maps. Includes notes and lessons and cut-outs for map of Canada.
M-667-44 Remembrance Day dittos.
M-667-45 Valentine Day dittos, stencils, cut-outs, cards, etc.
M-667-os-boxes Picture cards. Cardboard with pictures and captions illustrating various social studies topics; large reader about farm animals; pictures and verses re health and hygiene.
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