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Gilbert Goddard, [ca. 1910s]
Gilbert Goddard, [ca. 1910s]

Gilbert and Luella Goddard fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Ranch and personal papers. -- 1888-1946
Series 2 Photographs. --1880s-1930s


Series 1 Ranch and personal papers. -- 1888-1946
M-421-1 Partnership agreement. -- 1893. -- Bow River Horse Ranch between Edward Healey Warner, William Pochin Warner and G.E. Goddard.
M-421-2 Goddard house. -- 1888. -- Plan and inspection notes for dwelling, Bow River Horse Ranch, prepared by James T. Child and James L.Wilson, architects, Calgary.
M-421-3 Statement of liabilities and assets, Bow River Horse Ranch. -- 1890-1901. -- Includes 1890-1891, 1893, and 1900-1901.
M-421-4 Stallion registration and inspection certificates. -- 1894-1915. -- Includes Duke of Blaydon, 1894, Prairie King, 1903, Prairie King, 1904, Modestie, 1909, Boliver, 1912, and Demi Soupir, 1915.
M-421-5 Purebred horse pedigrees - French Coach horses and Clydesdale horses. -- 1895-1915. -- Includes (in booklet) Cyclone, Marguerite, Reciprocity, Evergreen, Comanchee, Canova, Juryman (IHD), Virgaloo, Jim Casey, Ruddygore, Konrad, Jack of Hearts, Moss-Trooper, Fireaway, Mambrino, King Morrel; (individual) Demi Soupir, Fradiavolo, La Duchess, Lofrasco, Mi-Mi, Syble, Maxim and Mercier.
M-421-6 Cattle and horse brands. -- 1898-1919. -- All issued to Bow River Horse Ranch or G. E. Goddard.
M-421-7 Veterinary prescriptions. -- n.d.. -- Includes notebook kept by G. E. Goddard listing treatments, notes on breaking and handling horses, and care of equipment.
M-421-8 Race programs and prize list. -- 1892-1900. -- Annotated, for Calgary, Cochrane, Regina and Inter-Western Pacific Exhibition. Includes information about "Cyclone".
M-421-9 Newspaper clippings. -- 1894-1896. -- Re horse racing at Calgary; has reference to "Cyclone" also miscellaneous clippings re rope knots and hitches, etc.
M-421-10 Report on Bow River Horse Ranch. -- 1911. -- For prospective buyer, sections 7, 8, 18, and 19, giving description, possibilities, etc.; includes sketch written by W. A. Thompson.
M-421-11 Correspondence. -- 1914-1915. -- Re ranch business; includes letter to G. E. Goddard from E. H. Warner, Quorn Hall, Leicester, England re salary and disposal of ranch.
M-421-12 Road allowance lease. -- 1916. -- Lease of land to Bow River Horse Ranch.
M-421-12A Auction program for the sale of 12 Clydesdale mares fromt he Bow River Horse Ranch. -- December 1917
M-421-13 Agreement for sale of Bow River Horse Ranch. -- 1918. -- Between partners and Aram d'Abro Pagratide, Naples (buyer failed to complete purchase).
M-421-14 Certificate of title for Macleod property. -- 1912. -- Issued to G. E. Goddard (cancelled).
M-421-15 Poem. -- 1892. -- "A Nameless Grave" by C. T. Lewis, Morley; also book of poems, parodies and quotations. Printed and book of poems, handwritten.
M-421-16 Engraved card plates. -- n.d. -- For Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Goddard; includes three plates, 1 specimen card and 1 sample.
M-421-17 Masonic certificate. -- 1907. -- Certificate of discharge from Masonic Lodge, Innisfail, Alberta for Peter Lewis Grasse.
M-421-18 Postal and membership cards. -- 1945-1946 and no date. - Consists of two humorous illustrated postal cards re Glenbow, Alberta and United Empire Loyalists Association, Victoria, British Columbia membership card for Luella Goddard.
M-421-19 Postcards. -- [ca. 1906-1908]. -- Leather and paper postcards to various members of the Goddard family.
M-421-oversize Certicates. Consists of : Certificate of membership in Masonic Lodge, Manitoba, 1894 for Peter Lewis Grasse. Certificate of membership in Canadian Order of Foresters, Innisfail, Alberta for Peter Lewis Grasse. Red Cross Life membership certificate, G. E. Goddard, 1918.
M-422-1 First prize ticket. -- 1916. -- For lace made by Luella Goddard for Cochrane Exhibition.
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1880s-1930s

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1156 Views of Bow River Horse Ranche near Cochrane; Goddard and Grasse families, Stoney Reserve, etc. -- [ca. 1880s-1900s]. -- 238 photographs.
PB-321 Horses and branding views at Bow River Horse Ranche; Peter Grasse. -- n.d. -- 6 photographs.
PC-90 Composite view, Bow River Horse Ranche, thoroughbreds, and cattle. -- [ca. 1890s]. -- 1 photograph.
PD-101 Views of Bow River Horse Ranche, roundups and ranch life in southern Alberta. -- [ca. 1880s-1900]. -- 211 photographs.
NA-1292 Fraser ranch, Jumping Pound. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 1 photograph.
NA-1780 Grasse and Goddard families, roundup wagons, Bow River Horse Ranche. -- ca. 1880s-1930s]. -- 11 photographs.
NA-1781 I. G. Baker Store, Calgary. -- 1888. -- 1 photograph.
NA-2084 Views of Bow River Horse Rance, Stonies at Morley. -- [ca. 1880s-1900s]. -- 79 photographs.
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