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Dr. A. Jukes, Regina, Saskatchewan

Jukes Family fonds

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Andrew and Georgina Jukes. - 1914, 1856

M-607-1Andrew and Georgina Jukes, Journal of a trip to Paris. - 1814.
M-607-2Andrew and Georgina Jukes, Georgina Jukes Hyde's will. - 1856.

Augustus Jukes - North-West Mounted Police related papers. - 1882-1886

M-607-3 Augustus Jukes, Memoranda and diaries. - 1882-1883. - Consists of the diary of Augustus Jukes, Senior Surgeon to the North-West Mounted Police, in which he describes medical work, his dissatisfaction with his position with the Mounted Police, cold weather, snow storms, and transportation in the Canadian West. He also describes the discovery of bones of an enormous animal [dinosaur], and how John McMillan and Richard Holt froze to death.

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M-607-4Augustus Jukes, Notebook and notes. - 1886. - Contains interview with Hugh Monro and draft of a letter to North-West Mounted Police Commissioner L.W. Herchmer.
M-607-5Augustus Jukes, Notebook. - 1882. - Contains "Tales and Legends Respecting the Indians."
M-607-6 Augustus Jukes, Memoranda and diary. - 1882-1883. - Bound typed transcript of the diary of Augustus Jukes.

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M-607-7Augustus Jukes, Journal. - 1883.
M-607-8Augustus Jukes, "Riel Papers". - 1885. - Notes by Louis Riel, and letters and reports on Riel's society by Jukes.

Augustus Jukes - Personal papers. - 1847-1905

M-607-9Augustus Jukes, Correspondence to Jukes. - 1847- 1856.
M-607-10Augustus Jukes, Correspondence by Jukes. - 1869-1905. - Includes family genealogy.
M-607-11Augustus Jukes, Letters and notes to Miss Hume. - 1879. - Re religion.
M-607-12Augustus Jukes, Odes of 'Hafiz' the Persian Poet. - Translated by Andrew Jukes; rendered into English verse by Augustus Jukes (1851).
M-607-13Augustus Jukes, Odes of 'Hafiz". - n.d.
M-607-14Augustus Jukes, Poetry and notes. - 1850s.
M-607-15Augustus Jukes, Debate speech. - 1865. - Debate on comparative merits of music, painting and poetry; "A Jukes takes the side of poetry."
M-607-16Augustus Jukes, Poetry and accounts. - 1866, 1874, and 1891.
M-607-17Augustus Jukes, Miscellaneous compositions. - 1870s.
M-607-18Augustus Jukes, Notes and reflections on various subjects. - 1873-1891.
M-607-19Augustus Jukes, Notes and extracts from various readings. - 1877.
M-607-20Augustus Jukes, Notes on "The Way", roots of English words, etc. - 1880-1885.
M-607-21Augustus Jukes, Notebooks. - 1880 and 1881.
M-607-22Augustus Jukes, Paper prepared for Canada Medical Association Annual Meeting. - 1889.
M-607-23Augustus Jukes, Poem on Mandan Indians. - n.d.

William Jukes. - [1860s]-1870

M-607-24William Jukes, Letters to parents. - 1860s.
M-607-25William Jukes, Letterbook. - 1870.
M-607-26William Jukes, Poetry and notes. - 1870 .

Hamilton Jukes. - 1870-1884

M-607-27 Hamilton Jukes, Nelson River Survey Papers. - 1882-1884. - Includes correspondence and provisions lists. Also consists of a petition submitted by Hamilton Jukes to the Canadian Parliament, pertaining to hydrographical survey of the Nelson River in northern Manitoba, undertaken for the Winnipeg and Hudson Bay Railway and Steamship Company. He recounts how the company's president, Hugh Sutherland, failed to provide sufficient funding for the expedition.

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M-607-28 Hamilton Jukes, Sketches and letter to mother. - 1879, 1882, and 1883. - Consists of letter (1883) from Hamilton Jukes to his mother, while on a hydrographical survey of the Nelson River in northern Manitoba, in which he describes winter conditions and the abundance of game. (A transcript of the letter follows the original.) Includes sketches of First Nations graves on the Red River (1879), and Fort Walsh (1882), and a photograph of Hamilton Jukes (1899).

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Miscellaneous papers. - n.d.

M-607-29Newsclippings re Jukes family.
M-607-30The Miracle of Purun Bhagat by Kipling.

F.G.B. Moffat. - 1855-1850

M-607-31F.G.B. Moffat, Certificate of Baptism. - 1855.
M-607-32F.G.B. Moffat, North-West Mounted Police discharge (1881) and commission as Inspector (1886).
M-607-33F.G.B. Moffat, Tax Returns. - 1929, 1931-1950.
M-607-34F.G.B. Moffat, Newsclippings and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly article re Moffat.
M-607-35F.G.B. Moffat, Scrapbook of newsclippings. - 1884-1930.
M-607-36F.G.B. Moffat, Catherine (Katie) Moffatt's Cookbook. - 1888- 1917.
M-607-37F.G.B. Moffat, Kenneth G. Moffat's birth certificate (1887) and letter (1917).

Photographs. - [ca. 1967]-1935

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PA-148 North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) views. - 17 photographs
PA-266 Buffalo round-up in Montana; and portrait of H.A. Jukes. - 31 photographs
PE-3 Panorama of Calgary. - 1911. - 1 panoramic photograph
NA-136-(1-6) North-West Mounted Police at Fort Walsh, Fort Macleod, and the Stand Off detachment. - 1979-1894. - 6 photographs
NA-919-(1-73) Views of the Jukes and Sanders families, North-West Mounted Police, the Blackfoot, and the South African War. - [ca. 1867]-1935 and n.d. - 73 photographs
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