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Henri Gagnon and Suzanne Gagnon during Quebec Conference, 1943
Henri Gagnon and Suzanne Gagnon during Quebec Conference, 1943

Royal Gagnon family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Joseph Royal. -- 1884-1885
Series 2 Severe Gagnon. -- 1866-1906
Series 3 Emma Royal Gagnon. -- 1866-1947
Series 4 Henri Gagnon. -- 1893-1947
Series 5 Helen Gagnon. -- 1901-1972
Series 6 Suzanne Gagnon. -- 1921-1965
Series 7 Photographs. -- 1862-1965, 1978


Series 1

Joseph Royal. -- 1884-1885. -- 6 cm of textual records. -- Joseph Royal, 1837-1902, was born in Quebec and studied at St. Mary's College in Montreal as a lawyer. He moved to Manitoba in 1870 and established Le Métis newspaper. He was a Metis sympathizer. He sat as an MLA in the Manitoba Legislature, 1870-1879, and then in the House of Commons, 1879-1888. He served as Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories, 1888-1893, at which time he returned to eastern Canada. In 1857 he married Agnes Bruyere and they had several children, including Emma Blanche Royal. -- The series consists of items collected by Joseph Royal which relate to Louis Schmidt, who was closely connected to Louis Riel and the 1885 Riel Rebellion.

M-9551-1 Louis Schmidt's handwritten manuscript, "Movement of St. Laurent Metis". -- 1884. -- Written by Louise Riel's former secretary and annotated on the back by Joseph Royal. -- In French.
M-9551-2Letter from Louis Schmidt in Prince Albert to "Mon cher Monsieur". -- July 29, 1885. -- Re his manuscript.
M-9551-3Diary of North-West Rebellion. -- April 11-May 19, 1885. -- In Louis Schmidt's handwriting.

Series 2

Severe Gagnon. -- 1866-1906. -- 6 cm of textual records. -- Severe Gagnon, 1845-1909, was born in Quebec, the son of Francois Gagnon and Marguerite Thibodeau. He studied law at St. Mary's College in Montreal, and in 1874 joined the North-West Mounted Police. He first served at Fort Saskatchewan, and during the 1885 Riel Rebellion was in charge of the detachment at Battleford. As Superintendent he then served in Regina from 1886 to 1895, and at Prince Albert from 1895 to 1900 when he took sick leave. In 1888 he married Emma Royal, and they had two children, Francois who died as an infant, and Henri. -- The series consists of Severe's certificates, diary of March West, and miscellaneous Mounted Police records.

M-9551-4Severe Gagnon's diploma "Barreau du Bas Canada". -- 1866
M-9551-235First Class certificate, School of Military Instruction, Montreal, May 3, 1871
M-9551-236Appointment as Captain of 3rd Company, Trois Riviere Battalion, 1874
M-9551-5Severe Gagnon's diary of the March West of the North-West Mounted Police. -- July 8-November 1, 1874. -- Consists of a vintage typed copy. In French. The original diary is held by Library and Archives Canada.
M-9551-6Paylist of "A" Division of the North-West Mounted Police at Fort Saskatchewan. -- July 1878. -- Includes R. Belcher, G.F. Herchmer, R.E. Steele, E.H. Carr, F.A. Edgar, Trumpeter Fred Bagley, A. Arcand, P. Brunelle, and one indecipherable name.
M-9551-7Bugle Sounds for the North West Mounted Police : With Instructions for the Training of Buglers. -- 1882. -- Severe Gagnon's copy.
M-9551-237Commission as Superintendent of the North-West Mounted Police, November 26, 1886
M-9551-8Certificate of enrollment as Advocate of the North-West Territories. -- October 9, 1888
M-9551-238Canadian Military Rifle League marksmen's certificate, Montreal, September 1, 1897
M-9551-239Canadian Military Rifle League marksmen's certificate, Hamilton, 1898
M-9551-9The Royal North-West Mounted Police : A Corps History by Captain Ernest J. Chambers. -- 1906. -- See page 83 re Severe Gagnon.

Series 3

Emma Royal Gagnon. -- 1866-1947. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- Emma Blanche Royal, 1866-1949, was born in Montreal, the daughter of Joseph Royal and Agnes Bruyere Royal. In 1888 she married Severe Gagnon in Regina, and they had two children, Francois, who died as an infant, and Henri, who was born in 1893. -- The series consists of a scrapbook she kept about the career of her father Joseph, letters written to her son Henri and daughter-in-law Helen, notebooks, a prayer book and religious memorabilia, and a diary kept in the months before her son died. The material is primarily in French, but the letters to Helen are in English.

M-9551-10Emma Blanche Royal's birth certificate re birth on September 23, 1866. -- Issued January 30, 1906
M-9551-11Communion souvenir from her father Joseph Royal. -- June 2, 1876. -- Includes other small religious souvenir cards (1887, 1891 and n.d.)
M-9551-12Prayer book from her "Papa". -- 1882
M-9551-13Scrapbook of newspaper clippings about her father Joseph Royal. -- 1882-1902. -- Also includes clippings about the death of her husband Severe Gagnon in 1909.
M-9551-14Draft of letter by F.L. Royal in Algeria. -- March 25, 1894. -- Royal family relative.
M-9551-15Death notice of Madame Veuve Royal. -- 1909. -- Royal family relative.
M-9551-16Postcards. -- 1910, 1915. -- Consists of postcards sent by Emma to her son Henri at College Ste. Marie (1910) and during the First World War (1915).
M-9551-17Letter from the Department of Militia and Defence about her son Henri's exams. -- 1912
M-9551-18Letters written by Emma to her daughter-in-law Helen Gagnon. -- 1931-1949
M-9551-19Notebooks. -- 1942-1948. -- Consists of a notebook with diary entries and telephone number lists (1942, 1945), and a notebook of personal accounts (1946-1948).
M-9551-20Letters written by Emma to her son Henri. -- 1944-1947
M-9551-21Diary. -- May 23-November 19, 1947. -- The final entry is written on the day her son Henri dies.

Series 4

Henri Gagnon. -- 1893-1947. -- 1.5 m of textual records. -- Henri Gagnon, 1893-1947, was born in the North-West Mounted Police barracks in Regina, the son of Severe Gagnon and Emma Royal Gagnon. He was educated in Montreal, and joined the military in 1911. He served overseas in the First World War as Commanding Officer with the 69th Battalion (French-Canadians). In 1919, just before his return to Canada, he married Helen Johnston in Gretna, Scotland. They had one child, Suzanne. In 1920 Henri joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and over the next 27 years was stationed in Regina (1920-1923), Vancouver (1924-1927), Fort Smith (1927-1932), Quebec City (1932-1934), Montreal (1935-1942), and Regina once again (1943-1947). From November 1938 to November 1939 he was seconded to reorganize the Quebec Municipal Police. In 1943 he was promoted to RCMP Superintendent and in 1946 to Deputy Commissioner. He received the OBE in 1946, and was expected to succeed S.T. Wood as RCMP Commissioner. He died on November 19, 1947 before taking up this post. -- The series consists of the following eight subseries. His diaries, notebooks and most of his correspondence and personal papers are in French, but many of his records related to his Mounted Police activities are in English.

Childhood and schooling. -- 1893-1914

Military and First World War. -- 1911-1919

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Regina and Vancouver. -- 1919-1930s, predominant 1920-1927

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Fort Smith. -- 1927-1932

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Quebec and Montreal. -- 1933-1945

Secondment to Quebec Municipal Police. -- 1937-1939

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Montreal. -- 1939-1945

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Regina, OBE and death. -- 1945-1947

Series 4a

Henri Gagnon - Childhood and schooling. -- 1893-1914

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M-9551-22Henri Gagnon's certificate for 1893 baptism. -- Issued 1923. -- In the name Marie Albert Louis Henri Narcisse Gagnon.
M-9551-23Souvenir of Henri's first communion, Montreal. -- April 18, 1903. -- Consists of a small prayer book from Uncle A. Royal.
M-9551-24Religious souvenir cards (Catholic). -- 1904-1914. -- The cards, which were originally tucked into a prayer book, commemorate his first communion, Christmas, special prayers, father's funeral, etc.
M-9551-25Postcards from friends. -- 1900, 1909-1912. -- Includes several from "Joe". Includes postcard with the words "Royal et Loyal" on the back.
M-9551-26Notebook kept while at College Ste. Marie, Montreal. -- 1909-1910. -- Includes notes on "Class de Belles Lettres", addresses of friends, and poetry (Greek, Latin, Virgil, Cicero, Shakespeare, etc.).
M-9551-27Notebook kept while at College Ste. Marie, Montreal. -- 1910-1911. -- "Cahier a'Analyse oratoire" [rhetoric class] and "Histoire du Canada".
M-9551-28College Ste. Marie "Premier" and "Second" certificates for various classes. -- 1909-1911

Series 4b

Henri Gagnon - Military and First World War. -- 1911-1919

M-9551-240Certificate of appointment as Lieutenant in 83rd Joliette Regiment. -- December 7, 1911
M-9551-29Certificates of military qualifications. -- 1911-1915. -- Consists of Henri's infantry certificate as Lieutenant in the 83rd Joliette Regiment (1911 and 1912) and Captain in the 61st Regiment (1915).
M-9551-30Letter of recommendation for Henri Gagnon, written by Francois Langelier, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec. -- 1914
M-9551-31Army record and pay books. -- 1911-1919. -- Consists of "Officer's Record of Services Army Book" (1911-1918) and "Officer's Advance Book" (1918-1919).
M-9551-32Notebook kept while Captain in the 61st Regiment of Montmagny. -- 1914-1915. -- Includes entries in code, poems, autographs of friends, addresses in London, sketches of trenches, and lists of names of soldiers. For key to code, see M-9551-74 below.
M-9551-33First World War certificates and other records. -- 1914-1919. -- Consists of orders to proceed to Val Cartier, attestation papers for CEF, request to be sent overseas, war service certificates, and ID card for arrival back in Canada.
M-9551-34Special Service diary. -- August 3-18, 1914. -- Consists of a diary kept by Henri while training on board the HMS Druid. Includes sketches of the ship and training camp.
M-9551-35RMSP Caribbean diary. -- October 1-17, 1914. -- Consists of Henri's "Journal de Voyage". Includes a concert program, and an onboard newsletter about the crossing to England. The boat transported Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) soldiers to Europe during the First World War.
M-9551-36Postcards sent by Henri to his mother Emma. -- 1914-1919. -- Includes a postcard from the RMSP Caribbean, postcards from England, field service postcards, and ones sent while "on Active Service" in France and Belgium. One postcard is entitled "Les Canadiens Français, 69th Battalion".
M-9551-37Nominal roll of "C" Company, 69th Battalion (French-Canadians). -- April 16, 1916-January 6, 1917. -- Major H.A. Royal-Gagnon was Commanding Officer.
M-9551-3869th Battalion notebooks. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of notes on bombing, explosives and ammunition, and a nominal list of "C" Company.
M-9551-39Postcards to Henri from colleagues and friends during war. -- 1916-1919
M-9551-40First World War calling cards. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- Includes one for Henri Royal-Gagnon, Major, 69th Bataillon (Canadien-Francais).
M-9551-41Aerial photographs of Belgium. -- 1917-1918. -- 24 stereoscopic cards. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of aerial surveillance photographs taken by the 7th Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) of sites in Belgium including Hooge and Ypres.
M-9551-42Henri's First World War diaries. -- 1917-1918. -- 2 volumes
M-9551-241Appointment as officer in the 69th Canadian Infantry Battalion. -- June 15, 1918
M-9551-43Notebook and address book. -- 1919. -- 2 volumes. -- Consists of a notebook kept in England and Scotland while serving with the 14th Battalion Canadians - Royal Montreal Regiment before returning to Canada; and an address book which includes a photograph of his Scottish bride, Helen Johnston, at the back.
M-9551-44First World War - Miscellaneous papers. -- 1914-1919. -- Includes speech by Henri Gagnon entitled "Sur l'abolition de la langue française", Christmas card signed by Henri, booklet of war postcards entitled "Bataille de L'Oise, leave pass, circular re leave trains in France, ration book while on leave, Garrison Theatre (Ripon) program, telegram to mother Emma re safe arrival in Canada, official notification of being "struck off strength", and War Service card.
M-9551-45London's Social Calendar. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- Consists of a guide to London for visitor's annotated "Capt. H.A. Royal Gagnon, 1st Canadian Expeditionary Force" inside the front cover.
M-9551-46Bruce Bairnsfather's sketches of soldiers. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- Original pencil sketches.
M-9551-47Souvenir postcards of England, France and Belgium. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- Collected by Henri while serving overseas during the war.
M-9551-48Marriage certificate. -- 1919. -- For marriage of Major H.A.R. Gagnon to Helen Johnston on August 18, 1919 in Gretna Roman Catholic Church, Gretna, Scotland.
M-9551-49Passport. -- 1919. -- Issued to Henri Albert Royal-Gagnon by British Foreign Office.
M-9551-50Notebook. -- 1919 and n.d. -- Consists of Henri's personal accounts during return to Canada after the war (October 16-November 9, 1919); Inspector Gagnon's inventory of furnishings, kitchenware and tools; poetry; and notes on Royal/Gagnon genealogy.

Series 4c

Henri Gagnon - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Regina and Vancouver. -- 1919-1930s, predominant 1920-1927

M-9551-51Application to join the Royal North-West Mounted Police (shortly after renamed Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). -- July 29, 1919. -- Includes a letter of reference.
M-9551-52Prayer books. -- [ca. 1920] and n.d. -- 2 volumes. -- The front page of one is annotated "Henri Gagnon RNWMP" and the other "HAR Gagnon, Mt Stephen House, Field, BC".
M-9551-53Small books. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of La Chanson de Roland, André Chènier - Bucoliques, and Paroissien romain. All have Henri's name written in the front cover.
M-9551-54Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) lectures for recruits. -- 1921. -- Consists of lectures 1-21, and includes a history of the Force.
M-9551-55RCMP training - Equitation. -- [ca. 1921]. -- Consists of S.M. Griffen's handwritten lecture notes on horses.
M-9551-56Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) diary, Regina. -- 1922. -- 1 volume. -- Note: only January and February used.
M-9551-57X-rays - Royal Gagnon. -- October 10, 1922
M-9551-58Postcards sent to Henri Gagnon by friends. -- 1923-1925, 1938
M-9551-59Newspaper clippings about shooting championships won by Henri. -- 1923-1927
M-9551-60Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) notebooks, Vancouver. -- 1924-1925. -- 2 volumes. -- Consists of general notes and some diary entries.
M-9551-61Lectures to militia officers on equitation by Inspector H. Royal-Gagnon, Vancouver. -- 1927. -- 2 volumes
M-9551-62Newspaper clippings. -- 1920s. -- Consists of articles about the RCMP, French Canadians, the French language, etc.
M-9551-63Henri Gagnon's constables' manuals. -- [1920s-1930s]. -- 4 volumes
M-9551-64Miscellaneous. -- 1920s. -- Consists of bills, dog registration, humorous list of duties, editorial from the British Columbian entitled "A Spiteful Attorney", article by Colonel J.H. Chaballe entitled "Deux Heros Canadiens", Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club membership, and price list for RCMP uniforms.

Series 4d

Henri Gagnon - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Fort Smith. -- 1927-1932

M-9551-65RCMP diaries, Fort Smith. -- 1927, 1928, 1929. -- 3 volumes
M-9551-66RCMP diaries, Fort Smith. -- 1930, 1931, 1932. -- 3 volumes. -- Note: the 1930 diary is blank. See the 1930 notebook in M-9551-67 below for many diary-like entries for the year.
M-9551-67RCMP notebooks, Fort Smith. -- 1928-1931. -- 6 volumes. -- Consists of general notes, various reports and some diary entries. Includes entries related to patrols to Fort Resolution, Fort Providence, Fort Chipewyan, Fonds du Lac and Fort Reliance; Inuktitut words; Stoney Rapids patrol and inspection; Fort Smith; Hay Camp; Grand Lac and Hay River inspections; and lists of tinned goods for the North.
M-9551-68Notebooks kept by Inspector H. Royal-Gagnon. -- [ca. 1927-1933]. -- 3 volumes. -- Entitled "Notes on Criminal Code, etc.", "Notes litteraires", and "Notes on training" (re horsemanship). The latter includes sketches.
M-9551-oversizeMaps of Fort Smith and the North. -- [ca. 1927-1932]. -- Used for planning patrols. Routes taken have been marked on the maps, and include Fort Chipewyan to Fort Smith, Fort Resolution to Fort Reliance, Great Slave Lake area. Several have ripped into pieces and are extremely fragile.
M-9551-69"The Weekly Zither", Fort Smith, NWT. -- 1930-1931
M-9551-70RCMP business, Fort Smith. -- 1932
M-9551-242Appointment as Inspector of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. -- July 18, 1932

Series 4e

Henri Gagnon - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Quebec and Montreal. -- 1939-1945

M-9551-71RCMP business, Quebec. – 1933-1934
M-9551-72Inspector Gagnon's RCMP "personal correspondence". -- 1933-1935
M-9551-73Income tax returns. -- 1934-1945
M-9551-74RCMP notebooks, Quebec City and Montreal. -- 1934-1940 [incomplete]. -- 2 volumes. -- Consists of personal notes, expenditures, etc. Includes the key to Henri's secret code, used in M-9551-32 above.
M-9551-75Notebook on first aid. -- January-February 1935. -- Consists of notes kept by Henri while taking a first aid course. Includes his certificate upon completion.
M-9551-76RCMP diary, Montreal. -- 1935. -- 1 volume. -- Note: only January and February used.
M-9551-77Certificate from Buckingham Palace re Henri's Silver Jubilee Medal. -- May 6, 1935
M-9551-78Letters of congratulation to Henri on his promotion to Superintendent. -- 1936
M-9551-79Hole-in-One Club golf certificate from Rosemere Golf Club. -- August 4, 1936
M-9551-80Superintendent H. Royal-Gagnon's RCMP Divisional Instruction Book. -- 1937
M-9551-81Personal diary. -- 1937. -- Consists of a diary which was a gift from his mother Emma Royal. Note: only January and February used.
M-9551-82Letters written by Henri to his wife Helen who was visiting Scotland. -- July-November 1937

Series 4f

Henri Gagnon - Secondment to Quebec Municipal Police. -- 1937-1939

M-9551-83Newspaper clippings. -- 1937-1938. -- Consists of articles about Henri while seconded to the Quebec Municipal Police.
M-9551-84Report by Henri Gagnon on reorganization of the Quebec Police. -- 1938
M-9551-85Address, "Selective Enforcement for Traffic Safety" by Howard Baker of the Montreal Police Department at annual convention of Police and Fire Chiefs, Sherbrooke. -- 1938
M-9551-86Dinner in honour of Henri Gagnon for work with Quebec police. -- 1939. -- Consists of letters from invited guests, newspaper clippings and photographs.
M-9551-87Sketch of ducks by Richard E. Bishop. -- 1938. -- Annotated "For Major H.A.R. Gagnon".

Series 4g

Henri Gagnon - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Montreal. -- 1939-1945

M-9551-88Police manuals. -- 1939. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of Code de la Police by P.A. Juneau, Quebec; and Montreal police manuals, one in French and one in English.
M-9551-89Superintendent Gagnon's RCMP "personal correspondence". -- 1939-1943
M-9551-90Newspaper clippings. -- 1930s. -- Consists of articles about Henri Gagnon and the RCMP.
M-9551-91Miscellaneous. -- 1930s. -- Consists of correspondence, bills, programs, Royal Visit program, membership and identification cards, etc.
M-9551-92Miscellaneous. -- 1940-1945. -- Consists of correspondence, programs, speeches by others, membership and identification cards, etc.
M-9551-93"List of Officers and Men Stationed in 'C' Division". -- January 1940. -- Includes indication of English speakers and French speakers.
M-9551-94Address by Cardinal Villeneuve. -- 1940. -- In French with English translation. For a photograph of Villeneuve see PB-909-5.
M-9551-95Newspaper clippings and RCMP press statements about Quebec during the Second World War. -- 1941
M-9551-96Madeleine Carroll. -- 1941. -- Carroll was an English actress (starred in The 39 Steps), who was active in war work during the Second World War. -- Consists of letters to Henri, newspaper clippings, and photographs featuring Carroll with Gagnon. See PA-3946-17 for photographs of Madeleine Carroll. For photographs of Carroll and Henri Gagnon, see PA-3946-17 and PB-990-7 below.
M-9551-97Quebec Conference. -- 1943. -- Consists of Henri's conference pass, and telephone directory for the Canadian, British and American delegations staying at the Chateau Frontenac. Gagnon was in room 3407.
M-9551-98Letters of thanks re Quebec Conference. -- August-September 1943. -- Includes letters from Governor General Lord Athlone, RCMP Commissioner S.T. Wood, and a representative of The White House in Washington.
M-9551-99Letters of congratulation on promotion to Assistant-Commissioner. -- August 1943

Series 4h

Henri Gagnon - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Regina, OBE and death. -- 1945-1947

M-9551-100RCMP notebook, Ottawa. -- October 15, 1945- November 1946. -- Consists of Henri's notes re visitors, appointments and events. Written in English (unusual for his personal writings).
M-9551-101Letters to Henri Gagnon and later to Helen Gagnon from Stuart Taylor Wood. -- 1945-1947
M-9551-102Lectures by Henri to the Royal Military College, etc. -- 1945-1947
M-9551-103Assistant Commissioner H.A.R. Gagnon's copy of a French-English military dictionary. -- 1945
M-9551-104Certificates. -- 1945-1947. -- Consists of certificates for International Association of Chiefs of Police (1945); Civil Defence (1946); and Canadian Citizenship (1947).
M-9551-105Montreal Gazette - King's Dominion Day Honours. -- July 1, 1946. -- Consists of a newspaper announcing Henri Gagnon's OBE.
M-9551-243Appointment as Additional Commander of the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). -- July 1, 1946
M-9551-106Letters and telegrams of congratulation on receiving OBE. -- June-July 1946
M-9551-107Speeches by Henri Gagnon re Mounted Police history and roles. -- 1935-1946 and n.d.
M-9551-108Speech made by Henri Gagnon at RCMP graduation. -- 1946
M-9551-109Letters of congratulation on promotion to Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP. -- 1946-1947
M-9551-110The Canada Gazette announcement of Henri's OBE. -- July 1, 1946
M-9551-111Letter written by Henri to his wife Helen in the United Kingdom. -- 1946. -- Helen was overseas taking care of her parents' estates.
M-9551-112Notes re anti-Catholic sentiments in the RCMP. -- 1947
M-9551-113Get well messages sent to Henri before his death. -- 1947
M-9551-114Henri Gagnon's handwritten will with thumbprint. -- April 5, 1947. -- The short will reads "I bequeath all my possessions to my wife Helen R. Gagnon."
M-9551-115Miscellanous. -- 1945-1947. -- Primarily correspondence, programs, press releases, arrangements for various events, etc.
M-9551-116Miscellaneous. -- n.d. -- Consists of lyrics to songs, skits, poetry, silhouette of boy, cartoons, explanation of origin of name "Gagnon", etc.
M-9551-117Newspaper clippings. -- 1940s. -- Consists of articles about Henri Gagnon and the RCMP.

Series 5

Helen Gagnon. -- 1901-1972, predominant 1919-1965. -- 60 cm of textual records. -- Helen Johnston, 1901-1984, was born in Scotland, the daughter of James Johnston and Susan Bissett Johnston. In 1919 she married Henri Gagnon, a Canadian stationed in Scotland at the end of the First World War. As a war bride she travelled to Canada shortly after the marriage and joined Henri at his various RCMP postings over the years, including Regina, Vancouver, Fort Smith, Quebec City and Montreal. The Gagnons had one child, Suzanne, born in 1921. In the 1940s Helen lost most of her closest family members, and took care of the funerals and estates of all of them, including her father James who died in 1941, her mother Susan who died in 1944, her Uncle Joe Bissett who died in 1947, her husband Henri who died in 1947, and her mother-in-law Emma Royal Gagnon who died in 1949. She was an avid golfer throughout her life. -- The series consists of the following four sub-series:

Life with Henri and Suzanne. -- 1901-1951

Scottish family. -- 1867-1964

Henri’s death and estate. -- 1947-1950

Later life and miscellaneous papers. -- 1928-1972, predominant 1948-1965

Series 5a

Helen Gagnon - Life with Henri and Suzanne. -- 1901-1951

M-9551-118Helen Johnston's birth certificates re birth on January 29, 1901. -- 2 items. -- Issued 1937 and 1968
M-9551-119Helen Johnston's engagement book. -- 1919. -- Consists of a small book, a gift from Margaret, which include brief entries re her courtship, engagement and marriage to Henri Gagnon, and trip to Canada on the S.S. Saturnia.
M-9551-120Memorabilia from trip to Scotland. -- 1923-1924. -- Helen and her daughter Suzanne travelled to Scotland on the S.S. Metagama, and returned to Canada on the S.S. Montlaurier.
M-9551-121Notebook kept by Helen while the Gagnons were stationed in Fort Smith. -- [ca. 1927-1930]. -- Consists of a list of clothing "to send in" to Henri; some items for Mrs. McDougall; and expenses for trip from Waterways to Edmonton to Montreal.
M-9551-122Helen Gagnon's "Radio Log and Memorandum", Fort Smith. -- [ca. 1927-1932]. -- Consists of a booklet recording radio stations and programs she could pick up in the North.
M-9551-123Diary kept during brief illness, Fort Smith. -- 1931. -- Entries for January only.
M-9551-124Diaries and Bible. -- 1935, 1940. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of 1935 and 1940 diaries with very sporadic entries; and Helen's Bible.
M-9551-125Household accounts book. -- 1935-1940. -- Consists of records of expenditures on food, holidays, sports gifts, and clothing for Suzanne. Includes Christmas card list at the back.
M-9551-126Helen Gagnon's correspondence. -- 1935-1951. -- Consists of letters from friends and acquaintances.
M-9551-127Diary kept while on board the S.S. Manchester Brigade, on return from Scotland to Canada. -- November 1937. -- Note: for letters to Helen from Henri while she was in Scotland, see M-9551-82 above.
M-9551-128Helen's engagement calendars. -- 1938, 1944. -- 2 volumes
M-9551-129Helen's special cards and telegrams, to and from Suzanne and Henri. -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]
M-9551-130Greeting cards and postcards from friends. -- 1938-1957. -- Primarily Christmas cards.
M-9551-131Calling cards. -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]. -- Consists of Helen's cards (Madame Henri Royal-Gagnon), Henri's cards, and calling cards from friends, Mounted Police, and the American Ambassador.
M-9551-132Golf memorabilia. -- 1939-1947. -- Consists of items from the Regina Golf Club and the Royal Ottawa Golf Club.
M-9551-133Fumiko Tsujimoto. -- 1943-1944. -- Consists of correspondence re the Gagnons hiring a Japanese housemaid. Includes Fumiko's ration card, etc.
M-9551-134Receipts for purchases by Helen Gagnon. -- 1940-1943, 1946-1947. -- Consists of receipts for watches, jewelry, furniture, war bonds, fur coats and clothing.
M-9551-135Helen's brief service as a volunteer in the Canadian Women's Army Corps. -- 1942
M-9551-136Income tax returns. -- 1942-1943
M-9551-137Bill from Notre Dame Hospital in Montreal. -- August 1943
M-9551-138Ration books for Helen and Henri Gagnon. -- 1944
M-9551-139Christmas card lists. -- 1944, 1946, and [ca. 1960s]

Series 5b

Helen Gagnon - Scottish family. -- 1867-1964

M-9551-140Letters to Helen from her parents, Susan and James Johnston, in Scotland. -- 1938-1940
M-9551-141Estate papers for her parents - Helen was the executrix. -- 1941-1949. -- Her father James Johnston died in 1941 and her mother Susan Johnston died in 1944.
M-9551-142Helen's trip to Scotland to take care of parents' estates. -- 1945-1946. -- Consists of her passport, application for special "exit permit" to travel to the United Kingdom during the war, and her request for passage back to Canada.
M-9551-143Correspondence between Helen and her Uncle Joe Bissett. -- 1938-1944
M-9551-144Bissett family genealogical material. -- 1867-1915. -- Includes documents related to Joseph Bissett and his parents, James Bissett and Hannah Peacock Bissett.
M-9551-145Joe Bissett's scrapbook. -- 1931-1935. -- Consists of a small book with newspaper clippings, poems and Bible passages.
M-9551-146Estate papers for her uncle - Helen was the executrix. -- 1937-1947. -- Joseph Bissett died in 1947.
M-9551-147Letters from friend Marjorie Dodgshon in Carlisle, United Kingdom. -- 1938-1964. -- Marjorie was a girlhood friend.
M-9551-147aHandwritten recipe book. -- [ca. 1875-1885]. -- Possibly kept by Helen's grandmother. -- Consists of recipes for calf foot jelly, raspberry vinegar, elderberry syrup, ginger beer, cod's head, mulligatawny soup, madeira pudding, treacle parkin, minted mutton, and other Scottish favourites.
M-9551-148Prayer books of I.H. Burstall and Isabella Torrance. -- 3 volumes. -- Possibly ancestors of Helen Gagnon.
M-9551-149Weekly Dispatch newspaper. -- June 30, 1850. -- Annotated "By Dumfries". Possibly came from Helen Gagnon's Scottish family.

Series 5c

Helen Gagnon - Henri's death and estate. -- 1947-1950

M-9551-150Sympathy letters to Helen Gagnon on the death of her husband Henri. -- 1947
M-9551-151Sympathy cards on Henri's death. – 1947
M-9551-152Gift cards from flowers, on Henri's death. -- 1947
M-9551-153Sympathy telegrams and masses offered, on Henri's death . -- 1947
M-9551-154Sympathy messages re Henri's death - passed on to Helen by government departments. -- 1947
M-9551-155Memorial book on Henri's death. -- 1947
M-9551-156Helen's draft replies to letters of condolence from the Governor General, Louise St. Laurent, the American Ambassador, etc. -- 1947
M-9551-157Newspaper clippings about Henri's death. -- 1947-1948
M-9551-158Henri Gagnon estate papers. -- 1947-1950. -- Includes his death certificate.
M-9551-159Investiture at Government House, Ottawa. -- February 10, 1948. -- Helen Gagnon attended on behalf of her late husband.

Series 5d

Helen Gagnon - Later life and miscellaneous papers. -- 1928-1972, predominant 1948-1965

M-9551-160Letters from Louis St. Laurent. -- 1948
M-9551-161Diary. -- December 30, 1948-March 28, 1949. -- Consists of entries re bridge, Suzanne's activities, and Emma's illness.
M-9551-162Letters of condolence to Helen on death of her mother-in-law Emma Royal Gagnon. -- March 1949. -- Includes funeral bills.
M-9551-163The Canadian Ladies' Golf Union yearbooks. -- 1949 and 1954
M-9551-164Helen's letters of introduction from RCMP Commissioners. -- 1950-1961. -- Written by S.T. Wood, L.H. Nicholson, and C.W. Harvison.
M-9551-165Drafts of a Mountie Christmas story written by Helen Gagnon. -- n.d.
M-9551-166Stories written by Helen John Gagnon. --n.d. -- One is entitled "Down North", which is about a fictional RCMP Inspector.
M-9551-167Diary. -- 1951. -- Entries for January and May only. The May entries relate to a trip to Boston.
M-9551-168Diaries and bridge scores. -- 1949 and 1955. -- Consists of a diary for November to December 1949; and a book of bridge scores with brief diary entries for 1955.
M-9551-169Diary of a trip through the USA. -- October-November 1958. -- Consists of description of trip through Texas, San Diego, etc. with her friend Mona.
M-9551-170Card and letter from RCMP Commissioner George McClellan. -- 1964
M-9551-171Letter re Suzanne's marriage. -- 1965
M-9551-172Newspaper article by Clifford W. Harvison, former RCMP Commissioner, about royal visits and spies in Canada. -- 1967. -- He mentions Henri Gagnon in the article.
M-9551-173Certificate of Canadian citizenship. -- 1972
M-9551-174Miscellaneous. -- 1928-1950s. -- Consists of programs, bills, membership cards, a diet, a small painting of Helen on cardboard, a list of food items for sale by Henry Morgan Ltd. of Montreal for overseas Christmas packages for soldiers (1945), souvenir postcards of Scotland, souvenir postcards from hotels and museums visited on American trips (1950s), and a butter tart recipe.

Series 6

Suzanne Gagnon. -- 1921-1965, predominant 1921-1947. -- 86 cm of textual records. -- Marie Suzanne Gagnon, 1921-1999, was born in Regina, the only child of Henri Gagnon and Helen Johnston Gagnon. She was educated at the Ursuline Convent in Quebec City and St. Mary's Academy in Winnipeg. She served as a Sub-Lieutenant in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS) during the Second World War. She then attended McGill University and graduated with a BA in 1947. She married William McIlhagga in 1965. -- The series consists of these four sub-series:

Childhood and schooling. -- 1921-1942

WRCNS, Quebec Conference, and National Research Council. -- 1937-1945

McGill University. -- 1945-1947

Later life, trip to Europe, marriage. -- 1947-1965

Series 6a

Suzanne Gagnon - Childhood and schooling. -- 1921-1942

M-9551-175Birth announcement newspaper clipping. -- March 1921
M-9551-176Suzanne's baby book, "Journal du Suzanne". -- 1921-1928. -- Includes her weight and height up to seven years old.
M-9551-177La Patrie newspaper article featuring Suzanne. -- 1925
M-9551-178Prayer books and prize books. -- [ca. 1927]-1937. -- Consists of The Child's Illustrated Missal from the Ursuline Convent in Quebec City [ca. 1927-1930]; two prayer books presented to Suzanned as souvenirs of her first communion (1930) and graduation (1937); and La Pierre-aux-Fées, a prize from the Ursuline Convent (1931).
M-9551-179Suzanne's school report, "An Aeroplane Trip". -- [ca. 1929-1930]. -- Regarding her return to school from the Arctic.
M-9551-180Report cards from the Ursuline Convent in Quebec City. -- 1929-1931
M-9551-234aHeures de la Sainte Vierge. -- 1878. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of a volume originally presented to her Great-Great Grandmother Agnes Royal by her Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Royal in 1882; and then in 1930 presented to Suzanne by her Aunt Valade.
M-9551-181Letter to Suzanne while attending school, Ursuline Convent, Quebec City. -- September-December 1930. -- Consists of letters from her parents Henri and Helen Gagnon, from her grandmother Emma Royal Gagnon, and from her Scottish grandparents Susan and James Johnston.
M-9551-182Letters to Suzanne while attending school, Ursuline Convent, Quebec City. -- January-August 1931. -- Consists of letters from her parents Henri and Helen Gagnon, from her grandmother Emma Royal Gagnon, and from her Scottish grandparents Susan and James Johnston.
M-9551-183Letters from her father Henri. -- n.d.
M-9551-184Suzanne's letters to her parents. -- 1930-1931. -- Mostly written from the Ursuline Convent and from Montreal.
M-9551-185Suzanne's letters to others. -- 1931. -- Includes letters to her Fort Smith friend Winnie.
M-9551-186Ursuline Convent, Quebec City - School work, etc. -- 1931
M-9551-187Reports cards from St. Mary's Academy, Winnipeg. -- 1931-1933
M-9551-188Suzanne's school project on Roman Architecture. -- [ca. 1931-1932]
M-9551-189Suzanne's letters to her parents from St. Mary's Academy. -- 1931-1933
M-9551-190School bills, correspondence from school officials, etc. -- 1931-1938. -- From the Ursuline Convent in Quebec City, St. Mary's Academy in Winnipeg, and Marguerite Bourgeoys College in Montreal.
M-9551-191Autograph books. -- 1932-1937. -- 2 volumes. -- One was kept while Suzanne attended St. Mary's Academy.
M-9551-192Newspaper clipping, "Quebec Winter Club Holds Successful Skating Review". -- Feburary 24, 1934. -- Suzanne is listed as one of the skaters.
M-9551-193Suzanne's letters to her parents. -- 1934-1935. -- Includes letter from The Chronicle-Telegraph about her entry in an essay contest.
M-9551-194Diary. -- January-May 1935
M-9551-244 Certificate of "Course de Lettres-Sciences" from the Université du Montréal. -- June 19, 1936
M-9551-245Université du Montréal certificate of literary studies. -- 1937-1938
M-9551-195Essays and notes, College Marguerite Bourgeoys. -- [ca. 1937-1938]
M-9551-196Suzanne's letters to her parents. --- June-October 1937
M-9551-197Suzanne's letters to her parents from Marguerite Bourgeoys College. -- 1938
M-9551-198Letters to Suzanne from the United Kingdom. -- 1938-1944. -- Consists of letters from Grandma and Grandpa Johnston in Gretna Scotland, and from "Auntie" Marjorie Dodgshon in Carlisle.
M-9551-199Postcards and greeting cards to Suzanne from her family. -- 1938-1942 and n.d.

Series 6b

Suzanne Gagnon - WRCNS, Quebec Conference and National Research Council. -- 1937-1945

M-9551-200Autograph books. -- 1937-1943. -- 2 volumes. -- Kept while serving as a Sub-Lieutenant of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS or WRENS).
M-9551-201Canadian Students Assembly. -- 1939-1940
M-9551-202First Aid certificate. -- 1941
M-9551-203 Appointments to Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service. -- 1941-1943
M-9551-204"The Power of the Pacific, their Territories and Bases". -- December 20, 1941. -- Consists of a document written by Military Intelligence General Staff.
M-9551-205Elisabeth de Mirabel - Canadian mission for Free France movement. -- 1941-1942. -- Suzanne Royal-Gagnon hosted Elisabeth during her Quebec visit. -- Consists of Elisabeth's diary and notebook kept during her mission to Quebec; an autographed portrait; photographs of the Free French Corps; a postcard to Suzanne; a small "Long Live France" poster; and the first issue of La France Libre.
M-9551-206Log kept by Suzanne while on board the HMCS Fleur de Lys. -- September 6-7, 1942
M-9551-207Suzanne's letters to her parents while serving in the WRCNS. -- 1942
M-9551-246Appointment as Sub-Lieutenant in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service. -- March 20, 1943. -- Also includes certificate for William Austin Small (unknown relationship).
M-9551-208Suzanne's letters to her parents while serving in the WRCNS. -- 1943
M-9551-209Quebec Conference. -- August 1943. -- Consists of Suzanne's hotel pass, newspaper articles, and photos of Winston Churchill and Mary Churchill.
M-9551-234Suzanne's Quebec Conference scrapbook. -- August 1943. -- Consists of newspaper articles about the meeting of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Canadian Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King in Quebec City. Includes an article with a photograph of Suzanne, and another with a photograph of her father Henri. There is a sample hotel and press passes on the front page.
M-9551-210Suzanne's letters to her parents while serving in the WRCNS. -- 1944. -- On May 7th she announced that her new job was as Naval Liaison Officer in the National Research Council in Ottawa.
M-9551-211Suzanne's letters to her parents while serving at the National Research Council. -- 1945
M-9551-212WRCNS memorabilia. -- 1944-1945. -- Includes Officers' Mess ticket book, "The Tiddley Times", etc.

Series 6c

Suzanne Gagnon - McGill University. -- 1945-1947

M-9551-213McGill University - History course notes. -- 1945-1947
M-9551-214McGill University - History course notes. -- [ca. 1945-1947]
M-9551-215McGill University - International law and economics notes. -- [ca. 1945-1947]
M-9551-216University essays and exams. -- 1945-1947
M-9551-217Personal notes filed with university papers. -- [ca. 1945-1947]. -- Consists of engagements, recipes, etc.
M-9551-218Program for McGill University annual convocation. -- May 28, 1947. -- Suzanne received her Bachelor of Arts.
M-9551-247Bachelor's degree from McGill University. -- May 1947
M-9551-219Suzanne's letter to her parents. -- September 30, 1946
M-9551-220Suzanne's letters to her parents. -- [undated]. -- Includes undated letters from others.

Series 6d

Suzanne Gagnon - Later life, trip to Europe, marriage. -- 1947-1965

M-9551-221Sympathy cards sent to Suzanne on the death of her father. -- 1947
M-9551-222Notification of inheritance from the Grandmother Emma Royal Gagnon. -- April 1949
M-9551-223Newspaper clippings re Suzanne Gagnon. -- 1940s
M-9551-224Greeting cards and postcards from Suzanne to her parents. -- [ca. 1930-1950]
M-9551-225Greeting cards and postcards to Suzanne from friends. -- 1937-1965. -- Includes several Christmas cards from Brian and Brenda Hyde.
M-9551-226Miscellaneous. -- 1939-1962. -- Consists of calling cards, partial letters from a soldier in Italy, small religious souvenir cards, newspaper clippings, invitations, golf graph, radio broadcast re Governor-General, and 1939 Royal Visit invitation.
M-9551-227Mary Catharine Wallace letter to Suzanne. -- 1950. -- Regarding Suzannes' possible marriage to John Wallace.
M-9551-228Trip to Europe. -- 1952. -- Consists of Suzanne's diary of trip (February 28-April 11, 1952), passport, hotel receipts and souvenir postcards from Italy.
M-9551-229Letters and postcards from Suzanne to her mother Helen during her European trip. -- 1952. -- The letters are written in a diary style.
M-9551-230Letter from Suzanne to her mother Helen. -- 1961
M-9551-231Suzanne's marriage to William McIlhagga. -- 1965. -- Consists of a notebook with a list of wedding guests and packing list for a trip, possibly honeymoon; and a greeting card sent by "Suzanne and Bill" to Helen from Poland.
M-9551-232Speech by Suzanne McIlhagga to an American Kiwanis club re her work in "intelligence". -- [after 1965]
M-9551-233Humorous book of photographs of Suzanne and friend Collette talking on the telephone. -- [ca. 1965]

Series 7

Photographs. -- 1862-1965, 1978. -- 2797 photographs and ca. 1000 negatives. -- The series consists of portraits of the Royal Gagnon family, and views of their activities, in particular those related to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Fort Smith. Includes Cortlandt Starnes' photos of the Hudson Bay region. The series consists of the following eleven sub-series:

Joseph Royal

Severe Gagnon

Emma Royal Gagnon

Henri Gagnon from childhood to funeral

Henri Gagnon's photograph albums - childhood, war, family and RCMP

Henri Gagnon's RCMP groups and activities

Helen Johnston Gagnon

Suzanne Gagnon


Cortlandt Starnes


Some of the photographs have been scanned. View all photographs now.

Series 7a

Photographs - Joseph Royal. -- 1862-[ca. 1890s]. -- 8 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-1 Portraits of Joseph Royal. -- 1862-[ca. 1890s]. -- 7 photographs
NA-546-1 Portrait of Joseph Royal. -- [ca. 1880]. -- 1 photograph

Series 7b

Photographs - Severe Gagnon. -- [ca. 1870s]-1909. -- 49 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-2 Portraits of Severe Gagnon. -- [ca. 1870s]-1909. -- 9 photographs
PA-3946-3 Severe, Emma and Henri Gagnon - Home and group shots. -- 1900 and n.d. -- 3 photographs
PA-3946-4 North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) Christmas cards. -- 1894, 1897 and 1899. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of composite photographs of various Mounted Police views. The cards were sent by Depot Division, Regina (1894), Battleford (1897), and Prince Albert (1899).

North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) photographs by Steele & Company and Steele and Wing's. -- 1890-1895. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of the following:

Foot parade drill order, Regina, July 1890 [same as NA-3320-4]
Officers' quarters, Regina, [ca. 1890]. Severe and Emma Gagnon at the gate.
Foot parade drill order, Regina, 1891
Artillery detachment, Regina, 1891
Yukon detachment, May 25, 1895
North-West Mounted Police barracks, Maple Creek, [ca. 1890s]

PA-3946-6 Various North-West Mounted Police and First Nations views. -- 1888-1900 and n.d -- 27 photographs
PB-990-1 "Detachment sent to Queen's Jubilee. Taken at Citadel, Quebec". -- 1897. -- 1 photograph

Series 7c

Photographs - Emma Royal Gagnon. -- [ca. 1870s-1930s]. -- 35 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-7 Portraits of Emma Royal as a child. -- [ca. 1870s]. -- 6 photographs
PA-3946-8 Portraits of Emma Royal as a young woman. -- [ca. 1880s-1895]. -- 10 photographs. -- Includes views of Emma after her 1888 marriage to Severe Gagnon, and with her baby Henri.
PA-3946-9 Emma Royal. -- [ca. 1900-1930s]. -- 13 photographs
PA-3946-10 Emma Royal Gagnon with group of women at the Canadian Pacific Railway Station in Montreal [Windsor Station]. -- [ca. 1905]. -- 1 photograph

Series 7d

Photographs - Henri Gagnon from childhood to funeral. -- [ca. 1893]-1947. -- 252 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-11 Portraits of Henri Gagnon as a child and young man. -- [ca. 1893-1914]. -- 14 photographs
PB-990-2 Henri Gagnon at school. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 1 photograph. -- Henri is in the back row, 2nd from the right.
PA-3946-12 69th Battalion (French Canadians) at Petawawa, and general Petawawa views. -- [ca. 1914]. -- 4 photographs
PA-3946-13 Henri's photograph album. -- 1919-1923. -- 124 photographs. -- Consists of personal photographs, including one taken after his wedding to Helen Johnston in Scotland, and extensive snapshots of Helen, and of Suzanne as a baby.
PA-3946-14 Portraits and group shots of Henri Gagnon as a member of the RNWMP/RCMP. -- 1925-1947. -- 46 photographs
PA-3946-15 Quebec Municipal Police group. -- August 1938. -- 1 photograph. -- Taken during Henri's secondment to QMP. Henri is in the back row, fourth from the right.
PB-990-3 Formal dinner with Henri Gagnon at the head of the table. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 photograph
PA-3946-16 Snapshots and group shots of Henri Gagnon. -- [ca. 1920s-1930s]. -- 23 photographs
PB-990-6 Dinner for Col. H. Royal Gagnon. -- February 1939. -- 1 photograph. -- Taken during his secondment to the Quebec Municipal Police
PA-3946-17 Henri Gagnon and Madeleine Carroll. -- 1940-1941. -- 13 photographs. -- Includes three which are autographed, one of which is to Suzanne. See file M-9551-96 above for more Madeleine Carroll material.
PB-990-7 Henri Gagnon and Madeleine Carroll. -- 1940. -- 1 photograph. -- Autographed: "With congratulations from your old friend Norman Holland November/40".
PB-990-9 United Services Institute of Regina - Officers and Directors. -- 1944. -- 1 photograph. -- Henri Gagnon is in the front row at the left.
PB-990-10 United Services Institute of Regina - Officers and Directors. -- 1945. -- 1 photograph. -- Henri Gagnon is in the front row at the left.
PB-990-11 Portrait of Deputy Commissioner H.A.R. Gagnon. -- [1946 or 1947]. -- 1 photograph
PB-990-12 Henri Gagnon shaking hands with RCMP officer. -- [1946-1947]. -- 1 photograph
PB-990-13 Group of students [possibly Canadian Student Assembly]. -- [1946-1947]. -- 1 photograph. -- Annotated: "H.A. Royal Gagnon, Deputy Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. To you, the guards of freedom We send our deepest thanks - We fight with you". Autographed by many of the students.
PA-3946-18 Henri Gagnon's funeral. -- November 22, 1947. -- 11 photographs
PB-990-(15-22) Henri Gagnon's funeral. -- November 22, 1947. -- 8 photographs

Series 7e

Photograph albums - Henri Gagnon's photos of his childhood, war experiences, family, and Mounted Police career. -- 1898-1932. -- 1327 photographs

Some have been scanned.
Scanned Document View PD-392 volume 1.
Scanned Document View PD-392 volume 2.

PD-392-vol.1 "Album Photographique I". -- 1898-1928. -- 1 photograph album (914 photographs). -- Consists of an album created by Henri Gagnon, which documents his life and activities from childhood to his posting with the RCMP at Fort Smith.

Includes the following:

Page 1 Berthier-en-Haut, Quebec, 1904; Ile-aux-Noix, Quebec, 1907

Pages 2-9 North-West Mounted Police, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 1898

Page 10-15 Ile-aux-Noix, 1907; College Ste. Marie, Montreal (including hockey team), 1908-1910

Page 17 Field, British Columbia, 1910

Page 19-30 Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres, hockey, 1910-1913

Pages 31-44 Military service, First World War, HMPS Caribbean, 69th Battalion (French Canadians), 1914-1918

Page 45 Valade-Roy wedding, Ottawa, 1916

Page 47 London, England

Pages 49-53 Ypres, military views, 58th Kite Balloon Company, 1918

Page 55 Emma on vacation in New York, 1916

Pages 56-62 Commercial war views of battlefields and bombed cathedrals

Pages 63-67 23rd Reserve duties in Scotland, Helen Johnston, church where Helen and Henri married, 1919; first home in Canada, Emma's apartment, Montreal, 1919

Pages 69 Royal North-West Mounted Police barracks, Regina, 1920

Pages 70-72 Bathurst Inlet Patrol, re Radford and Street murders, 1917-1918

Page 73-75 Royal North-West Mounted Police, Sherbrooke and Regina, 1920

Pages 77-87 Baby Suzanne, Musical Ride, last days in Regina, 1921-1923

Pages 89-91Trip from Regina to Vancouver through mountains, 1923

Pages 93-99 Vancouver, Suzanne, house, 1923

Pages 99-105 Helen's and Suzanne's trip to Scotland, Scottish friends, return on the ship Montlaurier, 1923-1924

Pages 107-113 Postcards of trip through mountains back to Vancouver, 1924

Pages 115-127 Vancouver house, Christmas tree, Jericho Beach, garden, 1924-1925

Pages 129 Canadian Pavilion at Imperial Exposition, Wembley, 1925

Page 130 Chukotsk, boat bought by government for Western Arctic duty

Page 131-147 Vancouver, Suzanne and Helen, Stanley Park, house, Mounted Police horses, Lynn Valley, 1925-1927

Pages 148-153 Trip to Fort Smith, house, sled dogs, Suzanne and Helen, 1927

Pages 155-165 Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspection trip from Fort Smith to Fort Rae, rock art, boats, Catholic missions, Fort Providence, Mackenzie River, June 1928

Pages 167-179 Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspection trip to Fort Reliance on the sloop "Montreal", July 1928

Page 180-189 Fort Smith, buildings, people, Hay Camp, tennis, RCMP launch "Calgary", aerial views of town, August 1928

Page 191-203 Postcard views of Slave River near Fort Smith, including Mountain Rapids, Pelican Rapids, Cassette Rapids.
PD-392-vol.2 "Album Photographies II". -- 1928-1932. -- 1 photograph album (413 photographs). -- Consists of an album created by Henri Gagnon, which documents his life and activities during his posting with the RCMP at Fort Smith.

Includes the following:

Page 1 Coloured drawing of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police crest

Pages 3-9 Fort Smith, golf, Fort Reliance patrol, 1928

Pages 11-12 Enroute to Fort Chipewyan from Fort Smith, dog teams and sleds, December 1928

Pages 13-17 Fort Smith, Suzanne in cariole, sled dogs, Big Dick (dog), McDougal family, 1929

Pages 19-21 Corporal Stallworthy's photographs of Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, summer 1928

Pages 21-23 Fort Smith, Helen with her blue fox stole, Henri, Suzanne, sled dogs, Hay Camp, 1929

Pages 24-29 Patrol from Fort Smith to Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, March 1929. Note: the maps in the photograph on page 24 are in M-9551-oversize.

Page 31 Air photographs of Fort Smith by N.W. Champagne, March 1929

Pages 33-35 Helen, Suzanne, dogs, April-May 1929

Pages 36-42 Stony Rapids, Fort Chipewyan, Lake Athabasca, Fond-du-Lac, Fort McMurray, August-September 1929

Pages 43-53 Thelon "Hornby" patrol, muskoxen, Hanbury River, cabin and graves of John Hornby, Edgar Christian and Harold Adlard, July- August 1929

Pages 53-55 Picnic at Fort Rae with McDougal family and others, on the boat "Vancouver", August 1929

Pages 56-57 Grand Lac patrol, December 1929

Pages 59-65 Caribou hunt, sled dogs, Fort Reliance, Fort Smith, February and March 1930

Page 67 Henri in parka, arrival of first boat "Kingston" to Fort Smith with Helen and Suzanne, March 18, 1930

Pages 68-81 The "Kingston", Fort Rae, Fort Resolution, Western Canada Airways float plane, Commercial Airways plane to take Suzanne and Helen from Fort Fitzgerald to Edmonton (their first flight), July-September 1930

Pages 82-93 Planes at Fort Smith including Fokker and Fairchild, Helen and Mary McDougal hunting, plane crash at Fort Chipewyan, September-November 1930

Pages 95-99 Riviere-au-Foin detachment, return via Fort Resolution, Helen cross country skiing with others , February 1931

Pages 101-103 Fort Rae and Fort Reliance patrols, dog sleds, March 1931

Page 103 Helen and Henri in front of Fort Smith barracks, March 1931

Pages 105-107 Helen golfing at Fort Smith, and Helen on boat "Northland Echo" on way to meet Suzanne, June-July 1931

Pages 108-121 Beaver dam, swimming at Fort Smith, Suzanne on beach enroute to Stony Rapids, float plane trip to Fort Reliance, views of "barren lands" and Artillery Lake from the plane, July 1931

Pages 123-125 Picnic with the McDougals at Three Mile Island via the boat "Vancouver", August 1931

Pages 126-129 Commercial aerial views of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Barracks at Fort Reliance

Pages 129 Henri and Suzanne enroute to Winnipeg school via the boat "Northern Echo" and train, September 1931

Pages 130-141 Fond du Lac patrol, Thelon River patrol, caribou, frozen bodies of Jean Olson and Emile Bode, their burial by the RCMP, Thelon area trappers, members of the patrol, January-February 1932

Pages 141-147 Tennis at Fort Smith, Henri and Helen with their golf clubs, duck hunting, Helen and the McDougals, October 1931

Pages 148-153 Last days at Fort Smith, interior of house, Helen with tennis racquet and "Boots" the dog, the McDougals and their log house, Grey Nuns, May 1932

Pages 155-157 Trip to Edmonton, including Fort Fitzgerald, May 1932

Pages 159-171 Suzanne at St. Mary's Academy, Montmorency Falls, and Quebec locations including Riviere -au-Loup, l'Ile-Verte, Cap Chat, Quebec City, St. Joseph-d-Beauce, Lac de l'Ours, July-September 1932

Series 7f

Photographs - Henri Gagnon's collection of photos of RCMP groups and activities. -- 1920-1946. -- 189 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-19 Royal Canadian Mounted Police groups - Inspections, parades, presentations, posed groups, etc. -- [ca. 1930s]-1946. -- 25 photographs
PA-3946-20 RCMP event in Saskatoon. -- n.d. -- 7 photographs. -- One has the Bessborough hotel in the background.
PA-3946-21 RCMP buildings and posts. -- 1920-1943 and n.d. -- 20 photographs. -- Includes views of RNWMP camp at Waterton Lakes (ca. 1920); an aerial view of RCMP Depot Division in Regina; and the Prince Albert detachment (1943).
PE-217 Panoramic photograph of the RCMP barracks, Regina. -- [ca. 1920]. -- 1 photograph
PA-3946-22 RCMP horses, stables, musical ride, etc. -- 1946 and n.d. -- 31 photographs. -- Includes promotional photographs of a classic Mountie on a horse.
PA-3946-23 RCMP music, bands, drums, etc. -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]. -- 9 photographs
PA-3946-24 John Philip Sousa at the Regina Fair. -- August 5, 1925. -- 2 photographs. -- RCMP on horses are in the background.
PA-3946-25 Filming of a Mountie movie [?]. -- n.d. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of views of Mounted Police in early uniforms and First Nations on horses.
PA-3946-26 Christmas card featuring photos of Lord Byng and Lady Byng. -- 1925. -- 2 photographs
PB-990-4 Sir James MacBrien of the RCMP with J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI. -- 1937. -- 1 photograph
PA-3964-27 Launch of an RCMP cruiser [?]. -- 1938. -- 2 photographs. -- Possibly the "French".
PA-3964-28 Royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada. -- May 1939. -- 19 photographs. -- Includes four by photographer P.E. Grothe and one by photographer George Nakash.
PB-990-8 Henri Gagnon at a formal RCMP event. -- 1941. -- 1 photograph
PA-3946-29 RCMP - "The Dieppe Heroes parade". -- June 13, 1943. -- 3 photographs
PA-3946-30 Constable "Perky" [dog], canine squad. -- 1943. -- 1 photograph
PA-3946-31 Quebec Conference. -- August 1943. -- 21 photographs. -- Consists of W.L. Mackenzie King, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt during their historic meeting in Quebec City during the Second World War. Henri Gagnon and Suzanne Gagnon are in the one numbered 178081.
PA-3946-32 Remembrance Day service with Major-General L.R. La Fleche saluting. -- 1943. -- 3 photographs. -- Henri Gagnon and Suzanne Gagnon are in all three images.
PA-3946-33 Soong Ma-Ling. -- 1943. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of views of the wife of Chiang Kai-Shek being escorted by the RCMP. She addressed the Canadian House of Commons.
PA-3946-34 Christmas card used by "Asst. Commissioner and Mrs. H.A.R Gagnon". -- [1943-1947]. -- 1 photograph. -- Features a view of their house at the Regina barracks. The printing block from which this was printed in Glenbow's Military History collections.
PA-3946-35 Christmas cards sent to the Gagnons by Lord Athlone and Lady Athlone. -- [ca. 1943-1946]. -- 3 items (4 photographs)
PA-3946-36 Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) - 19 Service Flying School, Vulcan, Alberta. -- [April 1943-March 1945]. -- 1 aerial photograph
PA-3946-37 Funeral of Thomas Miller, Regina. -- 1945. -- 2 photographs. -- One shows a ten gun salute.
PA-3946-38 Sikorsky S-51 helicopter. -- [ca. 1946]. -- 12 photographs. -- Henri Gagnon is on board in one of the photos.
PD-392-vol.3 Passing Out Ceremony - Squad 28 (E) recruits, Rockcliffe. -- November 1, 1946. -- 1 album (13 photographs). -- Deputy Commissioner Gagnon presided over the ceremony.

Series 7g

Photographs - Helen Johnston Gagnon. -- [ca. 1907-1946]. -- 52 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-39 Portraits of Helen Johnston Gagnon from childhood to adult. -- [ca. 1907-1930s]. -- 13 photographs
PA-3946-40 Snapshots and group shots of Helen Gagnon. -- 1919-1940s. -- 34 photographs. -- Includes views of Helen golfing and in her Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) uniform.
PA-3946-41 Snapshots and group shots of friends and family during visit to Scotland. -- [ca. 1937-1946]. -- 5 photographs

Series 7h

Photographs - Suzanne Gagnon. -- 1921-1965. -- 461 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-42 Portraits of Suzanne Gagnon from childhood to adult. -- 1921-1965. -- 27 photographs
PA-3946-43 Photograph album created by Henri Gagnon for his daughter Suzanne. -- 1919-1930. -- 225 photographs. -- The album is arranged chronologically, beginning with the marriage of Henri and Helen in 1919. Most photographs are of Suzanne as a baby and child.
PA-3946-44 Suzanne in cariole, Fort Smith. -- February 1929. -- 2 photographs and 2 negatives
PA-3946-45 Snapshots and group shots of Suzanne Gagnon. -- [1930s]-1949. -- 57 photographs. -- Includes views of Suzanne with friends, golfing, etc.
PA-3946-46 Suzanne and friends at formal dance. -- 1941. -- 5 photographs. -- Possibly at a Mounted Police dance. Her parents, Henri and Helen, are in one group shot.
PA-3946-47 Suzanne in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS). -- 1943. -- 20 photographs
PA-3946-48 WRCNS views. -- 1942-1943. -- 54 photographs. -- [Suzanne is not in these]
PA-3946-49 WRCNS album. -- 1943. -- 52 photographs. -- Consists of views of the women in classes, dining, marching, gathered around piano, etc.
PA-3946-50 Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve album. -- [ca. 1943-1944]. -- 13 photographs. -- Includes photographs of WRCNS. Annotated on the front: "Lieut. Comm. W.A. Small R.C.N.V.R.".
PA-3946-51 William "Bill" McIlhagga. -- [ca. 1950s-1960s], -- 7 photographs. -- Only one is definitely identified as Bill.

Series 7i

Photographs - Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1880s-1940s]. -- 108 photographs

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-52 Unidentified ancestors - Scotland. -- [ca. 1880s-1900s]. -- 14 photographs. -- Probably Johnston and Bissett family members.
PA-3946-53 Unidentified ancestors - Winnipeg and Montreal. -- [ca. 1880s-1900s]. -- 15 photographs and 1 watercolour miniature. -- Probably Royal and Gagnon family members.
PA-3946-54 Unidentified northern people. -- [1920s?]. -- 12 photographs. -- Consists of views of Inuit and Dene groups, hunters, school children, etc.

Miscellaneous photos. -- [ca. 1880s-1940s]. -- 64 photographs. -- Most are unidentifed and undated.

Includes views of the following:

Archibishop Gabriel Breynat, 1940s
Prospector's Association meeting and picnic, including Lockie Burwash and Dr. Byrne, 1930s
Man using microfilm, [ca. 1940s]
Human skull on a rock
Military training camp
Grand Trunk railway station by a lighthouse
Mormon Temple in Cardston
Birds on Bonaventure Island
"Walking Pictures" of men with canes
Angel decorations
Parade on Cote St. Antoine by King George Park
Aeiral view of Peace River detarchment
Panorama of Peace River Crossing, 1916
Train in the Rockies
Banff Springs Hotel, [ca. 1880s]
Scott's Livery Stable
Ranchers and other men by train
Presentation of medals to Van Doos, Plains of Abraham, 1935
S.S. Noronic and lake freighter on St. Clair River
Wreck of the Saint Pierraise, Miquelon, 1934
Jule Huot, famous Quebec golfer
Unidentified people and places

PB-990-5 Cardinal Jean-Marie Rodrigue Villeneuve. -- June 1938. -- 1 photograph. -- Autographed by Villeveuve to Henri Gagnon. For an address by Villeveuve see M-9551-94 above.
PB-990-14 Portrait of Harry Truman. -- 1947. -- 1 photograph. -- Autographed: "To Commissioner Gagnon, with kind regards and best wishes. Ottawa, June 10th 1947. Harry Truman."
PB-990-(23-24) Royal Canadian Naval Reserve formal event on a ship. -- [ca. 1942-1943]. -- 2 photographs
PB-990-26 Man in feather headdress and scarlet tunic, surrounded by autographs of men. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
PB-990-27 View of lake in Rocky Mountains. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
PB-990-28 Aerial view of buffalo in the snow. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph

Series 7j

Photographs - Cortlandt Starnes. -- 1910-1914 and 1930. -- 317 photographs. -- Cortlandt Starnes, 1864-1934, was born in Montreal. He served with the 65th Regiment in the West in 1885, and when the Riel Rebellion was over joined the North-West Mounted Police. He married Mina Sicotte in 1891. He served in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush (1897-1902). He was made Superintendent in 1909 while stationed at Fort Macleod. From 1910 to 1914 he was posted to the Hudson Bay / Churchill detachment, and then returned south to Fort Macleod. He was in charge of the Winnipeg division during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. He served as Commissioner of the RCMP from 1923 to 1931, when he retired. Henri Gagnon attended Starnes' funeral in Montreal, and apparently acquired many of Starnes' photographs.

Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3946-56 Portraits and group shots of Cortlandt Starnes. -- [ca. 1910-1934]. -- 8 photographs
PB-990-25 Cortlandt Starnes and group. -- [before 1934]. -- 1 photograph. -- Features a group of men in formal dress, including two members of a religious order.
PA-3946-57 Views of Churchill and Hudson Bay. -- 1910-1911. -- 1 album (16 photographs). -- Consists of photos of the Hudson's Bay Company post, furs, Chipewyans, RNWMP barracks, Metis, Inuit, beluga whale, Fort Prince of Wales, and a surveyors' camp.
PA-3946-58 Views of Churchill and Hudson Bay. -- 1910-1911. -- 1 album (59 photographs). -- Consists of photos of Churchill, boats, Inuit, RNWMP, the wreck of the patrol schooner "Jeanie", detachment buildings, dog teams, Treaty 5 payments, Fort Prince of Wales, etc. Includes views of the "Jeanie's" trip from Churchill to Wager Inlet, during which three pre-fabricated huts were set up to make the route safer. When the schooner was stranded in a storm, those on board (including Starnes, Captain Bartlett, and Professor Macoun) returned to Churchill on a whaler.
PA-3946-59 Northern views - People of European descent. -- [ca. 1910-1914]. -- 21 photographs. -- Consists of photos of Mounted Police, surveyors, sailors, captains, and missionaries (possibly Moravians).
PA-3946-60 Northern views - Inuit / Chipewyan / Metis. -- [ca. 1910-1914]. -- 46 photographs. -- Includes Treaty 5 or scrip payments.
PA-3946-61 Northern views - Towns and buildings. -- [ca. 1910-1914]. -- 31 photographs
PA-3946-62 Northern views - Boats (steamers, sail, etc.). -- [ca. 1910-1914]. -- 31 photographs
PA-3946-63 J.G. Jones' photos of RNWMP posts, etc. -- [ca. 1910]. -- 15 photographs. -- J.G. Jones was the carpenter who erected three pre-fabricated huts built between Churchill and Wager Inlet. -- Consists of views of Wager Inlet, Fullerton, Baker Lake, Sloop Cove, Split Lake, caribou hunt, dog sleds, and Inuit.
PA-3946-64 Miscellaneous northern views. -- [ca. 1910-1914]. -- 31 photographs. -- Consists of photos of RNWMP in the Churchill area, Fort Prince of Wales, York Factory, Hudson Bay and Port Nelson.
PA-3946-65 Caribou photos taken by M.P. Tucker, Hudson Bay. -- n.d. -- 4 photographs
PA-3946-66 Labrador - Hebron and Port Burwell. -- 1910 and n.d. -- 17 photographs
PA-3946-67 First Nations, southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. -- 1914. -- 11 photographs
PA-3946-68 International Horse Show, London, England. -- 1930. -- 1 album (27 photographs). -- Consists of a souvenir album sent to Colonel Cortlandt Starnes of a horse show attended by the RCMP. Includes views of Lord Byng, and an inspection by the Prince of Wales.

Series 7k

Negatives. -- 1906-1959, 1978. -- 87 envelopes (ca. 1000 negatives)

PA-3946-69 Henri Gagnon - Childhood. -- 1906-1913. -- 7 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-70 Henri Gagnon - First World War. -- 1914-1919. -- 6 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-71 Henri Gagnon - RNWMP barracks, Regina. -- 1920. -- 1 envelope of negatives
PA-3946-72 Henri Gagnon. -- 1922. -- 2 envelopes of negtives
PA-3946-73 "En Ecosse" and Vancouver. -- 1923. -- 2 envelopes of negatives. -- One related to Helen's and Suzanne's trip to Scotland.
PA-3946-74 Henri Gagnon - "Janvier a juillet" and "juillet a decembre". -- 1924. -- 1 envelope of negatives
PA-3946-75 Henri Gagnon - "Janvier a avril" and "aout a decembre". -- 1925. -- 1 envelope of negatives
PA-3946-76 Henri Gagnon. -- 1926. -- 2 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-77 Henri Gagnon . -- 1927. -- 1 envelope of negatives
PA-3946-78 Henri Gagnon - "Janvier a aout" and "aout a decembre". -- 1928. -- 2 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-79 Henri Gagnon - "Janvier a mars", "mars a decembre". -- 1929. -- 3 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-80 Henri Gagnon - "Mars", "mai, juin, juillet, aout, septembre", "juillet", "septembre". -- 1930. -- 4 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-81 Henri Gagnon - "Reliance" and others. -- 1931. -- 6 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-82 Henri Gagnon - Last days at Fort Smith, summer vacation in Quebec. -- 1932. -- 8 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-83 Henri Gagnon. -- August 1934. -- 2 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-84 Henri Gagnon. -- June-July 1935. -- 3 envelopes
PA-3946-85 Royal Visit. -- 1939. -- 2 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-86 Henri Gagnon - RCMP views. -- 1946 and n.d. -- 6 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-87 Helen Gagnon - Wearing CWAC uniform and in Scotland. -- 1940s. -- 3 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-88 Helen Gagnon. -- 1919-1959. -- 6 envelopes of negatives and slides
PA-3946-89 Suzanne Gagnon. -- [ca. 1937-1943] and 1978. -- 6 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-90 Miscellaneous negatives - Mostly undated and unidentified. -- 10 envelopes of negatives
PA-3946-91 Cortlandt Starnes - [ca. 1910-1914]. -- 3 envelopes of negatives. -- Consists of views of northern Canada and southern Alberta.
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