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Douglas Harkness inspecting grain, De Winton, Alberta, 1957
Douglas Harkness inspecting grain, De Winton, Alberta, 1957

Douglas Scott Harkness fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Progressive Conservatives and political career. -- 1926-1968, 1977
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1907, 1957


Series 1 Progressive Conservative and political career. -- 1926-1968, 1977. -- 14 cm of textual records. -- 1 sound recording

Progressive Conservative Party pamphlets. -- 1926-1959 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

The Young Conservative, 1926
Declaration of Policy, 1948
Constitution of the Progressive Conservative Association, 1950
Pocket Politics, 1954
Two Years of Great Achievement, 1957-1959
Here are the Facts, 1957-1959
1957 Canvasser's report sheet, Calgary North
Campaigning to Win, n.d.
Distinctive Conservatism (address by Donald M. Fleming), n.d.


Newspaper clippings, promotion and election material. -- 1935-1963. --- Consists of the following:

Social Credit Manual, 1935
Speech of D.S. Harkness, House of Commons, 1945
Election handbills, 1945 and 1949
Pictorial life story, election handbill and pamphlet, 1957
Map of Calgary Centre, based on 1961 census
Election handbill and pamphlet about D.S. Harkness, 1963
Harkness election stickers, n.d.

M-4762-3 National Registration Certificate. -- 1940

Radio broadcasts by Harkness supporters (transcripts only). -- 1953. -- Includes speeches by the following people:

Mr. Bamffy, July 14
Mrs. J.K. Paul, July 15
Paul Brecken, B. Pollington and Mrs. Jean Nesbitt, July 16
M.V. Anderson, July 18
Roy W. Smith, July 20
Dr. Stanley, July 21
Mayor John MacIntosh of Bowness, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. George Barrs, Mr. Harry Morgensen, July 23
M.A. Fraser, July 28
Mrs. D.T. McKillop, Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. G.F. Patterson, Mrs. W.J. Hodgins, Mrs. D.A. Sutherland, July 29
Art Godfrey, July 30
Don Sage, Ray Gordon, Alec Branch, Al Grassick, Don Smith, August 1
W.R. Irwin, August 3
A.T. Godwin, August 4
Hugh Farthing, August 6
Gordon Brown, Mrs. Mary Davidson, J. Cook, n.d.


Progressive Conservative Pamphlets. -- 1957-1962. -- Consists of the following:

Four Years of Action for Canada and Canadians. -- 1957-1961
The Story of P-C Progress and Prosperity, 1957-1962
Some Questions and Answers, 1962 General Election

M-4762-6 Newspaper clippings re federal elections. -- 1958 and 1962. -- For Calgary and Alberta.
M-4762-7 Speech by Harkness on price supports in Lethbridge, as Federal Minister of Agriculture. -- 1959
M-4762-8 Speech, "The Farmer and his Government. -- 1960

Television speeches for the 1962 election. -- Consists of transcripts for the following one and five minutes speeches:

General speech
Personal speech
Canada's Defence Program
Reply to Opposition Criticism
Oil and Gas
Welfare and Old Age Pensions
Canada and World Peace
Air Threat to North America
Canada's Participation in the Deterrent to War
Canada's Defence Commitments

M-4762-10 Speeches, pamphlets, consumer price indexes. -- 1965 election. -- Includes Ernest Manning's "National Medicare: Let's Look Before we Leap"; and articles about medicare, nuclear weapons, cost of living, education, veterans and national unity (by Harkness).
M-4762-11 General correspondence, 1968 election, part 1
M-4762-12 General correspondence, 1968 election, part 2
M-4762-13 General correspondence, press releases, speeches, budgets, address lists, pamphlets, notes and other papers, 1968 election, part 3
M-4762-14 Harkness' resignation as Defence Minister and the nuclear arms controversy of 1963. -- Consists of a 1977 newspaper articles about this earlier time.
RAD-53 Colonel D. Harkness, GM, MP - Speech broadcast on occasion of election. -- Monday, June 11, 1945. -- 1 audio disc (ca. 5 min.) : vinyl; 78 rpm
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1907, 1957. -- 2 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2065 Postcard view of "Calgary's Beautiful Residences". -- [ca. 1907]. -- 1 item
PB-499 Douglas Harkness inspecting grain, De Winton, Alberta. -- 1957. -- 1 photograph
NA-3839 Douglas Harkness inspecting grain, De Winton, Alberta. -- 1957. -- 1 photograph (copy negative of PB-499 above).
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