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Social Credit convention, Toronto, Ontario, 1944
Social Credit convention, Toronto, Ontario, 1944

Ernest G. Hansell fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Sermons, speeches and political papers. -- 1926-1955
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1940-1944 and n.d.


Series 1 Sermons, speeches and political papers. -- 1926-1955
M-471-1 Sermons. -- April-May, 1926
M-471-2 Camrose School of the Bible Despensations. -- n.d.
M-471-3 Questions and replies on [Major C.H.] Douglas. -- n.d.
M-471-4 William Aberhart speech. -- February 1943
M-471-5 William Aberhart signatures. -- n.d.
M-471-6 Invitations and greeting cards. -- 1939-1947
M-471-7 Program and menus from the Royal York Hotel and Chateau Laurier. -- [ca. 1944] and 1949
M-471-8 E.G. Hansell political cartoons. -- n.d.
M-471-9 Broadsides - "The Tyranny of Money". -- n.d.

Leaflets and pamphlets. -- 1955 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Expert Opinions on the Private Money Monopoly
The New Democracy Platform
Prayer of the House of Commons
Study Group - The Perfect Cycle
Social Credit is Growing Up
Hillhurst Baptist Church
Are You the Fellow?
Judge Rutherford on the Air

M-471-11 List of Social Credit publications. -- n.d.
M-471-12 Special Joint Committee on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom Documents. 1297-1937
M-471-13 Newspaper clippings about Ernest Hansell and Social Credit. -- n.d.
M-471-14 Newspaper clippings about Social Credit. -- n.d.
M-471-15 Newspaper clippings about E.G. Hansell's "Sermon for the Time". -- n.d.
M-471-16 Newspaper clippings about E.G. Hansell. -- 1955
M-471-17 Announcements for Hansell's speaking engagements
M-471-18 Newspaper clippings about E.G. Hansell. -- 1942-1954
M-471-19 Parliamentary speeches (excerpts from Hansard). -- 1936-1943
M-471-20 Hansell's House of Commons speeches. -- 1955
M-471-vol.1 "Hansell in the House of Commons". -- 1936-1954. -- Speeches from Hansard.
RCT-926 Unidentified sound recordings (Possibly sermons or speeches by E.G. Hansell). -- 6 audio reels. -- These are reel-to-reel tapes and have not been listened to. One is in a Prairie Bible Institute box entitled "Preaching for Today".
Related There is an interview with Hansell in Iris Miller's William Aberhart collection at Glenbow. Scanned Document View now.
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1940-1944 and n.d. -- 7 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-861 Portrait of Reverend Hansell, MP and of Hansell with a Westaskiwin group. -- n.d. -- 2 photographs
PA-3511 House of Commons Unemployment Insurance Committee (1940), and portraits of Manning, Aberhart and possibly Hansell. -- 1940 and n.d. -- 4 photographs
PB-245 1st Convention of the Social Credit Association at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. -- 1944. -- 1 photograph
NA-1298-1 Copy of PB-245 above.
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