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Harold and Christine Herriot, 1966

Harold and Christine Herriot fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1Harold Herriot - Personal papers. -- 1910-1977
Series 2Herriot relatives. -- 1901-1969
Series 3Harold Herriot - Business and organizations. -- 1919-1977
Series 4Christine Nelson Herriot - Personal papers. -- 1912-1977
Series 5Nelson relatives. -- 1891-1970
Series 6 Herriot family. - Correspondence. -- 1932-1972
Series 7 Photographs. -- [ca. 1860s]-1978, predominent [ca. 1890s]-1978



Harold Herriot - Personal papers. -- 1910-1977. -- 28 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of diaries, correspondence, certificates and memberships, and various memorabilia from clubs and events in which he was involved. Includes a lock of his baby hair.

M-8094-1 Diaries. -- 1910, 1923, 1953, 1957, 1971 and nd. -- Consists of both personal and trip diaries.
M-8094-2Correspondence. -- 1916-1959. -- Includes letters and greeting cards from his wife and children.
M-8094-3Correspondence. -- 1959-1977
M-8094-4Letters of reference. -- 1916-1917
M-8094-5Membership cards. -- 1919-1977
M-8094-6 Church and school certificates. -- 1913-1944
M8094-6a First Aid certificates. -- 1941-1942
M-8094-7 La Salle Extension University. -- 1921-1924. - - Consists of his assignments for a correspondence business course.
M-8094-8Canuck Club. -- 1924-1925
M-8094-9Economic Safety League and National Liberal Federation. -- 1932-1935. -- Consists of political literature and broadsheets of an anti Social Credit nature.
M-9754-1 Research notes and writings about unemployment and current conditions in Calgary. -- 1933
M-8094-9aTrip to San Francisco World's Fair. -- 1939
M-8094-10Calgary Special Constabulary. -- 1941-1944. -- Harold Herriot was a member.
M-8094-11Victory Bonds sales kit. -- 1942-1945. -- Herriot was a salesman. -- Includes his own certificates of purchase.
M-8094-12War miscellaneous. -- 1942-1945. -- Includes ration books, songsheet, and poster advertising a blackout in Calgary.
M-8094-12aWar time correspondence. -- 1941- 1945
M-8094-13 House mortgage, taxes and insurance. -- 1924-1976. -- Includes personal insurance.
M-8094-14 Bank books. -- 1915-1916, 1928, 1933-1939, 1943- 1944
M-8094-15Crescent Park Community Club. -- 1948. -- Regarding construction of the tennis courts.
M-8094-16Retirement. -- 1966. -- Consists of cards, letters, programs, etc.
M-8094-17Old age pension. -- 1967. -- Consists of proof of age documents.
M-8094-18Obituary, funeral program and sympathy cards. -- 1977
M-8094-19Newsclippings. -- 1918-1975
M-8094-20 Programs, invitations, etc. -- 1921-1958. -- Includes programs for Calgary Winter Carnival (1921), Grand Theatre program (1925), Calgary Rugby Football Club's season (1938), Calgary Air Show (1947), Shirriff's Fun Parade Radio Program (1947), Calgary Stampeders Hockey Club (1956-1957), Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Trooping of the Colour (1957), and others.
M-8094-21Songsheets. -- [ca. 1939-1950]. -- Includes Burns and Company community songbooks, a Calgary Herald songbook, "There'll always be an England", and "Western Cheers".
M-8094-22Notes for a speech about George Edworthy. - - nd
M-8094-23Play, "Uncle" by Henry J. Byron. -- nd. -- Harold Herriot played Mr. Beaumont.
M-8094-24Lock of Harold Herriot's hair. -- [ca. 1902]
M-8094-25 Miscellaneous. -- 1929-1977. -- Includes greeting cards, 1975 tennis reunion guest list, Hays Stampede Breakfast certificates, advertisements for Calgary businesses, 1946 booklet "How to Get More Sales," 1956 publication "Diamond Jubilee of Minto, North Dakota" publication (Harold's birthplace), etc.
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Series 2

Herriot relatives. -- 1901-1969. -- 64.5 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of correspondence, greeting cards, and miscellany of Harold Herriot's father, mother, brother, sister and aunt.

M-8094-26James Herriot. -- 1901-1902, 1969. -- James Herriot was the father of Harold Herriot. -- Consists of letters to his son, Charles, and Harold Herriot's correspondence regarding his father's death date.
M-9754-26 James Herriot's business ledger. -- 1921-1922. -- NB: Some pages are obscured because they were used as a scrapbook by his granddaughter, Joanne, in the early 1940s.
M-8094-27 Jessie Grierson Ramage Herriot. -- 1906-1936 and nd. -- Jessie Grierson Ramage Herriot was the mother of Harold Herriot. -- Consists of greeting cards, family tree, obituary, and miscellany.
M-9754-25 Jessie Herriot's scrapbook of household hints, recipes, etc. -- 1915-1951
M-8094-28Margaret Grace Ramage MacLean. -- 1949. - - Margaret Grace Ramage MacLean was the aunt of Harold Herriot. -- Consists of records regarding her will.
M-8094-28a James Reid "Rex" Herriot. -- 1948-1983. -- Rex Herriot was the brother of Harold Herriot. -- Consists of a Canadian National Railway pass, letters to Harold, and obituary.
M-8094-28bAlexa (Herriot) Nettleton. -- 1939, 1956, and nd. -- Alexa Nettleton was the sister of Harold Herriot and was married to William "Bill" Nettleton. -- Consists of letters to Harold and Christine and an inventory of household furniture by her husband.
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Series 3

Harold Herriot - Businesses and organizations. -- 1919-1977. -- 98 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of reports, circulars, programs, and other records of the United Grain Growers, Young Men's Christian Association, Alpine Club, Grace Presbyterian Church, and other groups with which Harold Herriot was a member.


United Grain Growers Ltd.

M-8094-29Annual reports. -- 1923-1961. -- Incomplete.
M-8094-30Handbooks. -- 1928, 1952, 1962. -- These give information on the United Grain Growers board of directors, bylaws and functions.
M-8094-31Private Grain Code Book. -- 1937. -- Compiled for the use of United Grain Growers.
M-8094-32United Grain Growers submission to the Royal Grain Inquiry. -- 1937
M-8094-3340th and 50th anniversary souvenir programs. -- 1946, 1956
M-8094-34 Annual banquet programs. -- 1928-1977. -- Incomplete.
M-8094-35United Grain Growers Christmas cards. -- [ca. 1940s-1960s]
M-8094-36United Grain Growers Securities Ltd. -- 1922-1933. -- Regarding Harold Herriot's insurance policies.
M-8094-37Stockton Oil and Gas Company, Drumheller. -- 1953-1960. -- Consists of correspondence with United Grain Growers.
M-8094-38 Miscellaneous correspondence and circulars. -- 1930-1966
M-9754-2 Annual financial statements. -- 1956, 1976
M-9754-3 Staff listing. -- 1956
M-8094-39United Grain Growers Employees Savings and Credit Union Ltd. -- 1960-1977. -- Consists of Harold Herriot's savings books.
M-8094-40UGG News. -- 1963, 1966, 1970. -- Consists of excerpts from the newsletter about Harold Herriot.
M-8094-41Play by Frank Allison. -- nd. -- Frank Allison was a United Grain Growers employee.
M-9754-4 Stationery and forms. -- ca. 1920s-1960s. -- Includes UGG branded forms, notepaper, notebooks, appointment books, and other advertiques.
M-8094-42 Miscellaneous. -- 1942-1974. -- Consists of newsclippings, greeting cards, pamphlets on wheat growing, programs, etc.
M-8094-o.s. United Grain Growers calendars. -- 1942-1954. -- 4 items o.s.
M-8094-43 United Grain Growers calendars. -- 1966-1969

Calgary Board of Trade - Young Men's Section

M-8094-44Constitution. -- nd
M-8094-45 Correspondence and circulars. -- 1933-1941
M-8094-46Membership lists. -- 1934 and nd
M-8094-47Annual reports. -- 1939-1940
M-8094-48Reports. -- 1932-1937. -- Of president, committees, etc.
M-8094-49News bulletins. -- 1933
M-8094-50 Newsletters, "The Trade Wind". -- 1930-1938. -- For continuation of these newsletters, see M-8094-56.
M-8094-51Miscellaneous. -- 1933-1940. -- Includes addresses given at meetings, newsclippings, etc.

Calgary Junior Chamber of Commerce

M-8094-52Constitution. -- 1947
M-8094-53Membership lists. -- 1946-1948, 1962 and nd
M-8094-54 Correspondence and circulars. -- 1936-1977
M-8094-5530th anniversary speech by Reg Clark. -- [ca. 1969]
M-8094-56 Newsletters, "The Trade Wind". -- 1939-1942
M-8094-57 Newsletters, "JC Roundup". -- 1957-1960
M-9754-5 Newsletters from other Junior Chamber of Commerce branches. -- 1935-1943
M-9754-6 Newsletters from Junior Chamber of Commerce of Canada. -- 1944
M-8094-58 Newsclippings and miscellaneous. -- 1942-1977

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

M-8094-59 Annual reports. -- 1961-1964
M-9754-7 Circulars. -- 1960-1965
M-8094-60 Newsletters, "The Chinook". -- 1961-1968, 1976. - - Incomplete. Consists of newsletters for the Ad and Sales Bureau of the Chamber.
M-9754-8 Newsletters. -- 1963-1965
M-8094-61 Circulars and membership cards. -- 1968-1976
  Calgary Community Federation
M-9754-9 Newsletters. -- 1964-1965
  Community Planning Association
M-9754-10 Circulars. -- 1965-1968

Calgary Tourist and Convention Association

M-9754-11 Circulars. -- 1963-1965
M-9754-12 Newsletters, "Hatter Chatter". -- 1963-1965
M-8094-62 Newsletters, "Hatter Chatter". -- 1973-1977

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede

M-8094-63 Programs, annual reports, etc. -- 1929-1973

Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)

M-8094-64Histories of the Calgary and Prairie Region YMCAs. -- 1963, 1967
M-8094-65Calgary Central. -- 1923-1959. -- Consists of programs, circulars, etc.
M-8094-66 Calgary Central. -- 1960-1965. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-9754-13 Calgary Central. -- 1966-1968. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-8094-67North Branch. -- 1963-1964. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-8094-68North Branch. -- 1965. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-8094-69North Branch. -- 1966. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-9754-14 North Branch. -- 1967. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-9754-15 North Branch. -- 1968. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-8094-70 Red Deer. -- 1958-1967. -- Consists of correspondence, circulars, brochures, annual reports, etc.
M-9754-16 National Extension Committee. -- 1956-1959
M-9754-17 National Extension Committee. -- 1960-1962
M-9754-18 National Council Committee. -- 1958-1959
M-8094-71YMCA personnel. -- 1961-1967. -- Consists of correspondence and minutes of personnel committee.
M-8094-71aYMCA lists. -- 1955-1973. -- Consists of member and donor lists from the Board of Directors and Big Gifts Committee.
M-8094-71bYouth Memorial Building. -- [ca. 1950]
M-8094-72 World Service campaigns. -- 1965-1967
M-8094-73National Council annual meeting. -- 1966. -- Consists of agenda, minutes, correspondence, etc.
M-8094-74National Council annual meeting. -- 1967. -- Consists of agenda, minutes, correspondence, etc.
M-8094-75Awards. -- 1963-1966. -- Leader and volunteer recognition.
M-8094-76Songsheets. -- 1938-1966
M-8094-77Newsclippings. -- 1952-1971
M-8094-77a Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1925-1965
M8094/77b Miscellaneous. -- 1916-1965. --Includes Calgary Boys Fair program, invitations, name tag, annual report, etc.
  Calgary Concil of Community Services
M-9754-19 Circulars. -- 1964-1965
  Social Planning Council of Calgary
M-9754-20 Annual report. -- 1964-1965

Alpine Club of Canada

M-8094-78 Constitution and membership lists. -- 1925-1976
M-8094-79 Rules and regulations. -- 1924-1955
M-8094-80 Circulars, programs, newsclippings, etc. -- 1922-1951
M-8094-81 Circulars, programs, etc. -- 1956-1976
M-8094-82 Annual banquet programs. -- 1923, 1930-1969
M-8094-83 Annual camp brochures. -- 1922-1961
M-8094-84Songsheets. -- nd
M-8094-85 Newsletter, "The Chinook". -- 1960-1976
M-8094-86Canadian National Parks Association. -- 1924-1925. -- Consists of constitution, memorandum about the National Parks bill, and a newsletter.

Men's Canadian Club of Calgary

M-8094-87 Correspondence, circulars, addresses, and newsclippings. -- 1956-1958, 1974

Grace Presbyterian Church

M-8094-88Histories of church. -- 1934-1973
M-8094-89 Programs of services. -- 1929-1936
M-8094-90 Programs of services. -- 1937-1981
M-8094-91Kirk Session. -- 1959-1960. -- Consists of minutes, notices, and reports.
M-8094-92Sunday School. -- 1942-1960. -- Consists of annual reports, attendance awards, etc.
M-8094-93Sunday School. -- 1917-1949. -- Consists of catechisms, certificates, exams, etc.
M-8094-94Sunday School picnics. -- 1951-1960 and nd. -- Consists of race results.
M-8094-95 Trail Rangers, Tuxis, and Boy Scout troops. -- 1917, 1923-1941. -- Consists of correspondence, leaders' training, etc.
M-8094-96 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1943-1962
M-8094-97 Newsletter, "The Ways of Grace". -- 1956-1960
M-8094-98Harold Herriot night. -- November 15, 1960
M-8094-9960th Anniversary Committee. -- 1973. -- Consists of minutes, newsclippings, etc.
M-8094-100Newsclippings. -- 1943-1975
M-8094-101Miscellaneous. -- 1919-1975. -- Includes programs, brochures, greeting cards, etc.
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Series 4

Christine Nelson Herriot - Personal papers. -- 1912-1977. -- 33.5 cm of textual records. -- Series consists of correspondence, memberships and certificates, school records, programs, greeting cards, and other memorabilia.

M-8094-102Letter to Santa. -- 1913
M-8094-103Correspondence. -- 1917-1920
M-8094-104Correspondence. -- 1921-1923. -- Includes letters from boyfriends Fred J. Driver and Lester Glass.
M-8094-105Correspondence. -- 1924. -- Includes letters from boyfriends Bob Gibson, Lester Glass, and Dudley H. Seltzer.
M-8094-106Correspondence. -- 1925-1939. -- Includes letters from young Harold during their courtship.
M-8094-107 Correspondence. -- 1941-1949
M-9754-21 Correspondence. -- 1950-1977
M-8094-108Letters of reference. -- 1922-1923, 1949, 1962
M-8094-109 Membership cards. -- [ca. 1910-1965]
M-8094-110Certificates. -- 1905-1973
M-8094-111 School. -- 1912-1922. -- Consists of scribblers, assignments, report card, etc.
M-8094-111aHigh School typewriting book. -- [ca. 1918]
M-8094-o.s. Poster drawn for high school. -- [ca. 1919]. -- 1 item o.s. -- Consists of illustrated list of initiation rules for grade 9 students drawn by Christine Nelson.
M-9754-22 Bookkeeping and accounting course material. -- 1921-1923
M-8094-112 Typing and shorthand. -- 1924-1929. -- Consists of exercises. For certificates, see M-8094-110.
M-8094-113Music lessons. -- 1912-1919 and nd. -- Consists of sheet music and music exam results.
M-8094-o.s. McGill University certificate for piano. -- 1913
M-8094-o.s. Royal Academy of Music certificate for piano. -- 1919
M-8094-o.s. Royal Academy of Music certificate for grammar of music. -- 1919
M-8094-114Wedding. -- June 9, 1928. -- Consists of wedding invitation, guest book, and newsclipping for Christine's marriage to Harold Herriot.
M-8094-115 Bank books. -- 1922-1924, 1927-1932
M-8094-116Leases of house. -- 1927-1928. -- Regarding leases of house at 913 - 14th Avenue SW, Calgary to Samuel Barkley and Charles Solter.
M-8094-117 Games and puzzles, etc. -- [ca. 1920s]-1936. -- Primarily word games for parties and contest entries.
M-8094-118 Invitations, programs, bridge tallies, gift tags, etc. -- 1922-1952
M-8094-119 Greeting cards. -- [ca. 1920-1975]
M-8094-119aCongratulation notes and cards on Joanne's birth. -- [ca. 1937]
M-8094-120Recipe books. -- [ca. 1930-1965]. -- Consists of recipes compiled from newspaper and magazine clippings and Canadian Western Natural Gas handouts.
M-9754-23 Balmoral Home and School Association. -- 1951-1952. -- Newsletters. Also includes a notice for Balmoral Square Dance Group.
M-9754-24 Elizabeth Rae Missionary Society, Grace Presbyterian Church. -- 1951-1953
M-8094-121Obituary, funeral programs, and guest book. -- 1975. -- For Christine Herriot's funeral.
M-8094-122Sympathy cards and letters. -- 1975. -- On Christine Herriot's death.
M-8094-123Life insurance claims. -- 1975. -- Made by beneficiary, W.H. Herriot.
M-8094-124 Newsclippings. -- 1926-1975. -- Includes want ads for typists and stenographers, ca. 1920s..
M-8094-125 Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1917-1950]. -- Includes prescriptions, sketches, dried gardenia, record of stocks and shares, ration books, a toast to the home given by Christine at a CGIT mother-daughter banquet, etc.
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Series 5

Nelson relatives. -- 1891-1970. -- 30 cm of textual records. -- Consists of miscellaneous records of Christine Herriot's mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, aunt and uncle.


Sarah C. Nelson (Christine Herriot's mother)

M-8094-126 Sarah C. Nelson - Certificates, etc.. -- 1891-1923. -- Consists of marriage certificate, obituaries, and records of family births and deaths.
M-8094-127Sarah C. Nelson - Mathesis Club, Lethbridge. -- 1920-1927. -- Consists of constitution, programs and presentations of the club.
M-8094-128Sarah C. Nelson - Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT). -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Consists of speeches, programs, and songsheets.
M-8094-129 Sarah C. Nelson - Miscellaneous. -- 1907-1926. -- Includes postcards, greeting cards, etc.
M-8094-129aSarah C. Nelson - Art. -- nd. - Consists of art notebook and art reference material.
M-8094-136-141Sarah C. Nelson - Sheet music. -- 1909-1916. -- Consists of the following sheet music: Champlain, 1609-1909; Sinking of the Titanic; Little Laughing Girlie 'Meg'; Love's Garden of Roses; God Bless our Empire; and I'll come back to you (When my fighting days are through).

William F. Nelson (Christine Herriot's father) and other relatives.

M-8094-130William F. Nelson. -- 1897-1919 and nd. -- William F. Nelson was the father of Christine Herriot. -- Consists of obituary, membership cards and Masons certificate.
M-8094-131Howard B. Nelson. -- 1918-1919. -- Howard B. Nelson was the brother of Christine Herriot. -- Consists of letters written to Christine from England.
M-8094-132 Howard B. Nelson. -- 1917-1918, 1923-1924. -- Howard B. Nelson was the brother of Christine Herriot. -- Consists of postcard, financial papers, letter to mother, and soldier's duty ration book..
M-8094-133Alberta Nelson. -- 1938-1970. -- Alberta Nelson was the sister-in-law of Christine Herriot. -- Consists of correspondence, primarily letters written to Christine and Harold.
M-8094-134Hugh Wallace Bryan. -- 1914-1929. -- Hugh Wallace Bryan was the uncle of Christine Herriot. -- Consists of correspondence to Christine, newsclippings, obituary, and Renfrew Collegiate Institute memorabilia.
M-8094-135Christine M. Bryan. -- 1914, 1922. -- Christine M. Bryan was the aunt of Christine Herriot. -- Consists of letters written to Sarah Nelson from Italy, and obituary.
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Series 6

Herriot family - Correspondence. -- 1932-1972. -- 6 cm of textual records. -- Consists of Windermere Beach Resort correspondence and letters and greeting cards from relatives and family friends.

M-8094-142 Windermere Beach Resort, BC. -- 1947-1949. -- Consists of letters to Christine or Harold from/to Mr. Stoddart, owner of Windermere Beach Resort where the Herriot family holidayed each summer.
M-8094-143 Bill and Cordie Tailby. -- 1932-1964. -- Bill and Cordie Tailby were old friends of Christine and Harold. -- Consists of letters to Harold and Christine from the Tailby's in Los Angeles, California.
M-8094-144 Estella and Ron Greer. -- 1941-1972. -- Consists of letters, Christmas cards, a small photograph of the Greer children, and Ron Greer's obituary from Estella and family to Christine and Harold.
M-8094-145 James Ramage. -- 1958-1968. -- Consists of letters written to Harold and Christine, to "Uncle Jim" from Harold, and by Sarah Elliot regarding the passing of James (Jim) Ramage.
M-8094-146 Ramage family. -- 1941-1956. -- Consists of letters written to Christine and Harold from Jessie Ramage, Grace Ramage, French (Uncle French) Ramage, and Anna (Ramage) Luck.
M-8094-147 Wilf and Vi Taylor. -- 1936-1967. -- Wilf and Vi Taylor were old friends of Harold and Christine from U.G.G. -- Consists of letter written to Harold and Christine from the Taylor's in British Columbia.
M-8094-148 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1941-1972
M-8094-149 Greeting cards. -- [ca. 1941-1959]
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Series 7

Photographs. -- [ca. 1860s]-1978, predominent [ca. 1890s]-1978. -- 990 photographs. -- Consists of views of Harold and Christine Herriot and their children and grandchildren; the Herriot, Bryan and Nelson families; Grace Presbyterian Church; United Grain Growers; and the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).

PA-3236-1 Harold Herriot. -- 1902-1977. -- 138 photographs
PA-3236-2 Christine Nelson Herriot. -- 1904-1947. -- 12 photographs
PA-3236-3 Harold and Christine Herriot. -- 1920s. -- 84 photographs. -- Harold and Christine met ca.1926 and were married in 1928. Consists of views of their activities together and with family and friends, including their wedding, honeymoon trip to B.C., trips to the mountains, camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, Banff Winter Carnival, etc.
PA-3236-4 Harold and Christine Herriot. -- 1930s. -- 94 photographs. -- Consists of views of Harold and Christine's Calgary home, activities, family and friends, including trips to the mountains, camping, hiking, swimming, skiing, tennis, Calgary flood (June 1932), etc.
PA-3236-5 Harold and Christine Herriot and family. -- 1940s. -- 55 photographs. -- Consists of views of Harold and Christine and their children, Joanne Christine Herriot (born in 1937) and twins, James Harold Herriot and William Nelson Herriot (born in 1941), including views of the twins as newborns, family outings, holidays and trips to the mountains, camping, swimming, fishing, picnicking, powwow, Calgary Zoo, etc.
PA-3236-6 Harold and Christine Herriot and family. -- 1950s. -- 307 photographs. -- Consists of views of Harold and Christine and their children, including family outings, holidays and trips to the mountains, camping, hiking, swimming, golfing, fishing, hunting, hockey, Stampede, Christmas, Joanne climbing with the Alpine Club, Jim getting a haircut, Balmoral Elementary Junior High School parade, Harold touring crops with United Grain Growers group, children's Hallowe'en party, Joanne in cheerleader outfit (Crescent Heights High School), twins at YMCA Camp Chief Hector, Joanne in costume for Lillian Cozzubbo School of Dance review, twins shooting guns and arrows and on bicycles with Calgary Herald carrier bags, Joanne's marriage to Jim Hawkes (1957), Terri Hawkes as a baby (born in 1958), etc.
PA-3236-7 Harold and Christine Herriot and family. -- 1960s. -- 48 photographs. -- Consists of views of Harold and Christine and their children and grandchildren, including family gatherings, Stampede, Christmas, Jim and Bill in road races, Jim's wedding and family, Rob Hawkes as a baby (born in 1961), Hawkes children gardening, Terri Hawkes in Brownie uniform, etc. Includes a few family photos taken by Bill and stamped "Photo by Bill Herriot, Herald Photographer."
PA-3236-8 Harold and Christine Herriot and family. -- 1970s. -- 49 photographs. -- Consists of views of family gatherings, Christmas, Harold's birthdays, Harold in the mountains, Jim and Bill in road races, Harold vacationing with the Hawkes family, Terri Hawkes' graduation, etc.
PA-3236-9 Extended Herriot family. -- [ca. 1860s]-1978. -- 11 photographs
PB-785-1 James and Jessie Herriot. -- [ca. 1890s]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of James and Jessie Herriot in front of Niagara Falls on their honeymoon.
PB-785-2 James Herriot. -- [ca. 1890s]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of a group of men with James Herriot at front centre.
PA-3236-10Bryan family. -- [ca. 1900s-1930s]. -- 10 photographs
PA-3236-11Grace Presbyterian Church. -- 1920-1950s. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of views of the church building, and activities of the congregation.
PB-785-3 Grace Presbyterian Church. -- 1918. -- 7 photograph. -- Consists of a view of the winning men's basketball team, church activities, choir.
PA-3236-12 Henry Birks and Sons. -- 1916-1940s. -- 3 photographs. -- Harold's brother Charles worked for Birks with their sister Alexa's husband, Bill Nettleton. -- Consists of views of Birks family picnic and staff.
PA-3236-13Miscellaneous - Family, friends, places. -- [ca. 1890s-1970s]. -- 21 photographs
PA-3236-14 Nelson family. -- 1900-1937. -- 5 photographs
PA-3236-15 United Grain Growers. -- 1949-1973. -- 89 photographs. -- Consists of views of conventions, staff and UGG activities, and promotional views of UGG products and processes.
PB-785-7 United Grain Growers. -- June 16, 1927. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of a staff picnic in Bowness Park.
PA-3236-16 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). -- [ca. 1920s]-1966. -- 50 photographs. -- Consists of views of fundraisers, club activities, personalities, and events.
PB-785-4 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). -- [ca. 1920]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of a play by the Y's Men's Club of Calgary.
PB-785-6 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). -- [ca. 1950s]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of the YMCA volleyball team.
PB-785-8 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). -- November 9, 1949. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of the YMCA funds appeal counter. Harold Herriot is second from the left
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