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Suite with a bath, King George Hotel, [ca. 1920]
Suite with a bath, King George Hotel, [ca. 1920]

King George Hotel fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Guest register and guest accounts. -- 1912-1926
Series 2 Financial records. -- 1912-1920
Series 3 Miscellaneous records. -- 1908-1916


Series 1 Guest register and guest accounts. -- 1912-1926. -- The series consists of record of names and addresses of guests who stayed at the hotel; and guest account books which record how much they were charged for the room, restaurant ("The Grill"), bar, and other services such as laundry, baggage handling, telegrams, telephone, etc.
M-1612-vol.16 Guest register. -- September-October 1912. -- Consists of the front desk register with signatures of guests as they checked in.
M-1607-5 Alphabetical index of guests. -- 1912-[ca. 1926]. -- Includes forwarding addresses for guests.
M-1612-vol.24 Guest accounts. -- March-May 1912
M-1612-vol.20 Guest accounts. -- May-June 1912
M-1607-6 Guest accounts. -- June 1912-August 1912
M-1612-vol. 17 Guest accounts. -- August-October 1912
M-1612-vol.4 Guest accounts. -- December 1912
M-1612-vol.5 Guest accounts. -- April-July 1913
M-1612-vol.6 Guest accounts. -- July-October 1913
M-1612-vol.7 Guest accounts. -- October-December 1913
M-1612-vol. 18 Guest accounts. -- September 1913-May 1914. -- Includes an alphabetical index of guest names at the front.
M-1612-vol.8 Guest accounts. -- April-July 1914
M-1612-vol.9 Guest accounts. -- July-October 1914
M-1612-vol.10 Guest accounts. -- May-October 1918
M-1612-vol.22 Guest accounts. -- July-November 1919
M-1612-vol.25 Guest accounts. -- August 1919-January 1920
M-1607-1 Guest accounts. -- November 1919-Feburary 1920
M-1612-vol.21 Guest accounts. -- January-February 1920
M-1612-vol.11 Guest accounts. -- February-October 1920. -- Note: These are loose sheets rather than a volume.
Series 2 Financial records. -- 1912-1920
M-1612-vol.19 Kitchen, pantry and dining room checks book. -- 1912
M-1612-12 "Rapid Trial Balance" book. -- March-December 1912
M-1612-vol.15 Grill checks book. -- June-November 1913
M-1612-13 "Rapid Trial Balance" book. -- 1913-1916
M-1612-2 Balance sheet, etc. -- 1914-1915 and n.d.
M-1607-e House receipts. -- [ca. March 1914-June 1915]. -- Includes total takes, and includes numbers of guests arriving and departing.
M-1612-vol.2 General ledger. -- 1913-1914. -- Includes "Barber shop" synoptics.
M-1612-vol.3 Financial journal. -- 1914-1916
M-1612-1 Financial statements. -- 1915-1916
M-1612-vol.23 Journal. -- July 1918-September 1920. -- For the office, grill, bar and billiard hall.
M-1607-4 General ledger. -- 1920
Series 3 Miscellaneous records.-- 1908-1916
M-1612-vol.1 Ledger for the Royal Hotel. -- 1908-1913. -- The hotel was also owned by Charles Bell, the owner of the King George Hotel.
M-1607-2 Staff time book. -- December 1912-January 1913
M-1612-vol.14 Wine cellar stock book. -- November 1913-June 1916
M-1612-3 Menu for Thanksgiving Dinner. -- 1915
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