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Geological survey of Savanna Creek, 1955
Geological survey of Savanna Creek, 1955

Joseph Irwin fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Reference files. -- 1917-1968 and n.d.
Series 2 Geological maps and drawings. -- 1930-1953
Series 3 Russell V. Johnson papers. -- 1926-1963
Series 4 Newspaper clippings. -- 1938-1957 and n.d.
Series 5 Photographs. -- 1937-1950s


Series 1 Reference files. -- 1917-1968 and n.d..-- The series consists of reports, correspondence, and articles primarily related to Irwin's work as a petroleum geologist. Includes some personal papers. -- Arranged chronologically.
M-7073-1 Article about life at Camp Funston, Kansas. -- 1917
M-7073-2 Article, "Oil and Gas Possibilities of Eastern Alberta", in Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. -- vol. VII, no. (Mar-Apr 1923)
M-7073-3 Report by Charles C. Coulter, C.E. Shoenfelt and Mentor Etnyre for Canadian Oil and REfining Company, Lethbridge. -- 1923
M-7073-4 Commission of Irwin as Second Lieutenand in the USA Army. -- 1925
M-7073-5 Brochure of trip by American Association of Petroleum Geologists through Florence and Canon City Oilfield, Colorado. -- 1928
M-7073-6 State of Utah oil lease. -- 1928
M-7073-6 Report by J.S. Irwin and Frank E. Kistler and Company, Denver, regarding Texas County, Oklahoma. -- 1928
M-7073-8 Report by J.S. Irwin regarding teh importance of shale crevice oil in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. -- 1928
M-7073-9 Oil prospects in Colorado. -- 1928-1934. -- Correspondence and newspaper clippings.
M-7073-10 Permit issued to Carrie Mai Irwin to prospect for oil and gas in Colorado. -- 1929
M-7073-11 Oil prospects in Montana. - 1929-1933. -- Corrrespondence.
M-7073-12 Properties of Alberta Pacific Consolidated Oils. -- 1929-1941. - Correspondence and reports.
M-7073-13 Cardston structure. -- 1929-1942. -- Correspondence and reports.
M-7073-14 Article, "Oil and Gas Fields of Cost Soldier District, Wyoming" in Structure of Typical American Oil Fields. -- vol. II (1929).
M-7073-15 Report by J.S. Irwin for Norden Corporation Ltd. -- 1930
M-7073-16 Correspondence with R.E. Wertz regarding work for Parco Oil Company. -- 1930-1932, 1944-1945
M-7073-17 Logs of Avonlea No. 1 well, Wilcox well. -- 1930 and n.d.
M-7073-18 Report gy the Kihlstedt of Swedish American Prospecting Company of Canada for Eric Harvie and E.H. McGuire regarding Dirt Hills area, Saskatchewan. -- 1930
M-7073-19 Report by W.B. Fry for the Blackfoot Oil and Gas Company regarding the Blackfoot structure. -- 1930
M-7073-20 Correspondence with Max Ball regarding Athabasca Oil Sands. -- 1931-1940
M-7073-21 Article, "Stratigraphic Correlation and Nomenclature in Plains of Southern Alberta" in Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. -- vol. 15, no. 10 (Oct 1931)
M-7073-22 Article by A.J. Goodman, "The Structure of Turner Valley Gasfield, Alberta" in Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Bulletin. -- 1931
M-7073-23 Correspondence with John Fertig of Producers and Refiners Corporation. -- 1931-1935
M-7073-24 Correspondence with Walter F. Thorn, Moose Jaw. -- 1932
M-7073-25 Booklets regarding Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) leases. -- 1932
M-7073-26 Synopsis of the Turner Valley Gas Conservation Act. -- 1932
M-7073-27 Report by J.S. Irwin for John Fertig of Parco Oil Company regarding the advisibility of employing seismic methods of exploration at Del Bonita - Ross Lake and Twin River, Alberta. -- 1932
M-7073-28 Correspondence with Dr. F.F. Hintze. -- 1932
M-7073-29 Correspondence with Knight Investment Company, Provo, Utah. -- 1932
M-7073-30 Correspondence with W.B. Heroy of Consolidated Oil Corporation, New York. -- 1932
M-7073-31 Report by J.S. Irwin for Multi-Structure Holdings Ltd. regarding oil and gas possibilities of the Del Bonita Anticline. -- 1933
M-7073-32 Correspondence with Regina Oil and Gas. -- 1934
M-7073-33 Correspondence with Clarence E. Roth. -- 1934
M-7073-34 Correspondence regarding Cut Bank field, Montana. -- 1934-1935
M-7073-35 Report by Grenville G. Howard regarding Hudson Bay Junction, Swan River area. -- 1935
M-7073-36 Correspndence with Walter F. Thorn, Moose Jaw, regarding oil and gas possibilties of Alberta. -- 1935
M-7073-37 Chalk Butte, Montana. -- 1935-1943. -- Correspondence and reports.
M-7073-38 Correspondence with Perry L. Withers, Yorkton, Saskatchewan regarding oil structures. -- 1936
M-7073-39 Correspondence with Globe Petroleum Company, Vancouver. -- 1936
M-7073-40 Correspondence and report by J.S. Irwin for Sunshine Oils, Vancouver, regarding Ross Lake Dome, Alberta. -- 1936
M-7073-41 Correspondence with Walter F. Thorn, Moose Jaw and C.O. Brown, Rochester, Minnesota regarding Minnican Oil and Gas Company. -- 1936
M-7073-42 Correspondence with Boorman Investment Company, Victoria. -- 1936
M-7073-43 Correspondence regarding Twin River prospect. -- 1937-1940
M-7073-44 Prospectus for Triangle Gas and Oil Ltd., Regina. -- 1937
M-7073-45 Floyd Beach circular regarding Turner Valley gas production. -- 1937
M-7073-46 Report by J.S. Irwin for F.I. Batcheller, Edmonton regarding Pouce Coupe district, Alberta and British Columbia. -- 1937-1940
M-7073-47 Correspondence with R.C. Tarrant regarding Carbon Co., Montana wells. -- 1937-1939
M-7073-48 Correspondence regarding a report by J.S. Irwin for Drumheller Syndicate regarding oil and gas possibilities near Drumheller. -- 1937
M-7073-49 Report by Henry M.B. Inglis regarding the Red Deer River area north of Jenner, Alberta. -- 1937-1941. -- Includes geological report by F.R. Quinby (1915) regarding the Hutton Structure; and a report by J.S. Irwin regarding the Inglis report.
M-7073-50 Plane table notes. -- 1937-1938
M-7073-51 Report by J.S. Irwin for J.C. Dallas regarding Jumping Pound area. -- 1938
M-7073-52 Report by J.S. Irwin for James Richardson and sons, Calgary regarding Grease Creek Structure. -- 1938. -- Includes a pamphlet regarding Grease Creek Petroleums Ltd.
M-7073-53 Correspondence with Sunset Oils. -- 1938
M-7073-54 Articles regarding Turner Valley. -- 1938-1940 and n.d.
M-7073-55 Report by Heiland Research Corporation regarding seismograph survey at Vermilion, Alberta. -- 1938
M-7073-56 Correspondence with Board of Public Utility Commissioners regrding Western Securities Ltd. -- 1938
M-7073-57 Reports regarding Moose Dome structure; report by Robin Willis regarding geology of the Norcen anticline, Stoney reserve. -- 1939
M-7073-58 Correspondence with Yale Oil Corporation regarding Sage Creek acreage. -- 1939
M-7073-59 Reports regarding Steveville district. -- 1939-1943
M-7073-60 Correspondence with J.M. Huber Corporation, Borger, Texas. -- 1940
M-7073-61 Correspondence with Gordon H. Graham, Victoria. -- 1940
M-7073-62 Correspondence with Clifton C. Cross and Company regarding Pelican Rapids area. -- 1940
M-7073-63 Correspondence and plans regarding wells of Vermilion Consolidated Oils Ltd. -- 1941
M-7073-64 Geological reports by Norman Soul regarding wells of Vermilion Consolidated Oils Ltd and Cannar Oils. -- 1941-1943
M-7073-65 Correspondence regarding Vermilion well of Princeville Petroleums Ltd., Calgary. -- 1941-1942
M-7073-66 Speech, "The Oil Situation in Western Canada", presented to the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Vancouver. -- 1941
M-7073-67 Article, "Significance of Recent Oil Discovery in the Steveville district, Province of Alberta". -- 1941
M-7073-68 Correspondence with Walter F. Thorn regarding oil and gas possibilities of Saddle Lake Indian Reserve. -- 1942
M-7073-69 Correspondence with Walter F. Thorn regarding Vermilion location of Pacalta Oils, VCO well of Southend Petroleum, Vermilata Oils Ltd. and Pacalta Oils. -- 1942-1943
M-7073-70 Correspondence with Pioneer Oil Company. -- 1942-1943
M-7073-71 Vera Oilfields Ltd. pamphlet. -- 1943
M-7073-72 Correspondence regarding geological reports for Major Oil Investments and Chain Lakes Syndicate in Stimson Creek and Chain Lakes districts. -- 1943
M-7073-73 Correspondence regarding Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) lease no. 141.
M-7073-74 Correspondence with Ace Royalites Ltd. regarding Calling Valley area. -- 1943-1944
M-7073-75 Report regarding oil and gas possilbities in the Plains region of Alberta. -- 1944
M-7073-76 Report regarding oil and gas possilbities in the Battleview area, Alberta. -- 1944
M-7073-77 Roxano Oils Company report to shareholders. -- 1945
M-7073-78 Report by J.S. Irwin for J.R. Chalmers, Toronto regarding the Alderson area of Alberta. -- 1945
M-7073-79 Correspondence regarding Flock Gas and Oil Corporation Ltd., Calgary. -- 1945-1948
M-7073-80 Correspondence with Quaich Oil Corporation, Toronto. -- 1946-1954. -- Includes report by Stephen B. Jones to Irwin, January 22, 1931, regarding the Todd Creek Area of Alberta.
M-7073-81 Report regarding oil and gas possibilities of Battleview area, Alberta. -- 1946
M-7073-82 Report and correspondence by J.S. Irwin for Northern Canadian Oils regarding Meridian Dome, Alberta - Saskatchewan. - 1947
M-7073-83 Correspondence with Gateway Oils Ltd. regarding Leduc. -- 1947
M-7073-84 Granleduc Oils Ltd. prospectus. -- 1948
M-7073-85 Report by J.S. Irwin for J.C. Dallas, Calgary regarding area near Clyde, Alberta. -- 1948
M-7073-86 Report by J.S. Irwin for J. Hart, Calgary regarding Hanna area, Alberta. -- 1948
M-7073-87 Report by J.S. Irwin for R.E. Reddick regarding Ellerslie area, Alberta. -- 1948
M-7073-88 Report by J.S. Irwin for W. McIlveride and Associates regarding Savanna Creek, Alberta. -- 1948-1951
M-7073-89 Correspondence regarding bench marks. -- 1949
M-7073-90 North Canadian Oils Ltd. agreement. -- 1949
M-7073-91 Correspondence with Shell Oil Company, Calgary. -- 1949
M-7073-92 Report and correspondence by J.S. Irwin for American Northland Oil Company, San Franscisco regarding Lloydminster area. -- 1950-1951
M-7073-93 Correspondence with Dome Mines Ltd. -- 1950
M-7073-94 Correspondence with Triad Leases. -- 1950-1951
M-7073-95 Correspondence with Max M. Rozan. -- 1950
M-7073-96 Article, "Western Canada" by Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists. -- 1951. -- The committee consisted of J.B. Webb, J.S. Irwin, L.M. Clark, D.B. Layer, F.K. Beach and Max W. Ball.
M-7073-97 Correspondnece regarding oil and gas possibilities on the EP Ranch. -- 1951-1962
M-7073-98 Report by J.S. Irwin for Western Leaseholds regarding Redwater field. -- 1951
M-7073-99 Braemar Petroleum Ltd. prospectus. -- 1951
M-7073-100 Report by J.S. Irwin for John Crossi regarding Rainy Hills district, Alberta. -- 1951
M-7073-101 Report by J.S. Irwin to Western Securities Ltd. regarding Hanna - Sullivan Lake area. -- 1952
M-7073-102 Anglo-Canadian Oil Company Ltd. agreement. -- 1952
M-7073-103 Report by James A. Brown regarding Anna Aronow et al properties in West Kevin - Sunburst field, Montana. -- 1952
M-7073-104 Correspondence with Blue Crown Petroleums Ltd., Calgary. -- 1953
M-7073-105 Report, Reconnaissance Survey of Central Alberta by Accurate Geophysical Ltd. -- 1953
M-7073-106 Report by J.C. Sproule for Jerd Petroleums regarding Sherman Flats area, Alberta. -- 1954
M-7073-107 Leases in Thelma Lake area, Western Leaseholds Ltd., in which Irwin had interest. -- 1954
M-7073-108 Article, "The Savanna Creek Structure" in Journal of the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists. -- vol. 3, no. 2 (Feb 1955)
M-7073-109 Article, "Differential Entrapment of Oil and Gas" by J.S. Irwin, Theodore Link and William C. Gussow in Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. -- vol 39, no. 2 (Feb 1955)
M-7073-110 Article, "Canada's Mountains: A New Oil Frontier" in Oil and Gas Journal. -- June 6, 1955
M-7073-111 Canadian Anaconda Oils Ltd. annual report. -- 1955
M-7073-112 Correspondence regarding Target Petroleums Ltd. -- 1935
M-7073-113 Correspondence regarding Canadian Salt Company Ltd. holdings, Lindbergh - Elk Point, Alberta. -- 1956
M-7073-114 Report by J.S. Irwin regarding Pekisko Hills Anticline. -- 1956
M-7073-115 Agreement with Highwood Development Ltd. -- 1956
M-7073-116 Article, "Savanna Creek may rival Pincher Creek" in Oil and Gas Journal. -- August 20, 1956
M-7073-117 Report by J.S. Irwin regarding Lethbridge structure. -- 1959
M-7073-118 Correspondence regarding Phillips Petroleum Company. -- 1959
M-7073-119 Correspondnec with Savanna Creek Gas and Oil Ltd., Anaconda Petroleum Ltd. -- 1959-1965
M-7073-120 Montana well reports. -- [ca. 1950s]
M-7073-121 Valuation report by James A. Lewis Engineering for Savanna Creek Gas and Oil Ltd. regarding Alberta Pacific Consolidated Oils. -- 1960
M-7073-122 Article, "More Stately Mansions: A Short Discourse on that Masterpiece of Creation - The Human Mind". -- 1960
M-7073-123 Letter in support of Cam Sproule. -- 1962
M-7073-124 Correspondence regarding memorial article about J.O.G. "Pete" Sanderson (1898-1963). -- 1963-1965
M-7073-125 Report by D.R. McCord and Associates for Canadian Husky Oil Ltd. regarding Savanna Creek Gas field. -- 1963
M-7073-126 Highwood Developmen Ltd., Anglo-Canadian Oil Company lease. -- 1963
M-7073-127 Lease tenders. -- 1963
M-7073-128 Correspondence regarding memorial for Floyd K. Beach (1884-1964). -- 1964
M-7073-129 Correspondence regarding William H. Myers. -- 1964-1965
M-7073-130 Personal correspondence. -- 1965-1967
M-7073-131 Personal correspondence. -- 1965-1967
M-7073-132 Correspondence regarding memorial for Thomas B. William (1884-1966). -- 1966-1967
M-7073-133 Correspondence in support of John D. Hale. -- 1967
M-7073-134 Correspondence regarding death of Elfred Beck. -- 1967-1968
M-7073-135 Report regarding Savanna Creek map area for Husky Oil -- n.d.
M-7073-136 Report regarding Savanna Creek map area for Husky Oil. -- n.d.
M-7073-137 Royalty form. -- n.d.
M-7073-138 Report regarding petroleum and natural gas reservation 423. -- n.d.
M-7073-139 Report regarding oil resources of Lloydminster district. -- n.d.
M-7073-140 Well log notebook. -- n.d.
M-7073-141 Savanna Creek progress report. -- n.d.
M-7073-142 Notebook. -- n.d.
M-7073-143 Report by J.B. Webb for Madison Natural Gas Company regarding gas reserves of southern Alberta. -- n.d.
M-7073-144 Report by Stan Slipper regarding natural gas resources of Alberta. -- n.d.
M-7073-145 Publications. -- 1918-1967
M-7073-146 Biographical notes regarding J.S. Irwin. -- n.d.
M-7073-147 Historical notes regarding Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists. -- n.d.
M-7073-148 Reminiscences of early days of oil. -- n.d.
Series 2 Geological maps and drawings. -- 1930-1953. -- Consists primarily of work undertaken by J.S. Irwin. -- Includes a few oversize personal papers.
M-7073-os1 Irwin's certificates. -- 1912, 1921, 1931, 1953 and 1964
M-7073-os2 Plans by S.M. Irwin for drafting table cabinet. -- 1942
M-7073-os3 Geological Structure Map of Social Plains Anticline in Alberta, Canada. -- 1923. -- Surveyed and mapped by Mentor Etnyre, C.E. Shoenfelt, under supervision of C.C. Coulter for the Canadian Oil and Refining Company.
M-7073-os4 Red Coulee Oil Field, Southern Alberta. -- March 1930
M-7073-os5 Oil and Gas Development Map - International Boundary Area, Alberta-Montana. -- October 1936. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os6 Chalk Butte Prospect - Glacier County, Montana. -- n.d. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os7 Cut Bank Oil and Gas Field - Glacier County, Montana. -- n.d. Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os8 Blood Indian Reserve, Alberta. -- December 1937. -- Structural data by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os9 Savanna Creek Anticline, Alberta. -- July 1938. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os10 Steveville - Rainy Hills - Jenner area, Alberta. -- 1942, 1943, 1944. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os11 Princess - Denhar - Rainy Hills district, Alberta. -- n.c. and 1952. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os12R Preliminary Structure Map of Rainly Hills - Denhart - Steveville district, Alberta. -- 1951. -- Structural contours on Bearpaw - Pale Beds (Belly River) contact. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os13R Map of Princess - Steveville district. -- July 1952. -- Structural contours on top of Devonian (Exshaw) formation. -- Geoloby by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os14 Preliminary Structural Map - Battleview area, Alberta. -- June 1943. - Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os15 Plan - Lloydminster Oil Field. -- January 14, 1944. -- Compiled for Lloyd Clinch by B.E. Bury.
M-7073-os16 Lloydminster Oil and Gas Field, Alberta. -- January 31, 1946. -- Complied by Lloyd Clinch by John Wylie.
M-7073-os17 Madden district, Alberta. -- July 1946. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os18R Vermilion - Lloydminster - Wainwright district, Alberta. -- n.d. -- Structural contours on top of Lower Cretaceous. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os19 Lloydminster district, Alberta - Saskatchewan. -- n.d. -- Structural contours on top of Lowe Crestaceous. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os20 Lloydminster district, Alberta - Saskatchewan. -- n.d. -- Isopachs showing thickness of Lea Park and Alberta Shale. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os21 Baxter Lake area, Lloydminster - Wainwright district, Alberta. -- 1947. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os22 Del Bonita Anticline, Alberta. -- n.d. -- Prepared for Wheatman Petroleum Limited. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os23 Geologic Structure of Meridian Dome. -- n.d. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os24 Generalized Structure Map of Pouce Coupe - Rolla Landing area. -- n.d. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os25 Pouce Coupe - Peace River area. -- n.d. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os26 Soda Creek Permit - Westates Petroleum Corporation. -- January 1951. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os27 Pekisko Hills Structure - Cross Section C-D.-- December 1951. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-os28 Pekisko Hills Structure - Surface Interpretation. -- December 1951. -- Revised 1953. -- Geology by J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-150 Maps of Steveville area. -- 1935-1940
M-7073-149 Maps of Turner Valley. -- 1939 and n.d.
Series 3 Russell V. Johnson papers. -- 1926-1963. -- Johnson, another pioneer geologist and a close friend of J.S. Irwin.
M-7073-154 Correspondence, Pearson and Davies to Seneca Oils, Calgary. -- 1926
M-7073-155 Correspondence with Frank D. Lundy, Vancouver. -- 1934
M-7073-156 Newspaper clippings regarding Johnson, Peoples Gas and Oil Development Company, Washington and Maynard J. Davies. -- 1957-1959 and n.d.
M-7073-157 Scrapbook regarding oil development, his family, etc. -- [ca. 1926-1953]
M-7073-158 Correspondence regarding Dead Horse Coulee Structure for Piccadilly Petroleums. -- 1951
M-7073-159 Correspondence with Lloyd Clinch regarding oil exploration. - 1963
Series 4 Newspaper clippings. -- 1938-1957 and n.d.
M-7073-151 Newspaper clippings regarding a new type of oil pump invented by a Calgarian. -- n.d.
M-7073-152 Newspaper clippings regarding new oil sands process and oil freight rates. -- 1938-1954
M-7073-153 Newspaper clippings regarding gas pipelines and the Savanna Creek well. -- 1956-1957
Series 5 Photographs. -- 1937-1950s
PA-2680 Geological views. -- 1937-1950s. -- 106 photographs
PB-736 Geological views. -- 4 photograophs
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