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Henry and Marcia Goldberg, Calgary, Alberta, January 1964
Henry and Marcia Goldberg, Calgary, Alberta, January 1964

Henry and Marcia Goldberg fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Personal papers. -- 1907-1976 and n.d.
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1907-1964 and n.d.


Series 1 Personal papers. -- 1907-1976. - 25.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of speeches, school reports, newspaper clippings, records related to Hadassah activities, and programs for various Jewish events.
M-434-1 Biographical sketch of Abraham Henry Goldberg. -- 1975
M-434-2 Henry Goldberg's speech on the 14th anniversary of the death of Dr. Theodore Herzl. -- 1918
M-434-3 Marcia Goldberg's speeches. -- 1932-1934. -- Consists of a eulogy for Mrs. William Diamond and speeches to the Hadassah re aid to Palestine.
M-434-4 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1930-1937. -- Regarding daughter Muriel's graduation; Hadassah meeting; and from Rabbi T.L. Zlotnik re the work of Mrs. Goldberg.
M-434-5 Muriel Goldberg's school reports. -- 1931-1932 and n.d. -- Includes kindergarten portfolio and report card.
M-434-6 Certificates. -- 1907-1926. -- Consists of Henry Goldberg's card of withdrawal from the Independent Order of B'Nai B'Rith; Marcia Goldberg's Hadassah Organization of Canada membership; and Muriel Goldberg's pledge to the Calgary Humane Society.
M-434-7 Receipts for donations to the United Aged Home Moshav Sekenum in Jersalem. -- 1923-[1930s]
M-434-8 Invitations to Hadassah funchtions. -- 1923-1944

Programs and menus. -- 1916-1976. -- Consists of programs for the following:

Batchelor dinner
National Convention of the Hadassah Organization of Canada
Western Canadian Young Judaea convention
Charles Waterman testimonial dinner
Harry and Martha Cohen testimonial dinner

M-434-10 Name lists. -- 1935 and n.d.
M-434-11 Constitution of the Hadassah Organization of Canada. -- n.d.
M-434-12 Reports. -- 1930-1931, 1944. -- Consists of a financial report for the Hadassah Organization of Canada; proceedings of the Western Canadian Judaean Convention; and Mrs. Raginsky's report to the Zionist Convention.
M-434-13 Handbook of the National Conference of Jewish Women of Canada, Western Area Conference. -- 1958
M-434-14 School yearbooks. -- 1928-1935. -- Consists of The Chinook from Mount Royal College; and Western Canada High School yearbooks.
M-434-15 Booklets. -- 1947-1948, 1954, 1967 and n.d. -- Includes calendar "Toward Zion and Freedom"; booklets about the Ben Ezra Synagogue; and The History of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada by Ethel Vineberg.
M-434-16 Newspaper clippings about the activities of Henry, Marcia and Muriel Goldberg. -- 1938-1961
M-434-17 Miscellaneous. -- 1944 and n.d. -- Includes a shopping list; and handbook of Jewish stories and tradition.
M-434-18 Baby book. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- No entries made.

Series 2


Photographs. -- 1907-1964 and n.d.. -- 19 photographs. -- The series consists of views of the Goldberg family and Jewish groups in Calgary, Banff and Edmonton.

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