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R.A. Brown, oil pioneer, and son, Calgary
R.A. Brown, oil pioneer, and son, Calgary

Home Oil Company Ltd. fonds

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Series 1 R.A. Brown - Personal and business correspondence. -- 1949-1959
Series 2 General business. -- 1950-1960
Series 3 General business. -- 1936-1961
Series 4 Independent Petroleum Association of Canada. -- 1960-1964
Series 5 Canadian Heart Foundation and Alberta Heart Foundation. -- 1959-1964
Series 6 Scrapbooks. -- 1936-1972
Series 7 Additional materials. -- 1929-1982
Series 8 Photographs. -- 1914-1967


Series 1 R. A. Brown - Personal and business correspondence. -- 1949-1959
M-1571-1Correspondence. -- 1949-1950. -- Excerpt on history of oil by J. L. Irwin with section on Alberta with reference to efforts of R. A. Brown Sr at Turner Valley; developments in Alberta � purchase from Imperial Oil of Foothills Oil, Lowery Petroleums, and Southwest Petroleums by Federated Petroleums headed by R. A. Brown Jr.; comments on exploration by Time Oils, a subsidiary company, public notice and map re tenders for townsite lots at Banff, list of petroleum refineries in Canada tributary to Alberta crude oil supply.
M-1571-2Correspondence. -- June-December 1950. -- Comments on Redwater productions and drilling, markets to U. S., Leduc-Wetaskiwin area geological report, stock situation, memo re oil possibilities underlying Viking-Kinsella gas field and also Cregan reservation west of Leduc, offer from broker for shares in Hudson's Bay company, and a resume of operations.
M-1571-3Correspondence. -- January-August 1951. -- Comments on exploration in Alberta foothills region, memo re possible oil and gas field east of Brazeau; oil pipeline routes to Vancouver from Edmonton, listing of stock on exchange.
M-1571-4Correspondence. -- September-December 1931. -- Pipeline projects from Alberta, no interest in reservations for tar sands area, gas export, formation of independent pipeline company for presentation to government transport board; success of operations in United States, suggestions for efficient production at Turner Valley field, acquisition of 400,000 acres in Williston Bason area (eastern Montana and North Dakota), withdrawal of pipeline proposal.
M-1571-5Correspondence. -- January-April 1952. -- Note to William A. Rockefeller re Williston Basin holdings and Federted holdings in Saskatchewan; explanation of oil companies to Geneva investor; offers from investment dealer, Ohio for backin in Williston Basin area; importation and price of Canadian crude oil to United States and construction of refinery in vicinity of St. Paul and Minneapolis; submission by Western Leaseholds and Federated Petroleums re income tax act; listing of stock on New York exchange; oil and gas production from various wells owned by Federated Petroleum, 1936-1952.
M-1571-6Correspondence. -- May-September 1952. -- Excerpt on Federated activities by Goodbody and Company, New York stockbrokers; proposal to list on San Francisco exchange; Williston Oil and Gas will be jointly by Federated and Frobisher Ltd. and will share equally in Glendive area; prospects of Federated � United Nevis well production; Federated Petroleums stock issue completely sold.
M-1571-7Correspondence. -- October-December 1952. -- Offer from Rainbow Oil Ltd. for collateral investments re pipelines, refineries, etc., submission of Westcoast Transmission for pipeline to coast; comments on Western Leaseholds acreage and financing; seismic survey in Fairway area of Alberta.
M-1571-8Correspondence. -- January-October 1953. -- Federated is in excellent shape; confident that Alberta government will grant licence for natural gas; excellent shape of Home Oil and drilling of exploration well in Priddis area, exchange of shares between United Oils and Madison Oils; contribution to Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.
M-1571-9Correspondence. -- October 1952-May 1954. -- Comments on government decisions to export gas to the east, prospects of Pembina field, suspension of dividends of Home Oil, slump in United States market in Canadian oils.
M-1571-10Correspondence. -- May-December 1954. -- Progress of well of Shell at Priddis, also Home's Sylvester Creek well, Pembina well, and Shell-Home Sarcee No. 1; comments re 1953 exploration activities and Priddis, Cremona and South Alhambra; bonus payments on reservation; payment from Sun Oil Company, share of expenses in drilling West Nevis well; memo re syndicate to acquire acreage in Simmons area of Redwater oil field; map of Fort St. john gasfield; prospects of Bergen well; progress of various wells in foothills area, Sundre-Cremona area.
M-1571-11Correspondence. -- January-December 1955. -- Completion of first successful test well in Cremona area; deeping Westward-Ho well; liquidator's report of Amalgamated Oils; defence of Home's policy of spending so much on exploration and development; offer to supply gas to proposed United States power plant near border; 64th annual report of Ranchmen's Club; note that United Oils has a bank credit of over 4 million dollars; statement of Glenn E. Nielson, president of Husky Oil to Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects, 1955.
M-1571-12Correspondence. -- July-December 1956. -- Offer of partnership in zinc-silver-lead property in northern British Columbia; financing for Canadian Seisco Ltd; sale of stock by R. A. Brown Jr. in order to reduce amount of outstanding loan because of Canada-United States credit restrictions; report on activities of Canadian Seisco; comments re possibility of extension of interprovincial pipeline to Montreal.
M-1571-13Correspondence. -- January-June 1957. -- Financing program of Canadian Seisco, inquiry into Home's method of financing, explanation of policy to New York shareholder; preliminary draft of report of Home Oil; explanation of basic plan of exploration in Harmattan-Elkton-Westward Ho-Sundre regions; progress of Virginia Hills-Swan Hills wells.
M-1571-14Correspondence. -- June-December 1957. -- Re Nevis Buffalo Lake joint operating agreement with BA Oil; merger of Siscoe Mines Ltd. with Vulcan; problems of marketing Canadian crude; copy of press release on formation of Alberta and Southern Gas Company for a planned pipeline, Alberta to California; comments on Royalite's Athabasca Oil Sand Project; Home Oil's acreage in Swan Hills block and Virginia Hills block.
M-1571-15Correspondence. -- January-April 1958. -- Comments on pipeline to serve Montreal market, Siscoe Mines merger; research notes by A. G. Becker and company (U.S. Stock brokers); on Canadian oil picture; congratulations on election as director of Trans-Canada Pipelines Ltd.; Home's activities and reasons behind financing; belief that Canadian oil stocks in general are due for a substantial rise; problems of Imperial Oil Company production because of proration and related problems; report on Alaskan oil prospects and note that Home has already acquired substantial acreage in Alaska.
M-1571-16Correpondence. -- May-December 1958. -- Comments on Borden commission and oil hearing in Calgary; feasibility of Montreal pipeline; resolution re oil by Calgary Chamber of Commerce, information re Spanish petroleum; pipeline into Swan Hills by Home Oil; financing via James A. Richardson and sons; use of Peter Bawden drilling company and rig in Swan Hills; labour situation in Canada; personal impressions of Borden Report.
M-1571-17Correspondence. -- January-June 1959. -- Comments on Borden interim report to New York investors; report on Home Oil by Toronto brokers and correction by R. A. Brown; invitation to joint syndicate Labrador-Newfoundland exploration � ming [members Cyrus Eaton Jr, Frank Mahon (McMahon?), Scurry Rainbow, Max Bell, etc.] attending and speaking at pipeline contractors association of Canada convention Bermuda; proposal to invest in a new company 'Big Inch Pipe Corporation Ltd'; invitation to speak before Oil Anaysts group of New York; oil shares are at a low point and improvements depend on Federal Government action.
M-1571-18Correspondence. -- July-December 1959. -- No plans for Alaskan acreage leases at present; memo to George Drew re effects of imports of Canadian crude on economy by A. L. Harshaw; Montreal oil market; thanks from Harry Hays for help in election.
M-1571-19Correspondence, N. D. McDermid. -- 1950-1958. -- Letters, memos etc re legal matters of Home Oil and personal matters.
Series 2 General business. -- 1950-1960. -- This series consists of correspondence, office memos, etc., regarding the operations of the company.
M-1571-20Inter-office correspondence. -- June 1951-December 31, 1956. -- Mainly memos relating to all phases of Home Oil operations and general office business from the desk of Robert A. Brown Jr.
M-1571-21Reports, correspondence, Max C. Govier. -- 1953-1956. -- Govier was comptroller of Home Oil.
M-1571-22Inter-office correspondence, John A. Scrymgeour. -- 1949-1956. -- Scrymgeour was executive vice-president.
M-1571-23Business correspondence, Ronald M. Brown. -- 1951-1954. -- Ronald Brown, brother of Robert A. Brown Jr., was vice-president and lived in Vancouver.
M-1571-24Inter-office correspondence, William H. Atkinson. -- 1951-1956. -- Atkinson was the company treasurer.
M-1571-25Inter-office general business, personnel "B-W". -- n.d. -- General office correspondence with employees, J. D. Balfour, George J. Blundun, R. W. Campbell, J. H. Hamilton, J. W. Hamilton, S. Aubrey Kerr, F. G. Mitchell, Maurice P. Paulson, E. Swiffen, G. Webster.
M-1571-26General office procedure business. -- 1956-1958. -- Minutes of monthly safety meetings.
M-1571-27Memos, land department. -- 1951-1956. -- Acreage position in field; comparison of reservations vs leases; recommendations on acquisition of lands.
M-1571-28Oilwell Operators Ltd., General business and correspondence. -- 1953-1956. -- Turner Valley oil and gas estimates, production, royalty on wells, and general field memos.
M-1571-29Oilwell Operators Ltd., progress reports. -- 1955-1956. -- All aspects: accounting, drilling, exploration, geological, engineering, land and legal, personnel and field operations.
M-1571-30Oilwell Operators Ltd., progress reports. -- 1956. -- As above.
M-1571-31Oilwell Operators Ltd., memos, John Carr. -- 1951-1956. -- Geological reports, comments, etc. re possible sites in Alberta.
M-1571-32Purvin and Gertz (consulting engineers, Texas), reports. -- 1955-1958. -- Studies for Home Oil on Alberta Gas Trunk Line, preliminary review of isobutene utilization in Nevis field; Cremona pipelines Ltd. comparison of proved and probable reserves and market surveys, preliminary study of use of Canadian crude in Montreal refineries, study of Canadian crude available to Montreal refineries, study of field gate price for natural gas at Turner Valley field, proposed plans for agreement between Interprovincial Pipeline Company and Independent Pipeline Company.
M-1571-33Submissions and studies. -- 1942-1955. -- Copies of submissions re Shell Oil Company in Jumping Pound area and production etc. of natural gas; possibility of over-charging, etc.
M-1571-34Wood, Gundy and Company, Toronto, business correspondence. -- 1950�1957. -- Toronto stock brokers and a major shareholder; re financing, prices of shares, etc.
M-1571-35J. Ross Tolmie, Ottawa, correspondence. -- 1959-1960. -- Lawyer in firm of Herridge, Tolmie, Gray, Coyne and Blair. Memos, correspondence re federal government's position towards oil industry, national energy board and possibility of establishment of a national oil policy, comments on Canada-US as business partners, pipeline projects, etc.
M-1571-36Consolidation reports. -- 1953. -- Re proposed consolidation of operations of Federated Petroleums and Home Oil Company and acquisition of Highland Leaseholds and Riverside Leaseholds.
M-1571-37Natural gas correspondence. -- 1954-1956. -- Reports etc to Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board; export of gas; map and study of extent of Nevis gas field; cost of service and investment for proposed pipeline from Coleman to Columbia Gardens; study of a gas gathering system for the province of Alberta; future revenue from gas export; preliminary study of proposed gas pipeline from southern Alberta to Vancouver.
Series 3 General business. -- 1936-1961. -- The series consists of correspondence, office memos, etc. regarding the operations of the company.
M-1571-38General correspondence. -- 1936. -- Options on land, royalty payments on Turner Valley wells, leases, production at Turner Valley Royalties well and business letters re oil by Robert A. Brown.
M-1571-39General correspondence. -- 1939. -- Re raising money in England for Brown Consolidated Petroleums Ltd.
M-1571-40Federated Petroleums Ltd., general correspondence. -- 1948. -- Re consolidation of Federated Petroleums Ltd, holdings and drilling company with Time Oils, a new exploration and development company; also memo re estimated future oil reserves in Turner Valley field.
M-1571-41Time Oils Ltd., general correspondence. -- 1949. -- Financial operations of company, letters to shareholders, reports of activities of wells, geological report of status of holdings of Time Oils, copy of prospectus, shareholders list.
M-1571-42R. E. Denby, general correspondence. -- 1948. -- Re contract for lease of oil and mineral rights.
M-1571-43Redwater, geological reports. -- 1948. -- Includes estimates of oil in ground, productive life, estimated profit, study and maps of porosity distribution, evaluation of Redwater oil properties, and report on drilling, completion and production practices n Leduc and Redwater fields.
M-1571-44Prince Rupert properties, general correspondence. -- 1948-1949. -- Re inability to obtain back from government money for extension of option on American installations at Prince Rupert.
M-1571-45G. G. Plaxton vs Robert A. Brown Jr., general correspondence. -- Legal action re shares not acquired by Plaxton; settlement out of court.
M-1571-46Inter-provincial oil and gas committee, general correspondence. -- 1949. -- Government regulations, reports, etc, minutes of meetings, correspondence, etc.
M-1571-47Gas export, general correspondence. -- 1949. -- Memo re gas in relation to development of Jumping Pound; inability to support Westcoast Transmission Company proposed pipeline from northern Alberta and British Columbia to Vancouver; copy of submission of Northwest Natural Gas Company to Natural Gas Commission of Alberta.
M-1571-48Cardiff-Edmonton Oil Syndicate (Trust), Toronto. -- 1949-1950. -- Formation between Investment Reserves Ltd and various individuals to acquire leases and drilling northwest of Edmonton; farmout agreement between Imperial Oil and Investment Reserves Ltd.
M-1571-49Gas and Oil Products Ltd., Calgary. -- 1949-1953. -- Financial statements, appraisal of properties, and marketing operations, subsidiary company's operations, Patron Oil Company of Saskatchewan, and history of company.
M-1571-50Gas and Oil Products Ltd., Calgary. -- 1951-1953. -- Preliminary report, comparative statement of sales volume, Patrol Oil Company map showing outlets in Saskatchewan; and map showing Gas and Oil Products outlets in Alberta.
M-1571-51Syndicate Redwater agreements. -- 1950. -- Re obtaining acreage in Redwater field.
M-1571-52Syndicate Redwater agreements. -- 1950. -- Between Federated Petroleums Ltd, Devonian Ltd, and General Petroleums Ltd. to form syndicate to bid at auction of oil leases in Alberta.
M-1571-53Inter-provincial oil and gas committee, general correspondence. -- 1950. -- Minutes of meetings.
M-1571-54General Petroleums Ltd. -- 1950. -- Possibility of financing by Brown, Moyer and Brown.
M-1571-55General business correspondence. -- 1951. -- Re proposed investments in Turner Valley field.
M-1571-56W. H. Ramsey, general correspondence. -- 1951-1958. -- Re buying and selling stocks and comments on western oil market.
M-1571-57Williston Oil and Gas Company, general correspondence. -- 1952-1957. -- Re exploration, development,etc in the Williston basin area of Montana and North and South Dakota; summary of leases purchased, reorganization, geological reports.
M-1571-58Williston Oil and Gas Company, monthly reports. -- 1952-1954. -- Reports on exploration, land and production.
M-1571-59Williston Oil and Gas Company, monthly reports. -- 1954-1956. -- Reports on exploration, land and production.
M-1571-60Williston Oil and Gas Company, financial statements. -- 1952-1957. -- Statistics and audited statements.
M-1571-61Williston Oil and Gas Company, geological reports. -- 1953. -- Re Bison basin field in Wyoming.
M-1571-62Williston Oil Company and Piedmont Oils. -- no date. -- Acquisition of options, leases in Texas oil field and stock in Piedmont Oils of Texas.
M-1571-63Williston Oil Company, contract. -- 1952. -- Agreement re Bonanza Oil Company of Wyoming for stock purchase.
M-1571-64J. H. Lamprey, Yorkshire Securities, Vancouver, correspondence. -- 1949-1959. -- Re policy of Home Oil towards dividend policy and reasons for discontinuance, memos on history and position of Federated Petroleums, market situation.
M-1571-65J. Ross Tolmie, Ottawa lawyer, correspondence. -- 1949-1953. -- Investments, Canadian oil situation, comments on Williston basin area holdings, government reaction and pipeline project, and general business dealings.
M-1571-66J. Ross Tolmie, Ottawa lawyer, correspondence. -- 1954-1958. -- Stock purchases, Trans-Canada Pipeline bill, appeal by Home Oil to Supreme Court as test case, Minister of National Revenue as Home Oil, legal services, memo re Home-Federated amalgamation, statement to Royal Commission on economic prospects, changes in legislation when Diefenbaker and Conservatives come to power, Montreal market.
M-1571-67J. G. Dyer, Wyoming, correspondence. -- 1952. -- Re East Big Muddy field, Converse County, Wyoming and report re possible net reserves.
M-1571-68Royalite Oil Company, Turner Valley. -- 1952-1956. -- Re natural gas prices, unit operations, comments on Royalite's proposal.
M-1571-69Income tax and the oil industry, reports and correspondence. -- 1952-1958. -- Reports, submissions, etc re Canadian taxation and the western oil industry.
M-1571-70Trafford and Associates, reports. -- 1951-1954. -- Geological reports, memo re Federated-Home unit operations at Turner Valley, estimates of reserves of Highland and Riverside leasehold acreage in Redwater field and evaluation of Home Oil Company holdings in Sarcee, Alhambra, Cremona and Pembina areas.
M-1571-71H. J. Howard, Calgary, correspondence. -- 1953-1958. -- Crown Trust Company general business, investment advice, etc.
M-1571-72Derby Oil Company, general business and correspondence. -- 1953. -- Report re oil and gas possibilities, Coke County, Texas; memo on business and financial assets of Derby Oil Company of Kansas, annual statements and reports.
M-1571-73Newcastle Sands, Wyoming, business correspondence. -- 1953. -- Re possibility of Williston Oil and Gas Company obtaining acreage southeast part of Powder River Basin; and wells in South Clareton area.
M-1571-74New York investors, general business. -- 1953. -- Firms of Dominick and Dominick; and Kidder, Peabody and Company, stock brokers re progress of Home Oil Company, valuation of shares, sales of stock; financial situation, etc.
M-1571-75Alberta Gas pipeline. -- 1953. -- Re supplementary systems for Alberta gas gathering system; gas utilities at towns along Trans-Canada pipeline, comparison of gas proposals, etc.
M-1571-76Exploration program. -- 1953. -- Draft of proposed 1953 exploration agreement between Home, Federated and Oilwell Operators Ltd.
M-1571-77Erskine Crude oil market. -- 1953. -- Proposal re sale of Erskine Crude Oil by B. A. Oil Company.
M-1571-78D. A. Purves, correspondence. -- 1954-1955. -- Buying and selling commodities for Mrs. Robert A. Brown through Inter-Ocean Grain Company, Winnipeg; comments re oil situation and stocks of Home Oil.
M-1571-79United Oils, correspondence. -- 1955. -- Re purchase of shares.
M-1571-80Pembina oil fields. -- 1955. -- Evaluation and statistics for purchase.
M-1571-81Turner Valley reports. -- 1955. -- Estimated net reserves of Royalite Oil Company at Turner Valley, and comparison of Royalite and Home.
M-1571-82Home Oil � Federated Oils business reports, correspondence, etc. -- 1955. -- Study of Home-Federated Group; list of shareholders, notices to shareholders, press release on amalgamation, and memo of agreement.
M-1571-83Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd. -- 1955-1956. -- Annual report, and notes re Central Mining and Investment Corporation.
M-1571-84Calmar Petroleums. -- 1955-1956. -- Agreements re leases between Calmar and Imperial Oil; suggestions for joint seismic survey on certain sections.
M-1571-85Western Oil Examiner. -- 1955-1956. -- Copies of editorials by James Gray and other articles re western oil.
M-1571-86Pacific Northwest Pipeline project. -- 1956. -- Report re available gas markets for Alberta via export through Crowsnest Pass and survey re northwestern Washington industrial fuel supply.
M-1571-87Canadian Venture Syndicate. -- 1956. -- Memos, telegrams to participants in syndicate re Pembina field.
M-1571-88Polymer Corporation. -- 1956-1957. -- Re production of butane gas and forecast and agreement with Home to build butadiene unit.
M-1571-89Merrill Petroleums. -1957. -- Memos re proposed sale of assets to Home, memos re oil reserves, financial situation and evaluation of assets.
M-1571-90Turner Valley Royalties. -- 1956-1961. -- Programs, guest lists, speakers etc re anniversary dinners.
M-1571-91Oil and Gas Conservation Board. -- 1958-1960. -- Includes memos and reports re provincial situation as well as US amendments to Natural Gas Act.
M-1571-92Home Oil Company, directors meetings. -- 1959-1960. -- Statistics and official reports on production, drilling, pipelines, exploration, minutes of meetings and maps.
M-1571-93Geological reports. -- 1948-1960. -- Report on Redwater Petroleums Ltd reservations, central Alberta by R. L. Rutherford, 1948; report on Redwater Petroleums Ltd. reservations, central Alberta, by Theodore A. Link, 1948; preliminary review of problems confronting marketing of Alberta crude, 1953; future production and market demand study, 1955; Cremona Pipelines Ltd. engineering report, 1955; report on Cremona pipeline, 1955; statement to the Royal Commission on the Economic Prospects on behalf the Canadian Tax Foundation, Ottawa, 1956; report on the 50th meeting of the Canada-US Committee, 1957; report on the field gate prices for natural gas in Alberta with respect to Turner Valley, 1959; reserves of United Oils, 1959; excerpts from Borden Commission report re Alberta-Montreal pipeline, 1960.
M-1571-94Geological reports. -- 1956-1959. -- Report on Home Oil Company crude oil reserves, natural gas liquid reserves, and natural gas reserves.
M-1571-95Publications. -- 1949-1957. -- The Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, 1954; Report on Alberta market for paperboard and related products, 1951; Natural gas for the people of northern Alberta and British Columbia to be provided by pipeline system of Westcoast Transmission Company; brief to Dinning Commission enquiry into natural gas resources of Alberta by Frank McMahon, Calgary, 1949; acts re pipelines, Senate, 1949; budget speech of E. C. Manning, Alberta, 1953; Bulletin of Geological Society of America, Leduc Oil Field by Theodore A. Link, 1949; Western Oil Examiner, Turner Valley edition, June 15, 1956; House of Representatives, second report of special study mission to Canada, 1958; pamphlets re Calgary Philharmonic Society concert series, 1957-1958.
Series 4 Independent Petroleum Association of Canada. -- 1960-1964. -- The series consists of minutes of meetings, report and correspondence of a group of oilmen and companies formed in Calgary to further mutual aims by presenting a united front to the government.
M-1571-96General business. -- September-December 1960. -- Formation of organization, memos to government urging adoption of national oil policy and Borden Royal Commission re import of crude oil.
M-1571-97General business. -- January-May 1961. -- Statement of finances of organizations, newsletter re conservation, proposed IPAC policy statement to government of Canada.
M-1571-98General business. -- June-August 1961. -- Report on oil and gas law revision, press release re coordinated continental oil policy, new petroleum and natural gas leases, submission to law revision committee re mines and minerals act, bylaws of the association, membership, etc.
M-1571-99General business. -- June-December 1962. -- Incentives for deeper petroleum and natural gas exploration in Saskatchewan, brief to Donald Fleming, Minister of Finance.
M-1571-100General business. -- June-December 1963. -- Statement to Royal Commission on Taxation, memo re boiled oil, IPAC response to submissions presented to Oil and Gas Conservation Board re pro-rationing of oil production to market demand, work and scope of Oil and Gas Conservation Board.
M-1571-101General business. -- January-May, 1963. -- Summary report, the need for incentive taxation in Canadian Oil and Gas industry, regulation of gas-oil ratios, and review of Alberta oil proration plan.
M-1571-102General business. -- January-December 1964. -- Re core storage, discussion draft proposed amendments to drilling and production regulations, submission to Alberta Oil and Gas Conservation Board, supplement to submission of Independent Petroleum Association of Canada in respect of pricing of oil field bas in Saskatchewan, submission to Department of Mines and Natural Resources, province of Manitoba re petroleum and natural gas regulations.
Series 5 Canadian Heart Foundation and Alberta Heart Foundation. -- 1959-1964. -- Robert A. Brown Jr was a member of Senior Advisory Council of Canadian Heart Foundation and Alberta Heart Foundation. -- The series consists of financial statements of campaigns, research projects sponsored, Board of Directors minutes which include reports from across Canada, also memos and correspondence, etc.
M-1571-103General business. -- 1959.
M-1571-104General business. -- 1960.
M-1571-105General business. -- 1961.
M-1571-106General business. -- 1962.
M-1571-107General business. -- 1963.
M-1571-108General business. -- 1964.
Series 6 Scrapbooks. -- 1936-1972. -- These scrapbooks cover the history of the company's transactions, and the oil situation in the west, as well as Home Oil's operations in the United Kingdom up until control of Home Oil was obtained by Consumers Gas Company of Toronto in 1971.
M-1571-vol.1Scrapbook. -- 1936-1950.
M-1571-vol.2Scrapbook. -- 1951-1959.
M-1571-vol.3Scrapbook. -- 1958-1966.
M-1571-vol.4Scrapbook. -- 1957-1972.
M-1571-vol.5Scrapbook. -- 1966-1971. -- Operations in the United Kingdom.
M-1571-vol.6Scrapbook. -- 1970-1971. -- Sale and takeover by Consumers Gas of Toronto.
Series 7 Additional materials. -- 1929-1982
M-1570-1Turner Valley Royalties anniversary. -- 1961. -- 4 items. - Includes invitation and program for event.
M-3036Inventory and Study. -- 1929-1957. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Consists of inventory of material at Anaconda Well, 1929-1930; engineering study "Analysis of unitization and economics under water injection performance, North End, Turner Valley Field, Alberta, Canada", 1957.
M-1570-2United Oils Ltd. -- 1954-1982. -- 4 items. -- Consists of bylaws, map, letter and information circular.
Series 8 Photographs. -- 1914-1967. -- 15 photographs

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-1479 Dinner in honour of C.C. Ross. -- January 17, 1936. -- 1 photograph
PC-100 Aerial view of Calgary. -- 1967. -- 1 photograph. -- Copy negative is NA-2335-1
NA-2335-(1-14) Views of R.A. Brown, and various Turner Valley oil wells, including those of Home Oil. -- 1914-1966. -- 14 photographs
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