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Dr. George Ray Johnson, [ca. 1950]
Dr. George Ray Johnson, [ca. 1950]

George R. Johnson fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Personal, medical and historical papers. -- 1903-1955
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1871-1938 and n.d.


Series 1

Personal, medical and historical papers. -- 1903-1955

M-600-1Antiquities. -- 1937-1950. -- Correspondence re a mosaic near Rumsey; skull found near High River, Alberta; Mystic Cave near High River; Folsom points and other arrowheads found in Alberta. Includes information about Dr. Douglas Leechman, petroglyphs, and Roy L. Fowler.
M-600-2Dr. A. E. Braithwaite. -- 1941-1946. -- Autobiography, correspondence with Dr. Johnson regarding publishing the manuscript, and general historical matters. Includes information about the early days of the North-West Mounted Police.
M-600-3 Indians [First Nations] of Alberta. -- n.d. -- Notes and articles by Dr. Johnson on medical practices and history of Alberta First Nations, including the Stoneys and Blackfoot. Includes information about Crowfoot.
M-600-4Personal. -- 1903-1954. -- Correspondence, income tax receipts, certificates, copies of addresses and general papers. Includes information about the College of Physicians and Surgeons and coroners.
M-600-5Medical. -- 1940-1954. -- Correspondence relating to medical men of Canada who had written non-medical books.
M-600-6 Biographical data on physicians and surgeons. -- n.d. -- Re Dr. A.H. Baker, Dr. Robert G. Brett, Dr. R.B. Deane, Dr. Walton Hayden, Dr. Augustus L. Jukes, Dr. Edward G. Mason, Dr. Everett H. Reed, Dr. Thomas Roy, Dr. James H. Tofield, Dr. A. E. Wills, Dr. Richard King, Dr. John Rae, and Sir John Richardson. Also list of Alberta place names honouring medical men; lists from North West Territorial medical register, 1899; and lists of doctors who practiced in Calgary.
M-600-7Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment. -- 1918-1926. -- Medical correspondence. Includes information about J.N. Wallace.
M-600-8Calgary Zoological Society. -- 1951-1955. -- Reports, news releases, notices of meetings and general correspondence. Includes information about Roy L. Fowler and C.W. Sternberg.
M-600-9 Miscellaneous. - 1911-1954. -- Medical programs, homestead receipt, 1911, and correspondence re historical matters. Includes information about postal service and airmail service; the towns of Anthracite, Canmore, Banff, Carseland, Cash City, Clover Bar, Cochrane, Davisburg, Dunbow, Fort Macleod, Fort Saskatchewan, Gleichen, High River, Hollbroke, Kananaskis, Fort Kipp, Lethbridge, Midnapore, Millward, Mitford, Morley, Mosquito Creek, New Oxley, Okotoks, Pakan, Pekisko, Pincher Creek, Pine Creek, Red Deer and St. Albert; Calgary street names; Ranchmen's Club, and Katharine Stinson.
M-600-10"Southesk's Journey through the West, 1859". - 1925. -- Typewritten copy of a paper by J. N. Wallace, Calgary Historical Society.
M-600-box 2Medical history calendars, 1934-1943, 1949 and 1950.
M-600-box 3Diaries, notebooks, journals, etc. - 1905-1947. -- Medical diary (1905), cash notebook (1911), First World War map case & maps, daily journal (1919), medical account book (1945); professional appointment book (1947), calendar pad, Dr. G. H. Johnson, Provincial Coroner (1944) and calendar pad, Dr. G. H. Johnson, Provincial Coroner (1944).
M-601-oversizeMedical certificates and appointments. -- 1898-1936. -- Of Dr. George Johnson.

Series 2

Photographs. -- 1871-1938 and n.d. -- 372 photographs

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-280 Portrait of Dr. George Johnson. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph.
PA-293 Fur trade, native, medical views, etc. -- n.d. -- 42 photographs.
PA-538Alberta Medical Association, Calgary. -- 1938. -- 1 photograph.
PA-565 First Nations with tipi and cart loaded with furs. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph.
PA-711 Clivedon House military hospital, Taplow, Berkshire, England. -- 1915. -- 30 photographs. -- Consists of views of the house, hospital, doctors, nurses and patients during the First World War. Also includes autographed photo of Lord Byng, and view of Calgary from Tom Campbell Hill.
PA-853Canadian Army Medical Corps group. -- [ca. 1915-1918]. -- 1 photograph.
PB-17 Views of Calgary and early west. -- n.d. -- 217 photographs.
PB-84 Portraits of doctors, etc. -- n.d. -- 10 photographs.
PB-205 Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP) group; two Sioux portraits; and Lord Byng. -- n.d. -- 4 photographs.
PD-25 Whaling off British Columbia coast. -- n.d. -- 25 photographs.
PE-212th Canadian Mounted Rifles, Calgary. -- 1915. -- 1 photograph.
NA-68Fort Garry and S. S. Dakota. -- [ca. 1871]. -- 1 photograph.
NB-13Early Calgary and Stampede views, etc. -- n.d. -- 22 photographs.
ND-5 Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph.
S-1 Views of artifacts, geological sites, natives, mounted police, forts, ranching, etc. -- n.d. -- 37 photographs.
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